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Lack Of Integrity

Who’s Funding Obama And Our Financial Crisis?

More than half of the whopping $745 million Barack Obama raised for the 2008 election has come from small donors whose names the Obama campaign won’t disclose. Did you ever wonder why? This is likely more than 1/4 of a Billion dollars used to BUY the presidential election of the US and the money trail is being hidden!

I was as excited as many of my era to know a Black Man finally was going to make it to the White House! This was the coronation of the American Dream! The American ideal of an equal opportunity nation was being proven by all of us Americans. That dream of idealism was soon to be shattered.

All of us heard of the huge amount of money this man used to get elected. We all heard how it was in such small amounts that there was no legal responsibility to trace it. Oh yes, and we were told it came from young people who he swept off their feet with his elegant speeches.

Since then people have come into my office and told me that they believe Obama’s goal it to “destroy America.” I have ignored them as “fringe people.” But now with actions speaking louder than words, I have to wonder. We all know the problem with debt but this does not seem to faze Obama. At least not your debt or your children’s future debt that he is arranging.

It is also not lost on the world that Regime Change has been a tool of our country for a very long time. It is certainly not lost on the Oil Wealthy Arab World. Though terrorist know they cannot win a conventional war against us, what if they could win an unconventional one leading to regime change in America?

The financial pressures of the cold war helped defeat the USSR. That lesson is not lost on the terrorist backers of Radical Islam nor is it lost on those who are financially powerful enough to drool over the prospects of a One World Order.

Obama is reported to be raising over 1 Billion dollars for his re-election. This could buy a lot of influence. Without the Transparency, Obama is famed for promising and poor on delivering, whose money might actually dictate the outcome of our next election?

Then there are the fools in Wall Street. Do you find it weird to call such “brilliant men” fools? The people who made America are the average hard working people with common sense who built America as individuals and when needed in our Armed Forces. Their common sense came from the Bible and frequently the words of Jesus and the lives of men like Abraham and Moses. The guys on Wall St, are no smarter than the nerds who create great software or technology wonders. This is a usefulkind of “Smart” tool but it is what frequently causes disasters as it is aMyopic Smart. It lacks common sense! These “brilliant fools” as I call them, are greedy enough to take down America with their “financial tools” such as derivatives that are so clever that only these “geniuses” understand them! Their egos know no end as they think they are so superior to the “average man.” The bible does warn about lacking humility. The problem is this lack of humility does not only take down the fool who adores himself but it can affect all of us as it has recently done financially. Do you think this is not lost on those foreigners whose financial wealth could be used here too, to destroy us?

Finally add to this the foolishness of many average Americans who thought or Wanted to think that their homes would go up in value forever and be the Goose that laid the golden egg. It is easy to get drunk on this dream.

We are surely in danger from many quarters: A President and congress that get elected by money that comes from hidden sources, Elites on Wall street who think they are so smart, Common men whose common sense can evaporate!

What is the solution? There is no simple one but there is much to be done. Transparency in ALL financial donations to politicians must be number one. Wall St must be made accountable on a very personal level. Let the Bankers go bankrupt! When one man loses money it inevitably falls to another. I have a feeling that Bankers losing means home owners winning. As for the average guy who buys more than he can handle, he deserves to suffer the consequences of his actions. None of us would reward our children’s failures with parental support! What makes this different?

Doctors today put people who are “stressed out” on many different drugs for depression. This keeps them from dealing with reality and solving their problems. Yes, doctors can be stupid too! Paying off all the fools who have created America’s financial crisis with money taken from our children’s future is no less then druggingAmerica’s pain with money pills. Sooner or later you still have to deal with it.