My Version Of Transcendental Meditation


I searched all over the Internet and could not find a free lesson on TM (Transcendental Meditation). The fee to learn TM is thousands of dollars. I believe that for many people this expense is totally unnecessary. Here, for free, is my Technique in 2 steps: relaxation – meditation.
The Relaxation Response Technique:

Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School, in studying Transcendental archways-google-labledforreuseMeditation, established that relaxation techniques had a very real effect on reducing stress and controlling the fight-or-flight response. Direct effects included deep relaxation, slowed heartbeat and breathing, reduced oxygen consumption and increased skin resistance. In other words a calmer, healthier state of mind and body. In this text, we use the relaxation response to get into the state for meditation. Once the body is relaxed TM is achieved by the simplest technique you can imagine! I have practiced this for over 40 years with great success. Try it for yourself.

Achieving Relaxation is something that you can do for yourself by following these simple steps:

  • Sit quietly and comfortably. Do not lie flat on a bed as you may fall asleep. Reclining is Okay, but not flat.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Start by mentally relaxing the muscles of your feet and work up your body relaxing muscles to the top of your head. How do you relax them? Simple, feel your muscles by tensing them and then by contrast feel them relax to as soft as you can make them. It gets better and faster with each days practice.
  • As you work your way up from your feet, pay special attention to relaxing the muscles of the shoulders
  • when you get to your mouth as you move up from your feet, let your mouth fall open gently as all the muscles relax in that area, much as you do in sleep. Leave it that way.
  • Deeply relax the muscles around the eyes and forehead, where we otherwise express mood and tension. This helps remove the tension of the days experiences.

When you have reached the crown of your head, focus your attention on your breathing.

Breathe in slowly, deeply and gently and then let your breath out slowly. Continue gentle full breathes and notice how you relax even deeper.

You have now achieved the Relaxation Response. It will get better and better, day by day, as you practice.

Meditation TM Style.
Now that you are relaxed, focus on your breathing again.
With every breath inwards, listen to the sound of the air filling your lungs.
With every breath outwards, SAY the mantra (a sound to be repeated) “OOMM” The sound of this mantra is like the sound of “oon” in Moon, but with the “m” sound and not the “n” sound. The sound should “s t r e t c h” out to the full time it takes to exhale. It then ceases as you inhale and again listen to the air coming into your lungs.
You may “say” the Oomm sound silently to yourself or out loud as you prefer. If you are meditating for needed rest, when awakening from sleep late at night, avoid saying your mantra out loud as it make provoke injury from an angry spouse!
Finally, do this breathing and sound technique and nothing more for about 20 minutes.
Explanation: The idea of TM is to still the “thinking” conscious mind. You do so by filling it with the mantra. You LINK the mantra to the sound of your breathing out, by practice. When you have done this, it is NO LONGER initiated by your thinking about generating the sound. In other words, with practice, you are not consciously making any effort to create the sound. You have conditioned yourself to do so in response to your breathing out.

The whole process is to listen to the air filling your lungs as you are breathing inwards and listen to the calming sound of the mantra as you exhale. Your mind is focused on your breathing and nothing else. Your mind is “stilled.” You are in a state of TM. It gets deeper with practice.
In essence you become the observer of your breathing and not the creator of the effort. At the higher level as you progress in your transcendence, you are outside your body looking in at your breathing.

Issues While Meditating: As you learn to meditate you will find that thoughts or pictures come into your mind. The goal of meditation is to still the mind and not think of these things. If you try to wipe them from your mind you fall into the trap of thinking. So how do you avoid thinking? Simple: Listen to your breathing in and the sound of
your mantra as you breath out. Your life forces are in rhythm with the universe, your heart and lungs perform reliably and rhythmically without your conscious effort. Your lungs are easier to pay attention to so you listen to your breathing. As you do so, the images or thoughts of the days events evaporate like the morning mist in the rising sun, effortlessly. This gets better and better as you practice TM.

You will find that as your practice TM, you will have a desire to awake from your session at about 20 minutes. This is the normal time to stop. If you practice this technique, when you cannot sleep, one of two things will happen. You may fall asleep or your may meditate. In either case you will be well rested.

Issues of mystical experience: It is well known that when meditating you forest-764924_1280-pixabaymay experience occasional but rare mystical visions. Some appear as colorful scenes, animal faces or even more exotic beings. The goal of meditation is not to experience mystical images but to gain rest and harmony with the positive energy of the universe. Ignore these experiences and pay attention to your breathing. What and why they happen is unimportant for the goals of TM.


Mind Expansion Without Drugs By Unplugging The TV!

The_matrix_ImageIf you are alive and in search of adventure, could you truly have missed the amazing story of The Matrix?  Did you recognize that it is a story about not watching a story? If so did you choose to follow its path?

For years I used its rain of twisting numbers as my screen saver to remind me of what I chose not to be.  I did not want to be a battery plugged into the sea of humanity that has no consciousness other than that painted by the new feudal kings of media Industry!

I did not however expect such a simple choice to have such an amazing outcome as to rival that of LSD!  What price would you pay of a safe “trip” that takes you to a destination,  your mind perhaps struggles to put into words, but yet springs from your heart with the force of “Old Faithful” at Yellow Stone Park?

Do you have “dreams” that are lurking at the edge of conscious expression but not clothed in words because you lack a writer’s pen or experience to incarnate them? Do your remember when you knew you could conquer the world before Vietnam,  before Iraq and before the Investment Bankers stole your inheritance?  If you do, and you must if you are breathing, then there is a way of finding them and the energy they gift to your arms, legs and spirit by growing in the soil of your fertile mind.  I did not know this when I unplugged the TV, years ago; but, it is the gift of empty space and the laws of thermodynamics!  What is apparently empty, will surely reach homeostasis, with its surroundings and YOU can choose the surroundings!  You can unplug from the matrix!

So here is my method for Mind Expansion without drugs, better than LSD,  better than Grass and better than million dollar movie production, your own excellent private trip.  Unplug your TV, disconnect your Radio,  don’t download that podcast!  Let your mind be empty and in the time you would have willingly plugged into the system of media persuasion,  take a bike ride, walk a leaf Woman's Eye and World Globesstrewn path, put a battery in your old walkman and listen to music without words or song.  As sure as you are alive, your mind will awaken and begin to paint pictures!  Pictures painted with the skill of Picaso, pictures painted that touch your heart because they spring from your heart.  Pictures with a depth of drama and color that no one else but you is privileged to see; your own private screening of years of art work painted by a master at the depth of your soul.

Is it worth the effort to find yourself again in the sea of countless faces that have clouded out the sunshine?  What price would you place on your life, the one they have taken in our Matrix of TV, Radio, Magazines and podcasts? The one that like an alcoholic in denial, you cannot yet recognize but suspect has been stolen from you?

Even more frightening and this is likely your deepest fear,  what if you find in your head a shallow pool of colorless water with none of the beauty of Michael Jacksons poetry?  What if you find you are empty like the apollo photos of the moon? Then fear not because you are not! It is just the withdrawal from the drugs of your Matrix experience.

You can easily catalyze your own sunrise by going deeper and deeper into your heart, which has been buried by the sludge of ashes from the opium of the masses.  Simply meditate each night before sleep, when awakening and if your sleep is disturbed (for God’s sake don’t take a sleeping pill if you can live without it!).  Emptiness cannot exist and is not tolerated by any crevice in our universe so the seas of your lost self will rush in,  the oceans will swell in your mind and you will sail a ship you have long ago forgotten on a journey you have dreamed about in your youth.  How long will it take? Each journey has its unique price but emptiness is not tolerated in our universe and as sure as you breath the seas will rush in!

It is worth it, unplug!


‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term

In my Sci-Fi story,  “Not Kid’s Games” we explore the potential magic of mystical psychedelic drugs used for centuries in Shaman like experience.   Here in this interesting article a few years later, it seems that some of the magic my mystical story has found some new friends.

Health & Family

The psychedelic drug in magic mushrooms may have lasting medical and spiritual benefits, according to new research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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Getting Sleep For Those Who Can’t Sleep Well!

Are you an older person who can’t sleep or do you just know one?  In either case,  this is how you solve your problem or help the person you know get the rest they need to stay healthy.

If you have tried everything and still can’t sleep, I am not going to tell you that I will make it possible for you to sleep but I will tell you that I can help you get all the benefits of sleep, without traditional sleeping, in an enjoyable way!  You will get out of bed feeling rested, you will regain the energy you have lost and you will increase how long you live in two ways.  First you will be getting the healing rest your body needs and secondly, you will get to be awake longer than those who stay in bed for hours and hours hoping to get some snatches of sleep! Get excited now because you are about to be more happy with yourBlond woman sleeping on couch sleep and rest than when you were 6 years old.

If you can’t sleep for long, fall asleep or sleep deeply or you keep waking up the first thing to know is stop fighting it as fighting it only makes you anxious and tense and prevents you from getting the healing rest you need.  What I am going to show you is that there is an alternative to sleep that you will love.  The paragraph a legal disclaimer but does have value, so read it please.

Now if you have a medical illness that is keeping you from any sleep, you may need to see a physician because some sleep, even an hour or two is needed. If you are suffering from stress and vexing personal problems, that disturb your sleep,  you need to consider a psychotherapist    If you are the very unusual few who get absolutely no sleep then before learning my techniques, see a naturopathic physician or an allopathic physician of your choice. A consult with a physician who practices holistically is always advised.  However, if you my technique and in a few short days see the benefits as many do, you may not need to do that.  If you live in NY, like me, finding a naturopathic physician is hard as the medical lobby has all but excluded them from NY (insecure people are afraid competition) and so you may have to go to Ct. or NJ. I do believe in allopathic medicine (traditional American, Western medicine) but it is not a cure for everything and as you all know from the TV commercials medicine solves one problem while creating another and that is called “side effects.”  On the other hand if you are up dozens of times a night and are feeling like jumping out the window, do see your medical doctor and get a drug that helps for now as the risk it might carry may be worth the sleep that will save your sanity and your life. Once you have regained your sanity,  look for how to get off the drug, with professional help.

Now that you know if you are in the group that will benefit by reading on (those who at least get some sleep) it is time to learn my techniques for getting the rest your body, mind and soul need. There are two steps in this simple learning process.

The first step in allowing your body to rest and heal, if you are unable to sleep, is to create the sleep state without sleeping. In my opinion, the closest simple technique for achieving this is Transcendental Meditation (T.M.).  I have used this for many years and know of many friends who do this also with great benefit.  When you do T.M.  you will either gain from its benefits or fall asleep and either occurance will be fine!  One thing before you read Enjoying perfect harmony and balance - Meditationon, is that you must modify the T.M. instructions to come from the hyperlink below in one small way. In the T.M. instructions you are about to read, it tells you  not to lie down as if going to sleep but to recline comfortably; this is to avoid falling asleep when practicing T.M.   For the goals of ourcurrent discussion, change that to “lie down as if you are going to sleep” because in this case, if you fall asleep, it will be just fine!  Here is how do do T.M.,  my way, at no cost to you.  Learn this and then come back for step #2 below!

Now for the second step.  The second step is to use some technology to help with your sleep. If you don’t fall asleep doing T.M., then this is the next process to learn as you will do this after you have spent about 20 minutes in the T.M. state. Even if  you do fall asleep from T.M., learn this next step and use it as it will prove invaluable.

Get a smartphone (preferably Android)  and install the Free App called “Binaural Beats.”   I would recommend sleeping with your smartphone next to you bed and a pair of small earphones plugged into it. These should be good quality but the kind that you can sleep on without hurting your ears.  I recommend these phones from,  for less than $5.00!

MonoPrice Web Logo

These headphones fit right inside your ear so if you roll over and sleep on your side, they will not likely bother your ears. In addition, the price is excellent for what you are buying. Also, set your smartphone on “AirPlane Mode” so that it is not sending and receiving near your head all night.  It does transmit on microwave frequency and that cannot be good for your brain, if you want to keep it!  Your smartphone should be ideally under your pillow so that you move your body minimally to get it.  In other words, we do not want to disturb your deeply relaxed state.  You may even chose to have it set for Binaural Beats,  earphones in your ears so all you have to do is tap the app.

After you have achieved the deeply relaxed state you achieve with T.M.,  if you do not fall asleep,  get your SmartPhone, put in your earphones and start the Binaural Beats program.  You can have the App open and ready to use.  If you do, all you need to do is select, either Sleep Induction or  Lucent Dreaming.  Either mode should place your deeply relaxed body in a sleep state. The programs run for about an hour and if you then awaken, simply run them again. Binaural Beats  is a technique for helping your brain go into a sleep state.  Clinical experience has proved it very valuable.  Not enough Binaural beats therapy - beta - Android Apps on Google Playmoney has been spent on research to prove it to the scientific communities “required” satisfaction; but,  this is because there is no money to me made in something that is so readily available.  Like many other alternative or complimentary care treatments, we learn that they work from clinical experience .  If you have relaxed your body by using the T.M. system I have taught you, using Bianaural Beats will work much better than without the deep relaxation.  Even if you do this 3 or 4 times, and think you have not gotten much sleep, you will likely find that you are just fine all day long as if you have slept well.  If this does not work for you then you need to see a doctor as I mentioned earlier, as you must get rest to stay healthy.

The fun part that I mentioned earlier, is what you experience in states like T.M. or Lucent Dreaming,  especially in Lucent Dreaming. When your body is relaxed deeply and you then allow the Binaural Beats to take you to Lucent Dreaming, you may experience worlds of thought, color and sights you have never before seen. Yet, you will awaken refreshed as if you had a good nights sleep. You can also help induce these positive experiences by doing something positive before sleep for at least 30 minutes.  I recommend playing a musical instrument or if you don’t play at least listening to uplifting positive music before sleep.

If you get as good results as I do, please let me know.
Janr Ssor

Is intelligence In Your Brain? Or Are Scientists Stupid?

Is there evidence that we inhabit our brains?

How smart and really like us are animals? Every wonder? About 13 years ago we went to a friends house and he insisted on having his neighbor bring over a small poodle that the neighbor did not want. My wife and I had two dogs and did not want a third yet, my friend insisted we see the dog.

My wife picked up the small white toy poodle, named Missy, and put it on her lap. It was very sad looking and it was shaking with fear. She began to pet it gently to calm it and at that point the owner laughed. I asked what was funny and he said, “no one has ever picked up that animal before, it is funny to see someone holding it.’

It turned out that his x-wife left him with the, dog, house and kids 6 months earlier. He hated the dog and kicked it to get it into its cage. He told us how he had another animal, a Myna bird, or should I say “had.” His kids were supposed to care for it and the dog. One morning his kids had come running to him saying the bird was lying dead in the cage. He said, “I let that teach them a lesson. Since they had not fed the bird it starved to death.”

I looked at him and said, “Don’t you know that it is a horrible painful way to die to starve to death? It is what the Nazis did to the 12,000,000 Jews and Christians they killed in Germany?”

He laughed again, and said, “Give me a break, they are just animals! They are mechanical and have no feelings.” At that point I knew he was a psychopath and the dog deserved a better chance in life.

Needless to say we took the dog home. In two weeks it gained 7 pounds and went from a trembling 7 pounds to a happy 14 pound puppy. However, if anyone puts a hand near the dog other then ‘trusted friends’ that Missy knows, she will nip their fingers to scare them away. We have tried dog psychologists and several trainers but she is forever fearful of being hurt by people like that psychopath who owned her. Even now, 12 years later.

Now that Missy is older and has cataracts, she has developed a fear of climbing our wooden steps since she slipped on them one night. For the last year she does not climb stairs.

A few months ago we went on a trip for 4 days and, as usual, arranged for the doggy sitter to come and visit with Missy 4 times a day. My wife did this a month in advance. We left on Wednesday and when we returned on Sunday the usual long note logging the sitters visits was very short and our check for her work was on the table. The note said that the sitter had her worst nightmare come true. She had forgotten about Missy! On Saturday, reading her email from my wife (to remind her), she discovered her mistake. She rushed to our house and found Missy starving and without water but still alive!

Missy seemed fine when we saw her but certainly very, very happy to see us. There was however a new unusual behavior. She follows us everywhere and has rushes for the door to try to follow us out, even when we tell her we will be back shortly, which she always did fine with before. In other words, Missy has fear of abandonment. In fact she is so fearful that she goes up and down the slippery wooden steps even in the dark!

Missy is very smart dog. She has strong feelings and a great memory. The first time she met my brother, Steve, she loved him and allowed him to pet her. It was the same with my cleaning lady, Deborah. Others who she does not trust, she remembers as well. She has only seen my daughter who lives on the other side of the Earth in Vienna a few times and years ago, but the minute she sees her she knows her and is happy to greet her.

I have to tell you that toy poodles have small heads but having lived with Missy for 13 years, I know that she learns and remembers better than most smart people I know. I also clearly see that she is full of emotions and expresses her love with kisses enough to make your hands sore. You literally have to tell her, “No more kisses!”

Now I have taken flying lessons and I can assure you it is no easy task to pilot a plane in 3 dimensions. Just the other day when working on my computer I noted a small speck of dust floating in front of the screen. I found it interesting to note that it floated up and down in a way I rarely expected air currents in the room to move. Looking more closely, I discovered that the dust mote was really some form of flying insect. It was so very small that my very good eyesight could just barley resolve its details.

It then occurred to me that this living dust mote, was able to, find food, feed, eliminate, find mates, have sex and reproduce as well as fly and navigate successfully in 3 dimensional space! Now I wondered, my dog Missy’s brain was fraction of mine in size. This living dust mote had a brain so small I could not find without the aid of a microscope.

I had frequently wondered what science really knows about our mind. I am a doctor and I have long ago learned NOT to accept anything you learn from scientists as the gospel truth. After all, we are limited in our perception of the universe and as such we make the best approximation of reality with our ‘theories’ and then if they prove out in the scientific lab we assume they are ‘proven.’ But, proven only means Useful! Any thinking man knows we have no facts that are 100%, just ‘proven’ theories and models of the universe that can be, for our needs, very reliable.

Science says you are created by the neuro-chemical interactions in your mind. If we cut into your brain with a scalpel, you will no longer be you! Bullets and surgery have proven this, they say. On the other hand, if we keep in mind my rule about science never being 100% correct, we could imagine that the brain is a transceiver that connects us to a non-physical spiritual self. So maybe we don’t live in our brains and that is why much of our neurotransmitters are found in our stomach and why people say things like, “I have a gut feeling…..”

Now I was not hallucinating about the flying mote but that brings up another topic, Hallucinations. Science says they are unreal creations of a dysfunctional mind. But is this a scientific truth? There is some research to the contrary. Consider that drawings by people in the stone age have much in common with those drawn by todays shamans using hallucinogens to experience what they believe is an alternative reality. In cave drawings found across the world many thousands of years old and in very different cultures, there are again very many common paintings. In many of these caves there is evidence that the artists used magic mushrooms or some plant to experience these creative visions.

What might be a possible explanation for common art work such as ‘humans with animal heads’ that were drawn by vastly different cultures across times as far distant as the stone age is to our current era? Well, in the era of the Internet we could say that some common communication like our ubiquitous web sites would do it. But, this did not exist in the stone age. On the other hand, if we exist outside our bodies as part of the Akashic Record this could explain the common drawings.

Whatever the answer is, I suspect that there is more to us than a few pounds of fat and neurons in our head. My dog, Missy, not only has strong emotions, an excellent memory and obvious intelligence, she has something most of us do not have! Missy can go out for a walk and find plants to eat that help her when she is sick! Can you? Scientists says this is ‘innate intelligence.’ This is the way the ‘Intelligentsia’ likes to put down animals as stupid creatures with simple minds with precoded knowledge. They can then claim that animals are too stupid to learn from their own thinking and some sort of marvelous symbolic code that written language affords us so they compensate with a pre-recorded message. Is this true?

Consider that animals may be in contact with things we are not. Perhaps they do not need magic potions of mushrooms to open their eyes to an alternative world that exists outside of our limited perception. In that case, they have more than we have in terms of mental abilities. Then again, I do recall kids seeing invisible friends and other fancies that stern adult warnings scared out of them. How about you, do you recall anything from your childhood that you were told to stop thinking or talking about!

When we evolved our Neocortex and became so smart did the neocortex filter out a view of reality that we now can only garner with drugs or trance dancing?

So the question persists. Do we inhabit our brains or is it a transceiver? I for one believe the latter but you chose whatever makes sense to your intuition.