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BlockChain….. will change the world!?

BlockChain is touted as the force that will democratize business and empower entrepreneurial creation.  It does sound exciting however, I do recall the same promise for the InterNet….. and guess who owns all the profit centers?  Is it you?  Not likely!  However,  why miss what may be the opportunity of your lifetime? Learn more here!


McAfee Is The Virus!

My new Acer Win 7 Computer arrived with McAfee preinstalled.  I knew from previous experience that McAfee  caused conflicts with some programs I use, so I purchased Trendmicro and uninstalled McAfee… I thought!  Then I spent hours installing custom programs we use at our office. 

Over the weekend I did not use the computer.  When I came back to work Monday,  ALL my new installs of programs were  gone!  Hours of work!  McAfee had risen from the dead and not only removed Trendmicro, without permission, but also remove ALL my hours of work.

Days earlier,  I had personally watched McAfee uninstall as Trendmicro would not install until McAfee was gone. I even ran the TaskManager to be sure it was gone.  How did it re-install?  I still have no idea.

Today I started to  again tried to uninstall it, but this time it refused to uninstall!  I was busy so I had my staff call McAfee who then showed  them how to uninstall it when the usual process would not work.  Just to be sure,  I later ran TaskManager.  Guess what?  It had uninstalled as it did the first day.  To be sure checked “services”  and I found a small McAfee “service.”   Now I had an idea how it had destroyed my work!  I tried stopping the service but could not.

We searched online and found the McAfee support again, at least it claimed to be McAfee support  (I would not use this link!)  They were of course Indian.  They asked to log into the computer and my staff member let them via   Then when they told her the computer had hundreds of Trojans and the registry was badly damaged.   They wanted $200.00 to fix it.   She was suspicious. She called me.  As I tried to get the tech to explain this damage,  I was closing down all the windows he had opened and logging him off.  I then re-booted.  I told him I though I would call ACER and I then hung up.   Of course the computer was fine,  other than the small McAfee service.  I then looked on the Internet and found how to use Command line code to uninstall this service (others had had this issue too!).  This finally,  I hope did it!  The TaskManger showed no McAfee after I restarted.

If you like and trust McAfee,  good luck to you!  I have never seen it work well.  Now I will never trust them for anything!