Fat Chance! — How To Avoid Diabetes An Much More With ONE Step!

There is an epidemic of obesity not just in America but all over the world in developing countries.  The fastest group of obese people is the Toddlers, 3 to 5 years of age!  Even some “new born” children are obese.  This is not a matter of diet and exercise it is a disease like HIV!   For new born’s and toddlers to be obese is clearly the mother’s diet before birth and the toddlers diet after birth.

Get this book from Amazon and save your child’s (and your) life!  The story of why your children are FAT and likely to die prematurely from diabetes, a 1 out of 3 chance, unless you do something now! See the video below, read the book from the link above or just peruse the article below for a quick overview…… and you will want to learn more!  As you will see just change ONE thing and you and your family will be LOTS healthier.

Obesity is not the problem Metabolic Syndrome is the problem. We have been taught that a calorie is a calorie and this is false!   Exercise keeps you healthier but will not make you lose weight!  Leptin is a hormone that helps keep you from overeating.  The issue is that many of us now have “Leptin Resistance”  just like “insulin resistance, which makes you fat and diabetic too.”


Look carefully above and you will not that SUCROSE (table sugar)  is 1/2 Fructose &  Fructose is the poison, addictive “sugar”  that is killing us and our children.


What do all the above foods have in common?  The are all “browned.”  This is the binding of sugar to proteins and the damage it causes.  When you cook a roast based with  a sugary coating it browns much faster.  Your body “browns” as it ages so if you look below you will see how rib cartilage in  human goes from white to brown over 88 years, “it browns” at 98.6 degrees over many years (your brown).  When you cook a roast at 400 degrees it “browns” in a few hours, much as you do over 88 years!  In either case this is what the A1c test measures (for diabetes)  how much sugar is bound to your bodies blood protein.  Want to live longer and age slower?  Have less SUGAR and in particular, fructose!


2 Problems:  Fatty liver disease and Cell Aging (browning) is now clearly related to sugar consumption.  You get MORE liver damage from sugar than from being an alcoholic because the alcoholic stops drinking when they are very drunk and passes out.  You can drink sugary beverages forever!


Note, in the graphs above,  how the consumption of soda predicts: Obesity, depression, diabetes and heart disease. This is a correlation not a causation but can be proved causative as the movie or book details.


The chart above shows that 25% of the worlds diabetes is caused by sugar and sugar alone!  This means table sugar or high fructose corn syrup (which is the worst!).


Read Dr Lustig’s book to learn more!   Consider joining his action movement to save our health and keep medicare from going bankrupt by taking action below.



Scientist says he found definitive proof that God exists.

Have you read my book Timeless Search?  I don’t write “fiction” I write what you might call Science Fiction but I prefer to call it Intuitive Science. As a result of intuitive science, in my stories you find dimensions and powers that are unknown to current science but not necessarily future science.  Michio Kaku, describes the Hedron and Spheron in my story Timeless Search, in his timeless search for the nature of the universe. He finds God and so may you.

Janr Sssor.


How To Choose The Next President!

TheDevilThe Devil you know or the Black Door?  

There is a story of an executioner who offered his condemned prisoners a special option! He was required, by law, to feed a condemned man a great breakfast after giving him a comfortable night on a good bed, the day before he was to die.

After breakfast the man was taken to a room where the executioner sat behind a large formidable desk as the man stood in front of him. On left side of the desk was an open door through which the condemned man could clearly see the armed soldiers ready to shoot him dead.  On the right side was a black door with a heavy metal bolt.

bolted.door.jpgThe executioner told the man that he had two choices. One was to stand before the firing squad and die quickly or two to go through the black door which would be bolted behind him and never opened again for him, no matter what.

All the condemned men chose to die at the hands of the firing squad.  In reality, behind the bolted door was the street and total freedom, that none ever lived to see!  However, people would always choose the devil they did know rather than the future they were unsure of.

In the coming election there are two real candidates, as Bernie is too old and too socialistic to make it,  even though he likely means well.

Between Hillary and Trump stand the two doors.  Hillary is obviously a Washington insider who has played and knows the ropes.  Hillary is a corrupt as the rest of our congressmen. Hillary has been paid huge sums by corporate America to speak for them and is in their pocket financially.  This is the same for all the wealthy politicians who are equally on the “take.”  Hillary has a record of disrespect for the law, as do many lawyers who feel it is only for us commoners. Hillary is a power broker who has connections and the inevitable entanglements it requires. Hillary is the known outcome we are familiar with. She has the power to get things done in a way we expect (but do we still want the same?).

Trump is an unknown.  Trump will obviously shake up the establishment.  He promises change and potentially freedom from an era of the Corporatocracy, that has taken over America.  He promises term limits that scares the hell out of congressmen, who have never had another job.  He promises change that we cannot predict and his style itself is unpredictable.

Hillary is the known evil we fear, but think we can live with. Trump is the black door that is so unknown it scares people who want a predictable life, even if it means their death.  Trump freedomdoes not scare me, Hillary does!

If you are a communist,  you want someone to “take care of you” from cradle to grave. If you are an American with pride, you are willing to take a challenge and overcome obstacles that an exciting future might offer!   Why chose death over life?  It’s taking a challenge that made America Great! We can do it again!