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When Biking,  Seeing  Is Not Just Believing, But Safety!

Today was a beautiful day so I went for a ride on the Bike. Now this bike is great on a sunny day but it gets hot so you tend to flip up the face shield and let the air hit your face.  If you have ever been hit in the eye by  a bug doing 65 Mph,  you will never do it a second ti

me.  So there are options.

You can wear glasses and this what it might look like:

Now the glasses are a bit hard to see because they are Rimless.  However they cover my eyes but NOT enough for safety.

Bugs and dust definitely can and do get around them and it can hurt!

So here below is what it looks like when you have a nice pair of biker glasses on.  Note that these have a tint that enhances contrast and they are polarized to stop glare…  and yes this last thing can hide an oil slick so it is not perfect. So… get them without the polarization and get an anti-glare tint.

Why are these glasses worth owning?  Take a look:

First of all they look great but secondly,  they are designed to fit under the helmet with no issues.   Look carefully and you will note that they have a special shield of black rubber that you can see through the frame as displayed in the picture but not on my face,  other than slightly on the bottom edge now that you know what to look for.  What this does, is keep nearly everything that might hit you out of your eyes.  Look at the back here:

These magnetic rubber shields can be removed if you wish in just a second but keep them on when you ride. They just about seal the frame to your face but they still let the air in to prevent fogging!

If you like to ride on a hot day like today,  as I do,  then do the right thing for your comfort by letting the air in and keeping the bugs out!

Does this look like a commercial?  Well it will be,  it is going in my newsletter’s next edition at Holistic Vision Care of  Brewster NY.   However,  it was inspired by my ride today and my thoughts of those who do not know what a great option these glasses are.  By the way,  this particular pair that I am wearing are from Liberty Sport and they are prescription,  though they can be made either way.

Janr Ssor  (Dr Joe Ross)