Is MeetUp.Com Sponsoring Terrorist Media?

Al-Aqsa Mosque

Recently, an Imam in California preached that Muslims should rise up and wipe the Jews from the face of the Earth. He was supposedly angered by metal detectors placed by Israel at the spectacular Al-Aqsa Mosque (pictured at the left) after terrorists gunned down Jewish Police by smuggling weapons into this holy place. Unfortunately it appears that no one really spoke up against his hatred  preached in the house of Allah!  It is true that later he recanted when publicly admonished but that was for the news.  Was he asked to step down as an Imam leading his congregation?  Did he tell them he had preached hatred rather than a love of God’s children and as such needed to step down? What does this silence from the congregation tell us? Silence is consent. This Imam, Ammar Shahin turned a house dedicated to God into a place to launch genocide, destruction and terror.

In a debate group, I recently attended,  we brought up the question of why Muslims don’t speak up when hatred is preached in a mosque? The common opinion is that they’re afraid of their own congregants. None of the group could believe that most Muslims are violent and hope to kill those with differences of religious belief, at least here in America. This then begs the question, is Meetup afraid of the movement they started called “#resist?” If not then why do they not speak up when it has strayed tremendously further from its original principles as Meetup documented for its creation? Is meetup becoming a terrorist supporting media?  Does it really push for the overthrow and destruction of our elected president and his government?  Or, are the leaders at MeetUp terrified of the people they empowered by building a Temple of #RESIST for them to pray from?

I personally suspect (or would like to think) that did not intend to create what many call the hate media that some or the most visible parts of #resist have appeared to become.  MeetUp’s leadership, in the beginning,  stated at the startup of Resist that their intent was:  “to be champions of democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, and sustainability.”   Somehow that does NOT sound like #Resist nowadays.  If so why does still makes #Resist free with organizing benefits no other MeetUp group has?  So either MeetUp is supporting what #Resist has become or they are Terrorized by their own creation much as Muslims seem to be of their own congregants. Remember SILENCE IS CONSENT!

What are the main focuses of #Resist MeetUps today?  Is it peaceful protest of some government policies that seem to violate human rights or is it the overthrow of the elected president that many of them choose to believe is not “their” president?  Chapters of Resist, do not offer much printed web information other than the meetUp sanctioned statements but what happens at meetings?   Here is an excerpt from a L.A. #Resist group meetup that appears well attended. The question is what if Mueller is removed?  “……….Be prepared for three days of protest rallying there with other progressive patriots! Make waves that all members of Congress will see and hear, let them know they will be gone IF they do not draft and present Articles of Impeachment for all the high crimes and misdemeanors that are now trickling out of this temporary POTUS administration.

Now it is important to notice that the focus  is on overthrowing the president. Note the words:  “Temporary Potus,” “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,”  “Drafting Articles of Impeachment.”  This not about social justice, equality and democracy, it is about stopping the candidate America elected (that they don’t like) because they can  call him names and make false claims.  Claims they need not support to their members. Hello?  Is this democracy? Is this working with the institutions of government? It has gone much further too in what has come out of Resist and likely is its strong arm, Anifa.

Since the election of 2016, many say the left has gone crazy. They now have their version of the tea party and call it the Resistance. The leadership of that is a loosely formed violent group called Antifa. Antifa is short for Anti-Fascist. The irony of their name is not lost on those who actually know history, as their tactics are straight from the fascist playbook. In the past few months, these groups have repeatedly disrupted peaceful pro-Trump rallies. They have called for and used violence against people who support the president or disagree with them and even against members of the media who will report things Antifa doesn’t want reported.

Is this what MeetUp wanted?  Is this what MeetUp supported?  Perhaps if the truth is that MeetUp wanted justice and equality, they now need to start a group called  #Asist or #Unify!  Silence is consent. However if you see an injustice it does not mean you have to scream in someone’s face in public. If you really care, you discuss things quietly and calmly and you seek understanding.  You also create groups working towards those goals.  Screaming, beating, burning, trashing, is not in our constitution. It never gets you anywhere anyway, it just marginalizes you, your group, your cause and draws the masses to the center. To the center so they can they distance themselves from your out of control violent behavior.  Is it time for MeetUp to starts #Asist or #UNIFY?   What if we actually try to work together peacefully as we all did under Obama? #UNIFY!





A View To A Kill – Of Terrorism

Can One Of The World’s Great Religions Save Itself From Itself?  The Left in France still insists in pretending that it is the Muslim community that is the first victim of Islamic terrorism. And the government still refuses to End-Terrorism-Reclaim-Religion-from-Radical-Fundamentalistssee that at the core of the problem is radical Islam and the sympathy it receives among not only the Muslim population but the extreme Left. Not only the media but also academic circles proclaim that a small extremist Islamic minority is responsible for all acts of terrorism, which they believe are “against the values of Islam.”

At the same time, on the other side of the Mediterranean divide, the highest religious authorities of Islam know only too well that Islam, as it is taught in schools and universities throughout the Islamic world and especially at Al-Azhar University and major Saudi Arabian universities, is at the core of the problem, and they are trying to address it.

The Shari’a and its sources – Koran, Sunna and traditions based on the way of life of the disciples of the prophet Muhammad and his warriors – are the true basis of the attacks on the West, as they are the true basis of the actions of the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

There is an enormous amount of soul-searching among the greatest scholars of Islam, who are desperately trying to find a way to eliminate some of the most extreme texts in a curriculum which has remained unchanged for centuries.

01 Aug 2013, Cairo, Egypt --- Egyptian First Deputy Prime Minister Vice and Minister of Defense, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi sits in the Defense Ministry in Cairo, Egypt, 01 August 2013. Westerwelle is holding political talks with representatives from the government and the opposition. Photo: MICHAEL KAPPELER --- Image by © Michael Kappeler/dpa/Corbis

To date, only one man has done something about it. President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi of Egypt has launched a comprehensive review of school texts to eradicate calls to jihad and to extremism, a move that France – whose motto is “Freedom, equality and fraternity” – would do well to ponder, if not to emulate.  ……………… read more………

What draws them to the ISIS?

There appears to be a mad rush in India, especially in Tamil Nadu where the ISIS is concerned. Youth have openly proclaimed their support for the ISIS and Haja Fakrruddin of Tamil Nadu was one of the isistshirtfirst to join the ISIS. Recently youth were found to be posing with ISIS T-shirts openly speaking about Sunni Pride.

The question is what has drawn these youth especially in India to the ISIS, a trend that was not found when similar battle were fought by their brothers in Afghanistan and also Kashmir. … read more here by news reporter Vicky Nanjappa………


……………………………….. my comment………

Muslims will not go away no matter what other nations wish or religions pray for. Muslim terrorists are another subject that is often confused with the word Muslim or Islamic. In America when you hear the word Islamic or Muslim followed by a pause in speech, your mind likely fills in the silence with the word “Terrorist.” It is likely so across most of the free world. We are all defined by the activists not by the passive majority.

Young men always seek power, it is male genetics. Feeling empowered against an imagined or defined enemy or inequality fills that hormonal need for “dominance” which is clearly expressed in the Koran and desired by pubescent males! The image of world dominance by the imagined Caliphate fills such a need and of course, young men are invincible, just ask them or watch them. The ISIS knows how to lure young men with promises of dominance; it is just sad that there is so little passion for the beautiful part of Islam, that with the wisdom and grace of Buddhism could better represent Islam.

What I pray for is the knowledge of how to get off this “rock” and spread the seed of humanity through space. It is a better use of young men’s testosterone than killing their neighbor’s for dominance, oil or 72 virgins.



Most Muslims Are Good People – What Is Our Concern?

Muslim concerns from 2014-07-09 21:51:32


Most Muslims want to live in peace but about 25% according to world research are radicals who would stop at nothing to end America. Approximately 1,226,000,000 people follow Islam according to recent research.  That means about 300 Million Islamic Radicals want the end of Western Civilization!

This is not a concern to sweep under the rug!  Watch the  video linked above. from Ozzie Safa’s blog

Janr Ssor



Justice By Men Of Conscience. 

Vicky Nanjappa

The execution of Ajmal Kasab was a discreet affair, but what were the final moments like for this terrorist who was part of the deadly team which executed 100s of people on 26/11. Since the past two days he was in isolation and apart from the huge security outside his cell, he was being monitored all the time. His cell was kept free of all objects since they did not want him to injure himself.

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Why al-Qaeda finds no recruits in India

Here is an interesting report about the impoverished Muslims in India who, for the most part, do not support terrorism. Why is that? The article claims that meS0K1obecause they are Sufi and integrated into India’s culture they resist Al-Qaeda. This has been so despite the pogroms from Hindu extremists and recent divisions of communities on religious boundaries. It is an interesting concept to believe that Mulims who by all accounts are unable to share freedom of religion with others might not be totally frozen in a mold of intolerance. I do however recall the recent Mumbai killing of a rabbi and his family, which was very much an act of Islamic terrorism, so I am not sold on this author’s conclusions but hopeful for the future. Read this interesting article below. Why al-Qaeda finds no recruits in India –