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THE CARNEEG – Preview This Story On AmazonBuy This Full Length Novel

30,000 years in the future two 21st Century Earthlings, Janr and Q, find themselves in a world of perfect harmony but with a mysterious ban on all technology.

With the help of a woman, with an A.I.’s brilliant mind,  Janr may have the god like power to change 30,000 years of history and the lives of billions of people.

In so doing they could save the long dead Earth  from its past destruction!

But should any person have that power? Either way one of the two women Janr loves must die!

THE FINAL WAR Preview This Story  On Smashwords  Preview on AmazonBuy This Novellabook cover for the final war

From the first page The Final War grows in intensity as two interwoven story threads reach a crescendo.

Someone or something is killing the peacemakers of Earth and time is running out quickly!

At the same time, the people of Earth are hurdling down a path to a war to end all wars. Somehow the two plots appear connected and may have something to do with the discovery of an ancient civilization’s vacant city recently found under the grounds of Mars.

The conflict however, is fought in more than one dimension and how it will end will keep you hanging till the last page.


TIMELESS SEARCH  – Preview This Book On Smashwords – Preview on Amazon-   Buy This Novel

There is a state, like Lucid Dreaming, called Hypnogogic Sleep.  Few know that in this state, dreams are an altered state of mind allowing the dreamer to enter the D-dimension.  When Janr uses computer technology to deepen this trance state, he discovers why scientists at CERN are oblivious to the dangers of creating a black hole that could destroy Earth. He and friends also discover an omnipotent force clearly guiding scientific research down the path to our destruction!

With the help of an ancient race, the battle for our survival ensues. As they cross time, space and a dimension of reality few have discovered, you will experience the mind altering sights of these surreal worlds. You will find that though these worlds may not be physical, they may just be as real as the ground you stand on! The author challenges you to find what is real and what is fiction as this story may permanently change the very foundations of what you have thought is your reality.


THE FIRST CHILD’S PLANPreview  story  – Buy This BookThe First Child's Plan 2 800x600 (cover)


It was 112 degrees at Cape Canaveral in January! We were nearly to Mars when I read the news on the comm screen.

Millions were dying from the much greater heat in Africa and other countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our mission had nothing to do with the global warming but to our surprise that would soon change.                                                                                                       


NOT KID’S GAMES  –Preview This Book –  Buy This Book

Can a hallucinogenic experience stop a war that has already been fought? What if hallucinations are real? …   Janr and Q have created the worlds most popular War Game and now they are involved in a real war. Fighting for survival with modern weapons has already failed but they just might be able to do something unimaginable with mushrooms and a little help from technology.

Janr and Q are about to experience a world of imagination that will fill your mind with images you expect from a movie. This adventure changes their view of reality forever and it just might do the same for you. Take the Trip! Not Kid’s Games is a suspenseful drama that will make you wonder what would happen if you could re-write your life? What if you could undo the mistakes you believe you have made? Is there a second chance? Written in a vivid capturing style that only Janr Ssor can evoke; you will walk away with a new expanded view of reality and what you may be able to accomplish in this life! Sci-fi or fact? You decide!


THE TOUCHPreview This Story –  Buy This Short Story

Janr was having recurrent dreams of a beautiful redhead he was sure he had never known in reality; however the emotions he was feeling upon awakening were painfully real.

He had to get her out of his mind and focus on the DARPA tracking software he was writing. But then there was the other code, the code that could read a person’s emotions over the 3D imager, it had him mesmerized.  Nothing could get in the way of this pet project. Her death, over 300 years ago, would get in his way, in a way he could never have imagined!



4 ELEMENTS OF WARPreview This Story –  Buy This Short Story

A 3000 year old battle is foretold by Delphan Oracles. The arena’s are 4 and never before.

In this D-dimension you will experience a world that only exists once every 3000 years at the will of a sentience so ancient none knows its name.

A fun experience in imagination of what the war field might be like if Olympian Gods chose to entertain themselves with mortals in immortal combat.


.A SECOND DATEPreview This Story –  Buy This Short Story

The U. of F. campus looked older this morning.  Vines had grown overnight from stubby little climbers to great walls of Ivy covering the brick walls!

I didn’t recall drinking enough to find myself sleeping in the forest across of Anne’s dorm.

Little did I know that his morning would turn out to be the true test of how space and time could test the meaning of love.


 Janr Ssor’s – Anthology Preview This Story  Buy This Book.Janrs - Anthology 05 -final

Janr’s anthology is a taste treat, as it is a variety box of mind candy. Each story is so unique that it will seem as if it was written by a different author; yet, you will recognized Janr’s uniquely descriptive style, one that will leave you feeling as if you have just watched a movie.

These are the 4 stories: “The Touch” explores the meaning of death and its consequences, in “A First Child’s Plan” Mars has a hidden history that will change our future forever, “The 4 Elements Of War” are dramatically unique mystical warfare that determines Earth’s future and finally “A Second Date”, is a human experience with rediscovering love.



An Eye On Staying Healthy, FREE HERE  by Janr Ssoran eye on staying healthy

 (pen name for Dr Joseph Ross -not sci-fi!)

Are you concerned about losing weight,the epidemic of diabetes, strokes and heart attacks that are killing millions of Americans? Or do you just want to stay healthy? In either case this unique brief book, written by a Holistic Eye Doctor and Author, allows you to see a never shared view of your health as seen through your eyes and how to get control of it by proven clinical research.

Most of Janr Ssor’s publications are sci-fi books,  this is the first in a long time that is based on his real life work as a Holistic Eye Doctor named Dr Joseph Ross.  Dr Joseph Ross,  has used the unique software, he wrote himself,  to help diagnose the early signs of and prevent strokes and heart attacks.  After nearly 9 years and 40,000 eyes, this is the unique look at your health, through your eyes, that Dr Ross has created!


2 comments on “Janr Ssor’s Creative Publications

  1. ***** The Final War was riviting! I would love to see it as a novel in the future. I would reread it. I also listened to your audiobook, The Touch. First auxiobook for me but fabulous! I also did appreciate that it was free. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your kind comments. I created the audio-books as a drama production for Pawling Public Radio in upstate NY. They broadcast them over a period of 6 months. It was a gas! I got to work with a great engineer, Mike Bergquist as well as a genius music director, Bill Bonecutter. I learned more in 6 months then in years of college. Their version of “The Touch” (Bill teaching me how to mix audio and narration) is also on Mixcloud should you wish to share it with friends.

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