Sonoluminesence again!

Rusi Taleyarkhan – one of my favorite researchers was attacked years ago for proving that cold fusion occurred naturally in something as simple as water!  In 2002, while a senior rusi_taleyarkhanscientist at ORNL, Taleyarkhan published a paper on fusion achieved by bombarding a container of liquid solvent with strong ultrasonic vibrations, a process known as sonofusion or bubble fusion. Scientists and others made a huge effort to make Dr Taleyarkhan’s work look invalid yet,  they still cannot explain the 20,000 degree temperature that occurs (well proven) when a bubble collapses in a fluid media.  Here we are again, 14 years later, still talking about this “mystery.”  If Rusi had been supported instead of being attacked 14 years ago, we would probably be living on Mars, and have almost no lack or food or peace in this world we live in!   Read the latest here…..

I sat alone wondering how I got here?

I awakened slowly in the unfamiliar bed as vague aches and dull pains began to express themselves through my 70 year old body.  It was my nerves responding to the cascade of hormones that created consciousness. I was almost awake but my muscles felt heavy like the lead acid battery I had carried from my dad’s car long ago…long ago, I was a kid then.  I pulled the damp cold  sheet, I reflexly clutched in my stiff right hand, up to cover my head and shield my naked scalp from the moisture in the damp earthen scented air; but, the cloth was tucked too tightly under the foot of the hard metal frame forming the strange narrow bed, I lay upon.  I never newgate-prision-free-googletucked sheets under the foot of my soft bed as they bent my toes in an unnatural posture causing me pain.  With that thought and a tragically slow growing awareness, I recalled that I was not home and that the groggy sleep I was struggling to overcome was not natural.  If only I could open my eyes, or did I not want to?

Memories were beginning to drip resoundingly, like annoyingly loud rain drops on a metal roof. Richard and I had fastened those sheets of corrugated rusty metal to the  pine log cabin we  had built in the Everglades many years ago when we were in High School. When it rained on those mosquito filled night in the swampy South Florida it was like a timpani of dischord.  Now however, each chilly drop was washing off the dirt and dust that covered the eye of my mind and as they did so, a picture of last night emerged from beneath my efforts to forget.

At last, against my will, I remembered!  I was in a “room” at the old Florida Department of Corrections prison, up by Jacksonville, that was now commanded by the US Army.  It was winter and despite the high water level of the ground in Florida, these windowless concrete boxes had been built totally below ground to make them escape proof and very much like solitary confinement.

In my tight stomach, hunger pains and nausea were both awakening in disharmony.  I had not eaten in a long time other than the chemical laden brew the armed soldiers had forced me to drink sometime ago….  It might have been yesterday.

The deafening lack of sound began to play tricks with my mind and I heard them speaking to me again from beneath the depths of the drug induced fog.  What was it they wanted? Oh yes, they wanted to know how I knew what I did not know!   They laughed at my stupidity for it had been easy for them to find me. The on-line casino computer had identified me, over many months, as winning too much, too frequently.  They knew for sure that I could beat the odds at least online. Starvation had a way of making people like me careless.  Winning the Bitcoin credits  had allowed my wife and I to purchase canned rations and sterile water from the service center.  We had not died horribly as we had watched our neighbors do.

I closed my eyes tightly trying to not awaken. I did not want to face another day of this reality.  That was it!  That was why I was there!   Some religious lunatic in government believed that we could undo what had happened by prayers from those mentally gifted with prophetic skills.  What was his name?  I had heard it mentioned on the underground Internet broadcast.  My wife, Nancy,  had told me about his teachings years ago at the University of Florida, theology class.  It was that old dream of each of us creating our reality by choosing to think it so.  What had Nancy said?  Oh yes,  “Believing Is Seeing.”   That was professor Seamann’s credo.  Pain stabbed at my heart! Where was Nancy, they had separated us weeks ago when we were dragged in for interrogation. I could not bear that thought and tried to imagine myself seeing what was around me.

Finally a picture formed in my mind.  My eyes were open, I was sure, but it was totally dark so there was nothing to see.  In memories eye they had wanted to know how I constantly beat the odds.  They wanted to know how they could use me to help them do the same. They had records dating back many years to when they secretly drugged my sister and  put her in an insane asylum to ostensibly help my family.  Their goal, with her, was the same then as it was now with me.  I tried to recall how this had happened and somehow through the drug induced lethargy and image managed to form.

Kim Jong-un’s N. Korea had launched the  high altitude nuclear missiles, through their proxy radical terrorist organizations.  It was easy for the terrorists to purchase the missiles, from North Korea, in exchange for the petro-dollars that North Korea desperately needed.  It was simple form Kim Jong-un to imagine evading retaliation too, as who would America retaliate against when missiles came from several distant countries all at once?   Countries who supposedly supported us but were riddled with radical terrorists we were helping them oppose.

The EMP, electromagnetic pulse, had wiped out 3/4 of the  computer systems in America in just moments.   On the underground internet it was quickly  estimated that a  year later 80% of our population would be dead from starvation, disease and the ensuing chaos.  Ithell-540468_960_720 was then I had made the mistake of using the underground Internet to gamble at the virtual casinos.  It was amazing what starvation will do to your otherwise clear thought process.

Now the military hoped to reverse,  what could not be undone, by using PSI to win WW III. So far, it was a non-nuclear battle, except in sporadic sputtering attempts at eliminating terrorism; But, hell was hell no matter how you define its fires.

The dull sound of a distant heavy metallic security bar’s clang echoed through the concrete slabs of my tomb.  They were coming again………..

Janr Ssor.


Bubble Fusion Bubbles Up Again – IEEE Spectrum

Rusi Taleyarkhan,

via Bubble Fusion Bubbles Up Again – IEEE Spectrum.

 Rusi Taleyarkhan demonstrated bubble fusion or cold fusion over  a decade ago; but his research was criticized and discredited by a group of researchers who may have had an other agenda. Bubble fusion is back in the news again as evidence surfaces for its validation. Continue reading

Indian Point, Inside View

Nuclear plants routinely experience temporary shutdowns due to hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. No one gets irradiated. No meltdowns occur. Every costly study proving precautions safe begets another as it’s not the answer the Anties (anti—nukers) want to hear. Although 9-11 terrorists flew past (for good reason, no study), The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) financed a study showing no release of radiation due to a fully loaded 767 crashing into Containment OR Spent Fuel buildings. The only meltdown in the 40 years of nuclear power in our country (Three Mile Island, 1979) hurt no one because of sound reactor design. No‘ one mentioned that Indian Point, unlike Fukushima in Japan, has 6 large water tanks within it’s Containment building to quench the reactor, whether outside power or pumps are available or not. Anties want you to believe anyone with knowledge, even the NRC or FEMA, must be lying to protect their jobs, except them.

How about petitioning to open Yucca Mountain (ten years late due to Anties) to remove spent fuel and resolve the leaking pools issue they say is contaminating our water and possibly air, rendering property values useless? Also, propose a reprocessing plant at Yucca to re—enrich the 30 years of fuel, reducing the amount of mining for fresh ore. Envision Anties saying transporting the fuel is too dangerous, prostrating themselves in front of trucks leaving the plants.

Considering Indian Point runs 24/7 saving 2,000 gallons of oil / minute (68,00barrels/day) or 1.4 million rail cars of coal / year, it trips off—line as it’s designed to do about as frequently as a cars’ ‘check engine’ light comes up, and it’s about as big a deal! After running steady for hundreds of days, law (thanks again Anties) requires notifying the press, needlessly alarming the public to make the plant seem “troubling”. You may fix the usually non—nuclear broken part or resolve the external electric grid disturbance in hours, but public perception is clouded.

Indian Points’ 2,000MW (megawatts) is properly close to a high-demand region, costing us dearly if not available. Your electric bill will rise, and, taxes for lighting streets, municipal buildings, and schools. For 30 years Anties have been saying we have alternatives. Why aren’t they in place by now?

A 90MW, 90 windmill Windfarm in Illinois occupies 5,500 acres. It would require 114 square miles for 2,000 MW. You need a solar collector of 48 square miles to equal 2,000MW for energy available 25% of the day (6hrs) when shining, 0% when not, and always 0% when you need it at night. Storing it means you’re not using it, requiring many batteries. The biggest Superfund cleanup remediation, bigger than Love Canal, was just completed right here on the Hudson in Cold Spring from the dumping of Cadmium from only one battery plant!

So when you plug in your electric car at night when there’s no wind and the sun is on the other side of the earth, how does it charge?

FRANK J . RICEVUTO J R. Nelsonville, Putnam County, N.V. Retired Sr. Nuclear Electrical Technician 35 years @Indian Point Unit 1,2,3