Antibiotic Alternatives Rev Up Bacterial Arms Race – Scientific American
Finding good bacteria to combat bad bacteria may be lots smarter then antibiotics.……does this reminds you of probiotiçs? You can teach science new tricks!





This year has been an interesting learning experience for me because my alternative health care networking group  changed our meeting structure to one  producing more accountability.
I both like and dislike accountability just as we as humans love and hate intimacy.  After all accountability is another name for “limited intimacy.”  We all want intimacy because without it we are lonely on the other hand we want the other person to stand naked and exposed but not us.think ponder girl
This concern is not necessarily generated because we are deliberately hiding something evil. It is that we fear exposure may lead to a loss of pride or self esteem;  we want to look more perfect for our friends and acquaintances. With accountability, our meeting structure denies that wall of illusion. You must share what you have done or what others have done for you, in public, intimacy.  You do this by telling everyone who you referred to and who referred patients to you and your referrals must be valid, not self serving.
A positive outcome of this change is that is has revived in me, my original goals  for creating a Holistic Questionnaire.  The goal was that we would each hand our patients a paper or online questionnaire  as a tool for generating  value added patient referrals.  It was to be a simple tool to help us help them. I had forgotten why I tried to create this or perhaps I never knew verbally but just  intuitively.  Being accountable helped me refocus on this need. It was an attempt to make us all more accountable to each other and our patients by focusing on our patients more holistic needs.  We all know there is a strong mind body connection that almost all of  Allopathic (Western) medicine ignores.
I cannot speak for you, as healer,  but I can for me.  In paying more attention to what I need to do to refer patients, for needs outside my domain,  it has become apparent that it is much easier to refer to some of  my colleagues than others.  For example:  it is easier for me as an eye doctor, to refer to Chinese Medical Doctors, Naturopaths and Psychotherapists but more difficult to refer to  a Masseuse, Physical Therapist, Herbalist,  Hypnotist or Pain Specialist.  The difference, I believe,  being partially the linguistic domain, I use, that triggers such mental associations in a busy day.
 I suspect  each or our groups members have the same issues.   In my business network  “The Winners Circle,”  I found the same issue,  greater difficulty trying to refer to a Financial Planner and Realtor  but much less challenge referring to an Auto Repair or Body Shop. 
I believe that holistic practitioners should take the time to explore creating a tool to facilitate these goals. I don’t get a fraction of the referrals I could because I will bet that most of  my colleagues forget the special things  I  do.  These are very important things such as  our unique children’s vision status assessment   that diagnoses and prevents reading and learning issues , or  the prevention and monitoring of  systemic disease such as diabetes, strokes and heart attacks through the eye.
We are all creative people,  perhaps we can come up with a tool to enhance and achieve these goals  which I  have set for  my colleagues and which are now more apparent then ever, thanks to our meeting structure.
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How To Be A Drug Dealer

On the corner of the block, where the kids stream home, when leaving school, a “big kid” is waiting.  He may be wearingYoung drug dealer on the street pants with a crotch near his knees, a shirt with a bright logo of Hopsin rapping and and a Bubba cap at the angle for attitude or just a an orange sweatsuit and an attitude.  He has pills in his pants pocket and grass in his shirt,  cut with just a bit of dust for “fun.”

He smiles, talks the lingo mentions your friends who are in with the “stuff” and how you can be “bad” just like them!  Its a slam dunk man! Your friends are smiling cause he is smiling (and some are afraid not to smile). Its sweet, its in, its bad and with it you’ll be stoked man. Your part of the hood now and your life does’t suck anymore.

Now in the lower right corner is a drug commercial for Paradoxa (c). This ad won’t change or fade cause its free from me to the drug company.  You see its got a smiling man in the corner and he’s telling you that if your heart is banging around in your chest and your feeling left out of the group having fun,  he can help!  He’s got pills in his pocket  and an rx padin this shirt.  Now of course, you suspect that there is a price to pay other than money.  

The smaller print talks about bleeding and death.  But the guy in the top is smiling and he has that authoritative stethoscope around his neck, so you know he knows!  He’s in with the group and smiling.  He knows he joes-paradoxa-edited-2can make your misery end….uh, uh … I wonder what that means? Just remember, you can be in with the group!  Watch the TV version and see that old man now out dancing, drinking and partying with the lady that looks like his overly sexy daughter!  Your in with the happy crowd again!  It’s cool, it’s sexy, its with it man!  Whats a little risk of bleeding to death after all you take a risk crossing the street everyday. Besides, the guy in the Ad is smiling and well know that words don’t count when body language tells us … do it man!


Past Life Regression – A Case Study By Saundra Blum



In December of 2005, a client came to me presenting symptoms of severe migraine headaches. During a history intake she informed me that since her baby had been born, three months earlier, she had been getting 17 migraines a week. When asked when she first remembered getting the first migraine in this life, she recounted it happening at the onset of her first mensuration. However, she would only get them once a month and only one day of her period.

The client told me she had been to many doctors, especially neurologist, to seek their help. They found nothing organically wrong with her and only offered pain killers. She felt that they didn’t help and that she could not function with her new baby in this pain. When a headache would come on she would have to go to bed, with blinds shut and the room darkened. Often she would vomit due to the pain. She said these made her feel “trapped.”

I received additional history about her family, her husband and the child birth, none of which sounded suspicious regarding the headaches.


We agreed that I would put her under hypnosis and ask that she go to the root of the migraines, to see what was causing them.

When under, my client went into a past lifetime around the early 1800s. She saw herself living in a small house in the country, on a farm. When asked to look back over the first 10 years of her life to see if anything significant happened, she contracted, and started crying. She said her father had raped her after her mother past away. She became pregnant, feeling “trapped” and ashamed. She stayed at home most of the time doing chores and disassociating to cope. Through breath work and visualization I had her release the feeling of being “trapped” and the deep shame she carried. She was 13 years old when this happened.

As I progressed her further to 15 years old,  she saw herself walking in town with her baby. Feeling out of her body, she got hit by a horse and wagon, hitting her head on the street and dying. Death came so fast she had no time to think of anything before she died.

I took her to find a guide in the spiritual dimension so we could ask some questions. When she found her guide we asked how that life affected her mirgranes in this life .

We were told that the rape, pregnancy, and death were all tied together. The head trauma at death resulted as she carried the trauma of conception. this explained why she presented with headaches both at menstruation and after child birth.  The body ‘s cellular memory was triggered by her connection to age and the conception of her baby. conception and head trauma once again revisited.


My client called several months after our session to inform me that her migraines had disappeared but that she occasionally still gets headaches.

When we asked her guide how many lifetimes does she need to release from to clear the headaches, we were told 3 more.

My client can now function as a mother and wife, without feeling ‘trapped”, or in severe pain. she will be coming to me to do the other 3 lifetimes so we can clear all of her headaches.

My client’s doctors are amazed that she no longer suffers from her migraines.

Is Heart Surgery Worth It? – Businessweek

For nearly 10 years I have been reading articles about cholesterol,  high blood

Is Heart Surgery Worth It? - Businessweek

pressure and blocked arteries.  An article by Dr Eddy,  an epidemiologist,  showed that open heart surgery,  bypass, and angioplasty was not only a waste of time but very likely to cause more health issues than just medication and lifestyle changes.  Don’t believe it?  See the article below before you donate your body just to help a hospital make some extra income.

Is Heart Surgery Worth It? – Businessweek.

Janr Ssor

Why I Believe Bayer Is Still A Nazi Era Company

I believe that Bayer makes and promotes some of the most misery producing drugs in the world and they know it!

Misery is created by side effects that you know exist yet you deny by burying it in billions of dollars of product promotion.   When you think of the supposed “miracle drug aspirin”  that every well “schooled”  doctor recommends,  you think of Bayer. I always wondered how doctors and laypeople  have been convinced to believe that Bayer aspirin is so good for you? And how much money did it take to buy off researchers and media to make you and doctors believe it?  Think I am way off here?  Well look at the evidence…..the stuff that innocently enough slips into the news when people are not being influenced by well spread money, such as this AARP article below. Also note the picture to the right.  If you cannot trust a company like this who can you trust?

  1. BLEEDING “STOMACH”  ULCERS: Look at this quote from a recent AARP publication regarding NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)  of which aspirin,  thanks to Bayer’s markeing efforts,  is the most popular.  “Causes of ulcers:  USE OF NONSTEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS (NSAIDS). Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are painkillers that many people use for headaches, sore muscles, arthritis, and menstrual cramps. Many NSAIDs are available without prescriptions. Common NSAIDS include aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), flurbiprofen (Ansaid, Ocufen), ketoprofen(Orudis), and indomethacin (Indacin). Chronic NSAID users have 40 times the risk of developing a gastric ulcer as nonusers. Users are also three times more likely than nonusers to develop bleeding or fatal complications of ulcers. Aspirin is the most likely NSAID to cause ulcers.”  (The red is my emphasis… the facts are from AARP and research.)   Oh… did you doctor forget to tell you about this?
  2. BAYER’S CRIMINAL ACTIONS LEADING TO DEATH:  In the late 1970s Bayer sold drugs for hemophilia that killed thousands by giving them HIV infections. They sold it under the name of its Cutter Biological division. The medicine was made using pools of plasma from 10,000 or more donors, and since HIV at that time couldn’t be screened out, the plasma carried a high risk of passing along the disease, which they knew. In January 1983, the manager of plasma procurement for Bayer’s Cutter Biological division acknowledged in a letter that “There is strong evidence to suggest that AIDS is passed on to other people through … plasma products.  Cutter then developed a new heat treated product that was selling well for Cutter.  However Cutter company meeting notes show that “There is excess nonheated inventory”, which resulted in the company deciding to “review international markets again to determine if more of this product can be sold.”  Cutter decided to sell millions of dollars of the older, potentially deadly,  medicine to Asia and Latin America while selling the new, safer product in the West, to avoid being stuck with large stores of a product that was proving increasingly unmarketable. According to Wikipedia, In late 1984, when a Hong Kong distributor asked Cutter about the newer product, records show that Cutter asked the distributor to “use up stocks” of the old medicine before switching to its “safer, better” product.”   As I see it,  this is the Nazi view of the world; after all  what is killing a few thousand defective people when that helps the ‘perfect’ people survive and make profits.
  3. BLEEDING IN YOUR BRAIN AND EYES:  As a practicing eye doctor with 40 years experience,  I have seen numerous patients with bleeding in their eyes and the only likely cause being the daily aspirin they have been sold on taking!   I also noticed that regular aspirin users had cataracts at an earlier age. I long ago warned my patients NOT to take aspirin on their own choice,  unless their medical doctor insisted on it; that is,  not to take it just because others are buying into this aspirin miracle paradigm.  My concern was simple,  if it is causing bleeding in their eyes,  and the eye is part of the brain,  then what damage is it doing to their mind!  Here is a couple of links to this information:  One,  Two, Three, Four.  Oh… yes when a doctor tells you the risk is low, think again.  Over a two year period,  people on low dose aspirin had double the risk of a stroke leading to permanent disability!
  4. EVEN RESEARCH OF THE AMERICAN MEDIAL ASSOCIATION DOES NOT PROMOTE ROUTINE ASPIRIN! Journal Of The American Medical Association (Jama) – a Quote:  ” Conclusions:   Despite important reductions in nonfatal MI (heart attacks), aspirin prophylaxis in people without prior CVD (heart and blood vessel disease)  does not lead to reductions in either cardiovascular death or cancer mortality. Because the benefits are further offset by clinically important bleeding events, routine use of aspirin for primary prevention is not warranted and treatment decisions need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.”  (The red is mine for emphasis!)
  5. BAYER’S SULFA DRUGS LINKED TO BIRTH DEFECTS:  Yet another product of Bayer and other  Nazi Era German companies.  Should you trust a company with this record?
  6. WHEN SHOULD YOU TAKE ASPIRIN? – If you have serious cardiovascular disease AND your doctor feels you need aspirin as a blood thinner – then it may be of value.  It is not to say there is NO value to aspirin.  But you need to know that it is being hyped for profit by a company that, in my opinion,  views you as expendable.

The promotion of aspirin as the healthy choice for millions of Americans is a dangerous deceit.  It is not that aspirin has no use; it is that hyping aspirin as the miracle cure for cancer  to heart disease,  will cause the premature death and disability of many of our loved ones.  Taking care of your health and not expecting magic from a pill is the better choice.  Busy doctors rushing patients in and out of their offices with nothing to offer but a prescription pad for chemicals, like aspirin, are a great disservice to America!  Bayer is delighted to make money from this pathetic and failing health care system.  In the mean time,  you and your family can be the victims.

Medical Care Today – Not Fiction

Here is a true story recounted by a patient of a large medical group.  Why you won’t get the care you need if you are 65 or over!

Some names are changed to avoid legal issues:

My son and I went to see a doctor I have seen for years at a large medical group we shall call the “Mound Of Crisco Medical Group”.  His name is” Dr Magnificent.”  When  I called for the appointment,  I was told he could not see me as he had used up his Quota of Medicare Patients.   When I pressed them for an explanation, they explained that at medicare’s low fees,  a doctor’s visit “broke even” on cost after 4 minutes with the patient.  My doctor,  Dr Magnificent,  was at this point not profitable to the group and could no longer see Medicare patients.  They sent me instead to Dr  Childish.   Dr Childish sat and read my chart, since I was “new” to him and then let me explain some of my issues.  It was somewhat complicated as he knew nothing about me.  After a while he looked down at his wrist, put his index finger on his watch and stared up at me with a severe look.  He then said, “It is now 15 minutes, all that is allotted for your visit.  If you need more time,  you will have to schedule another appointment.” He then got up to leave.

I called a friend who works for the group and asked, “is this true about the 4 minutes?”  She said, “Yes and it is worse for medicaid patients. In their case the break even point is one minute only.  This is one reason we are very concerned about Obama Care.

I also have a good friend who lives in Florida.  She is 65 and on Medicare.  She has lupus and was recently suspect for having cancer in a leg where a wound created by a medical treatment is not healing.  She called several doctors to get an appointment,  she was told they would not see her because she had cancer and lupus and they would not see her on Medicare.

I am 65,  I have always feared this is where we were going!   There are answers to this dilemma but no one wants to deal with them.  They are not “pretty”  as they don’t deal with perfection and the desires of religious leaders.  On the other hand the religious leaders don’t want to pay for the care either.

As a private office of just two doctors,  I can tell you it is hard to make a living even though our office is full of patients and we often spend 12 hour days at work.   Patients get angry when they get a new really low paying plan, and don’t understand why we don’t take it.  Recently the Very Profitable and Very Greed,  IBM, gave their employees the low fee eye care plan called “Eye Med.”  I am not a member.  It is costing me a loss of some of my patients.  Someone,  somewhere,  sometime has to take a stand and say NO MORE!   I won’t take a fee and treat you like a hamburger on the grill at Burger King.   You as the patient,  must organize and speak up for your rights.  Not the right to bully your company into bankruptcy by having Unions do what they did to GM and other car companies but the right to buy your own insurance  and not have you employer give you “their version of  a welfare system.”    How can this work?

Reality is that America has BEEN (past tense)  great because we were willing to take risks and we refused communism and socialism.   When YOU are taking the risk,  pay the bill and getting reimbursed you will make GOOD DECISIONS.   When your doctors has to ASK you to pay a fee for a blood test or exam,  he will make good decisions so as to keep you as a patient.   When you demand (as is long overdue) that lawyers cannot sue and abuse doctors for not being God,  your doctor will not be terrorized into giving you every expensive test on the planet and stupid medications that make you sick.  He is often pressured into giving you the drug just because the drug companies have convinced your litigious family that they should sue,  if you are not taking the toxic med to lower you cholesterol that 90% of Americans must be on.  The criteria for these cholesterol lowering drugs are lowered according to their “new research”  (I suspect after they voted on a needed profit increase of 40% this year). I am not telling you to not take your cholesterol drugs,  after all how could I?  On the other hand if you took responsibility,  stopped eating garbage I wouldn’t feed to a pig, lost weight and exercised,  90% of you would never need most drugs.  And by the way, taking Mevacor “does not make you bullet proof”  as I hear from my patients who like to eat a 1/2 quart of Ice Cream before bed each night.    Religious leaders need to pay attention to the fact that God created the universe with death in mind.  Like it or not people die.  Spending 70% of the medical finances to surgically cut up,  radiate  and torture old sick people  in the last few years of their lives is not only stupid it is cruel and senseless.   Old people deserve dignity and love not the abuse that modern medicine heaps on them with the little success of increasing their survival significantly with quality of life.

My suggestion,  if you are a young person,  recognize you will be old.  If you are an old person recognize you are in trouble.  It is time to organize and defeat the politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate greed lobbyists who are dictating  how you should live and die.   Don’t think it can be done?  Look at the Arab Spring.  Look at this video.   Do something worth while,  become a leader or a good follower.   After all you are following the commands of  lots of drug companies,  politicians,  and even failing medical institutions that probably mean well.

May God Be With You,

Janr Ssor

Aspirin and risk of brain bleeding – Health news – NHS Choices

Aspirin:  I have always thought that the aspirin a day craze is very dangerous!

I say this because in Digital Retina Imaging,  we have seen bleeding in they eyes of
patients taking aspirin (patients who are otherwise healthy)  which means there is likely also bleeding in the brain.  To me this means that you are losing your mental capacity little by little by taking aspirin. We have asked many physicians to consider taking their patients off aspirin when we see this and the patient does not have serious heart diseases.

A recent study quoted in the NY Times showed that the risks of regular aspirin use outweighed the benefits for patients who have not had significant heart disease!  The study ends with a weak “disclaimer”  by telling  you to talk to your doctor … so the NY Times won’t get sued.

In an article published in the UK,  they document research showing bleeding the the brain from aspirin.  This means the aspirin users are having little mini strokes

by taking this wonderful drug.

In our practice we have seen that aspirin use also increases your risk of going blind form macular degeneration and cataracts.

What are you made of?  And what should you put in your body regularly?  If you buy into the aspirin paradigm,  then perhaps this is how you see yourself.

Janr Ssor