Media Cowards – drivel and drool

DEBATE: Do you remember William F. Buckley?  This was a man who in public, would discuss any issue of importance to share facts and unmask deceit or failure of thought!  NO ONE attempts this communication today because they all have such poor self esteem that they cannot conceive of themselves as ever winning an argument based on fact!  The media “hosts” on TV and Cable are pathetic!  What do they they really do?

COWARDS: They do what takes no risk; they preach to the choir. They are confident that they can talk to a crowd of Like Believers who will not question them  The are confident that they can spin lies and hyperbole that will inflame the “masses” just ask Hitler did in Germany (If you’re a committed left winger, please don’t imagine I am talking about Trump and friends…. this a disease you are suffering from too).

SHOULD NEWS BE DEBATED?  It would seem that news is something that would be straightforward. Why would it have to be debated?  If you watched an unedited video, it would be more reliable but even that can be used for deceit. There are abundant stories on the Internet of “staged protests” or youth paid to act for cameras.  The closest we will get to the truth is a respectable debate over issues an analysis. William F. Buckley Jr taught us how.  Now all we need is some people with courage and an independent media willing to make money by hosting the debates!

money-1428594_1280IS THERE MONEY IN THIS OPPORTUNITY? Can media make money by debating what “looks” like the truth and in so doing bring Americans together rather than dividing us with “emotional” hashTag bullshit like #Resist as spread by or other elitists who feel they know more than anyone else?


How To Be A Drug Dealer

On the corner of the block, where the kids stream home, when leaving school, a “big kid” is waiting.  He may be wearingYoung drug dealer on the street pants with a crotch near his knees, a shirt with a bright logo of Hopsin rapping and and a Bubba cap at the angle for attitude or just a an orange sweatsuit and an attitude.  He has pills in his pants pocket and grass in his shirt,  cut with just a bit of dust for “fun.”

He smiles, talks the lingo mentions your friends who are in with the “stuff” and how you can be “bad” just like them!  Its a slam dunk man! Your friends are smiling cause he is smiling (and some are afraid not to smile). Its sweet, its in, its bad and with it you’ll be stoked man. Your part of the hood now and your life does’t suck anymore.

Now in the lower right corner is a drug commercial for Paradoxa (c). This ad won’t change or fade cause its free from me to the drug company.  You see its got a smiling man in the corner and he’s telling you that if your heart is banging around in your chest and your feeling left out of the group having fun,  he can help!  He’s got pills in his pocket  and an rx padin this shirt.  Now of course, you suspect that there is a price to pay other than money.  

The smaller print talks about bleeding and death.  But the guy in the top is smiling and he has that authoritative stethoscope around his neck, so you know he knows!  He’s in with the group and smiling.  He knows he joes-paradoxa-edited-2can make your misery end….uh, uh … I wonder what that means? Just remember, you can be in with the group!  Watch the TV version and see that old man now out dancing, drinking and partying with the lady that looks like his overly sexy daughter!  Your in with the happy crowd again!  It’s cool, it’s sexy, its with it man!  Whats a little risk of bleeding to death after all you take a risk crossing the street everyday. Besides, the guy in the Ad is smiling and well know that words don’t count when body language tells us … do it man!