Fixing The Healthcare System Cheaply!

This is a story about an ununited America, an America dictated to by those who chose profits over people. It is a story  about how those profiting are destroying our health and health care system It is also a story about how easily this can be rectified as suggested by a very creative lady named Phen who attended at a meetUp for intellectual conversation that I hosted.

The story:  People in America feel alone and in pain because they cannot feel part of something that they are told is their enemy by the news media, America. Media makes us think we live in a terrible country with lots of intolerable problems and dangerous leadership. In reality we are great country with lots of hope. Look around and notice that this is a great county because we are so much different and so much better than other countries whose people are refugees fleeing everywhere they can, like here. Remember people from all over the world still come to our shores for the opportunity of freedom. We’re still the place that everyone dreams of coming to when they are always looking for for a better place to go to; but, this is not to say that it cannot be better. This is the beauty of America, we are free to change it by peaceful process, if we take pride in the American Dream.  To restore America strength means to restore belief in America and the joy our people have in being here. What we need in a leader is someone who can restore our faith for way JFK did.

To do this we need a media that will stop fighting the president and destroying our image of America which is exactly what the Communists have hoped to do.  It’s time to give Americans hope again and a belief that what they working for is a future for their families and God’s dream of peace on Earth through love and respect. It’s time to give people back their pride in America.

Why am I writing this? Because I’m tired of feeling like I must go it alone and like I must make everything work on my own because America is not working for me.  Most Americans feel alone they don’t feel part of a team thanks to the media.  We need to establish the word team again.  Pride, love, happiness, satisfaction, dreams, a desire to work, a desire to achieve all comes from one thing,  believing you’re part of a team that makes a difference.  It’s about Not believing that it is all on your shoulders or hopeless.

How does this connect to healthcare?  The big corporations that are making America sick are using the media to make money by selling people on “fake foods”  that make Americans sick (high carb foods, food with bad fats, foods with fructose).  We all know that the “junk” food advertised night and day over media is killing America.  A few years back the carbohydrate food kings of American “fake food” met and agreed that they were killing Americans and that something had to be done. Then they decided not to do anything as it would affect their profits.  They don’t want to stop peddling their junk that causes, diabetes, strokes, cancer and heart attacks on TV or other media.  So the answer is simple. Ban it!

We banned tobacco advertising and everyone knows why, Cancer.  We can similarly ban ALL food advertising on TV.  Do you really need an add to tell you to buy a carrot or fish? No way, you know food when you see it. You only need an add to sell you on “Captain Crunchies Sugar Coated Fat Balls” for breakfast.

Ban Food Ads! How about saving lives, saving the health care system’s disastrous costs and saving our children’s health. It’s easy, ban all food ads from our media and while we’re at it, ban all drug ads just as they do in many other countries.  Just do it across the board so we treat all of them equally.

What would happen?  People would by foods that they can recognize.  People would buy foods that the hear about by word of mouth.  Quality would count, not brainwashing your kids to scream if they don’t get to Micky Dees 3x a week! While we’re add it tell the supermarket to stop playing the same game and get the candy aisle out of the checkout zone.  We don’t have to charge extra for sugary food.  All that does is help pay some money for the surgery that junk food necessitates.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of taxes.  Listen to Phen, ban junk food and drug advertising now!

- This message is brought to you by rational people who don't 
want to see their neighbors lose their legs and arms to diabetes.


How Can You Buy Quality Supplements?

I have spent hours and hours searching for the answer to how to shop for quality supplements.  It is not easy but here are some suggestions for you to use in your quest.

uspUSP Verified – This seal may ensure purity, identity and potency, among other things. When USP verified companies are allowed to carry an official “USP Verified” seal on their labels it probably has value. The group maintains an evolving list of the brands that have received its seal and the places where they can be purchased. Here is a link to their website.


NSFNSP Verified – is a program that reviews supplements frequently used by athletes for sports. The blue and white NSF seal means that a product has been independently tested to ensure that it is pure and that it contains the ingredients listed on its label.



Consumer Labs (?) –, which frequently tests products and maintains an archive of reports on its website may be reliable but I have recently learned that companies with its label pay heavy fees to “earn” the label each year and as such I am discounting their value.


TrustPilotTrustPilot – Is a review site that strives to aggregate customer reviews and qualify the reviewers to verify their validity.  I am using them and participating in their program as a reviewer as of today.  What can a customer tell you?  It is unlikely they can tell you much about the quality of the product other than by personal intuition. On the other hand they may be able to tell you lots about customer service and pricing.  Worth checking them out.

Who do I use?  I get some of my products from a naturopathic doctor in Ct. Why?  if the products don’t work his patients don’t come back and he is very successful. I also order from   They carry their own brands as well as name brands and all at pretty good prices.  Their fees have gone up over the years so I have been searching for other sources.  At this point they are still hard to beat in my impression.  Apply the two seals,  NSF and USP and you may have your best option!

……………. Janr Ssor.


Your skin is not the boundary of your body, there is none!

Scientists have discovered that the bacteria in your gut is similar all across the world much like blood types – I have a different take on this!

Dr Peer Bork found what he calls 3 EnteroTypes by sequencing the gut bacterial DNA.  These  bacteria help with digestion, absorption of nutrition and even help manufacture vitamins we need to stay alive.  In essence, the types of bacteria that live in our gut vastly affect our naked-459711_640health.  It makes me wonder if our naked skin really defines the borders of our bodies as it does for many of us viewing the picture on the right.

Many of us who are focused on holistic health care,  have paid attention to this ill defined body boundary as we use probiotics to heal illness and damage done by Antibiotics.   In fact a holistic alternative approach to treating food poisoning is huge doses of probiotics (gut bacteria) to crowd out the “bad” ones in the spoiled food that are now in our gut. The “bad” ones then cannot grow and are eliminated.

Note too,  that there are an estimated  100 trillion microbes in our gut, and yet our body is made up of about 10 trillion cells.  In other words we have 10 times more microbes in our bodies than “our supposedly own body cells!”

Here is something I want you to think about!  If we have more “bacterial” cells in our body then “body cells,”  which is our real body?    Now don’t decide to quickly!  We tend to  define our body by what we view as our physically attached cells that work as organs and as a team with the rest of our bodies structures.  Guess what,  the gut bacteria are physically attached to us and they work as part of the team.  Yes, they can live outside our bodies if the environment is right but, So What!  Heart cells transplanted to a petri dish with the right nutrients can continue beating for years. It has been done.

The next time you take an antibiotic casually to “help” kill of a persistent cold,  keep in mind that you are destroying the cells of  your body that make up your gut!  The truth about reality is that it must constantly be re-defined based upon the growth of human knowledge and anatomy gut bacteriaunderstanding.  Never,  Never,  Never think of the boundaries of your body as the skin over your bones.  If you do,  you may carelessly poison your body and ruin your life and that of your loved ones.  We are one with the world in more than the mystical sense shared by the “Hippy Drama” of the 1960’s or the “Tree Huggers” of the 21st century.    Think Big,  Never Believe That Anything Is A Proven Fact, Always Question, Always Grow… just as you did when you were 6 years old.

Consider a new approach to staying healthy, consume more bacteria rather than less…..   Just make sure it is the right type!

Janr Ssor

Swine Flu- Bird Flu – New Flu

It Could Kill One Out Of Every Three Americans.  In 1918, the Spanish Flu killed, by some estimates, 100 Million people worldwide cutter-man-1374898_640in its pandemic spread. For perspective consider that if it was in the US alone, one out of every 3 Americans would die!

Factory Farming Could Wipe Out A Nation!  We know that animal disease has the potential to cross species boundaries and so become a source of Human Misery and Death.  It is inevitable that we will have this on rare occasions because of farming. More recently because of Factory Farming the  threat has gone far worse! 38,000,000 chickens were slaughtered in American in 2015, to stop the spread of Avian Flu.

What Derivatives Did To Our Economy, Nearly Kill It – Unfettered Science Could To Do To Your Life, Kill You!  When you destroy the natural boundaries to the spread of deadly disease, it becomes rampant.  Normally a less healthy animal that gets a disease dies at a distance from others; but, not in factory farms. Distance between infected animals is essential To prevent mass infection. Do you want to sit in a room with dozens of people infected with flu coughing and sneezing around you?  Despite its long argued ban, scientists are at it again, breeding chimeras.  Chimeras are monstrosities made of part human and part animal cells. It is now possible to do this!  With chimeras the boundaries between animals  and humans that kept animal disease from infecting humanity is gone!  Viri that could only live in a dog’s body at a body temperature of 102 degrees can quickly adapt to human cells in that chimera’s body and now infect humans!

pandoras-box-google-images-for-reuseChimeras Art The Key To Pandora’s Box – once you open the door you will never be able to put the diseases back.  Population control might never be an issue again and humanity might cease to exists on most of the Earth.  Is it scientific curiosity of just greed that is funding chimera creation and the potential for Pandemics? I don’t know the answer; but, until we learn to control the dangers of unfettered greed, our destruction by  terrorism is far too small a concern to even think about. We have cimeras! Pandora’s box is open!  Read more about Chimeras on fox news Here!


The Heart – Do Words Give Creation Meaning?

jfkWhen you wake up and find the world just below discernibly different and it stays that way, how did this happen?

You almost feel as if you are in a dream about to awaken but you do not awake because you are awake!

Consider a more clearly shocking change that no one missed. This was the day the headlines read JFK Killed by Assassin!  This was not just below discernibly different, this was dramatic and indubitable.

This forever changed my world and that of my countrymen. Its story, 50 years later, is still news and never resolved.

Now imagine that a world changing event has occurred but at a less dramatically visible level; one just below discernibly different. One such event took place a day ago and it reminded me of the clear limits of human knowledge, and why as a doctor I do not trust doctors to be 100% on anything.

This event was an article written by a respected man of science, Dr Thomas Cowan, who fire-heart-961194_960_720-pixabaysaid simply that the human heart is not a pump that circulates  about 5 liters of blood throughout the body every minute, as we are taught!

How can this be? Every school child knows this and has been taught this for nearly 300 years!  In 1513 Leonardo Da Vinci dissected over 30 human corpses and discovered the circulatory system.  Later William Harvey, in 1616, discovered what he believed was proof that the heart pumps blood around the entire body. Men of science have accepted this for centuries!  Now there is a respectable different opinion.

The Problem With Viewing the Heart as a Pump:  (from Dr Joseph Mercola) Cardiologists and doctors in general are taught that the walls of the heart create pressure, which causes propulsion of the blood through the body. In essence, the heart is viewed as a pump — a pressure propulsion system caused by the muscular contraction of the ventricles.

However, your body actually contains an enormous amount of blood vessels. Most of the blood vessels in your heart and body are capillaries, which are very thin-walled, very narrow tubes.  If you were to spread these blood vessels out, they would cover three football fields. If you were to place the blood vessels end to end, in a series, they would encircle the Earth between one and three times.

The pump theory is then telling us that you have a 1 pound muscle, and it’s going to pump blood a distance equivalent to going around the Earth every single day for 70 years; 60 to 70 times a minute.  Is that believable? Not according to Dr Thomas Cowen in his book “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease.”

What is the truth and is there any that we do not keep changing and refining?  Do our words describe creation or create its meaning?

Could Dr Cowan be wrong?  My Thoughts…..  If you take the heart’s arterial outflow and capillary_system_cert-google-labledfor-reusedisperse it to millions of capillaries the width of a blood cell the flow becomes very slow at that level as the ENERGY output is divided by millions of bifurcations.  If you now reverse that process and merge the capillaries into a larger return vein, the ENERGY is compounded back to its original level.   As for a single blood cell traveling around the Earth, the trip for each cell is done in PARALLEL not in series!  Just as a computer with multiple processors can process much faster than a single one,  so can the distance covered be much greater when run by a billion horses (or red blood cells).  I think that Dr Cowan’s reasoning appears to me fallacious.  I don’t doubt that he is on to something we have missed but Davinci and Harvey are not really wrong, entirely.  Maybe the world did shift on a just below discernibly different level

Janr Ssor


EBC-46 Is This A New Cancer Cure?

EBC-46 is an experimental drug candidate being studied pre-clinically by the Australian company Ecobiotics. It is claimed to kill off cancerous tumors 24 hours after injection.

So far it appears that the extract of this Australian Berry, from the Blushwood Tree, can kill off cancerous tumors when injected is 1 -2 days.

Why have we not heard more about this?

Fat Chance! — How To Avoid Diabetes An Much More With ONE Step!

There is an epidemic of obesity not just in America but all over the world in developing countries.  The fastest group of obese people is the Toddlers, 3 to 5 years of age!  Even some “new born” children are obese.  This is not a matter of diet and exercise it is a disease like HIV!   For new born’s and toddlers to be obese is clearly the mother’s diet before birth and the toddlers diet after birth.

Get this book from Amazon and save your child’s (and your) life!  The story of why your children are FAT and likely to die prematurely from diabetes, a 1 out of 3 chance, unless you do something now! See the video below, read the book from the link above or just peruse the article below for a quick overview…… and you will want to learn more!  As you will see just change ONE thing and you and your family will be LOTS healthier.

Obesity is not the problem Metabolic Syndrome is the problem. We have been taught that a calorie is a calorie and this is false!   Exercise keeps you healthier but will not make you lose weight!  Leptin is a hormone that helps keep you from overeating.  The issue is that many of us now have “Leptin Resistance”  just like “insulin resistance, which makes you fat and diabetic too.”


Look carefully above and you will not that SUCROSE (table sugar)  is 1/2 Fructose &  Fructose is the poison, addictive “sugar”  that is killing us and our children.!

What do all the above foods have in common?  The are all “browned.”  This is the binding of sugar to proteins and the damage it causes.  When you cook a roast based with  a sugary coating it browns much faster.  Your body “browns” as it ages so if you look below you will see how rib cartilage in  human goes from white to brown over 88 years, “it browns” at 98.6 degrees over many years (your brown).  When you cook a roast at 400 degrees it “browns” in a few hours, much as you do over 88 years!  In either case this is what the A1c test measures (for diabetes)  how much sugar is bound to your bodies blood protein.  Want to live longer and age slower?  Have less SUGAR and in particular, fructose!


2 Problems:  Fatty liver disease and Cell Aging (browning) is now clearly related to sugar consumption.  You get MORE liver damage from sugar than from being an alcoholic because the alcoholic stops drinking when they are very drunk and passes out.  You can drink sugary beverages forever!

Note, in the graphs above,  how the consumption of soda predicts: Obesity, depression, diabetes and heart disease. This is a correlation not a causation but can be proved causative as the movie or book details.!

The chart above shows that 25% of the worlds diabetes is caused by sugar and sugar alone!  This means table sugar or high fructose corn syrup (which is the worst!).


Read Dr Lustig’s book to learn more!   Consider joining his action movement to save our health and keep medicare from going bankrupt by taking action below.



Your Connection To The Universe Means…

There are at least two energy connections between every creature that lives and its world.  One it the connection to the cosmic consciousness that helps the creature solve problems in everyday existence.  This is to help in its unique survival challenges and to allow for creative dreams.  The other, second one,  is it grounding consciousness that helps it serve the the needs of world it is part of and receive nourishment from that world.
The cosmic consciousness connection  is achieved by the 10% of its cells that are created by a creature’s own genetics. This structure, which is mostly neural tissue interacts with the
cosmic via photons sent and received by the cytoskeleton.  In contrast, the  grounding or Earth Consciousness  is achieved by the 90% of our cells that is made of bacteria that line our bodies inside, the gut. These are not our genetic inheritance but rather a contribution from our home worlds consciousness (Earth) that we are part of but not consciously aware of in most cases. Its communication media  is also photons via cytoskeletal photons. Despite our almost non-awareness of this communication animals are very conscious of this connection. This is why they can eat herbs and heal themselves from illness, which we choose to minimize by calling it innate intelcytoskeletonligence (as if it were coded in their genes). The potential to exterminate a species or a planet’s biosphere is therefore possible when genetic manipulation of organism  becomes commonplace and chemical toxins produced by these new species or propagated via farming pesticide and herbicide kills off the environmental life forms that create the cosmically connected biosphere (the living Earth).  As the Earth’s biology is poisoned it loses its cosmic connection with the living universe and we lose what we call our “grounding” and life becomes chaotic and destructive (wars, terrorism and mental illness become commonplace). The planet Earth is a life form just as we are. It is connected to the living universe by energy. It reacts to damage to its “cells” much as our body does. When you maltreat its lifeforms by creating factory farms where chickens are treated like prisoners in a Nazi death camp,  the Earth reacts. When you poison its ground with toxins such as “Roundup,” its energy reacts transforming its cells.
The biggest factory farm of all is China’s “farms.”  We have recently learned of the appearance of a new gene that makes bacteria immune to our best antibiotics (Researchers recently discovered a new gene, called mcr-1, in pigs and people in


DNA molecules

China — a gene mutation that makes bacteria resistant to our last-resort class of antibiotics).   If you buy the random genetic chance modification theory,  then this should not happen so quickly.  However, an intelligent response by a living organism, The Earth, can guide a process to reduce the population of creatures that endanger its existence, our biosphere. Something to think about.

How GMOs and Glyphosate Impact Soil Biology

Story at-a-glance

  • Glyphosate shuts down amino acid synthesis, followed by inhibition of protein synthesis necessary for plant growth. When that happens, it makes the plant more susceptible to pathogens in the soil
  • Glyphosate also acts as a mineral chelator, and minerals such as zinc, copper, and manganese act as cofactors in many enzymes. This mineral suppression opens the plant up to disease
  • When minerals are bound to glyphosate in the plant, they will not be available to your body when you eat it. Instead, those minerals will be excreted or stored in your body along with the glyphosate

Can A Slice Of Pizza Give You A Lobotomy?

CAM00451You will see to the left aluminum foil that I wrapped the pizza I baked last night in.  I put it up on my window glass so you could see the morning light passing through the holes in it.  There were NO holes when I wrapped the pizza last night.  The holes are mostly where the aluminum foil touched the anchovies.  I put anchovies on my side of the pizza; my wife does not like anchovies.

I was blown away to see holes in the thick foil I used in just one night in the fridge.  Some quick research turned up the answer to this newly grown “Swiss cheese.”

Think about this,  I baked the pizza in a metal pizza pan and used that pan to store it in the fridge.  The pizza has acid in the tomatoes and salt that I added make a good electrolyte.   The anchovies have lots of salt.  I then put the aluminum over the acid salt pizza.  Guess what that makes?

Two slices of different metals, acid and salt in between with some H2O and you have a BATTERY!    When  I looked carefully at the anchovies I noted they were plated with some sort of aluminum coating where they had touched the foil!  My plans for breakfast pizza were foiled again!  🙂

Aluminium has been associate with Alzheimer’s disease; though it is not a proven cause.  There are many studies that found a connection so keeping it out of your diet is good idea.  In any case,  eating aluminum is not likely to be good for you!   What can you do?  I suggest that you wrap your pizza in waxed paper (not soft plastic wrap as the acid in the tomatoes will leach BPA from the wrap and affect your hormonal system as well as increase your risk of cancer….. lovely isn’t it?   Yes, you do have to make an effort to stay healthy!

Anecdotally  you may enjoy noting that every period in history had food health challenges.  We are often told that the Bubonic plague was caused by rats, fleas and waste in the streets. It killed about 25 million people in the 6th century.   It is interesting to note that a resent researcher found a second cause.  People back then drank a bit of wine and preferred LEAD wine goblets!  Guess what that did!  In addition the popular trend was to eat Fat Pie which was made of flour, LARD and SUGAR!   Probably tasted great too.  However, I will bet that millions of them had  neurotoxicity from lead and hardening of the arteries from hydrogenated fats and lots of sugar.

Janr Ssor