The Heart – Do Words Give Creation Meaning?

jfkWhen you wake up and find the world just below discernibly different and it stays that way, how did this happen?

You almost feel as if you are in a dream about to awaken but you do not awake because you are awake!

Consider a more clearly shocking change that no one missed. This was the day the headlines read JFK Killed by Assassin!  This was not just below discernibly different, this was dramatic and indubitable.

This forever changed my world and that of my countrymen. Its story, 50 years later, is still news and never resolved.

Now imagine that a world changing event has occurred but at a less dramatically visible level; one just below discernibly different. One such event took place a day ago and it reminded me of the clear limits of human knowledge, and why as a doctor I do not trust doctors to be 100% on anything.

This event was an article written by a respected man of science, Dr Thomas Cowan, who fire-heart-961194_960_720-pixabaysaid simply that the human heart is not a pump that circulates  about 5 liters of blood throughout the body every minute, as we are taught!

How can this be? Every school child knows this and has been taught this for nearly 300 years!  In 1513 Leonardo Da Vinci dissected over 30 human corpses and discovered the circulatory system.  Later William Harvey, in 1616, discovered what he believed was proof that the heart pumps blood around the entire body. Men of science have accepted this for centuries!  Now there is a respectable different opinion.

The Problem With Viewing the Heart as a Pump:  (from Dr Joseph Mercola) Cardiologists and doctors in general are taught that the walls of the heart create pressure, which causes propulsion of the blood through the body. In essence, the heart is viewed as a pump — a pressure propulsion system caused by the muscular contraction of the ventricles.

However, your body actually contains an enormous amount of blood vessels. Most of the blood vessels in your heart and body are capillaries, which are very thin-walled, very narrow tubes.  If you were to spread these blood vessels out, they would cover three football fields. If you were to place the blood vessels end to end, in a series, they would encircle the Earth between one and three times.

The pump theory is then telling us that you have a 1 pound muscle, and it’s going to pump blood a distance equivalent to going around the Earth every single day for 70 years; 60 to 70 times a minute.  Is that believable? Not according to Dr Thomas Cowen in his book “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor’s Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease.”

What is the truth and is there any that we do not keep changing and refining?  Do our words describe creation or create its meaning?

Could Dr Cowan be wrong?  My Thoughts…..  If you take the heart’s arterial outflow and capillary_system_cert-google-labledfor-reusedisperse it to millions of capillaries the width of a blood cell the flow becomes very slow at that level as the ENERGY output is divided by millions of bifurcations.  If you now reverse that process and merge the capillaries into a larger return vein, the ENERGY is compounded back to its original level.   As for a single blood cell traveling around the Earth, the trip for each cell is done in PARALLEL not in series!  Just as a computer with multiple processors can process much faster than a single one,  so can the distance covered be much greater when run by a billion horses (or red blood cells).  I think that Dr Cowan’s reasoning appears to me fallacious.  I don’t doubt that he is on to something we have missed but Davinci and Harvey are not really wrong, entirely.  Maybe the world did shift on a just below discernibly different level

Janr Ssor



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Watch “40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega 3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger” on YouTube

Dr. Michael Greger shares a humerours and informative talk about how to reduce your risk of strokes, heart disease and many other health issues.  Though the talk is aimed at the vegan lifestyle, which I do not believe is healthy, it will help many people understand the benefits of the eating a more natural diet. What I believe is most valuable here is understanding why you should change your diet as it will keep you from being brainwashed by TV, radio and the other media that “push” the standard American diet (SAD), for fun and profit. The talk is a bit old and you may note that some facts have changed but this is still one of the best and easiest to understand lectures I have heard in years.

Mind-Body –> Stroke-Heart Attack!

After viewing the images of over 80,000 retinas (the back layer of the eye where blood vessels can be seen non-invasively) , I started to write a book about how the diet of my patients had caused hardening of the arteries.  After all it was clear that the vast majority of those who had this arterial disease ate high carbohydrate diets.

One of my eternal rules however, is that nothing human’s know is true;  we are only capable of  approximate truths.  That is why Newton was followed by Einstein,  and inevitably Einstein will be followed by someone else who will doubt everythingdethrone Einstein.

Well, last night what happened for me at a meeting of my Optimal Health Care group, was I had to re-consider my own strongly held beliefs.  The Optimal Health Care group meets monthly and shares ideas on how to treat illness from a holistic viewpoint,  without drugs and their side effects.   We were discussing our current understanding of disease,  much of which does not rely on  Descartes’ mechanical theories of human illness, which current Western medicine embraces.  Most of us follow more the Hippocratic teaching through which he  taught his patients with Asthma to learn to avoid anger.  This was the beginning of the mind body connection.  Anyway, what occurred to me as I explained my photographic tests and the  observations of thousands of patients with hardening of the arteries, diabetes and hypertension, all related to eating carbs, was that it might only be partially correct!

It occurred to me that my patients were eating lots of carbs which we call “comfort foods.”   I was laughing at how sad it was when some of my Italian patients told me they would rather have a stroke then give up their traditional pasta.  I was commenting on what an addiction carbs were.  Then it occurred to me.  What if carbs were only part of the story?  What if the reason they could not give up the carbs was because it has the same effect as drinking wine; calming stress!   Of course it does!  That is why we call them “comfort foods”.  I would not even call them foods as they are often fake foods.   Western medicine would put you on drugs that lower your cholesterol but meanwhile damage other things in your body.  I must admit that there is enough evidence for me to doubt these statin drugs even do any good.  From my observations they do nothing I can detect and are just part of the runaway drug culture medical doctors are drowning in.

I now have a new perspective on these 3 vascular diseases.  It is clearly carb related but probably very much stress related too!  Ask these people what their lives are like and you instantly have sympathetic stomach pains.  There is no rest, no relaxation, no time for themselves.  They have no hobbies or interests that they can name, only their love of their family and  “self sacrifice”  so their children will have better lives…….. they think.  But I ask you,  when you teach your children by sacrificing your life,  don’t you know they will do as you do and not as you say?

I will leave that for another story.


80,000 Eyes Don’t Lie! – The Holistic Eye Doctor’s Diet

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Updated as of  7/18/2012

Janr Ssor

Why I Believe Bayer Is Still A Nazi Era Company

I believe that Bayer makes and promotes some of the most misery producing drugs in the world and they know it!

Misery is created by side effects that you know exist yet you deny by burying it in billions of dollars of product promotion.   When you think of the supposed “miracle drug aspirin”  that every well “schooled”  doctor recommends,  you think of Bayer. I always wondered how doctors and laypeople  have been convinced to believe that Bayer aspirin is so good for you? And how much money did it take to buy off researchers and media to make you and doctors believe it?  Think I am way off here?  Well look at the evidence…..the stuff that innocently enough slips into the news when people are not being influenced by well spread money, such as this AARP article below. Also note the picture to the right.  If you cannot trust a company like this who can you trust?

  1. BLEEDING “STOMACH”  ULCERS: Look at this quote from a recent AARP publication regarding NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)  of which aspirin,  thanks to Bayer’s markeing efforts,  is the most popular.  “Causes of ulcers:  USE OF NONSTEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUGS (NSAIDS). Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are painkillers that many people use for headaches, sore muscles, arthritis, and menstrual cramps. Many NSAIDs are available without prescriptions. Common NSAIDS include aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), flurbiprofen (Ansaid, Ocufen), ketoprofen(Orudis), and indomethacin (Indacin). Chronic NSAID users have 40 times the risk of developing a gastric ulcer as nonusers. Users are also three times more likely than nonusers to develop bleeding or fatal complications of ulcers. Aspirin is the most likely NSAID to cause ulcers.”  (The red is my emphasis… the facts are from AARP and research.)   Oh… did you doctor forget to tell you about this?
  2. BAYER’S CRIMINAL ACTIONS LEADING TO DEATH:  In the late 1970s Bayer sold drugs for hemophilia that killed thousands by giving them HIV infections. They sold it under the name of its Cutter Biological division. The medicine was made using pools of plasma from 10,000 or more donors, and since HIV at that time couldn’t be screened out, the plasma carried a high risk of passing along the disease, which they knew. In January 1983, the manager of plasma procurement for Bayer’s Cutter Biological division acknowledged in a letter that “There is strong evidence to suggest that AIDS is passed on to other people through … plasma products.  Cutter then developed a new heat treated product that was selling well for Cutter.  However Cutter company meeting notes show that “There is excess nonheated inventory”, which resulted in the company deciding to “review international markets again to determine if more of this product can be sold.”  Cutter decided to sell millions of dollars of the older, potentially deadly,  medicine to Asia and Latin America while selling the new, safer product in the West, to avoid being stuck with large stores of a product that was proving increasingly unmarketable. According to Wikipedia, In late 1984, when a Hong Kong distributor asked Cutter about the newer product, records show that Cutter asked the distributor to “use up stocks” of the old medicine before switching to its “safer, better” product.”   As I see it,  this is the Nazi view of the world; after all  what is killing a few thousand defective people when that helps the ‘perfect’ people survive and make profits.
  3. BLEEDING IN YOUR BRAIN AND EYES:  As a practicing eye doctor with 40 years experience,  I have seen numerous patients with bleeding in their eyes and the only likely cause being the daily aspirin they have been sold on taking!   I also noticed that regular aspirin users had cataracts at an earlier age. I long ago warned my patients NOT to take aspirin on their own choice,  unless their medical doctor insisted on it; that is,  not to take it just because others are buying into this aspirin miracle paradigm.  My concern was simple,  if it is causing bleeding in their eyes,  and the eye is part of the brain,  then what damage is it doing to their mind!  Here is a couple of links to this information:  One,  Two, Three, Four.  Oh… yes when a doctor tells you the risk is low, think again.  Over a two year period,  people on low dose aspirin had double the risk of a stroke leading to permanent disability!
  4. EVEN RESEARCH OF THE AMERICAN MEDIAL ASSOCIATION DOES NOT PROMOTE ROUTINE ASPIRIN! Journal Of The American Medical Association (Jama) – a Quote:  ” Conclusions:   Despite important reductions in nonfatal MI (heart attacks), aspirin prophylaxis in people without prior CVD (heart and blood vessel disease)  does not lead to reductions in either cardiovascular death or cancer mortality. Because the benefits are further offset by clinically important bleeding events, routine use of aspirin for primary prevention is not warranted and treatment decisions need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.”  (The red is mine for emphasis!)
  5. BAYER’S SULFA DRUGS LINKED TO BIRTH DEFECTS:  Yet another product of Bayer and other  Nazi Era German companies.  Should you trust a company with this record?
  6. WHEN SHOULD YOU TAKE ASPIRIN? – If you have serious cardiovascular disease AND your doctor feels you need aspirin as a blood thinner – then it may be of value.  It is not to say there is NO value to aspirin.  But you need to know that it is being hyped for profit by a company that, in my opinion,  views you as expendable.

The promotion of aspirin as the healthy choice for millions of Americans is a dangerous deceit.  It is not that aspirin has no use; it is that hyping aspirin as the miracle cure for cancer  to heart disease,  will cause the premature death and disability of many of our loved ones.  Taking care of your health and not expecting magic from a pill is the better choice.  Busy doctors rushing patients in and out of their offices with nothing to offer but a prescription pad for chemicals, like aspirin, are a great disservice to America!  Bayer is delighted to make money from this pathetic and failing health care system.  In the mean time,  you and your family can be the victims.