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The Touch – By Janr Ssor 

Janr was having recurrent dreams of a beautiful redhead he had never known. He had to get her out of his mind and focus on the DARPA tracking software he was writing. Janr would soon learn, what any masseuse knows, that memories are not just in your head. His dream lady’s death, over 300 years ago, would become part of his life, in a way he could never have imagined!  Click the link below and take the journey with us!


A Second Date – By Janr Ssor

The U. of F. campus looked odd this morning. The vines on the dorm were much bigger than I remembered. I also didn’t recall drinking enough to find myself sleeping in the forest, across of Anne’s dorm, this morning. Little did I know that this morning would turn out to be the true test of how space and time could test the meaning of love. Listen now by clicking the link below!


Not Kid’s Games  – By Janr Ssor

Can a hallucinogenic experience stop a war that has already been fought? What if hallucinations are real? … Janr and Q have created the worlds most popular War Game and now they are involved in a real war. Fighting for survival with modern weapons has already failed but they just might be able to do something unimaginable with mushrooms and a little help from technology. Take the Trip, click the link below!



The Janr Ssor Hour was recorded live in 2016 and broadcast for over 6 months 3 times a week via radio and internet.

All but the first broadcast was produced at Janr Ssor Productions in Patterson NY at Janr’s own studio.  Each segment was edited and reviewed by engineer Mike Bergquist as needed to fit the stations time slots.


The first Production of The Touch, by Janr Ssor  for WPWL radio was recorded totally in WPWL studios,  engineered by Mike Bergquist, with musical selections and effects chosen by Bill Bonecutter, art director and producer.  The WPWL version of the touch was narrated by Janr Ssor with the direction of Bill Bonecutter.  Bill’s goal was to have the dialog tell the story with almost no narrative emotion but instead let the music carry the intensity and feeling.  It was a great experience and produced a unique and well appreciated radio drama.  A second version of The Touch, by Janr Ssor for Janr Ssor Productions, created as a dramatic podcast for internet listeners,  was then later recorded and produced in Janr Ssor’s own style at Janr Ssor Studios.

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