The Force Awakens – Secretly Named Clone Wars!

We need a contest to see who can match the most scenes from the “New” Star Wars movie 2015 to the old star war movies.  I will start first and you see how many you can recall, if you are not a millennial child who has never seen the old star wars that this one, with all its great action scenes and 3-d, is really a clone of!  By the way, I am not saying this movie was not entertaining and worth seeing.  It was a lot of fun; however, it a lacks seriously in creativity that I think could have made it a whole new adventure.   Here is my very quick list of clones concepts / scenes:

  1. The evil “Darth Vader” hooded villain, is a son of Hans Solo. Luke was the son of Darth Vader.
  2. When escaping from villain’s in the Millennium Falcon,  they hid under the deck (oh yes they revived the Millennium Falcon)
  3. The Empires great weapon is a Planet turned into a death star, but yes it is just a bigger Death Star.
  4. To destroy the “new” death star, they have to target one spot that is weak and blow it up (Gee does that sound familiar?)
  5. To do this our heroes have to go down on the planet (which is the death star in this case) and yet go through the long tunnel fighting off storm troopers to disable a power source so the incoming Jedi Pilots can blow the weak spot! How creative!
  6. The Secret Map to the location of Luke Skywalker, is hidden oddly enough in the new version of R2D2 just as Lea did it 20 years ago.
  7. The bar scene where “scoundrels” go and our heros go, just as in the old star wars, has almost the identical musicians.
  8. Instead of of the wise old Jedi, Yoda,  we now have the bar owner who is short and wrinkled like Yoda, but looks like an old Japanese lady wearing welding goggles.
  9. The final scenes where Ray (the new Lea) defeats Ben the new Darth Vader, ends with them being separated by an earthquake like chasm of fire as the planet is collapsing. Ray is rescued in the Falcon by the Wookie but you know that Ben did not die and will rise again, just like Darth Vader did.

I am sure I have missed tons of stuff that was copied from the old Star Wars movies that you can show are cloned.  This is why the movie’s secret name is “The Clone Wars.”  It is a clone with lack of  creativity.  All that said it is entertaining and well done; however, for creativity,  I give it a zero.  For 3-d, colorful action and good characters, I give it an 8 out of 10. It was fun!  I just hope they are more creative in the next release.

NOW:  add the scenes I have missed and lets see how much more was cloned…………….. come on!  Its fun!