Seek The Sun! Your Intuition Is Correct!

While mainstream medicine falls into line with pharmaceutical interests and screams at you to wear sunblock and sunscreens……….  there is lots of evidence that this is total stupidity!   NOT to say that getting a sunburn will not harm you, here they are very correct! However tanning gradually and gently does incredible good!  Here is just one of dozens of reasons to consider tanning regularly, getting daily sun exposure!


Forbes Mag’s Latest Paid American Hero

Forbes magazine has earned my unqualified scorn as one of the worst publications in America. Some would vote for “People” as trashy gossip but I pay offwould rather that than paid for lies!

A while back, Forbes called Monsanto “company of the year!”  Sure why not all they do is poison the food supply with GMO crops, cause death and disease with Roundup Pesticide and pay millions to congressmen that vote to keep you from knowing what food is Genetically modified (gmo). I believe that Money can buy you any “honor”  you desire at Forged Magazine (oops I sure meant Forbes).

The latest scandal at Forbes is their vote for the new American hero,  Mr Hamm,  the guy who by being the biggest in Fracking (dumping poisoned harold hammwater full of toxic chemicals down into the Earth (where it gets into your Aquifer’s drinking water) is supposed to have restarted America’s growth by getting lots of oil for us.  Well, if you have not noticed, Oil prices are up not down…… hmm.  In the mean time it is not just stupid science (you can find a scientist who will discover anything for enough money) to think that Fracking is is not poisoning our well water but now we learn it is causing Earthquakes!  What a surprise!  Did Forbes miss out on this little issue? Thousand dollar bills in your face can after all blind you.  Read this article and learn what Mr Hamm is really doing and what Forbes conveniently did not do or read research on.

earthquakeWastewater Injection Caused Oklahoma Earthquakes (Scientific American)

More than 230 earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 3.0 have shaken the state of Oklahoma already this year. Before 2008 the state averaged one such quake a year. The surge in seismic activity has left residents and experts alike wondering about the underlying cause……..Read More!


Food poisoning. Monsanto-style.




 Are GMOs bad for your health? The debate rages on.


 But no one disputes this fact: It takes tons of herbicides – hundreds of thousands of tons per year – to grow the GMO crops that end up in the world’s food supply, including in the food fed to the animals we eat.


 All that poison doesn’t just go away. It ends up on our food, in our soil, in our water.


 It’s time to stop Monsanto’s reckless poisoning of our food and our planet. Your donation today will help us continue the battle for GMO labeling laws and expose GMO crops for what they are: an excuse for Monsanto to sell billions of dollars’ worth of poisons. Click here for details on how you can donate online, by phone or by mail.


Read more here……………Food poisoning. Monsanto-style..


ADOBE corp proves how powerful greed is!

If You get a prompt to update your version of Adobe Flash for your browser, beware Adobe is NO LONGER TO BE TRUSTED!   Adobe corp will now install Mcafee scan without any permission.   I believe that they also LIE and try to deny it on their website where they show you a version that has an opt-out box for this Trojan Install; but,  they are lying because the browser update version does not offer this or warn you!  Read their complaints on line with the preceding link.

It seems like every corporation in America is getting on the bandwagon of “we can get away with screwing the average American”  after all most Americans  don’t get up and complain, instead they  lie in the dust and eat dirt, get fat and die of overeating!  Maybe the corporations that are cheating you are right?

It is getting nauseating to see the news.  Just this morning I read about Fracking poisoning drinking water and beginning to kill farm animals. Of course this is not a real concern for those who buy drinking water (which used to be free)  but now are willing to pay more for it than you pay for gasoline.   Oh, pardon me…. I forgot how difficult it is to fill a bottle at your sink and take it to work.

With this in mind I am going back to seeing who will buy the Brooklyn Bridge from me and I am working on a Zero Energy Ice Maker to be sold to Eskimos.  I will fill it with Pure Bottle Water shipped from my home for a bit more than Fiji Water, after all mine is from an underground aquifer and then filtered through charcoal!

Consider that A liter of gas costs about 80 cents. A liter of Fiji bottled water costs about $4.00.   So Fiji water is about 5x as expensive as gas!  Perhaps you will give this some thought and share the article with firends, In the mean time, at least don’t  let Adobe install McAfee, which is more viral than most viri.  You’l see what I mean when you try to uninstall it!



Where a river once flowed on Mars

Where a river once flowed on Mars.

In the above article you may read,  a now well documented discovery, of Mars having had an atmosphere and water millions of years ago.  In my

Where a river once flowed on Mars

story, “THE FIRST CHILD’S PLAN” you can explore for yourself the implications of this incredible discovery. I find fascinating the serendipity of  my writings and the news of new technology or discovery in science.  I don’t believe in coincidence.

Janr Ssor



Krill Freeze Dried Bulk Aquarium Fish Food ONE LB | eBay

Do You Really Want To Take Krill Oil As A supplement?

Krill Freeze Dried Bulk Aquarium Fish Food ONE LB via Krill Freeze Dried Bulk Aquarium Fish Food ONE LB | eBay.

Note that Krill is Fish Food.  It is also pretty much tiny shrimp like water bugs.   At the link above you can  buy it as aquarium food,  where it belongs.  On the other hand the corporations of America want you to consume its squeezed out oil for your health.  I for one have a problem with eating bottom feeders like this.  It has  not been a big part of human diet for enough time to know what disease it may carry and it is food for whales which have been poisoned enough with the heavy metals (mercury) we dump in the ocean and air; we can at least let them have their food without stealing it from them with our damned technology!