The Joy Of American Culture – and Its MeetUps

In Europe the “well educated” and those with centuries old ancestry may at times look down on America as neo-nascent, primitive and lacking culture but they are wrong. Our gift of culture is a lack of “being their culture” and an ongoing effort of us to create and re-create ours. Let me explain!

Yesterday I was privileged to host a small MeetUp group of bright diverse thinkers. We meetupcall ourselves M’s Conversationalists. We are one of many others, a phenomenon that is an echo of 1776 as a way of thinking. We are often the echo of openness to diverse cultures that drives people to leave their homes on the other side of the Earth to come and join us. Join us so that they might  experience America. What does this have to do with meetUps?

Consider our small group or another I belong to. In these groups there are what some might call “bleeding heart” liberals,  there are some “staunch” stubborn conservatives, there are Libertarians, there are theists, there are atheists, there are those who chose to seek fun each day,  there are  those who seek complexity and depth and there are even those whose heart is filled with the cultural beauty of their religious heritage but no belief in God himself.  The diversity is astoundingly American.  The tolerance is astoundingly American.  Oddly enough it is not immune to manipulation. It is part of  something recently driven to near civil war by the efforts of “intellectuals elitists”  who think they know so much more than us “average” American people, something they can manipulate via the new media.  This is something that FaceBook, Twitter and the likes does with great power and  deceptive tyranny.

Think of it for just a moment so you can see how our MeetUp can at times be quite the opposite. In FaceBook during the recent election, if you had a strong liberal or conservative viewpoint, many  people succumbed to the desire to “unfriend”  or “mute” the conversations of frequently annoying self-love-65693_640opposing viewpoints (especially those driven by elitist celebrities or right wing extremists). It became tiresome to listen to the statements or see the posted images describing viewpoints that showed Hillary or Trump in ways our “intuition” told us was ridiculous! So little by little people cut off the sounds of voices that challenged their chosen paradigm.  Day after day their discussion room grew smaller and smaller,  and the walls shinier and brighter until all they could see in them was a reflection of themselves kissing themselves for being so right!  This is the frightening and divisive potential side of social media, even in America!  It is how terrorists (Islamic or otherwise) can raise up an Army of fanatics that will kill people of opposing viewpoints.

On the other side there are many Americans who have chosen for centuries to not be deluded by the limitations of cultural, religious, or even intellectual academic arrogance. We called this phenomena America and it is why people still come to us from diverse cultures, religions and thinking.  It is a potential openness to eclectic ideas, diverse art expression, unusual music, varied foods, new cultures and more.  We Americans, in fact, have an appetite for change and a desire to try the new. I believe it is what makes us the most creative nation on Earth and if kept alive, will make us a nation of survivors and leaders that history has yet to know.   But what does this have to do with a a meetup of mostly retired people in South Florida? Everything!

The rules of a good meetup are: civility, tolerance, humor, intelligence, some knowledge, a willingness to think outside the box,  a willingness to think,  a willingness to share and unite-1830758_640defend you opinion, an openness to sharing who you are,  an acceptance of the importance of knowing people who think differently than you do and at least hear their values, certainly an appreciation of the value of change and the courteous patience to listen without interruption.  What comes of this is not that you may change your mind on issues but that you get to know that those who differ with you have as good a heart as you do!  You may also realize that no matter how much you read or think you know, you just may find yourself changing you opinion a year from today. What a great opportunity that is, because it is your choice!

So what is so special about meetUp?  Nothing really, but the people who make its groups are!  It is many American’s who are civil, polite and open to other opinions, knowing that they cannot always be right. It is people who have very opposing opinions, sharing humor and their heart. It is the light heartedness of discussing your favorite food, movie, book or games. It is openness that I believe is unmatched in the rest of the world.

dancing-dave-minion-510835_640In our little corners, we call ourselves M’s Conversationalists.  We are not terribly unusual or unique but we are a meeting that is a short drive for most of us to attend and so there are many interesting people who join us.  I hope many others are sharing this fun and American openness of expression and thinking.

Janr Ssor . . .

………………  To not ignore what others will likely otherwise comment was my omission in writing this is  a sad note for They broke with the spirit of their creation by posting #Resist in every MeetUp members face and creating “sham empty” #Resist groups all accross America.  The founders of MeetUp chose to use the financial contributions of its diverse connections and their paid MeetUp organizations money to push MeetUp’s political agenda and opinion.  I hope they will wake up and not become another oppressive media. After all, what makes them think they are so bright as to be right and smarter than many of us,  rather than just another American opinion?……………………



Joy, Hope And The Plasticity Of People

At a social meetup called “Coffee and Conversation”  I had way too much fun last night (if coffeconversationthere is such a thing as too much fun). It made me think a lot all the way home.  I thought about 3 things: My brother in law’s visit,  what made this MeetUp gathering so much fun and that there might be hope for America despite what appears to be the immaturity of Millennials.

I was given the opportunity of hosting the social meetup, because Mike (the usual host) was not available for personal reasons and Marty who founded the group asked if I would help. The meetup is simple. All those attending are asked to write a questions on provided paper squares (like secret messages we passed in middle school) and add  the folded surprise questions to one of two ziploc bags labeled:  “Current Events” or  “Fun Topics.”

The host (me last night) then passes the bags to a person next to them who gets to choose a question from either bag.  The host then times them giving them 2 minutes to respond. Others just listen and do not comment. The Same Question, goes around the table where all are seated and each person gets  up to two minutes to comment. If they choose not to comment the bags of questions moves on to the next person. When it gets back to the person who chose it originally, the floor is open to for discussion should the group desire. There is one unspoken rule…. treat everyone and their opinions with respect whether yrespect.jpgou agree with them or not! What is this event? Is it a game? Is it rules for polite conversation? Is it a social gathering? Is it conversation for intellectuals?  To me it is a little of all and more as it engenders a lot of fun and a  potential creation of friendship and camaraderie among all types of interesting informed people.  It seems to attract a wonderful variety of people whose tolerance and respect for others in conversation, should be a model for our nation’s future growth.

One question, at last night’s gathering, that took me by surprise read “What was the best thing that happened to you this last week?”  I could not answer it at first, though I picked it from the bag, so I chose not to answer then  but to pass it to my left to Gerrie and then answer it when it came back to me and I had more time to think (another rule: you may pass on a question if you wish).  Listening to my companions share their experiences reminded me of what I would like to share (attitude) so I did when the question finally came back to me. I talked about my Brother-In-Law, Jose.

This is what I said in response to the paper question: About four years ago, Jose’s wife had a stroke. It left her with a paralysis of the left side of her body (she was left handed) and it motivation-2084506_640left Jose with a major challenge at nearly 70 years of age. However, Jose is a model of the potential plasticity of human beings (their resilience) and, to me, one of my heroes in life!  Jose and his wife Margie came to stay with us for a weeks invited vacation at our cozy 2 bedroom villa in Florida (they live in NJ).  When we took them to the airport a week later, on the way home I had trouble not crying. I already missed them too much!  Jose, who always loved people and being an entertaining host, taught me a lot about enjoying life, every day.  Jose never complained about the extra work he had to assume to help his wife dress, walk, shower etc., no he actually made it mostly fun.  Jose and I like to cook so we cooked nearly everything (we never ate out) together in the kitchen and had a great time together doing it (I was the sous chef).  We took long walks together,  when my wife gave Jose a break  from his well accepted responsibility as she spent time with her sister (his wife). We had a lot of fun talking as we walked for miles around our community. We had a dance party one evening at our community social center and there you could see the magic that Jose had created.  Though his wife could not truly “dance” fluidly (as she had to drag one leg and hold on to him for support) he got her up on the dance floor many times and held her hand while dancing with twice as much enthusiasm. He had his joy reflected back at him by the unceasing laughter and smile on her face.  When she was tired and sat one out or if the music was just “too fast,”  Jose often got up on the floor near her and danced with her walking cane (without being shy)  and made her and everyone around laugh with his very apparent enthusiasm (at making his wife smile).  His enthusiasm for life and joy in living was contagious!  By the end of the evening, out of the hundred or more people at the event, many had come up to ask Jose to move to the community as they needed him there!  Others had asked us to see if we could talk him into moving to our community. I wanted him and Margie to move down here too!  It was no wonder that when we left him off at PBI airport and drove home, the air seemed to have been sucked out of the room in the car. My wife and I have a good relationship and we have fun neighbors and what I would call a good life. We are blessed; however, Jose had taught us all something. It was the plasticity of enthusiastic people who rose to the challenge of what others called pain and suffering and turned it into joy. Not that he does not get tired, not that he does not have challenging  moments; however, he has chosen joy and surely makes that his life!

So what made the MeetUp fun?  It was the attitude and intentions of the people sitting at the table with me. Like Jose, they decided that life would be fun, they chose to not let unity-1767694_640anyone’s opinions be cause for negativity but rather an opportunity to learn. They chose to treat each other with respect and Always Be Positive (an unspoken rule). They chose to talk from their heart with integrity and in so doing engender trust and respect from others attending.  They chose to be light hearted and find the best they could. At that particular meeting, I don’t believe anyone choses “current events.”  We were all tired of the political divisions that the media and elitist celebrities have been beating America with for months, since Donald Trump’s election.  It was a good decision for all of us.  However, even when we do choose “current events” which is most often the choice,  this group has learned to discuss important issues in a positive and respectful manner.  If anyone cannot follow this rule (and that is very rare), they are politely asked to change their attitude or not return. In 6 months of attending, this has only happened once.

Finally how is there hope for Millennials and America?  From what I have seen of Millennials (in my case being a senior citizen it is mostly from the media) they are not impressive. They seem to have lost the “Power Of Positive Thinking”  and dwell in fear, anger, anxiety and frustration. They could use a lesson from Jose about how to deal with change in a positive way,  one that too many parents and college professors seem to have let die years ago. Yes, a reward for “showing up” is illogical!  They don’t seem educated despite attending educational institutions for that purpose. They also don’t seem to have the communication skills and social graces to lead a nation. They cannot even talk to each other over dinner  as they would rather text each other while sitting at the same table.  On the other hand, each generation seems to be molded by the challenges of its times. It makes them often look odd and clumsy to their older fellow Americans,  those of the last generation.  This made me think about how my father could not understand my generation, which seemed infected with the dream state of the “The Hippies.”

Driving home from the meetUp, I thought about how odd the millennials were from my perspective as a baby boomer. Some that I knew told me they did not date, Yikes that shocked me! They did not have girlfriends, they did not “go steady” and they did not plan on marrying or rushing to have kids as we did.  Instead they met on social media and sent message to each other painted with Pound signs like ” #BORED,   what should I do?‘ ”  On the the other hand the millennials have adapted to change with plasticity that is inborn in youth and fought for by adults.  They use social media (despite its horrific illusions and deceit) to form groups and keep in touch in some ways.  They use their phones almost like a rudimentary telepathy to track and share what is going on in each others life so they don’t ….miss out.  Many of them still “go out” in groups and dance together, though that millenials-smartphonemay be becoming more of a GenX phenomena.

Years back, Orson Scott Card wrote the Sci-fi book Ender’s Game. It was a story of how a teenager who was good at playing war games was seduced by the military to join a “competition of gamers to end all games.”  In reality the war game he thought he was playing on simulators was a real war and the alien race of insect like creatures (the misperceived enemies) he succeeded in annihilating were a real live civilization!   In essence, his growing up a a nerdy gamer, empowered his civilization to win a war against what was perceived as dangerous enemies.  The lesson?  Growing up different is a way to adapt to a changing technological and cultural environment.  Because it is different from the last generation does not make it wrong or weak, it just makes it strange. Yes they do appear as cry babies but we will see what happens when push comes to shove and they must make it in the real world (out of college).  I would not write them off too quickly.  On the other hand, in Ender’s Game the reality was that because of barriers to communication and cultural misunderstanding, Earth did not recognize that the Aliens were capable of  peaceful interaction with humanity. We missed out on an opportunity to expand our horizons and share knowledge with a whole new life form. It concerns me that communication via FaceBook, Twitter and other media may do the same for our nation, especially as it is more and more in the hands of Millennials. At the same time, if we baby boomers could detach from our TVs and TV Dinners to date, dance organize and keep America running, perhaps the same will be true for the most recent generation.  Keep your fingers crossed and be positive!

Religion Is What Keeps The Poor From Murdering The Rich

Napoleon Bonaparte said “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”  Is that so today? Why did Napoleon believe this? Perhaps it was because he was thinking that the church was wealthy and the people poor?  This was indeed so back then and is pretty much true now.  The creation of disproportionate wealth was also true for  kings and other dictators then and now. Was his statement based on his historical understanding of the tenuous position that ruthless, selfish rulers had historically often created for themselves?

He certainly knew that the poor vastly outnumbered the rich and if they truly became aware of  their potential power, they could  possibly  take from the rich whatever they wanted.

I wonder if Napoleon would be surprised at the events of today?   Would it surprise him to see that madmen,  blinded by religious fervor and the rhetoric of power hungry clerics, use the power of  our modern day and ancient weapons to slaughter the common and innocent (not the wealthy)  in the name of what they call try to call “god.”

Would it amaze him to hear empowered leaders of nation states deny the very history their fathers had experienced? Liars are a common lot in history. But revisionists, daring to deny the history of their very fathers generation, in an era of instant communications, takes the art of lying to a new height.

I wish it was only the words of  Ahmadinejad  that made fools of his country and his fellow citizens in denying the holocaust, in recent history.  The videos of the Nuremberg trials and the newsreels  they showed,  during testimony,  are still fresh in the minds of free men (perhaps not the Millennials who appear to have missed a lot in their history classes). Unfortunately lying to your people is not just an Iranian phenomena.  Clinton, of course,  did not “have sex” in the oval office.  Nixon had his view of the story.  Bush may have intentionally exaggerated the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Those average people who live in North Korea, believe they have the best quality of life in the world, I am told. The mind police make sure this is so.

Perhaps, today we must try to assess the size of the lie and seek comfort in this distinction, though I find this personally unsatisfactory.  Possibly,  this may  have meaning for some.  Man is not perfect and when confronted with the public evisceration of  his ego, it is likely politicians, whose self esteem are buoyed up on the seas of opinion, will seek to lie (and for lots less than ego disembowelment).

Clinton may have lied about his sex life,  for which we would not seek to have him executed. Ahmadinejad however lied about the history of the most brutal destruction of 12 million people, that the main perpetrators themselves do not deny!  Well…. the Japanese have trouble with admitting to their mass rape stations they happily called “comfort stations.”   The Iranian people don’t have it so bad economically and so don’t want to lose what they have!  They have the profits of oil.  To rise up and take back their nation which is now controlled  by liars and religious fanatics however requires need and belief in what you can achieve.  I think the need is lacking, from their perspective, and perhaps we have “fallen from grace” as a role model to follow.  Just look at the pathetic quality of the candidates we have to vote for in the upcoming election! There are some really good liars here too.

Perhaps it is Iranian religion or the fear of  others who they do not know at their mosque,  that terrorists-feeforuse-googlekeeps the people from removing  their dictatorial and  fanatical  leadership.  Communist Russians feared expression when they did not know who they were talking to, so they learned double speak or did not speak out at all.  On the other hand, what model would Iranians seek if they did rise up and remove their leadership?  When we vanquished the iron fisted terror and torture of Saddam Hussein did that lead to a better land? Did these vastly different religious groups decide to work together or did the power vacuum create chaos?

Is our current national evolution and today’s American leadership a model,  something that everyone worldwide should be striving for?  In my experience of 70 years, we have certainly lost much of what made America great!  Because of hope and greater freedom,  I for one would not choose to live anywhere else; however, for people unaccustomed to more free choices and dreams of success, it might lead to chaos as we have seen in Iraq and elsewhere. I recall going to college 50 years ago and seeing this first hand. The first year sorted out who would stay. Children from homes where parents ruled with an iron fist and a leather strap, went crazy without that discipline. They were out drunk,  having sex, without thought of consequences, and rarely studying with any regularity, many failed and dropped out quickly.  Those who came from liberal homes, where parents let them learn self discipline (learn from their own mistakes) were no different at college than at home, for the most part they did just fine.  They did not require an authoritarian parent watching over them!

So back to the original question. What keeps the poor from murdering the rich?  I don’t see that religion is the answer, though it may play a part in it.  I think a good part of  it is the belief  that the poor have that they don’t have it so bad,  the belief that it could be worse in the hands of other leaders and the belief in whatever history they choose to believe in to support their chosen stagnation.  A great example of this is what Al Capone said after his conviction:  When convicted of heinous crimes, Al Capone said,  “All I did was try to provide the lighter pleasures for my countrymen and for that I live the life of a hunted man!”  He believed this, because it supported his ego, his belief that he was the “good guy.”  I think we accept pathetic leadership because we don’t believe we can do better and neither do they.  We all deceive ourselves, at least today, because that is how we gratify our egos!

One of the biggest problems today is the same that existed in the past, despite the power of hank-paulson-labeledforreuseinstant communication.  People don’t believe they know the truth,  they just pick what truth they want to believe. With that kind of truth and little self belief in empowerment powerful people can do anything they wish and get away with it.  They can even make us think that this is as it has been and how it should be.  If we want to keep the little we have carefully hidden under our mattress we don’t want change!  After all If  AIG and Goldman Sachs are still the financial “hereos” on Wall St. any lie will do if well presented. Hank Paulson helped our country fall into hundreds of billions of dollars of debt and yet he is still a free man.  I don’t think religion is protecting the wealthy or the corporate cronyism of our corrupt congress and corporations,  it is more like disinformation (the quick version of revisionism) and a fear of losing the last grains of wheat in our grimy clutching hands.

Even more powerful than disinformation, there is the modern version of “Let them eat cake.”


This version is meant to be literally true as its power was early on recognized by Shakespeare, “Caesar: Let me have men about me that are fat, Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look, He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.”  There is nothing like a welfare check to keep the “masses” in control.  Religious conviction is the hope of reward but reward is the hope in today’s deceitful politicians.

……….. Janr Ssor





Root Beer, Ethics, Profits, Economics and Cancer

I was looking for the ingredients in Root Beer when a Google search result made me see how Root Beer was connected to  America’s current economic and political challenges.

A&W Screenshot from 2014-09-18 08:42:25How can this all be connected? The idiocy of corporate America and the Oligarchy it has created in America became  clearer to me in this “proud” ad for A&W Root Beer. I began to think of Marie Antoinette’s casual elitist statement, “let them eat cake!”  How confident she was that the average person should live in poverty and misery while she from her “untouchable” palace might simply laugh at them. Do American’s understand how history has repeated itself again?

To understand America’s challenges, just read the ingredients (in their arrogant ad at the left)  and you should be able to quickly see that nothing in this bottle is safe for human consumption*. Everything is artificial, unhealthy and geared towards profits with no respect for humanity.  PLEASE,  don’t have the audacity to tell me that they don’t know and are just trying to make a better soft drink!  Al Capone said,  when convicted of heinous crimes,  “All I did was try to provide the lighter pleasures for my countrymen and for that I live the life of a hunted man!”

A&W was once a name that meant real root beer.  Years ago we were likely ignorant of the dangers of sugar.  Today we know all about sugar’s connection to cancer and that artificial chemicals are likely causes too; however, they are the cheap, profitable byproducts of petroleum manufacture.  Here are the ingredients, as in the ad to the left: A&W Root Beer. Ingredients: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar, caramel color, sodium benzoate (preservative), natural*and artificial flavors. By the way, the caramel color (from burnt sugar) is also a known carcinogen.

When corporations are now (thanks to legislation) considered people but do not have the same legal restraints as people (In essence they are Royalty),  they can chose to have no ethics and no concerns as they are above the law!  This lack of ethics that is so prevalent in America today, should cheer ISIS who wants to decapitate our countrymen to create horror.  Why should they bother when corporations are already doing their work without concerns?

Where there is no ethics, and only the economics of profit, your death by ISIS or CANCER is of no concern.  A loss of ethics in the search for profits, grows systemically like a cancer.  In the  “food” industry, as each competitor substitutes one cheap chemical for something real, to out do their competitor, so may the next do the same. The race to the bottom ensues and all those trusting souls, who are deceived, suffer.

The Opium of The Masses: It is said that man lives his whole life in search of  “completion,” knowing a purpose for his existence. Despite the promises of marriage, completion is not a spouse but unity with  an ethical, caring, loving God.  The MEDIA of modern society has connected us all in an illusion of completion.  It’s evolution is clear, first print, then radio,  TV,  Internet, Email, Text…..  It is an illusion of completion, of joining with others in search of truth,  but twisted and poisoned by advertiser unethical manipulation.  It lets advertisers manufacturers and politicians, lie cheat and steal with impunity.  It is true the A&W would rather not publish the chemicals that it calls food but is forced to by government regulation. However it is the control of your mind, knowing that you will not complain, even as your loved ones die from cancer,  that lets them continue with confidence!  If Marie Antoinette had this power, she would have certainly been reassured!


*natural flavors:  this word does not mean it is something safe for human consumption. It means something hard to define and in one case it means the crushed anal gland extracts of an Beaver put in food as a flavoring!


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Past Life Regression – A Case Study By Saundra Blum



In December of 2005, a client came to me presenting symptoms of severe migraine headaches. During a history intake she informed me that since her baby had been born, three months earlier, she had been getting 17 migraines a week. When asked when she first remembered getting the first migraine in this life, she recounted it happening at the onset of her first mensuration. However, she would only get them once a month and only one day of her period.

The client told me she had been to many doctors, especially neurologist, to seek their help. They found nothing organically wrong with her and only offered pain killers. She felt that they didn’t help and that she could not function with her new baby in this pain. When a headache would come on she would have to go to bed, with blinds shut and the room darkened. Often she would vomit due to the pain. She said these made her feel “trapped.”

I received additional history about her family, her husband and the child birth, none of which sounded suspicious regarding the headaches.


We agreed that I would put her under hypnosis and ask that she go to the root of the migraines, to see what was causing them.

When under, my client went into a past lifetime around the early 1800s. She saw herself living in a small house in the country, on a farm. When asked to look back over the first 10 years of her life to see if anything significant happened, she contracted, and started crying. She said her father had raped her after her mother past away. She became pregnant, feeling “trapped” and ashamed. She stayed at home most of the time doing chores and disassociating to cope. Through breath work and visualization I had her release the feeling of being “trapped” and the deep shame she carried. She was 13 years old when this happened.

As I progressed her further to 15 years old,  she saw herself walking in town with her baby. Feeling out of her body, she got hit by a horse and wagon, hitting her head on the street and dying. Death came so fast she had no time to think of anything before she died.

I took her to find a guide in the spiritual dimension so we could ask some questions. When she found her guide we asked how that life affected her mirgranes in this life .

We were told that the rape, pregnancy, and death were all tied together. The head trauma at death resulted as she carried the trauma of conception. this explained why she presented with headaches both at menstruation and after child birth.  The body ‘s cellular memory was triggered by her connection to age and the conception of her baby. conception and head trauma once again revisited.


My client called several months after our session to inform me that her migraines had disappeared but that she occasionally still gets headaches.

When we asked her guide how many lifetimes does she need to release from to clear the headaches, we were told 3 more.

My client can now function as a mother and wife, without feeling ‘trapped”, or in severe pain. she will be coming to me to do the other 3 lifetimes so we can clear all of her headaches.

My client’s doctors are amazed that she no longer suffers from her migraines.

Gambling In Democracy

What makes America one of the most creative, productive societies in history?  Did you ever wonder? I think it is Casinos.  Actually it is really that America is a Casino!

Think of it this way,  when you go to a casino,  you see people gambling on all sorts of games. They gamble because gambling is addictive  (Oh… excuse me, it is “fun” according to those who like to work 40-60 hour weeks and then give all they have earned away in one toss of the dice).   Most of these people gamble because they see someone appear to “win” on one hand in some game and believe they are the next winner. Almost anyone can be sucked in to the gambling addiction that a casino spreads.  If you come home richer than you left and had  a great time,  chances are you will try it again and again.   Now to be fair,  many of us can control this urge.  We can have a little fun challenging the odds by coming with only so much money, we are prepared to lose, and see if we can leave with more… even though we KNOW the odds are against us.

Years ago,  I joined Amway (then called Quixtar).  It was the American Way (AmWay).  Its allure was in a way, gambling.  You could see how people in your “group” had become wealthy.  The stories were shown over and over at meetings,  on tapes you listened to and taught to you from books.   Now these were all true,  in fact the Amway people always told you it was hard getting to the top; probably the hardest thing you would ever do.  Yet, many did work hard at it despite the warnings of it being hard to achieve because you kept seeing the winners!  It was a Casino of sorts. The real odds were almost impossible to find,  just as it is for many other complex ventures.

What does gambling in a casino and Amway have to do with America?  Yesterday, I was looking at Forbes Magazine.  There was a story about Sophia Amoruso,  the founder of “Nasty Gal.”   Now Sophia’s story reads like an Amway story of how I got to be a millionaire,  which she has done.  It is simple straightforward and believable.   It does not make her look like a genius.  In other words,  in your mind you are saying,  if she can do it,  I can do it!  Now that is the Casino Way,  The AmWay  and the American Way.   Bring the casino “feeling”  home to everyone in America,  let them feel they are the next winners and they will go out and try to win and even have fun doing it.

What are your odds of succeeding in a start up business?  Entrepreneurs who succeeded in a prior venture have a 30% chance of succeeding in their next venture.   According to first-time entrepreneurs only have an 18% chance of succeeding. Interestingly, those who have previously failed have a 20% chance of succeeding.  On the other hand,  statistics from the US Census Bureau reveal something entirely different. According to the Census’s Business Tracking, 66% of new businesses actually survive for two or more years!  Even more telling, 50% survive for four years, with 40% surviving for six years or longer.  What is your odds of winning in a casino?  This depends on what you are playing and how you play.  For craps,  the odds are slightly under 50%.  This means you will lose slower at this game than most.   At first glance,  it looks like you would be better off gambling than starting a business.  However, in gambling you are destined to lose the longer you play; in business you are more likely to succeed the longer you stay in the game.  Even though more businesses close over time,  those that stay in produce good results and some great results. This does not happen in gambling.

But back to my original premise,  I believe America,  its democracy and the news media we have created,  help create a “gambling casino” atmosphere.    You see the winners all over the news and if you are willing to gamble and take risks you put up your bets.   It can be more exciting than a casino as the chances of success grow with the time you put in,  rather than diminish.   And even better you can change the odds by your knowledge, networking and efforts,  something that really does not happen in gambling at a casino.

So you decide,  is America a Casino?   If you think not,  then you may just be an employee…

Communication Between Stars

In my writings you will find that planets, solar systems and galaxies speak to each other.  What does this mean?

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord.  ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways,  And My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

In the Judeo-Christian Bible we are told that we cannot understand or speak to God because of  the lack of common ground, since we are so “small” by comparison.  There is greater truth in this than the words themselves speak.

What incredible egotism might make us think that we are the only things around that communicate in a meaningful manner?  Yet this belief is common today.  It is now well documented that some  of us see Auras,  can “read minds”, predict future outcomes,  even change future events, by just thinking about them.  This should be enough to make us wonder what other exotic forms of communication abound. On an apparently more mundane level,  we have recently learned that microbes that live in high flying clouds,  can determine if it will rain  or not.   How does this connect with with planets?  Start thinking about how our planet is full of living things (other than us) that are microscopic. All these things are in communication as science is learning.   For example,  when bacteria that can resist your immune system, get into your body,  they multiply to a large army and when they have amassed enough soldiers they SIGNAL each other and attack in unison!    Actually,  I think of them most often as a clean up crew that removes dead tissue you have created by abusing your body.  In any event, there is great communication between microbes.   Now imagine the incredible variety of microscopic living things that make up the Earth and begin to realize that the Earth is very much a living being, like you are.   If you still don’t believe that something made of a variety of microbes can be a “single” living thing then consider this;   you have 10x the number of bacterial cells in your body than your “own” cells.   Don’t you consider yourself to be  a “single” living being?

So lets take a quick re-cap of our discussion.  You are made of 10x as many “non-you” bacterial cells as “you” bacterial cells and you are also full of fluids and minerals (rock like substances).  The Earth is made of lots of cells,  minerals and fluids.  There is a strong similarity. Ok,  you take a swig on your bottle of  Bud Lite Lime and look at me and say,  “Yeah that’s all true but we have a nervous system that puts it all together …. I don’t see one for the Earth!”   I say,   “Great observation,  good point!” Now scientists think that the glob of fat and neurons in you head is where “YOU”  exist.  Not that they in any way can prove it.  They just notice that if you cut pieces out of the grey matter,  as in “ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST”  you behave differently.  I  buy that but not the conclusion.  It is just as reasonable to propose,  as I believe,  that the grey matter is the system that makes every cell in your body work together as a team but is in reality is also a connection between you and your spiritual self much as your phone connects you to a friend.  Still you say, “Yeah, all good and well but without those axons and dendrites connecting all the cells together to make you one you would be a blob of cells not a single being.”   Good point! Now we have to notice that when we get to “Higher” beings than us,  it is not all going to look the same.  After all a flesh and blood creature as big as the Earth would collapse under its own weigh and gravity!   So… big beings need different structures.   In this case the Earth has  a molten core and is build of solid rock and metallic substances ….etc.  Now as for a nervous system of neurons… it has got to be much more exotic and perhaps we cannot define it clearly.   This is because we cannot fathom its purpose!   And that is why my discussion started with the quote from Isaiah. However,  if you begin to think about it,  there are very clearly signs of coordinated functions.  This is what a nervous system does, coordinate different living parts to make it work as a whole.

Lets consider how some communications system might be  working as a whole for the Earth.  If one species gets too dominant,  another life form “appears” that helps keep its number down!  There is a homeostasis.  This is evident all over the world.  We just now are learning about how clouds are controlled by living microbes which very likely “signal” to each other.  We now know that there are very capable organisms living in the depth of the Earth at temperatures near boiling,  and they love radiation as much as you do Sun shine on the beach.   So the forces of life can be found all over the Earth at every point just like cells in your body.

Taking a second swig of Bud Light Lime, you say, “Yes,  I give in to the point that the Earth may be full of living cells at every point and that could work together as a living thing but,  I still don’t see the nervous system.”    Okay,  I understand,  it is not easy because we are talking about something so high above us on the scale of life that we cannot begin to imagine its functions and needs.   So lets take a bit of an imaginative look at communication.   There are an average of 100-200 lightening strikes every second on the Earth.  It is the rhythm of these energy releases that stimulate and affect living beings… including YOU!  In 1952 the physicist Dr. Schumann discovered that the space between the Earth and the Ionosphere created a cavity that resonated like a musical instrument. Electrical energy which is produced by lightning strikes in the earth’s atmosphere constantly generate vibrations which bounce off  the Earth’s Resonant Cavity and generate electromagnetic waves. These energy waves are produced by electrical activity in the atmosphere bouncing off the Earth.  Every second hundreds of lightning strikes hit the Earth. These lightening strikes create the Earth’s resonating cavity.  This is much like the resonance in your brain when it is functioning at an ideal level; and there is a strong connection!  Much like a tuning fork, the planet Earth has natural frequencies, and they are called “Schumann Resonances”.    Schumann discovered that this electromagnetic field oscillates at a resonant frequency of 7 to 10 beats per second. The highest-intensity waves of the Schumann Resonance occur at a frequency of 7.83 Hz.  This frequency is identical to that of human brain waves! Does the Earth have axons and dendrites?  Not in the sense that we do but there is a system of electrical resonance that you now know of,  that actually drives your brain function and it comes from lightening.  The Earth is talking directly to your head… and you are listening at a higher level.  In addition we know that microbes can signal each other with chemical signals and likely electrical ones.   The Earth can and does respond to changes in its environment,  by the over population of one species or another.   Perhaps you are now noting that there just might be something to my short essay on the Earth Is Living.  But,  you say, “What would the Earth have to say if it can talk and who would it talk too?”

I will take you back to Isaiah and tell you that I am not exactly sure and don’t anticipate every knowing.  However,  there are lots of other planets out there to talk to and lots of other solar systems to have discussions with.   How would the words reach them,   would a sentence take a hundred years to speak as the Earth lives lots longer than we will and it just might speak much slower relatively speaking?  If you are beginning to have thoughts fill your head as you finish your Bud Lite lime and you want to know what this all might be like;  then I would encourage you to read,  Timeless Search,  by your’s truly.    Oh yeah,  and there is a coming book,  The Carnneeg,  that will deal more with this topic.  Yes they are sci-fi but as John Lennon said, “If you can dream it,  it is reality!”

Janr Ssor

Medical Care Today – Not Fiction

Here is a true story recounted by a patient of a large medical group.  Why you won’t get the care you need if you are 65 or over!

Some names are changed to avoid legal issues:

My son and I went to see a doctor I have seen for years at a large medical group we shall call the “Mound Of Crisco Medical Group”.  His name is” Dr Magnificent.”  When  I called for the appointment,  I was told he could not see me as he had used up his Quota of Medicare Patients.   When I pressed them for an explanation, they explained that at medicare’s low fees,  a doctor’s visit “broke even” on cost after 4 minutes with the patient.  My doctor,  Dr Magnificent,  was at this point not profitable to the group and could no longer see Medicare patients.  They sent me instead to Dr  Childish.   Dr Childish sat and read my chart, since I was “new” to him and then let me explain some of my issues.  It was somewhat complicated as he knew nothing about me.  After a while he looked down at his wrist, put his index finger on his watch and stared up at me with a severe look.  He then said, “It is now 15 minutes, all that is allotted for your visit.  If you need more time,  you will have to schedule another appointment.” He then got up to leave.

I called a friend who works for the group and asked, “is this true about the 4 minutes?”  She said, “Yes and it is worse for medicaid patients. In their case the break even point is one minute only.  This is one reason we are very concerned about Obama Care.

I also have a good friend who lives in Florida.  She is 65 and on Medicare.  She has lupus and was recently suspect for having cancer in a leg where a wound created by a medical treatment is not healing.  She called several doctors to get an appointment,  she was told they would not see her because she had cancer and lupus and they would not see her on Medicare.

I am 65,  I have always feared this is where we were going!   There are answers to this dilemma but no one wants to deal with them.  They are not “pretty”  as they don’t deal with perfection and the desires of religious leaders.  On the other hand the religious leaders don’t want to pay for the care either.

As a private office of just two doctors,  I can tell you it is hard to make a living even though our office is full of patients and we often spend 12 hour days at work.   Patients get angry when they get a new really low paying plan, and don’t understand why we don’t take it.  Recently the Very Profitable and Very Greed,  IBM, gave their employees the low fee eye care plan called “Eye Med.”  I am not a member.  It is costing me a loss of some of my patients.  Someone,  somewhere,  sometime has to take a stand and say NO MORE!   I won’t take a fee and treat you like a hamburger on the grill at Burger King.   You as the patient,  must organize and speak up for your rights.  Not the right to bully your company into bankruptcy by having Unions do what they did to GM and other car companies but the right to buy your own insurance  and not have you employer give you “their version of  a welfare system.”    How can this work?

Reality is that America has BEEN (past tense)  great because we were willing to take risks and we refused communism and socialism.   When YOU are taking the risk,  pay the bill and getting reimbursed you will make GOOD DECISIONS.   When your doctors has to ASK you to pay a fee for a blood test or exam,  he will make good decisions so as to keep you as a patient.   When you demand (as is long overdue) that lawyers cannot sue and abuse doctors for not being God,  your doctor will not be terrorized into giving you every expensive test on the planet and stupid medications that make you sick.  He is often pressured into giving you the drug just because the drug companies have convinced your litigious family that they should sue,  if you are not taking the toxic med to lower you cholesterol that 90% of Americans must be on.  The criteria for these cholesterol lowering drugs are lowered according to their “new research”  (I suspect after they voted on a needed profit increase of 40% this year). I am not telling you to not take your cholesterol drugs,  after all how could I?  On the other hand if you took responsibility,  stopped eating garbage I wouldn’t feed to a pig, lost weight and exercised,  90% of you would never need most drugs.  And by the way, taking Mevacor “does not make you bullet proof”  as I hear from my patients who like to eat a 1/2 quart of Ice Cream before bed each night.    Religious leaders need to pay attention to the fact that God created the universe with death in mind.  Like it or not people die.  Spending 70% of the medical finances to surgically cut up,  radiate  and torture old sick people  in the last few years of their lives is not only stupid it is cruel and senseless.   Old people deserve dignity and love not the abuse that modern medicine heaps on them with the little success of increasing their survival significantly with quality of life.

My suggestion,  if you are a young person,  recognize you will be old.  If you are an old person recognize you are in trouble.  It is time to organize and defeat the politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate greed lobbyists who are dictating  how you should live and die.   Don’t think it can be done?  Look at the Arab Spring.  Look at this video.   Do something worth while,  become a leader or a good follower.   After all you are following the commands of  lots of drug companies,  politicians,  and even failing medical institutions that probably mean well.

May God Be With You,

Janr Ssor