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Techno Poop – FitBit

I am having a fit over a bit of technology, FitBit.  This morning I wasted over an hour of my life trying to install the software and gettechnology-overload2 it to work.  I would not have done this but I tried because it was a birthday present from my daughter and I did not want to disappoint her by not using it.   Oh, by the way,  I am a geek who writes software and builds computers without any directions from left over parts.

FitBit is just another example of technology we do not need. Technology made because we CAN  rather than because we NEED it. How do you sell stuff people don’t need and want?  You make it Sexy and Cool by advertising!  FitBit is just another piece of Techno Poop that has plopped out of the ass of Tech industry.

If you read history you will see that there is a cycle of the pendulum where everything gets to an extreme and then collapses in a back swing of correction.  We have arrived at this point with technology made cheap by Chinese labor camps and American corporate greed.

My wife had a Mercedes Benz S500 a few years ago.  We sold it, in part, bercause it had so many buttons on the dashboard that we could not remember what they were all for!  We realized it was way over technologized and so a future problem waiting to happen. Windows 8, is a window on absurd over coding. So many ways to do something that nothing is useful and no one can figure it out,  probably not even the geeks at Microsoft.  Every year Intuit adds features to its once excellent QuickBooks program. It is now so cumbersome that is is slow down a fast computer and each update is a frustration to its users.

Lets pass the word around: “Techno Poop,”  which is defined as the excessive use of technology to do something that is much easier without the technology but marketed to consumers as being “hip,”  “cool,”  “sexy,”  “young,”  or “modern.”

I have a smart phone because I really though it was the tool of the future. It still may be.  However, now the Techno Poop will come out to interface with it,  trust me you will buy some!  You will be frustrated, annoyed and angry at yourself for getting sucked in  and you will then say, “Techno Poop!”

Is this really what’s going to happen in the future?

I found this video on a great blog:  I recommend you visit this site. It inspired me to think about what this creative video was offering and what we had at our disposal now.  Watch the video and see my comment below.  Then visit, Ankursunsharma.

Technology may make virtual reality this real but why wait? Did you ever wake up at 4:30 AM and notice that your body was asleep while you were awake? Your mind is clear and focused, you can recall what you said to your parents at age 3 when they made you go to bed instead of watching the end of the cartoon; or you might choose to vividly recall the emerald green color of the salesgirls eyes when she smiled at you last week in the grocery store. Your mind is sharp yet your muscles are like lead weights and they won’t move. Your body is asleep! This is the hypnagogic state that can take you to lucid dreaming but even better to any where in your mind or any mind. Transcendental meditation can be similar but it takes years to achieve. The hypnagogic state happens every night when you learn to tell your mind to allow it. I liked the video above, it was creative. I write sci-fi based on the trips I take at 4:30 AM. I can’t wait, why should you?
Janr Ssor