The Carneeg – Video Trailer

30,000 years in the future two 21st Century Earthlings, Janr and Q, find themselves in a world of perfect harmony but with a mysterious ban on all technology.

With the help of a woman, with an A.I.’s brilliant mind,  Janr may have the god like power to change 30,000 years of history and the lives of billions of people.

In so doing they could save the long dead Earth  from its past destruction!

But should any person have that power? Either way one of the two women Janr loves must die!

Janr Ssor: Second Date

Pawling Public Radio releases my story “A SECOND DATE” after playing it this last month for its listening Audience.  Its now available worldwide on Mixcloud and below for your enjoyment.

Pawling Public Radio Interviews Janr Ssor

Mike Bergquist, Pawling Public Radio show host and engineer interviews Janr Ssor.  Listen To The Interview here!

The topic is his book,  “The Final War,”  a Janr Ssor adventure.  Another question what was the inspiration for the Janr Ssor book series, an e-book, now available in almost every book store.

Listen here and experience a sneak preview to the Janr Ssor series and is mystical, biblical underpinnings.

Get and idea of Janr’s unique experience with growing up with PSI skills that lead him to a view of the universe that very few people have experienced before.




A Short Story To Challenge Your View Of Reality

Not Kid’s Games 

The Adventures Of Janr Ssor – An E-book

By Janr Ssor – Available on Smashwords

Published: Aug. 22, 2011Words: 11601 (approximate)Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star  (5.00 based on 5 reviews)

Language: English

Can a hallucinogenic experience stop a war that has already been fought? What if   hallucinations are real? … Janr and Q have created the worlds most popular War Game and now they are involved in a real war. Fighting for survival with modern weapons has already failed but they just might be able to do something unimaginable with mushrooms and a little help from technology.

Janr and Q are about to experience a world of imagination that will fill your mind with images you expect from a movie. This adventure changes their view of reality forever and it just might do the same for you. Take the Trip!

Janr Ssor

Timeless Search – Is Now Published!

Timeless Search, the full length story of  Janr Ssor and his friends,  is an adventure that takes the reader through a door to a world behind the physical and into the very essence of our universe.  

As Janr and his friends explore this new world via the  D-Trip they discover a menace so powerful it can end the very existence of our universe.   Their journey will take you through the limits of  what time and space might just be made of as well as on a trip through physical space-time to wage a war against the creations of a god like being known as Eterna.

Though the story may be fiction, the mystical and scientific concepts  may just not be.  We encourage you to decide what is and what is not fiction and  in so doing,  expand your notion of what the world is that  you currently  live in.

You may now download your copy from Amazon. com or   

Janr Ssor

Not Kid’s Games – The Adventures Of Janr Ssor

Not Kid’s Games – The Adventures Of Janr Ssor has been released as a short story and is now available on Amazon!  It is a short story available as of  7/27/2011

The first 500 people to download the story from the our Author Site,  well get it absolutely free.  You may also download the book in pdf format here.  

Not Kid’s Games takes us back to Janr’s college days.  In his dorm room,  Janr and Q  (his close friend) share an adventure that gives them a power so great it can literally alter history.   This story,  though fiction,  is a possible view of what may transpire in America’s history today!

Based upon the last 50 years of  Iran’s growing war machine and its fanatical leadership,  “Not Kid’s games ” explores dangers we face today and the mystical power’s of Shaman’s.

The powers of Shaman’s is traced back to the Stone Age as documented in today’s research.  For an interesting perspective,  we recommend Graham Hancock’s  “Supernatural Meetings With Ancient Teachers Of Mankind.

Originally released as: “Kid’s Games”  the title was changed to help avoid confusion as to the nature of the publication.


Intro To Our Soon To Be Released Book – “Timeless Search”

 The vortex was forming and we were sure it was stable and under our control. The God like being,  Eterna, knew better! 

 I knew I could reach Eterna as we had found the membrane that separated our universe from their universe and we knew how Eterna communicated . Could a mere mortal explain to a God like being that our birth was theirs? Without us they would be as a child trapped in a womb all alone and blind to an enticing future? I had shared the tablets and concepts of God and ethics that they had no knowledge of. But, could such an alien mind understand? I had shown them the mystery of the two tablets of God’s law. Could they understand the blessing of brotherhood? If they could grasp that two cells had formed from one, that each was a universe of its own, all might be saved! Cain had slain Able and changed the course of history while ending the lives of billions of planned for future children. Jacob and Essau fought in the Womb of their creation and God had done the same with with the birth of our two universes! If Eterna could only see us as their brother, they would have an infinite journey of discovery and joy. Their eyes would be opened to countless universes and the true God’s next great experiment. Should we lose the battle, we could both die different deaths!