Now On The Radio! – The Janr Ssor Hour

The Janr Ssor Radio Drama Hour   was a  Pawling Public Radio, Sci-Fi, Radio Broadcast hour created for Janr Ssor’s adventures. You can still listen for free, read on!  On radio Pawling.radioand streamed over the Internet it featured three of Janr Ssor’s  adventure stories! These dramatic broadcast narrated by Janr Ssor and accompanied by music selected by Janr Ssor appeared, in hour long installments, three times a week for 6 months.  The three broadcasts aired are featured here under the “listen live tab.”  Want to see what you missed?  Click the tab and listen live now!

An Interview With Janr Ssor:  We invite you to listen to a fascinating interview with Janr Ssor hosted live by Mike Bergquist,  Pawling Pub Radio broadcast engineer.  To listen click here or on the video link at the end of this essay. 

The Janr Ssor hour brings to Radio the timeless story telling that kept America glued to the radio in the early 1900’s with the soul of a believable superhero of the 21st century.  Janr Ssor, could be anyone’s neighbor however, he and his friends have well developed PSI skills,  that each of us knows in our hearts,  we have experienced at some odd moments in our lives, even if just for fleeting moments. You know, things like reaching for the phone before it rings and knowing who is calling or skipping an event you planned to attend, on a gut feeling,  and avoiding a disaster.

 Travel with us through Janr’s mind expanding experiences which range from romance to fast paced cliff hangers reminiscent of Dan Brown’s  “The Da Vinci Code”and you will surely want to share the stories with your friends!  The genre could be called Sci-Fi  or Sci-Fantasy however, we are betting that if you have never read or listened to sci-fi before, you will from now on!