Different Styles Of Thought Or Consciousness At Birth And Beyond.

What if you were amongst the few who are born truly telepathic,  what would your birth experience be like? Would you survive after birth at all and if so for how long?  If you did survive what would you see without your eyes and how might that affect who you are and what you do with your remaining life time?  In essence, upon achieving consciousness, you would be one with the entire universe finding yourself part of something infinitely large and yet knowing that you were physically small by contrast. It is something that you might ponder if you are predisposed to the lengthy thought process that is  the particular disease of creative writers.  It is something I lie in bed thinking about at 5:00 am when I would like to be asleep blissfully as you are.

On the other hand what if you were not born telepathic,  what would your experience be like? What would it be like in a world of singular aloneness?  In your small space your mind would struggle  like a sponge to telelepahty-laeld-for-reuse-by-google-searchabsorb every bit of sensory data possible so you could become one with the terrifying vastness  around you. In so doing you would hope to not be frightened by your painful smallness in the now suddenly unaccountably large and unpredictable universe.

Do either of these contrapuntal scenarios exist?  It is my contention that they both exist and all the time, at each human parturition.  I believe that at each child’s genesis they are infinitely large, and connected cosmically with every other living thing, call it telepathy if you choose. At the same time they are focused on their physical smallness and struggling to incorporate all sensory data possible so that they can make sense of and take control of that which is their new physical environment.  It is truly terrifying even without the slap on the ass from the supposedly wise gynecologists. It is terrifying because, since they became sentient, many months ago, their environment has been consistently warm, cozy and full of love and nurture both mental and physical; but, now it has suddenly transformed with the psychological impact of a car crash!

Have you not noticed, as a parent, that children are “sponges” for knowledge?  Everything they see and hear becomes part of them, as if they were a movie studio’s camera.  They all appear to have total recall (and may infact have this trait).  On the other hand, not long after they become able to communicate, in some meaningful manner, we discover that they, at times, play with “imaginary” friends. They do this in our culture, at least until we become concerned.  They do this until we tell them that there is no such thing as imaginary friends and that it is time to “grow up” and stop this nonsense.

The sponge like behavior also becomes less and less, for many, as the experience a child possibly absorbs becomes more and more contaminated with doses of bitters and pain.  After all, all of existence is a sign wave. There is nothing that does not run like hot and cold that we can perceive, probably because that is all there is to our universe. Our nerves only respond to opposites, change!  After you splash into a totalrecall_2012_logowarm bathtub,  in a few minutes,  the initial sensation of heat transforms itself, in your perception, to a  constant temperature,  hardly noticeable. You need change to be conscious.  For the neonatal, the fun and security of becoming one with the universe by learning all it has to offer becomes far less joyful with negative experience.  Experiences such as those punctuated with the pain of an angry, frustrated parent’s hand slap or that caused by less friendly bacteria trying to eat us from the inside out after spoiled food is consumed.  So we don’t really want to remember this pain and we may learn to dissociate from it, since we cannot turn senses on or off at will.

As for being one with the universe by “telepathy,” if we should call it that, it too has its pain. Consider the disturbing confusion of  connecting with a being that has no eyes.  This being is called a Spheron.  This spherical being  connects with the universe by sonar like transmissions, much like a bat, but in the radio wave frequency range.  It senses its position too by the shifts in gravitational and magnetic fields coming from its planetary home, much like a bird or bees do.  It has almost no physical structure because it is mostly energy. It is spherical as that is the natural form that energy takes as it radiates (at least in this quadrant or our universe where the physics we try to comprehend is mostly prevalent).  This being does not interact with many of its like others, there is no value.  No, in fact its created purpose is like that of honey bees, it gathers information (like pollen) from that thought process and experiences of planets and shares that with other planets much as a bee shares pollen. If you thought that planets are not sentient, just for the moment imagine they might be; it will help with the concepts we are discussing.   The Spheron shares that “experience” by warping space and traveling across the universe instantaneously (at least this is how we would describe it).  From its perspective, there is no time, no space and no distance.  These are the delusions of physical beings like us.

A telepathic connection with this alien mind would be literally Earth shattering.  It could be far worse than a trip on LSD!  Those with acute telepathy, to maintain their sanity, would quickly withdraw to the comfort of their small, warm, cozy physical space.  So perhaps the genesis of that which we call people, derives from the balancing act of  sanity trying to maintain its integrity by figuring out how much total recall or total communication makes sense for the environment into which it, the newly created being, has been flower-1360468_960_720-pixbayunceremoniously dumped.

Out of every black sky filled with frightening lightning and torrentuous storms comes the birth of new plant life,  the flowers of a sunshine filled morning.  Perhaps in a similar manner so do we.

Janr Ssor






Photography That Is As Magnificent As Dreams!

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13 Simple Tips for Living Happy, Wild, and Free

15 years ago I did some motivational speaking to try to get people to live before they died!  Most people stop living by the early 20’s and just get by until they can die around 65.  That is a long time to live in misery!  Life Is To Short To Do That!  This article embodies everything I have learned from the best motivational speakers and more.  I believe every word that is written here will help you be happier!  Happier, no mater what is happening in your life today.  You can be happy even when you have lots of challenges,  you can certainly be happier.  Take the time to read this great article,  republished by Dr Mercola and written  by Lynn Newman  as she titled it, “10 Simple Tips to Live Happy, Wild, and Free.’  Dr Mercola has added a few more tips and now it is 13!

 13 Simple Tips for Living Happy, Wild, and Free

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Who Eats The Mice? – Thanatopsis!

Some things in nature are so mind blowing, that a picture of it says a thousand words.  When I was little, I read the gristly poem Thanatopsis.

It made many children more aware of the end of life than was needed as it was forced reading in school.  Did it comfort us as some claim?  I think it was unlikely!  Yet, it did focus on the end of “physical” being in a way few have and so it was novel and creative.   This morning I also noticed such an event but I will not wax poetic, let me allow technology to do it for me.

Can you tell what it is?  If not here are some words to help.  The carcass is a small shriveled up mouse and the diners are large powerful brightly colored beetles of some kind.  They are so strong that they lift and turn the much bigger carcass as they proceed to dine on it.