How Can You Buy Quality Supplements?

I have spent hours and hours searching for the answer to how to shop for quality supplements.  It is not easy but here are some suggestions for you to use in your quest.

uspUSP Verified – This seal may ensure purity, identity and potency, among other things. When USP verified companies are allowed to carry an official “USP Verified” seal on their labels it probably has value. The group maintains an evolving list of the brands that have received its seal and the places where they can be purchased. Here is a link to their website.


NSFNSP Verified – is a program that reviews supplements frequently used by athletes for sports. The blue and white NSF seal means that a product has been independently tested to ensure that it is pure and that it contains the ingredients listed on its label.



Consumer Labs (?) –, which frequently tests products and maintains an archive of reports on its website may be reliable but I have recently learned that companies with its label pay heavy fees to “earn” the label each year and as such I am discounting their value.


TrustPilotTrustPilot – Is a review site that strives to aggregate customer reviews and qualify the reviewers to verify their validity.  I am using them and participating in their program as a reviewer as of today.  What can a customer tell you?  It is unlikely they can tell you much about the quality of the product other than by personal intuition. On the other hand they may be able to tell you lots about customer service and pricing.  Worth checking them out.

Who do I use?  I get some of my products from a naturopathic doctor in Ct. Why?  if the products don’t work his patients don’t come back and he is very successful. I also order from   They carry their own brands as well as name brands and all at pretty good prices.  Their fees have gone up over the years so I have been searching for other sources.  At this point they are still hard to beat in my impression.  Apply the two seals,  NSF and USP and you may have your best option!

……………. Janr Ssor.



Were Those Really the Best Vitamin Studies They Could Find?

Were Those Really the Best Vitamin Studies They Could Find?.Image

Reporters are not just substitutes for recording devices that playback sound bites.  They are supposed to be intelligent people who analyze data, with the help of experts and then REPORT what is the best possible truth to the American public.

NBC,  has totally failed to do this in their recent report on Vitamins and supplements.  I put NBC on their head, upside down, because that is about as silly as they look when you read what they ignored in creating this dangerously deceptive report!

In essence,  their reporters told us that if you took a Very Tiny dose of vitamins you would not benefit.  In reality, numerous studies point to huge benefits by taking dosages high enough to matter. Read the report linked above, by Joseph Mercola, that clearly dispels the inaccuracy of NBC’s reporting.  It’s worth your time as it could just save your life!

Dr Joseph A Ross ODBSVS