Is Virtue A State Of War?

Virtue is a state of war, and to live in it we have always to do combat with ourselves.

— Jean-Jacques Rousseau

There is in  a discussion in Jewish Theology that God creates two types of beings. Each type is exemplified in the biblical histories  of   the brothers yin-and-yang-1947878_1280
Isaac and Ishmael  and Jacob and Esau.  The following is my view of this discussion.

In the first case,  the father, Abraham, had been an idol worshiper in the home of an Idol seller.  Though Abraham broke free of Idol worship it might be understandable that one of his children, who was born to a mother who was a princess from a land of idol worshipers, Haggar,  would have an evil inclination that he must deal with,  Ishmael.

In the second case, Esau is the son of two holy beings,  Isaac and Rebecca. You would not expect here to find a child with evil inclinations, reared in such a holy home.  Yet there must be an explanation for Esau.

A Jewish viewpoint is that each of the holy brothers represents the perfect man on Earth (Isaac and Jacob).  This perfection is inborn and it is expressed in lifestyle.

I believe that these people are seen throughout history  in different forms and they serve to inspire and motivate us to excellence.  However,  should the world be full of them, there would be no reason for it to exist as it would be perfection.  A world full of  good Angels would have  no to reason to exist or strive towards perfection,  it would be perfect. Would we even know this however?  If the world were full of perfection, would it fade from existence much like a the sense of warmth fades in a hot bath as we become aware of no other surrounding (change)?

It then appears that God creates children like Ishmael and Esau for another reason.  This reason is to give mankind a battle to fight,  a battle to fight within each man’s heart.  The evil inclination,  the temptation,  must be overcome and this is expressed in the physical world,  our reality.

A Jewish view of the world is that God created it but left it unfinished.  We were told to leave paradise and labor to create a world more perfect and more deserving of God’s presence.   We are in a way Co-Creators with God.

Could we eliminate the evil being and have a better world? Does one example of creation deserve greater merit?   The evil inclined who overcomes his evil or the perfect one who lives the example?  Both are needed apparently for the purpose of creation.  Both can be of value to society and the perfection of our world. In my exploration of reality, via Janr Ssor’s experiences, I frequently come back upon the mystical teaching that all existence is nothing but energy.  Energy is always a sine wave of positive and negative. With this in mind, it appears that both sides of creation will be with us throughout history.


Alternative Realities That Share A Consensus!

When I was about 15 years old and living in Miami Fla, I was in the center of the Hippy Era.  We wanted you to “blow your mind”  and expand your thinking.  I chose to do this without drugs and here is a highly entertaining opportunity to do so legally :-), by watching Nassim Haramein!   Here is why I hope you do so:

When I was very little, about 5 years of age, I did not have imaginary “friends” as some did, but I did have “visitors”  that wanted to know about my world.  When they looked at my world, I got a vague glimpse of their world.  It is long ago and I have forgotten most of what I sensed.  Sometimes it was so strange as to be nonsensical or it seemed I did not have the sensory apparatus and experience to comprehend it.  As you get older, people tell you that if you have imaginary friends you are “crazy” or donna the butlers wifethey tell you it is time to grow up and stop living in imagination.  Like most of us I chose to conform and did so.  However,  every now and then the dimensions of space/time that I was denying,  to become more  acceptable to my peers,  decided to come and interrupt my “sanity.”  Oddly enough in many cases it provided information that I need.  Information that then  made my life much better and information that was simply not otherwise available. Sometimes it did nothing and was just a vague brief experience of another consciousness.

Many years, degrees, honors and human interactions later,  despite my total disbelief in many of  the fundamental principles of physics, theology and philosophy, I have managed to be a functional part of what I view as a society based on misinformation. Misinformation?  When you teach we are all one and God is withing and then kill our neighbor for praying differently, you have to admit there is something wrong!  Anyway,  to my delight, I have finally found a physicist who, like me, believes the fundamental structure of physics and the theological and philosophical underpinnings of our thinking is based on erroneous assumptions.  I have been delighted!  I have found someone who sees the world as I do and even better is using mathematics and physics to prove it.  Nassim Haramein is a one many revolution traveling around the world speaking and sharing his world changing viewpoint of reality with a goal of building a consensus amongst people whose minds are not to bogged down in education dove_peace-5555pxto be open to changes in fundamental thinking!   What is the value?  Well consensus driven by enough people can bring about change through the unity of all of us, that Nassim Haramein is proving on a daily basis.  When we all understand that we are really one as the greatest minds in history taught, then there will be no value or meaning in killing your neighbor because he prays differently. There will be no sense to terrorism by martyrdom and vests of bombs.  We will know that a rocket exploding on your home does not open the Gates Of Heaven for 10 martyrs to ascend.  We will have a chance for real peace on Earth and transcendence for humanity.

I encourage you to watch this Excellent series of 6 lectures by Nassim Haramein in Barcelona, Spain and help build the consensus for world peace,  while entertaining yourself with the simple and humerus communications of a man who can make the complex simple.  A man who as Walt Disney said, “would rather hope to entertain you with the hopes of educating rather then educate you with the hopes of entertaining.

Each video is about an hour long. I recommend you watch it while on a treadmill, exercise bike etc. Do an hour at a time. You will expand both your mind and your health.  If you are a man, we always communicate best while moving, at least according to Dr John Gray in “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.