Janr’s Autobiography


When Janr was 6 years old, living in Brooklyn, NY,  he started noticing that he could sense what his friends were going to do golden_vortex.jpgwithout conversation and from a distance.  One day in a candy store, he could tell that his two buddies were going to steal some candy. He could also tell that the shop owner was aware of their behavior.  He left the store quickly. That was just the beginning.  A few years later he did not understand the Dewy Decimal system, when his teacher explained it.  His class was given a homework assignment to study the Dewy Decimal System. Janr did not like his teacher or the educational system and never studied. The next day the whole class had to find and retrieve books using the cabinet-32810_640card catalog and the system.  Janr simply picked cards several times without looking, and did just fine, though he was not sure how.  He began to realize that this talent was not common though he knew there were others.  As he grew older he realized there were things you did not want to know about people and things you did not want to share especially with people you knew! Since his grandfather was a mason, he mentally built a dome of bricks and mortar over the spot inside his head that let him see in this unusual way. That worked for many years. He was just like everyone else, other than being unusually creative. Creative visions from outside somewhere always leaked in no matter what he did; but, he found that for the most part, it was useful.

When Janr was a student at the U.of Miami, he would spend hours discussing physics and theoretical physics with his close friend Elliot C.  In discussion they would often take long walks on the piers at Crandon Park Marina late in the evening after classes and after studying for the next day. While talking on a bench  near the hundreds of sailboats docked there, Janr would slowly notice that the scene would fade out and all he would really be aware of was Elliot’s eyes. It was as if he fell into a state of meditation when they were embroiled in a deep discussion of  laws of physics or the real nature of the universe. Elliot would often ask Janr questions about physics that neither of them knew the answer to, but Janr would always have pictures come to his mind that suggested answers.  Research days later often bared out the truth of Janr’s suggestions.

One morning at Elliot’s house,  Elliot’s dad was making breakfast and teaching Janr his “secret” technique for cooking sunny side eggs evenly.  Janr asked about his work and he told Janr that he was a financial advisor to foreign countries.  He was well paid and well consulting-1315820_640respected and did a lot of traveling; however he chose to live modestly in a middle class community. He told Janr, that his investment strategy revolved around simply being able to see what was good to invest in, when he sat in a quiet room and mediated.  Elliot told Janr he had long ago learned about his father’s gift and simply never talked about it becuase it scared him.

Elliot’s close friend was also named Elliot but in his case Elliot P.  Elliot P gone off to school at Hunter college while we all stayed near home imilitary-1567991_640n Miami.  He wrote to tell us that his entry exams included many questions that you could not know the answer to unless you had precognitive powers. He deliberately failed those questions.  He told us that those who did not know the game being played, who in fact showed precognitive powers, vanished somewhere into a military service and were not free to live as others did.  He warned us not to fall for this in any tests we took. Not that we believed we were precognitive; however, it was a concern for Elliot C. as his father likely had some skill with it.

As the year wore on we came accross many exciting concepts in our evening discussions at Crandon Park, Until Elliot had skull-1612504_640 a concern to share. He mentioned that in reading one of Einstein’s books, he had discovered that Einstein spoke of his concern for connecting with the “cosmic consciousness”  and gathering great knowledge.  Einstein had stated that
those who did this were likely to die quite prematurely.   This was all in the Vietnam era and the thought of death was all around us as our selective service numbers came up one after another and our friends went away to come back in coffins.  Elliot C. decided that we would no longer continue our mystical discussions of physics and that was the end of it.

In any case, Janr chose to go into pre-med and on to professional school.  He wanted to help mentally ill people since he was a child and had begun to understand how violent and confused even normal children were. It also made him draft deferrable and he did not have to kill anyone for a war that no one he knew believed had any justification despite the “domino theory” that was used to rationalize its creation.

In Janr’s professional office, creativity seeped in like warm summer breezes through an homeopathy-1063292_640open window in Florida.  Janr’s office did things no one else was doing as Janr saw opportunities to protect people from many diseases via alternative health care and complementary medicine.

Janr began to use technology for purposes others did not see possible and soon had followings from as far away as China (though that was rare). Janr was the first to adopt most new technology that came into being in his field.  He often found uses for technology that no one else did.  Education became a big focus of his practice as he believed that preventive medicine was of paramount importance.  Teaching dietary modification, lifestyle changes through the creation of constantly new educational materials for newspaper columns, internet pages and educational seminars were Janr’s focus.

Years later when very stressful events came to pass and as a result Janr could not sleep at night; he learned to mediate to go back to sleep. In this state which he calls the hypnogogic state, Janr discovered that he could mentally experience other worlds.  Some call this lucid dreaming, Janr is not so sure. These night time trips were so amazing that Janr began to record them. At first on paper and then by digital voice recorder. From this came many of the mystical and sci-fi experiences that fill his stories.

Janr’s full length publications are most often Sci-Fi stories through janrs-Logowhich Janr takes you on a journey behind the very fabric of space and time. A journey, at times, experienced by those who transcend our banal existence through meditation or mushroom like intoxication. The colorful, imaginative journeys will imprint themselves on your memory, as if you had been there yourself; however, it is the mystical and science based views of our universe that will make you wonder….is this really possible?

Janr’s sleep patterns changed his life forever and thanks to his skills as a wordsmith, they will do the same for you. Many call this Lucid Dreaming,  Janr though says it is a doorway.

What was Janr’s experience like?  Just imagine………….. It was 4:30 am again, Janr was awake. He often thought of it as the bewitching hour. He wanted to sleep and so he closed his eyes and meditated as he had done for many years. Now, deeply relaxed and divorced from his body, the dream persisted but with new depth and discovery through lucid dreaming, in a state of hypnagogic imagery. Here is an excerpt from a dream that became the book, “Not Kid’s Games.”

“…A few minutes later, or so it seemed, the wall of the room began to  melt and then open as a doorway to a garden. We walked through the opening, through the garden and down to a river whose edges were bordered by huge rocks. There a tall muscular man with the head lionman-forjanr
of a smiling lion leaned over an outcropping of rock to beacon us to follow him down the rivers blue-green watery path.  As Q and I walked behind the 7-foot tall being, we noted that the dense jungle had the most marvelous aromatic scents I could imagine. The small vines on our path had deep brick red berries that resembled raspberries. They were falling from the vines nearly everywhere. Some of the berries also chose to fall upward and as they rose high in the air, they grew larger and larger until they became a cloud of rosy dust that painted pictures in the azure sky. When we stepped on the berries on the ground, a strong scent of fresh ginger filled the air …”

Despite the rest earned by meditation, Janr was still physically tired at times. He was finding it increasingly hard to lose sleep and still work at his profession as a doctor, so he sought out his friend Marcy, a psychologist for help. Instead of learning how to sleep better, he learned that he had spent much of his life in the alternative state, while actually making an effort to be part of the “reality” others lived in!

Janr’s friends always said, in a complementary way, that he lived “outside the box.” Janr, without fail, had another way of looking at situations; he did not live as others did. Janr always believed that there was no limit to the opportunity to be creative, given enough time. He studied mysticism,OutSideTheBox01 science, philosophy always seeking to find the truth about reality. What he discovered was that the truth is that there is no truth, that reality is created by us for us. As Shirley MacLaine said we are actors on a stage of our own creation.

Then it was time to share these insights. A recent full length Sci-Fi publication came from these first hypnagogic experiences and is titled, TIMELESS SEARCH. It is more than sci-fi or sci-fantasy, as one of our readers classified it. Walt Disney said, “I would rather entertain with the hopes of educating, than educate with the hopes of entertaining.” This is the basis of all of Janr’s Sci-Fi publications.

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