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Your Mother Could Go Crazy And Die From Neuro-Surgical Micro-Drones

When I was 5 years old I began to notice how mom was dying from schizophrenia, she was losing touch with reality or maybe she was becoming a Borg. She was losing touch with her values,  trying to please everyone and getting no where.  Concerned, I lay in bed thinking what is reality?  Then it occurred to me that I could create reality in my mind and so understand it.  I borg womenstarted with a dot, then a line, then a box then a cube….and so on.  Little by little I built reality.  When I awoke in the morning I had a new view of reality but I was not sure if it was real? Working on this off and on over many years has kept me sane (at least I think so). However my mother and yours is still dying day by day from what may be a disease that the Borg represented. A disease that would make us all “one” in a hive like mind of equity. A disease that could be created by micro-surgical drones, the size of microbes; surgical tools you would never see!  But is there a big difference between ideas that cut away at who you are and micro brain surgery?   My title is “doctor”  but not of psychology. I am well read but well confused, like many of us.  On the bright side,  I may have found the correct diagnosis of her illness and that of your mother and so the cure is possible.

While on vacation in Florida a bright friend and writer who is a “doctor” of law enjoined me in a discussion. I never ask for other’s opinions of my writing as I don’t care and it does not matter. What I am interested in however is their well stated differences of opinion as it helps me expand my mind without the dangers of LSD that Timothy Leary so casually advocated.

I was arguing for the right of all people to be free in America (I am my Mother’s Child) but from a conservative viewpoint.  I told her that my mother had taught me that all people should have the freedom of religion. She then told me that Atheists felt that they too had that right and were offended by a need of others to place their “God” on institutional walls and monetary denominations.  She said they defined their disbelief in God as natural human freedom, a form of religion,  that should not be denied. What right did we have to print “In God We Trust” on our money?  As my mother heard this, her constant headache began to get worse and she was acting more confused. I talked her into leaving the room for a while and gave her a sleeping pill.

Some research quickly showed me,  that  from the Treasury Department records, that the first suggestion that God be recognized on U.S. coinage can be traced to a letter addressed to the Secretary of Treasury from a minister in 1861. An Act of Congress, approved on April 11, 1864, authorized the coinage of two-cent coins upon which the motto first appeared. The nazi prisonersmotto was omitted from the new gold coins issued in 1907, causing a storm of public criticism. As a result, legislation passed in May 1908 made “In God We Trust” mandatory on all coins on which it had previously appeared.  I knew the history but not how to please the Atheists (assuming they could be made happy in this country).  I wanted freedom for all. It is hard to forget the haunted faces of children in Nazi death camps. America fought for freedom that is why the Lady of Light stands in our harbour.  However, we chose our form of government and our values over Nazi ones.  Millions died for those values and that is part of what created America.

I went to sleep that night and awoke at 4:00 am,  when I am usually “out of my normal every day mind” and in another world (though I did not see my mom there).  It now occurred to me that there was a small detail I omitted when I created the world at age 5. I had created the world and its people but had not created eternal values.  I did not then know of eternal values, other then intuitively,  and I had no idea how to draw them on my tabla rasa at that time. From the stance of many years later, looking back on life I can now see that there are two main groups of players in the world of life.  One is the physical world with its living people and the other is non-physical defined eternal values.  I also now suspect that I know which group is the team that flies the neuro-surgical micro-drones; these are the nearly invisible devices  that are making your mom and mine crazy with invisible surgical excisions!

I suspect that Atheists define eternal values as insanity. After all, without and eternal God, the only values you can have are those that are convenient to your needs. And this is where the answer to my friend’s question  about printing “in God We Trust” arises. I am not now or ever going to tell the Atheists that they cannot live next door to me. However, I will tell them what I tell the Muslims that want us to create Sharia Law in America.  “If you want Atheism,  or for that matter Sharia Law, go to where it is practiced. Don’t ask the nation you have come to in refuge to re-create the place you or your parents were running from!” That is True Insanity!

Atheists have no eternal values,  each religion has its own.  I am not sure who is right or who is wrong, I am not God and so I will never know. However, I know that my Mom and Yours came to America because of its “eternal values.”   One was the freedom from religious persecution. The other was the consequences of the all that our founding fathers held dear and these eternal values they used when drafting the path for America’s future,  the United States Constitution.

If you wish to be an Atheists, you have your right. But you do not have the right to change our country or make small micro-surgical excisions to drive my Mom crazy.  My mom was born in 1776 and as she grew she created a home all my friends were delighted to come to.  Your parents came here for the same reason.  You ended up here for the same reason.  The texts of of human existence that are well over 6,000 years old as evidenced by the “Old Testament.”  In these records we see what happened to civilizations that had no “eternal” values like ours or even those that did and failed to uphold them.  So to those who guide the micro-surgical drones,  that hope to cut out our values and our sanity, I say, we will oppose you!

Argue all you want that values are subjective but don’t try to change the country your parents chose and we choose. You and they came here because of what its Eternal Values has created!  If you want something else, go elsewhere!   This nation was founded on Judeo-christian values.  It has served us well and we choose it. We will not impose Christianity upon you, Judaism upon you,  nor any other faith;  we believe in the freedom of religious belief. However, the values, the eternal values,  that give us our sanity will not change.  If you don’t like them, don’t come here.  If you come here with the intent of forcing your values upon us then you will and should be opposed.

Every year thousands of people seeking freedom and the values we espouse die in its pursuit.  We will not let you destroy their dream by destroying our mother land.  Micro-surgical mental incisions aimed at redefining what we hold as eternal values are not dying to reach europequickly noticed.  Little my little you strive to change our mind with surgical precision. You will fail.  We can see who is making our mother crazy.  It is an unending battle that we will never stop fighting.  We fought it for your parents, that is how you got to be free, here and every where that freedom survives.

Last year nearly 4,000 people died crossing the Mediterranean sea seeking asylum in Italy or other free European nations.  They came in boats packed like sardines fleeing Lybia, Syria, East Ukraine and Iraq. Over a 1/4 million escaped the violence and intolerance that is pervasive in that world.  They came for eternal values. They came for values that were not part of their religious lexicon.  Eternal Values.  We made the choice in 1776 and ever since.  The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  We are still fighting for mom’s sanity and to preserve her family and why you came to our home. If you don’t like our home go elsewhere!

Janr Ssor.

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