Views From The D-Trip

Some of the magical visions Janr and his colleagues experienced in “Timeless Search.”

As we floated in space above the Earth, the Hedron and Eron appeared before us. The Hedron was as high as a two story building and its companion sphere, the Eron, almost equal in size. The Hedron's shifting colors were hypnotic. I then realized it was learning from our neural responses to its light show of color and form. Then it spoke into our minds with a diction reminiscent of the first intelligent computers.

The black hole was forming and we knew it was under control, but Eterna knew better!

Soft pastel phosphines filled the Turquoise Beach sky and were fading in and out in ghostly fashion. Somewhere in the breezes playing with the long palm leaves, a distant church peal rang out and thousands more echoed in an almost whispering tone. The pattern of their whispering campaign seemed to melt into new structure not seen but felt. They spoke of creation and it was done. The water and sky ran into one another as it always does on the Island of Provodencialis and yet it was different this time as the sky and water seemed to lose their up and down. Oddly, It did not seem to matter to either of us. A cloud came over the sun and the colors began to lose their vibrant warmth and yet the air felt warm and luxuriant like a cozy robe. The sand melted away from my body and a hammock of warm supportive air took its place. Stars came out in the middle of day and a velvety blackness gradually replaced the turquoise sky. It was a state of hypnotic peace as we entered our D-Trip to the alternative reality of our universe; but, not for long!

The Fountain Of Knowledge is a fountain of pure energy steaming upward from an island made of many magnetic meteorites. It floats in space a good distance from the more benign planets. Like a Siren of Greek mythology it too can lure travelers to their death. Come close to this fountain and you can see across the universe. Come too close and it will see to your end in this universe!

The fire lines were everywhere. Pouring into the Golden Vortex in a torrent of color. Which one should we choose? What secret did Monique discover when she tried to walk on the fire line?

Beneath the fractal pattern in the fire line was a hum I could sense. It was almost like a carrier wave for old time radio. Could this help us find the right one? Each fractal pattern was a message from a mind somewhere across eternity.

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