Ubuntu – A Computer Operating System / An Approach To World Peace!

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a free computer operating system and a philosophy of human kindness and cooperation.  It has produced a miracle in both areas that is worth understanding.   It has the potential to help establish world peace as a model for human cooperation.  Read this article and learn why!

Ubuntu as a Free Computer operating system (OS):   Only 40 paid programmers work for Canonical Ltd., which is responsible for coordinating thousands  of volunteer programmers and developers from around the world who create and maintain Ubuntu.  Ubuntu is an operating system, like windows, but many consider it far better.  Unlike Windows it is Free and most of the software you would ever need to install on it is Also Free!  For 99% of my work, I have not used windows in years; I use Ubuntu!  Just like your smartphone can download thousands of free apps for Ubuntu. Consider a few that I use that are totally free (but the equivalent for windows might cost thousands of dollars):

  • Audacity – a full music / sound recording editing studio on your desktop
  • GIMP – An image manipulation program that lets you create and modify pictures like Photoshop
  • Browsers: Chrome, Opera or FireFox and many others
  • Libreoffice – An office suite much like Microsoft Office but completely free
  • Rhythmbox – an excellent music organizer and player
  • BackUps –  With BackUps you can copy your current computer’s music, images, programs and settings and in Re-Create it on ANY NEW COMPUTER effortlessly!
  • Here are six things that Ubuntu does better than windows

How is it possible that thousands of brilliant programmers worldwide donate their time, skills and knowledge for free for you?

Ubuntu is sponsored by the UK-based company Canonical Ltd., owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. Canonical generates revenue by selling technical support and services related to Ubuntu, while the operating system itself is entirely free of charge. The Ubuntu project is entirely committed to the principles of free software development; people are encouraged to use free software, improve it, and pass it on (its code is available so anyone can modify and improve it and share it anew)!   In other words,  other than a small financially self sustaining leadership group, Canonical,  Ubuntu is a miracle of human cooperation by thousands of gifted people across the world who work as a team to improve the quality of human life for all of us!

Pictured here to the right of this text  is some of the team at a gathering for volunteer developers.

Ubuntu as a way of life — Archbishop Desmond Tutu offered a definition of Ubuntu in a 1999 book:  A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, based from a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.

Tutu further explained Ubuntu in 2008:

One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu is the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can’t be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality – Ubuntu – you are known for your generosity. We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole World. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity. The philosophy of Ubuntu has influenced many world wide.  For example: The Peace Project,   The Peace Education Project and there is more to come.

Human Cooperation

As human beings, the Judeo-Christian bible reminds us that we struggle with two forces.  One is the physical desire to selfishly seek wealth and power that does not create value for society (such as might come from rebuilding a city or creating jobs) while the other side is the more spiritual side that recognizes the Creator’s plan for all of humanity to live in harmony and peace.   From the Judeo-Christian viewpoint we recognize Abraham as the near “perfect man” who taught us how to live in harmony by example of the way he lived.  Ubuntu like Abraham, does not deny the accumulation of wealth and power as long as it is used for the betterment of all.  Could we ever achieve that goal?  The stories of Ubuntu, as shared above, hint at this possibility.
It is always difficult to educate people while keeping them awake. Years of college has attuned me timelesssearchto identifying people who are sitting upright in chairs with open eyes and still in deep sleep.

 It is far better to entertain, as Walt Disney said, with the hopes of educating then to educate with the hope of entertaining.  Much of my Sci-fi,  Sci-fantasy writings deal with questions of the potential for people living by the principles of Ubuntu. I explore, through adventure and imagination, what could happen if we learn to live in harmony (Ubuntu) and if not. I am constantly reminded as I write of the potential for human harmony as all my writing, research, social communication etc is done with the reliable results of the people who believe in Ubuntu, on an Ubuntu powered computer.

Janr Ssor


How To Find A Creative Solution To Your Problem, Men.

I have a mystical solution to your dilemma if you are searching for a creative solution. It comes from the Rosicrucians and the lips of many great men in history. It comes from the biographies of creative scientists and has evolved with humanity, according to John Gray.

In a nut shell it is: GO TAKE A WALK!  

Now lets review the sagacity of my remark.  Many creative ideas are acknowledged to have come at a moment when a scientist, artist or writer sought to escape from a difficult task by going fishing or riding on a trolley car.

menrfrommarsIn “Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus“,  John Gray reminds us that men evolved learning to communicate while on the run hunting down animals or in battle. There is something about the motion of the body, for men, that liberates the mind from its jail of common thoughts.

The Rosicrucians teach that to solve a dilemma you must plant the concept, you are struggling with, clearly in your mind’s fertile ground.  You do so by first envisioning it in its most simple and vivid manner.  To do so, you think about it over and over until you understand it and all its ramifications fully.  Now make one clear, vivid, simple picture of the issue in your mind and then forget about it and go to sleep.

In each case we take advantage of the genius of our subconscious.  Perhaps it searches the Cosmic Consciousness or,  for the less mystically inclined,  your life’s learning.  In any case…. it usually works for me! 🙂

In either case, you are getting to best know your problem and then  distracting your galaxy-google-labled-forreuse-ngc_4414_nasa-medconscious mind from it. In one case you do so by walking, running or perhaps riding a bicycle.  In the other you put you conscious mind to sleep.  Where does the answer come from?  Where does creativity come from?

I have my answer……  I wonder what your is?

The Earth Is Alive – And We Are Its Cells

In some of my sci-fi stories I share the understanding of how small our role is in this universe’s history; but, how big our role may be in keeping the planet Earth Alive.  Here is a wonderful  scientific analysis of why what I preach may be what we should all practice.  If you know that the Earth feeds us then you should also know that we must feed the Earth. ……here is the story.


Read more?….. Joseph Mercola’s Article 

A Case For An American Operating System Anti-Virus

Microsoft Windows in an Operating System (O.S.)   Android is an OS for your phone.  Some like Mac’s and  the apple operating system is an OS too!   An OS is a set of ruies that makes a computer run,  which means “know what do do.”  When you were born, you had no OS and acted like it.  You urinated on the floor,  could not speak or move much and basically you did not “Know what to do.”??????????????????????

IN 1776,  some well read people got together and decided to write why we needed an OS for America,  we called this defined need the “Declaration Of Independence.”  They soon followed it by creating the constitution of the united states of America. This was the OS, we would live by and modify as our survival required.

It is now over 200 years later,  2013,  and perhaps for some, that “13” is ominous as it may portend the end of America as caused by many viruses. Are you confused at this point?  Are you wondering what are the Viruses that have attacked America?  Let me help clarify that and keep in mind that our constitution, legislature, judiciary and executive office are just parts of the computer that the OS controls.  Oh yes, there are the many applications that run in this OS.  Some examples are:    Farms,  Homes,  Wall Street “firms”,  Doctors, Hospitals,  Supermarkets, The Military and much more.  It has worked pretty well for 200 years with some glitches as viruses and malware have invaded our system.  One big example was the leveraged buying in the Early 1900’s,  that helped precipitate the “Great Depression.”

A VIRUS is a complex set of rules that are “hidden” away from clear view and inserted into an operating system to create an effect its designer wanted.  This “effect”  is usually nefarious and at the cost of significant pain to its “host organism,” in this case our country.  The “Leveraged buying”  was such a device that helped create disaster in 1929.   In the year 2008,  Wall street’s  new virus,  known as “Derivatives”  became the new infamous catalyst for a second disaster one of Epic Proportions as it has almost bankrupted America.  Of course it is an over simplification to say that Derivatives caused the recession but it is not an over simplification to say that it helped catalyze the recession.  Other obvious things are,  congresses pressuring banks to make home ownership a “right” and not a privilege earned.  After all we have our “rights,”  which by re-definition can be almost anything we can take from someone else in the name of “equal rights”  when a Virus redefines what our constitution stood for.   The banks and financial institutions also created a virus as they pressured congress to eliminate the Glass-Steagall Act which protected American from the corruption that helped cause the Great Depression.

Instead of letting America slide down the tube of history into the role of a debtor nation, we need to restore our OS,  to protect and defend what our fathers fought for for over 200 years!  We need an Anti-Virus!  An anti-virus would not be a part of the OS,  as it has not been part of Microsoft’s Windows ever before.  There is too much risk of collusion in such a bond; we don’t need another governmental institution.   An American Anti-Virus should be an independent institution created by volunteers from the best America has to offer.  America still has the people, the will, the institutions and the resources to recover and lead the world into freedom (by example and not by warfare).   To create this new institution,  I suggest that the we need to create first a “constitutional convention”  in which the best minds share ideas as to what the Anti-virus should look like and how to go about writing its rules.  As a first thought, I would suggest creating it on the WORDPRESS Platform as a publication with many respected authors and a forum for discussion.  I have started several organizations for a purpose but without a plan and just let those with like minds help define the plan.  This works!  I suggest calling it “THE AMERICAN ANTI-VIRUS”  and forming a panel of national leaders whose ethics,  writings and actions are unquestionable.  Its goals should be to serve initially as a publication to attract creative minds and readership as it defines itself in service of our nation.  Picture this for one moment!  A publication with weekly articles by hundreds of respected authors describing their concerns for the issues that define America’s viability such as: Uncontrolled corporate greed,  Banking dangers,  Wall Street’s instabilities (such as the still viable derivative!),  congressional legislation serving those who bribe them rather than our country….etc.  It is quite possible to take a sea of knowledge and distill it into a simple publication that any busy harried citizen can read.  Hyperlinks are a marvelous tool for those who need more.  At least define the issues. When the issues are defined the solutions will be found.  After all the first step in a journey of 1,000 miles is just one foot forward.

Is this a “think tank?”  No, I hope not, as think tanks don’t necessarily create change, provide leadership and police the nation’s future security.  It will have to be something more, that creative minds define. Perhaps we can take a lesson from China in this regard and without assigning a new role to government assign a role to free people and honest leadership. If China can crawl out of poverty at a rate that makes America’s past ascension seem slow then there is much to learn.

Think of our “Constitutional Convention” as a Ted Talks  in written form with an audience soon to be acquired; but,  with an action plan to create the American Anti-virus, as an institution to watch over America as it grows once more to its potential prominence.

Janr Ssor



This year has been an interesting learning experience for me because my alternative health care networking group  changed our meeting structure to one  producing more accountability.
I both like and dislike accountability just as we as humans love and hate intimacy.  After all accountability is another name for “limited intimacy.”  We all want intimacy because without it we are lonely on the other hand we want the other person to stand naked and exposed but not us.think ponder girl
This concern is not necessarily generated because we are deliberately hiding something evil. It is that we fear exposure may lead to a loss of pride or self esteem;  we want to look more perfect for our friends and acquaintances. With accountability, our meeting structure denies that wall of illusion. You must share what you have done or what others have done for you, in public, intimacy.  You do this by telling everyone who you referred to and who referred patients to you and your referrals must be valid, not self serving.
A positive outcome of this change is that is has revived in me, my original goals  for creating a Holistic Questionnaire.  The goal was that we would each hand our patients a paper or online questionnaire  as a tool for generating  value added patient referrals.  It was to be a simple tool to help us help them. I had forgotten why I tried to create this or perhaps I never knew verbally but just  intuitively.  Being accountable helped me refocus on this need. It was an attempt to make us all more accountable to each other and our patients by focusing on our patients more holistic needs.  We all know there is a strong mind body connection that almost all of  Allopathic (Western) medicine ignores.
I cannot speak for you, as healer,  but I can for me.  In paying more attention to what I need to do to refer patients, for needs outside my domain,  it has become apparent that it is much easier to refer to some of  my colleagues than others.  For example:  it is easier for me as an eye doctor, to refer to Chinese Medical Doctors, Naturopaths and Psychotherapists but more difficult to refer to  a Masseuse, Physical Therapist, Herbalist,  Hypnotist or Pain Specialist.  The difference, I believe,  being partially the linguistic domain, I use, that triggers such mental associations in a busy day.
 I suspect  each or our groups members have the same issues.   In my business network  “The Winners Circle,”  I found the same issue,  greater difficulty trying to refer to a Financial Planner and Realtor  but much less challenge referring to an Auto Repair or Body Shop. 
I believe that holistic practitioners should take the time to explore creating a tool to facilitate these goals. I don’t get a fraction of the referrals I could because I will bet that most of  my colleagues forget the special things  I  do.  These are very important things such as  our unique children’s vision status assessment   that diagnoses and prevents reading and learning issues , or  the prevention and monitoring of  systemic disease such as diabetes, strokes and heart attacks through the eye.
We are all creative people,  perhaps we can come up with a tool to enhance and achieve these goals  which I  have set for  my colleagues and which are now more apparent then ever, thanks to our meeting structure.
Please consider sharing your experience by Clicking Here  to share in our forum.
or by a comment below!



In India,  human life has lost value especially if you are female.  Politial corruption, poverty and starvation brings out the worst of humanity wherever it strikes and this may be part of the issue.  But in India the


systematic and ignored killing of women must stop!

On November 26, 2012, an international symposium on Femicide (the killing of women and girls because of their gender), will held by the UN-ACUNS in Vienna, Austria, to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This is a significant international development for The 50 Million Missing Campaign which has been been working for 6 years to have femicide recognized as an international human rights crime, and to move international bodies to take action!’

Please click on the link above to learn more!  Click here to add your voice to those petitioning the end of Violence Against Women: PETITION: Tell World Leaders to End the Female Gendercide in India

Janr Ssor

Gambling In Democracy

What makes America one of the most creative, productive societies in history?  Did you ever wonder? I think it is Casinos.  Actually it is really that America is a Casino!

Think of it this way,  when you go to a casino,  you see people gambling on all sorts of games. They gamble because gambling is addictive  (Oh… excuse me, it is “fun” according to those who like to work 40-60 hour weeks and then give all they have earned away in one toss of the dice).   Most of these people gamble because they see someone appear to “win” on one hand in some game and believe they are the next winner. Almost anyone can be sucked in to the gambling addiction that a casino spreads.  If you come home richer than you left and had  a great time,  chances are you will try it again and again.   Now to be fair,  many of us can control this urge.  We can have a little fun challenging the odds by coming with only so much money, we are prepared to lose, and see if we can leave with more… even though we KNOW the odds are against us.

Years ago,  I joined Amway (then called Quixtar).  It was the American Way (AmWay).  Its allure was in a way, gambling.  You could see how people in your “group” had become wealthy.  The stories were shown over and over at meetings,  on tapes you listened to and taught to you from books.   Now these were all true,  in fact the Amway people always told you it was hard getting to the top; probably the hardest thing you would ever do.  Yet, many did work hard at it despite the warnings of it being hard to achieve because you kept seeing the winners!  It was a Casino of sorts. The real odds were almost impossible to find,  just as it is for many other complex ventures.

What does gambling in a casino and Amway have to do with America?  Yesterday, I was looking at Forbes Magazine.  There was a story about Sophia Amoruso,  the founder of “Nasty Gal.”   Now Sophia’s story reads like an Amway story of how I got to be a millionaire,  which she has done.  It is simple straightforward and believable.   It does not make her look like a genius.  In other words,  in your mind you are saying,  if she can do it,  I can do it!  Now that is the Casino Way,  The AmWay  and the American Way.   Bring the casino “feeling”  home to everyone in America,  let them feel they are the next winners and they will go out and try to win and even have fun doing it.

What are your odds of succeeding in a start up business?  Entrepreneurs who succeeded in a prior venture have a 30% chance of succeeding in their next venture.   According to OnStartups.com first-time entrepreneurs only have an 18% chance of succeeding. Interestingly, those who have previously failed have a 20% chance of succeeding.  On the other hand,  statistics from the US Census Bureau reveal something entirely different. According to the Census’s Business Tracking, 66% of new businesses actually survive for two or more years!  Even more telling, 50% survive for four years, with 40% surviving for six years or longer.  What is your odds of winning in a casino?  This depends on what you are playing and how you play.  For craps,  the odds are slightly under 50%.  This means you will lose slower at this game than most.   At first glance,  it looks like you would be better off gambling than starting a business.  However, in gambling you are destined to lose the longer you play; in business you are more likely to succeed the longer you stay in the game.  Even though more businesses close over time,  those that stay in produce good results and some great results. This does not happen in gambling.

But back to my original premise,  I believe America,  its democracy and the news media we have created,  help create a “gambling casino” atmosphere.    You see the winners all over the news and if you are willing to gamble and take risks you put up your bets.   It can be more exciting than a casino as the chances of success grow with the time you put in,  rather than diminish.   And even better you can change the odds by your knowledge, networking and efforts,  something that really does not happen in gambling at a casino.

So you decide,  is America a Casino?   If you think not,  then you may just be an employee…

Communication Between Stars

In my writings you will find that planets, solar systems and galaxies speak to each other.  What does this mean?

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,’ says the Lord.  ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways,  And My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

In the Judeo-Christian Bible we are told that we cannot understand or speak to God because of  the lack of common ground, since we are so “small” by comparison.  There is greater truth in this than the words themselves speak.

What incredible egotism might make us think that we are the only things around that communicate in a meaningful manner?  Yet this belief is common today.  It is now well documented that some  of us see Auras,  can “read minds”, predict future outcomes,  even change future events, by just thinking about them.  This should be enough to make us wonder what other exotic forms of communication abound. On an apparently more mundane level,  we have recently learned that microbes that live in high flying clouds,  can determine if it will rain  or not.   How does this connect with with planets?  Start thinking about how our planet is full of living things (other than us) that are microscopic. All these things are in communication as science is learning.   For example,  when bacteria that can resist your immune system, get into your body,  they multiply to a large army and when they have amassed enough soldiers they SIGNAL each other and attack in unison!    Actually,  I think of them most often as a clean up crew that removes dead tissue you have created by abusing your body.  In any event, there is great communication between microbes.   Now imagine the incredible variety of microscopic living things that make up the Earth and begin to realize that the Earth is very much a living being, like you are.   If you still don’t believe that something made of a variety of microbes can be a “single” living thing then consider this;   you have 10x the number of bacterial cells in your body than your “own” cells.   Don’t you consider yourself to be  a “single” living being?

So lets take a quick re-cap of our discussion.  You are made of 10x as many “non-you” bacterial cells as “you” bacterial cells and you are also full of fluids and minerals (rock like substances).  The Earth is made of lots of cells,  minerals and fluids.  There is a strong similarity. Ok,  you take a swig on your bottle of  Bud Lite Lime and look at me and say,  “Yeah that’s all true but we have a nervous system that puts it all together …. I don’t see one for the Earth!”   I say,   “Great observation,  good point!” Now scientists think that the glob of fat and neurons in you head is where “YOU”  exist.  Not that they in any way can prove it.  They just notice that if you cut pieces out of the grey matter,  as in “ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST”  you behave differently.  I  buy that but not the conclusion.  It is just as reasonable to propose,  as I believe,  that the grey matter is the system that makes every cell in your body work together as a team but is in reality is also a connection between you and your spiritual self much as your phone connects you to a friend.  Still you say, “Yeah, all good and well but without those axons and dendrites connecting all the cells together to make you one you would be a blob of cells not a single being.”   Good point! Now we have to notice that when we get to “Higher” beings than us,  it is not all going to look the same.  After all a flesh and blood creature as big as the Earth would collapse under its own weigh and gravity!   So… big beings need different structures.   In this case the Earth has  a molten core and is build of solid rock and metallic substances ….etc.  Now as for a nervous system of neurons… it has got to be much more exotic and perhaps we cannot define it clearly.   This is because we cannot fathom its purpose!   And that is why my discussion started with the quote from Isaiah. However,  if you begin to think about it,  there are very clearly signs of coordinated functions.  This is what a nervous system does, coordinate different living parts to make it work as a whole.

Lets consider how some communications system might be  working as a whole for the Earth.  If one species gets too dominant,  another life form “appears” that helps keep its number down!  There is a homeostasis.  This is evident all over the world.  We just now are learning about how clouds are controlled by living microbes which very likely “signal” to each other.  We now know that there are very capable organisms living in the depth of the Earth at temperatures near boiling,  and they love radiation as much as you do Sun shine on the beach.   So the forces of life can be found all over the Earth at every point just like cells in your body.

Taking a second swig of Bud Light Lime, you say, “Yes,  I give in to the point that the Earth may be full of living cells at every point and that could work together as a living thing but,  I still don’t see the nervous system.”    Okay,  I understand,  it is not easy because we are talking about something so high above us on the scale of life that we cannot begin to imagine its functions and needs.   So lets take a bit of an imaginative look at communication.   There are an average of 100-200 lightening strikes every second on the Earth.  It is the rhythm of these energy releases that stimulate and affect living beings… including YOU!  In 1952 the physicist Dr. Schumann discovered that the space between the Earth and the Ionosphere created a cavity that resonated like a musical instrument. Electrical energy which is produced by lightning strikes in the earth’s atmosphere constantly generate vibrations which bounce off  the Earth’s Resonant Cavity and generate electromagnetic waves. These energy waves are produced by electrical activity in the atmosphere bouncing off the Earth.  Every second hundreds of lightning strikes hit the Earth. These lightening strikes create the Earth’s resonating cavity.  This is much like the resonance in your brain when it is functioning at an ideal level; and there is a strong connection!  Much like a tuning fork, the planet Earth has natural frequencies, and they are called “Schumann Resonances”.    Schumann discovered that this electromagnetic field oscillates at a resonant frequency of 7 to 10 beats per second. The highest-intensity waves of the Schumann Resonance occur at a frequency of 7.83 Hz.  This frequency is identical to that of human brain waves! Does the Earth have axons and dendrites?  Not in the sense that we do but there is a system of electrical resonance that you now know of,  that actually drives your brain function and it comes from lightening.  The Earth is talking directly to your head… and you are listening at a higher level.  In addition we know that microbes can signal each other with chemical signals and likely electrical ones.   The Earth can and does respond to changes in its environment,  by the over population of one species or another.   Perhaps you are now noting that there just might be something to my short essay on the Earth Is Living.  But,  you say, “What would the Earth have to say if it can talk and who would it talk too?”

I will take you back to Isaiah and tell you that I am not exactly sure and don’t anticipate every knowing.  However,  there are lots of other planets out there to talk to and lots of other solar systems to have discussions with.   How would the words reach them,   would a sentence take a hundred years to speak as the Earth lives lots longer than we will and it just might speak much slower relatively speaking?  If you are beginning to have thoughts fill your head as you finish your Bud Lite lime and you want to know what this all might be like;  then I would encourage you to read,  Timeless Search,  by your’s truly.    Oh yeah,  and there is a coming book,  The Carnneeg,  that will deal more with this topic.  Yes they are sci-fi but as John Lennon said, “If you can dream it,  it is reality!”

Janr Ssor

Bernanke’s Fed VS Ron Paul

Is Ben Bernanke is the only serous policy maker in the District of Columbia? Richard Lehmann at Forbes thinks so.  He says, congress and the President are much too involved in re-election politics to address the mounting fiscal problems we face.

Lehmann says,  Bernanke is expanding monetary policy in an effort to get the nation’s finances at the federal, state and local levels back into balance with expected revenues, including trillions in unfunded entitlements and mandates.  He says,  it’s unlikely this can be accomplished through growth and cost cutting. So the Fed clams it has settled upon inflation as the solution.  Inflation is well known for its long term negative effects, but few ever speak of inflation’s short term benefits.

Lehmann says,  inflation robs from those with wealth to benefit those with massive debts, such as Uncle Sam and states like California, New York and Illinois. It steals from taxpayers through higher nominal taxes while depreciating the value of their financial assets.  It steals from pensioners and workers by devaluing the benefits promised and received. It also tends to drive appreciation in hard assets, such as real estate and gold.

The benefit of inflation now is that it should bolster the housing market and reduce the likelihood homeowners will walk away from their underwater properties. Inflation thus could be used as  an economic reset button. The Federal Reserve gets to effect policy without public discussion and without anyone having to face an election.

Lehmann says,  Bernanke can  promise stable rates for the next three years in pursuit of this effort and thereby show how Fed policy is really “quite transparent.”  When inflation finally reaches levels that can no longer be ignored, interest rates will be raised. But those raises will continually lag the rate of inflation on the radonale that we don’t want to hurt the economy.

Whether an inflationary policy by the Fed is right or wrong is a hard question to answer. In addition is this Bernake’s efforts or just what is going to happen because we cannot control our financial situation?

Lehmann says there are some possible inflation shelters:  real estate, commodities, stocks, adjustable-rate debt and precious metals.

While the long-term effects of inflation are unpleasant, there are maybe no  alternatives to our current situation.  It is a possible way of returning some balance and reality to our current economic confusion.  A free market can do that, though had we not borrowed so much money to forestall these events,  I think it would have long ago been resolved.

Lehmann says,  that as an instrument of policy inflation is a cowardly solution, but then, cowardice is what got us into this predicament in the first place.

I would call it cowardice and  greed.  Corporations who promised too much and would not deal with the unrealistic expectations of unions or wage expectations.  Corporations who live for the next quarter and not their long term viability.  Individuals who borrowed on their home mortgages for stupid luxuries and vacations,  blindly wanting to believe there was no end to their home value that was never going to deflate.   We are all to blame,  especially for our personal inaction when we noted NOW and THEN that congress  responds to bribes and not votes.

We have yet to dump the crooks and bums called congress and the White House.  The only real candidate for change is Ron Paul and people are still clinging to the status quo that they hope will avoid inflation.  This is True Cowardice.   Change is always scary but there is no joy in life without challenge…. just a slow death.

Janr Ssor