Your skin is not the boundary of your body, there is none!

Scientists have discovered that the bacteria in your gut is similar all across the world much like blood types – I have a different take on this!

Dr Peer Bork found what he calls 3 EnteroTypes by sequencing the gut bacterial DNA.  These  bacteria help with digestion, absorption of nutrition and even help manufacture vitamins we need to stay alive.  In essence, the types of bacteria that live in our gut vastly affect our naked-459711_640health.  It makes me wonder if our naked skin really defines the borders of our bodies as it does for many of us viewing the picture on the right.

Many of us who are focused on holistic health care,  have paid attention to this ill defined body boundary as we use probiotics to heal illness and damage done by Antibiotics.   In fact a holistic alternative approach to treating food poisoning is huge doses of probiotics (gut bacteria) to crowd out the “bad” ones in the spoiled food that are now in our gut. The “bad” ones then cannot grow and are eliminated.

Note too,  that there are an estimated  100 trillion microbes in our gut, and yet our body is made up of about 10 trillion cells.  In other words we have 10 times more microbes in our bodies than “our supposedly own body cells!”

Here is something I want you to think about!  If we have more “bacterial” cells in our body then “body cells,”  which is our real body?    Now don’t decide to quickly!  We tend to  define our body by what we view as our physically attached cells that work as organs and as a team with the rest of our bodies structures.  Guess what,  the gut bacteria are physically attached to us and they work as part of the team.  Yes, they can live outside our bodies if the environment is right but, So What!  Heart cells transplanted to a petri dish with the right nutrients can continue beating for years. It has been done.

The next time you take an antibiotic casually to “help” kill of a persistent cold,  keep in mind that you are destroying the cells of  your body that make up your gut!  The truth about reality is that it must constantly be re-defined based upon the growth of human knowledge and anatomy gut bacteriaunderstanding.  Never,  Never,  Never think of the boundaries of your body as the skin over your bones.  If you do,  you may carelessly poison your body and ruin your life and that of your loved ones.  We are one with the world in more than the mystical sense shared by the “Hippy Drama” of the 1960’s or the “Tree Huggers” of the 21st century.    Think Big,  Never Believe That Anything Is A Proven Fact, Always Question, Always Grow… just as you did when you were 6 years old.

Consider a new approach to staying healthy, consume more bacteria rather than less…..   Just make sure it is the right type!

Janr Ssor


Ignore Medicine – Eat More Dirt!

Years back, I married a lady who ate nearly twice as much as me and stayed slender and beautiful.  I, on the other hand,  had to watch my diet, run many miles more than her and still I was never what you would call slender. What really made the difference?

Many years later, the truth of this mystery began to grow in the fertile soil  of my mind, the truth about dirt!  Sadly,  this also clearly portrayed the ignorance of science, the church I had so long prayed at.

Thinking  back however, the seeds of truth were born in my first years philosophy class when Professor Posposel asked what boundaries were? I raised my hand and when acknowledged said, “They were an illusion painted for the choice and convenience of the human mind that help us cross the street with safety.  Boundaries help us repeat things over and over with reasonably good expectations of the same result.  In this manner we can delegate life’s many repetitive tasks to a lower level of our mind and get on with the fun part of ignoring this illusion while recreating the world in our own image!” ….. to not bore those of you who are not of philosophically bent, I will skip the whole long discussion this engendered.

In other words, as it came to diet we use boundaries to choose certain foods as healthy and amounts of exercise as necessary.  However, there is  minimal truth in describing these boundaries.  As I see it, it is just a convenience that somewhat fits our time in history and location on Earth.   At another time in history, on another land mass, this truth would be different.  After all is it not apparent that those living in Alaska eating fish and whale fat,  live and eat quite differently than those in Japan and yet both may be quite healthy?

The answer lies, I believe,  in the dissolution of boundaries!  It is realizing that we as human bodies are simply a  catalyst that organizes the dirt and bacteria of the Earth into something we call ourselves (by creating again a convenient illusion of boundaries). In so doing each of us on this Earth can be seen as quiet different as we are made of and for the bacteria and dirt of the time and place we live in! Let me be sure you are following me.  First you are NOT separate from the Earth in most senses, certainly not cellularly.   There are 10 times more bacteria cells in your body than what we might call our body cells (those formed by embryogenisis). These “bacteria cells”  are really found in the Earth’s soil,  if it is not poisoned by Monsanto’s pesticide or other chemical monstrosities.  So, what is “you?”   In essence the sperm and egg that began forming  “you” really formed a mobile food seeking catalyst that would allow bacterial cells from the Earth to grow on and within it.  Our job is to find food to feed the bacterial cells in our gut and to be mobile enough to transport them to better food sources than they might otherwise have access to!  We are a catalyst to their growth.

We picture the soil of the Earth as a nutrient media in which plants can grow.  If we are organic or biodynamic farmers, we picture the soil of the Earth as a nutrient media in which insects of all types (such as worms) can grow and enrich the soil for plants.  If we are scientists we also picture the soil as a place that microscopic bacteria grow on decay and living plant roots,  helping them to grow too!  Isn’t it amazing how boundaries change with each persons “education?”

Here lies the challenge of “civilization” and why we are dying like flies from so many new and miserable diseases.  Too many boundaries!   Disconnected from the Earth by concrete, steel, asphalt and disinfectants,  we are something designed to fail and die, just as your light bulb will go out when you unplug it!  Put sterile, dead, manufactured, processed foods into your body and you and your fellow bacteria will die.

Have you not read that children are suffering from lifelong allergies because they grew up in sterile homes with HEPA vacuum wielding fanatics who scrubbed dents in the granite counters scouring for traces of anything that looked like  peanut butter? Are we not dying from C Difficile  that has invaded our “overly clean”  hospitals where antibiotics are distributed like M&M’s by well intentioned grandmothers? Have the factory farmed chickens stuffed with antibiotics not laid the seeds of your death in their eggs filled with salmonella?

You say, “see it is the bacteria that are making us ill!  We do need boundaries!  Give me a clorox wipe for the shopping cart, quick!”  NO! It is the destruction of the natural bacteria that keep us healthy that has allowed the more dangerous ones to proliferate!  It is the imbalance created by “modern civilization’ and myopic scientists.  It is the creation of boundaries that are unnatural and imaginary.

The Earth IS ALIVE!   We are just an organ of its bodily functions. We will likely find that the Solar System is alive and that the Earth is just an organ of its large body. It likely goes on and on and I won’t terrify you by imagining there might be a God at the end of this trail.

Let’s keep it simple, we don’t need more sterilization, we need more dirt. We need to live as the American Indian’s tried to teach us, in harmony with the rest and most of our bodies, that which is the soil of the Earth. Or if you are more spiritual then most, consider that we are all one and one with God for we are surely one with the Earth.  And, when we return to that notion and dissolve the imaginary boundaries that we have painted to separate us one from another and each from the Earth, disease shall vanish, all natural diets will feed all natural denizens of the Earth with equally good results and most importantly, I can eat as much as my wife and not have to run so darned many miles!

Janr Ssor


How our microbes make us who we are

I find human boundaries hard to define.  Some clearly see them. When it comes to your body you may think of it as where your clothes cover you but I don’t.   Here is a video that may change your mind; if after watching it you give it some thought. What is 10x more than you are but is still you?  …… watch

Is The Earth Alive?

Planet Earth. Abstract environmental backgroundsIt is amazing to discover how the Earth achieves its growth and nutrition in a manner just as we do!   Just another example of  how scientists are myopic and see only small fragments of reality; this is much as frogs see only live moving flies and will starve to death surrounded by freshly killed flies offered to them as food. Even with the most sophisticated computer simulations, our vision is limited. The Allosphere research facility  is an attempt to overcome that limitation but for now it is but a step in that direction.  In any case as we stumble through the Era Of Man Made Epidemics of Cancer and other previously unheard of disease; we are finally recognizing how much harm antibiotics cause to the human body!  Why?  Because they kill of the many cells that scientists thought were invaders.   Scientists  originally divided bacteria in our bodies into benign invaders and dangerous invaders (pathogens).  Our goal was to kill of  the dangerous invaders (pathogens) with antibiotics.  Of course antibiotics are like shooting at flies with cannon balls.  There are always “side effects.”

What many fail to realize is that your health ultimately depends on the health of the soil,  this is what allows your food, the vegetables and fruits, to grow nutrient-dense. When soils are depleted of nutrients, the foods grown in it will be deficient in critical minerals and phytonutrients as well.

Unfortunately, that’s the state of a large portion of the Earth’s soils today. Clearly, the answer to correcting soils depleted of nutrients is NOT to add even more chemical fertilizers. The “magical” ingredient that maintains and maximizes soil health is actually the microorganisms living in the soil. This includes bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and microscopic roundworms called nematodes.

Far from being scourges to be avoided, microorganisms are an essential necessity for optimized plant growth.  The same thing happens in your gut, where bacteria help you absorb nutrients.  We now understand that it is the cooperation between these microorganisms, the soil’s biome, and the plants’ roots, called rhizosphere that is ultimately responsible for allowing the plant to absorb nutrients from the soil in which it’s grown.

Interestingly enough it is pretty much the same in our bodies.  If you kill of the “good”  germs in our body  (as side effect of antibiotic use or preservatives in food),  which by the way outnumber our “own cells”  Ten To One, you will not stay healthy as your body cannot absorb nutrients without the help of gut bacteria that help us digest foods and even make nutrients out of foods we cannot normally digest!

Forbes Magazine (which I call  “Forged Magazine” as I think of it as mostly forgery when it comes to truth) promoted  Harold Hamm as the man of the year in the oil business that is “refueling America.”  This is a  guy who is exploiting paid “scientific research”  that shows fracking is harmless (do you recall how MD’s said “they would recommend smoking Camel cigarettes after dinner to help with digestion?).  Well if the Earth is alive and we are pumping millions of gallons of chemicals into the Earth,  that are likely poisoning our aquifers,  what happens as we poison the Earth?  You know in your gut the answer is …. you get poisoned and the animals of which we are one die.  You know why we have cancer from pesticide, artificial ingredient, GMO  food (thanks to Monsanto),  plastics in clothing, saran rap, food containers with BPA… all the miracles of a myopic civilization,  lead by myopic scientists and some who are paid to be myopic.

In any case you can easily see that the Earth digests its food supply of the dead and decaying with the help of its “gut bacteria” just as we do.  Poison the Earth with pesticide and artificial fertilizer and you will damage your food supply and poison yourself.   Jordan Rubin,  the founder of Garden Of Life products,  saved his life by eating dirt from earth that was full of bacteria he needed, probiotics!   We make good probiotics by putting lightly rinsed organic vegetables into salt water and letting the Earth’s bacteria grow on them.  In biblical times they called this pickling (Bubbies Pickles still does it!)   Salt water, like our saline blood,  promotes the growth of only the good bacteria that strengthen our bodies and become the good bacterial of our gut!   After all the Earth is alive!


Radicals Should Use Germ Warfare Before We Develop Antibiotics!

Germ warfare in a milder form can be food poisoning. Have you ever had food poisoning?  When you do,  you would rather die then live in that state of suffering.  It goes on and on for hours and the hours seem like days.  You sense that every orifice of your body is discharging something and doing it violently. You are so nauseous that you want to be unconscious. It feels like someone is sticking an ice pick into your head and twisting it Imageslowly. Did I miss something? Unfortunately I have personal experience with this.

Admittedly most of us survive this germ caused poisoning, so it is not a fair comparison to the germ warfare that some nations have used and most have banned. Antibiotics may be of help in some germ warfare events and they can be used in some rare cases of bacterial food poisonings. Actually antibiotics can worsen food poisoning and so they are rarely used.  Why are we talking about food poisoning?  Read on…

When I was on a trip with some friends, I got food poisoning. My friend, Dr Michael Gazsi, is a naturopath and he recommended that I take small handfuls of probiotics every 15 minutes as a treatment.  I did this and it worked amazingly well!  The next day I asked how this worked? He said the probiotics competed with the “bad” bacteria for food and space in my gut. As a result of the huge quantities of probiotics I was taking,  the “bad” bacteria had no place to settle and little food to consume.  They were starved to death and pushed out my gut.  He said the problem with modern western medicine was that they used antibiotics to kill off “bad” bacteria and in the process created the frightening infections like MRSA infections that killed patients in hospitals. In essence antibiotics create super bugs! Real germ warfare.

It occurred to me that if this works so well for food poisoning,  why not use it for other conditions?  It is very likely that most “bad” bacteria have an anti-bacteria and many of these may be very tolerable by humans.  Why?  Well, there are some people who tolerate bad foods while other’s get very sick.  It seems possible that they have a gut helper like my friends probiotics. If we can identify them we can use them.

Here is an example: My friend Dr Pavel Mihok,  pickles his own vegetables.  He taught me how.  You basically take (un-sprayed organic) vegetables,  wash off the dirt with plain water (no soap) and pack them tightly in a big jar.  Then you add spices like garlic, black pepper etc for flavoring.  Finally you fill it with water and a fair amount of salt.  I use a jar called a pickle meister,  that has a valve to keep bacteria from getting in from the surrounding air.  Then you let it sit for about 5 days and it pickles itself.  What pickles the veggies is the Natural Multiple forms of bacteria that exist in earth that has not been poisoned by pesticide and synthetic fertilizers.  In essence, you will have a lot of bacteria that have evolved to be part of you as you evolved!  These bacteria will protect your body from infection and disease and even digest foods you cannot into vitamins and nutrients that make you healthy!   These are the original probiotics you can read about in the bible; it is the fermentation they used to preserve food thousands of years ago. We adapted to these bacteria and them to us!  They are the real safe germ warfare you want!

If you want to do this,  be sure you read all the details of how to do this safely.  It is easy but you need information.  So become a radical and break away from the toxic way of living that we call the American diet!   This is one step in the right direction and the best use of germ warfare.


Staying Healthy By Choosing “Germs!”

My mom always through out food that started to grow moldy.   But we all know that Penicillin is a mold that saved millions of lives. Grapes that are rotten with mold are bad to eat but when their cousins the yeasts get them, we get wine,which in moderation is healthy.  

Last year my friend  Dr. Pavel Mihok brought all sorts of food delicacies to a meeting of alternative health care doctors which gather monthly.  One of those foods was a variety of vegetables in salt water that he let sit so it could grow bacteria.  There were, carrots, onions, cucumbers, cauliflower and green tomatoes.  These were what our ancestors called pickles or pickled vegetables.  I tried them and was instantly hooked.  Would you have tried them?  Well,  if you know Pavel, he is a smart guy and you can trust his judgment, so it was not big decision.  One of my favorites was the pickled carrots!  The jar was filled with simply salt water, veggies and the natural bacteria that was on them . The secret is that the salt water kills off the “bad germs”  and promotes the growth of the “good germs”  which are what we call probiotics!  Probiotics are what yogurt manufacturers sell you as healthy for your digestion. You can buy pills that are made of probiotics too. These good bugs help you stay healthy.

Most probiotic pills  contain no more than 10 billion good bacteria.  One serving of fermented vegetables can contain 10 times as much! Fermented foods also give you a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria, especially the ones we have evolved with and are most compatible with.

The bottom line is make your own!  It takes about 6 days to make a gallon jug that you can keep in the fridge for months!  It will save you lots of MONEY and keep you healthy,  which you can put no price tag on.  Here is a link to the Pickle Meister, a turnkey system for making your homemade pickles quickly and safely.

Janr Ssor