Bathe Nude At The Beach (if you dare)

For those who are looking for a scientific reasons for a nude beach in Florida (In addition to freedom, logic, emotion…etc) there actually are good reasons for such a beach.

1) Despite the HYPE about skin cancer and the need to bathe in sun block there is ample evidence that those who suntan are healthier. Consider that we were made (or evolved if you like) to be exposed to sun.

  • 1) Sun tanning (always without burning) creates TONS of vitamin D3 which helps prevent Osteoporosis.
  • 2) Sun Tanning (without burning) helps generate Nitric Oxide improving your circulation to areas that need it most (btw, this is similar to what Viagra does :-))
  • sun3) Sun tanning lowers blood pressure 4) New discoveries show your body converts sun into energy (not as well as a plant though!) ….. Just avoid burning by tanning slowly! Why nude, more skin!

…. think I’m kidding… references:
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Seek The Sun! Your Intuition Is Correct!

While mainstream medicine falls into line with pharmaceutical interests and screams at you to wear sunblock and sunscreens……….  there is lots of evidence that this is total stupidity!   NOT to say that getting a sunburn will not harm you, here they are very correct! However tanning gradually and gently does incredible good!  Here is just one of dozens of reasons to consider tanning regularly, getting daily sun exposure!