Less: Melanoma, Blindness And Wrinkles

Zeaxanthin is hard to spell or say but worth learning about because it has great side effects! In my other life as a holistic eye doctor, I prescribe this product to help prevent macular degeneration. We can actually do a simple test to see if our patients need zeaxanthin. If they do we have an all natural supplement made from an extract of paprika that will rebuild their internal tissue  store of zeaxanthin in 6 months.  The product, RESTORE , works in 90% of the cases and it is made by Zeavision whose ten years of R&D makes this supplement really work.

I have been testing for this risk factor for macular degeneration for 2 years now using Zeavision’s machine.  To my own satisfaction I see that it does work and that the supplement, Restore, does work as promised.  The most interesting thing  to really add to my enthusiasm for this product was a visit from a representative of a different company.  He was from a buying club.  When he saw my machine he commented that he was taking the product for the last 5 years.  I asked how low his test had been and he said it was normal always. I asked,  why he was taking it then.  He smiled and said, “I am taking it because of other benefits.  You see when I worked for Zeavision years ago, I tried it to see what it was like.  Then I noticed that when I went out in the sun light, I got a nice tan. Well,  I have never tanned in my life!  I am Irish, fair skinned,  blue eyed and I have always burned.  Now I did some research and I discovered that taking Zeaxanthin will reduce my my risk of deadly skin melanoma and wrinkles.  So now I am taking it without failure.”

After he left,  I went on-line and did some research.  Sure enough there is good evidence for everything he told me.  Then a week or so later a patient, who was Irish, fair skinned and blue eyed came in to see me on a Saturday.  It was summer and she volunteered that oddly enough for the first time in her life she had tanned!  I told her the story the rep had shared with me.  A few weeks later another fair skinned lady came in and this time I asked her.  She then confirmed that she had tanned this summer but had no idea why.  She was as excited as I was to here of the great side effects!

Bottom line,  if you are fair skinned and burn, have a history of skin cancer in your family or your family is prone to wrinkles,  you now have a safe natural treatment available to help prevent these issues!  I suggest too that you may wish to go to a holistic practitioner who uses the Zeavision machine to test your risk factor for macular degeneration.  At least, consider taking Restore.  The dose is 2 caps a day for 6 months (to build up your bodies reserves) and then 1  cap a day thereon for maintenance.  If you do this and notice that you now tan better,  I would love to hear from you.

Janr  (Dr Joseph A Ross, Holistic Vision Care)

80,000 Eyes Don’t Lie! – The Holistic Eye Doctor’s Diet

Click the link below to read this in progress book on diet and health…. it will be updated regularly, so stop back to read more as it becomes available. 

80,000 Eyes Don’t Lie –

The Holistic Eye Doctor’s Diet

Updated as of  7/18/2012

Janr Ssor

Aspirin and risk of brain bleeding – Health news – NHS Choices

Aspirin:  I have always thought that the aspirin a day craze is very dangerous!

I say this because in Digital Retina Imaging,  we have seen bleeding in they eyes of
patients taking aspirin (patients who are otherwise healthy)  which means there is likely also bleeding in the brain.  To me this means that you are losing your mental capacity little by little by taking aspirin. We have asked many physicians to consider taking their patients off aspirin when we see this and the patient does not have serious heart diseases.

A recent study quoted in the NY Times showed that the risks of regular aspirin use outweighed the benefits for patients who have not had significant heart disease!  The study ends with a weak “disclaimer”  by telling  you to talk to your doctor … so the NY Times won’t get sued.

In an article published in the UK,  they document research showing bleeding the the brain from aspirin.  This means the aspirin users are having little mini strokes

by taking this wonderful drug.

In our practice we have seen that aspirin use also increases your risk of going blind form macular degeneration and cataracts.

What are you made of?  And what should you put in your body regularly?  If you buy into the aspirin paradigm,  then perhaps this is how you see yourself.

Janr Ssor