Cultural Fusion – Rebuilding America

Lost Hope In Changing America For The Better? Not so fast!

Talk to the last generation, if you are a baby boomer and they will often tell you that America is declining as Rome did and all countries must.  Talk to the new generation and they want to hang the corporate CEO’s and put our congressmen in jail,  a very widely accepted sentiment.  But Ceo’s,  Congressmen and other despised people have no fear of the common man, after all this is America and American’s are just as passive as the South Africans who watch their women raped and beaten and consider it a normal day. Now just to make sure, they will try to take away America’s guns, after all guns kill people, they say, its not that people kill with guns….at least it may be good to claim this if you are in congress or a CEO.  It does make me wonder if the same people who killed President Kennedy had anything to do with the killing MinuteManof school children in America…… sorry that must be a conspiracy theory. Just forget about it.

However are we really that passive and fearful of  death or the loss of our big screen TV’s from China that you can walk on us and our children’s futures?  Are we all so beaten and numb that we will give our children up to be burned live for the god,  Moloch?

I do not believe the American people are dead.  I believe they have been beaten into a state of submission much like that in the movie Roller Ball.  If  you have not seen this futuristic story from 1975,  do so now!  It is very current and very relevant.  But what does this have to do with Cultural Fusion and rebuilding America?

Without a bloody revolution or the decline and destruction of America, there may be another way to catalyze  change.  This plan  is perhaps the true story of the predicted Mayan “end” of the world, which our foolish media thought meant the sky would turn to fire and the oceans boil.  To see these possibilities through the eyes of others, look to the Mayan Zapatistas of  Mexico!  It is possible to build a new nation within and old one and we see it every day in child birth.  Grass roots self-empowerment,  for Americans who have been beaten into submission by the negativity of the news media, does not require guns, violence or the failed cruelty of those like the Taliban.  It requires only a vision of what can be and love for your children and their futures.

According to Luis Navarro, of the have two levels of government, corresponding in part to the territorial settlements of the indigenous peoples. One is the regional government, the Council of Good Governance. The other is the autonomous municipality, which acts on a local level. Within these municipalities, the social bases elect their authorities and govern themselves, administering justice and solving land conflicts.

In their territories, the rebels have made their health and education systems function without the federal and state governments; they have organised production and commercialization and maintain a standing military. They have solved the challenge of the generational replacement of military officers. As if these achievements were not enough, they have successfully tackled the menaces of drug-trafficking, public security and migration. 

The EZLN has joined the new game of Mexican politics without an invitation, and now sits at the table. Its resurgence will challenge, and possibly even change, some of the rules of this often dirty game.

If the the Zapatistas can hope to change Mexico, as they are doing, with a peaceful quiet process, how much more opportunity is there to rebuild a nation as powerful as America, with a people who have much more freedom to act. We have a diversity of cultures, traditions and religions to draw from, that free of an oppressive government and corporate control, can gift our children with a bright new future.  Kennedy said we put men on the moon,  50 years ago,  not because it was easy but because it was hard.  Without a challenge there is no use being alive…. you might as well die in front of your TV set with a mouth full of Twinkies.

Janr Ssor