Not Kid’s Games – The Adventures Of Janr Ssor

Not Kid’s Games – The Adventures Of Janr Ssor has been released as a short story and is now available on Amazon!  It is a short story available as of  7/27/2011

The first 500 people to download the story from the our Author Site,  well get it absolutely free.  You may also download the book in pdf format here.  

Not Kid’s Games takes us back to Janr’s college days.  In his dorm room,  Janr and Q  (his close friend) share an adventure that gives them a power so great it can literally alter history.   This story,  though fiction,  is a possible view of what may transpire in America’s history today!

Based upon the last 50 years of  Iran’s growing war machine and its fanatical leadership,  “Not Kid’s games ” explores dangers we face today and the mystical power’s of Shaman’s.

The powers of Shaman’s is traced back to the Stone Age as documented in today’s research.  For an interesting perspective,  we recommend Graham Hancock’s  “Supernatural Meetings With Ancient Teachers Of Mankind.

Originally released as: “Kid’s Games”  the title was changed to help avoid confusion as to the nature of the publication.