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Finding good bacteria to combat bad bacteria may be lots smarter then antibiotics.……does this reminds you of probiotiçs? You can teach science new tricks!



What If You Are All Insane? And I can prove it!

What is insanity? By some definitions it is doing the same thing over and over again and insaneexpecting different results!  By this criteria, I believe,  we have all chosen to be insane!  Not only that but we work on perfecting it every day!  Over many years I have worked on not being like that; but, it takes effort and alienation from things like TV.  Then people really think you are crazy!

What causes insanity?  It started years ago when we all gathered together to kill animals, and then each other. In essence when we chose to form a consensual view of reality; when we chose to agree and do the same thing over and over for its mutual benefit.   Does mutual benefit and reproducible results indicate truth or sanity?   We might argue that even though we do things over and over, we don’t expect different results (most of the time).  I think that is debatable.  Consider this example:  When we  want to get healthy and our MD tells we have high blood pressure, we take a pill to lower it.  However,  even though we get the predicted outcome of lower BP,  when they test us; we get side effects.  For example if you are at risk for glaucoma and have high eye pressures,  you are more likely to go blind while taking BP pills!  Is this getting healthy?  I am not playing with words here.  We did NOT take the BP pill to lower our blood pressure. We took it to stay healthy and it can’t be healthy if it is blinding you.  A lot of things the church of science teaches us to do, if not everything, causes side effects! So the chief prophets of the church of science could be called false prophets.  Why do we  follow them over and over again?

The birth of the Church of science, “ultimate truth”, defines realty! We likely first found that hunting animals as a team (instead of competing) created more kills with less of us being killed! This was possibly the first law of our new science.  Kinda’ like saying,  “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  Then came the obvious value of establishing a religion.  It helped created good solid leadership and fun animal sacrifices (as long as you were not the animal).   This also neatly  helped us define who was “us” and why we were unlike them, as defined by religious belief, so that we could kill them in God’s name and be guilt free! Now we had ultimate truth, defined by the church of God;  but,  soon to be stolen by the church of science.

Einstein on insanityFinally, the church of science had ultimate success by overthrowing all of religion at once by  “being right,” according to itself.  Well, at least they subtly created and taught us a consensual reality that said they were right,  after many of them were crucified, beheaded, stoned to death or burned at the steak!  A lot to go through just to be right, but at last they are the defining foundation of  our current concept of reality. It is no longer God and his mystery; after all,  the New York Times said, “God Is Dead!” So if science defines reality and religion with its theology is relegated to a dusty corner with kid’s imaginary friends, it is all settled? No, it is all insane!  On this world wide stage where science reigns supreme, you are all being dragged along the way by mass hypnosis to insanity. Don’t believe me? Read on….

Recognizing insanity is like alcoholism, first you must realize that you are insane before you can even consider doing anything about it.  An alcoholic cannot stop drinking because they believe they are not doing anything wrong until they see +themselves doing it over and over and notice they cannot stop because they are addicted.  So, lets see if your belief in science and all it teaches is a comforting addiction like alcohol.  When you get up each morning do you rely on scientific “facts”  to make you more comfortable?  Well that is clearly true!  You wash your face with soap and water because you know about germs.  You use toothpaste because you know about stopping cavities. You eat foods with labels telling you about vitamins and fiber. ….. it goes on an on.  Now if there is a “real”  reality and science is its true prophet, then you are going to succeed and it appears that you do!  However, as we are discovering, every law of science that we follow has negative consequences for each positive is claims.  Lets look at washing your face.  Simple no?  Not really as we are now learning that removing the biofilm that covers your skin with handy dandy bactericidal soaps exposes your body to dangerous bacteria that could otherwise not take root in your body!  Toothpaste appears to prevent cavities however, the fluoride used to strengthen teeth may in fact cause cancer.  The “foods”  that are manufactured and “enriched” with great things to add to the “inspiring contents label”, cause diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes. The do this  by filling your body with carbohydrates and sugars that may make you “feel good” temporarily but damage your bodies insulin resistance!  Whoops! Should we behead the false prophet or stone them to death?  If we do,  what will we have?  Are these just a few odd examples and  is all of science really resting on bedrock that will not crack in an earthquake?   I will tell you NOT!   For every action that science recommends, you will see a negative consequence.  Just listen to the “wonderful”  drug ads on TV. Do you still refuse to be convinced that you are addicted to a comforting reality that has a false prophet?  I could show you examples for hours but that is boring.  Consider this, if you know a truth then you can apply it with full understanding.  However, if you know a trick that looks true but is used  for manipulating and hypnotizing us as the Pharaoh’s of  ancient Egypt’s magicians did, you will create snakes from wood staffs and see your’s consumed by Moses’ real snake.  In essence the truth should set you free not give you more problems like a deal with the devil that requires the payback of your soul.

What if we read about things that are outside the box we live in?  Could it redfine our reality? Could it make us start to realize that some foundational premises of science may be very mistaken or false!  Doesn’t science teach us to always question anyway? What would be a more accurate reality and give you a better chance at sanity?  Lets consider some amazing but true research.  Remember in the 70’s the cult of Pyramid Power?  I recall seeing a guy wearing a pyramid on his head in a restaurant. These “nutty” people believed that a pyramid had some magical power just because of stories reporting miracles that occurred in the great pyramid of Giza.

russian_fiberglass_pyramidDr John DeSalvo, Phd heads the Pyramid research association and through this has described amazing Russian research into the power of pyramids.   One of the Russian researchers he shared information about is Dr Golod who built many huge fiberglass pyramids in Russia. Here are a few of the long list of benefits found when objects were placed in these metal free pyramids:

  • Immune system of organisms improved (blood leukocyte composition increased).
    improved regeneration of tissue
  • seeds stored in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield
  • soon after construction of the Lake Seliger pyramid a marked improvement of the ozone was noted above the area
  • seismic activity near the pyramid research areas are reduced in severity and size
  • violent weather also appears to decrease in the vicinity of the pyramids

The problem here is this does NOT fit at all with our views of reality and so we say they are fraudulent. However, check out the credentials of those who claim to document these phenomena.

Lets next consider the research of Dr Peter Gariaev who has studied wave genetics.  When Dr Gariaev shot a beam of mild laser light at a DNA sample in a crystal container, he found Golden gene in DNAthat the DNA soaked up laser light photons like a sponge and then stored them in a spiral like restructuring of its chain. He watched this happen by using a device so sensitive that it could detect single photons.  If this is not interesting enough, something far more amazing happened when he removed the DNA and its quartz container.  Now the photon detector kept reporting that the spiral of DNA (which was no longer there) was still emitting the photons it has absorbed and this lasted for up to 30 days!   A possible explanation is that there exists an energy field that we cannot see or sense that holds a duplicate of the DNA molecule, one that perhaps is responsible for the very existence of the DNA and all matter.  Dr Gariaev tried blasting the area where the DNA was with shots of liquid nitrogen; however, the phantom DNA kept coming back!  This experiment was in some ways corroborated in the USA by R. Pecora in 1990, but received almost no publicity. Today there is speculation amongst our current theoretical physicists that the “empty” space of our universe holds precursor atoms that create the atoms we see in our universe. This is needed in quantum physics to explain how particles pop in and out of existence at the subatomic level. Does this sound a bit like something that might account for the phantom DNA?

Another fascinating experiment, that redefines our view of reality,  was done by Fritz-Albert Popp, and was reported on in one of my favorite books, “The Field” by Lynne McTaggert. What makes some substances carcinogenic and others benign, even though they are cancerchemically similar? In 1970, Fritz-Albert Popp, a German theoretical biophysicist, discovered that benzo[a]pyrene, a potent carcinogen, absorbs ultraviolet light at one wavelength and emits it at another. Yet, benzo[e]pyrene, a benign compound that is nearly identical to benzo[a]pyrene, absorbs and re-emits the same light at its original wavelength. Popp tested 37 different chemicals. The carcinogens “scrambled” light with a wavelength of 380 nanometers.  He then found if you irradiate cells with enough UV light to destroy most of the cell a short pulse of UV afterwards allows the cells to almost fully recover.  This worked best if the UV pulse was in the 380 nanometer range that cancer cells absorb and scramble!

What does this and hundreds of other examples tell us?  They tell us that our current concept of physics does not accurately describe reality.  They tell us that we should question everything we consider  “proven.”  They tell us we should strive to think out side the box memorizeand not let Ad Men on TV sell us on what they claim is how we should live, eat and sleep. In fact, I strongly suggest that to improve your quality of life you tell ComCast to shove the TV service and begin living a life of sanity that you chose rather than one sold you by ad men on TV. Sanity can be a fun experience.






‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term

In my Sci-Fi story,  “Not Kid’s Games” we explore the potential magic of mystical psychedelic drugs used for centuries in Shaman like experience.   Here in this interesting article a few years later, it seems that some of the magic my mystical story has found some new friends.

Health & Family

The psychedelic drug in magic mushrooms may have lasting medical and spiritual benefits, according to new research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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Why Medical Doctors Are Becoming Drug Pushers

A few years ago I went skiing with a few traditional  medical doctors.  I am a holistic practitioner in a specialty field, eye care.  DrugPUshers freestockphotos When we were all unpacked at the Mt Snow ski lodge we had rented,  we sat down for a cup of hot cider before our first ski run.

To my surprise,  one of the doctors started handing out pills labeled Acetazolamide,  a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.  It is linked to some cases of Liver Disease, aplastic anemia and other issues, though not frequently.  I mentioned this concern and they guy with the bottle in his hand laughed.  He said the odds were about  1 in 10,000 or less that you might get aplastic anemia taking it.

I happen to ride a motorcycle and I knew that the fatality rate driving a bike was  35  per 100 million miles of travel. It quickly occurred to me I was MUCH safer riding my motorcycle. Considering that most motorcycle fatalities are  due to young kids racing on their bikes in traffic, the odds were even better. They all took the pills and I did not.  I had pondered the difference in our perspective for years, whenever I shared the story.  A few weeks ago, an ex-drug addict came in to see me and helped clarify what had happened.

This gentleman, who was now in his late 50’s,  told me that when he was growing up his divorced mom would walk around the house with a tall glass of vodka clasped tightly to her chest.  Naturally, he drank and became an alcoholic at an early age; after all, this was modeled for him as normal behavior.  He grew up in a tough neighborhood and quickly switched to cocaine and then  other drugs.  He spent a lot of his life in rehabs and misery, finally he caught on and managed to get free of drugs.

What occurred to me after listening to his story was that the doctors I went skiing with were surrounded by the drug culture Take A Drink - free stockphotosthat doctors and nurses assume is normal.  Life revolves around taking risks with drugs, after all you are taught to think risk-benefits  but deluded to thinking that the serious risks are minimal.  Why?  Well what keeps a gambler gambling?  It is the lack of real understanding of what the odds mean.  The odds mean that the house will always win long term.

Doctors become drug pushers when they forget that people can make choices to live without drugs by changing their diets and lifestyles.  If not in a week  it may be over a year or more.  Small steps are worth taking if they minimize drug dependency risks and the life threatening scenarios that drugs offer.  I think all medial doctors need to have a yearly course in how not to fall for the drug culture and how to work with psychologists or psychotherapists to help patients get healthy rather than become medical drug addicts.

Janr Ssor

Radicals Should Use Germ Warfare Before We Develop Antibiotics!

Germ warfare in a milder form can be food poisoning. Have you ever had food poisoning?  When you do,  you would rather die then live in that state of suffering.  It goes on and on for hours and the hours seem like days.  You sense that every orifice of your body is discharging something and doing it violently. You are so nauseous that you want to be unconscious. It feels like someone is sticking an ice pick into your head and twisting it Imageslowly. Did I miss something? Unfortunately I have personal experience with this.

Admittedly most of us survive this germ caused poisoning, so it is not a fair comparison to the germ warfare that some nations have used and most have banned. Antibiotics may be of help in some germ warfare events and they can be used in some rare cases of bacterial food poisonings. Actually antibiotics can worsen food poisoning and so they are rarely used.  Why are we talking about food poisoning?  Read on…

When I was on a trip with some friends, I got food poisoning. My friend, Dr Michael Gazsi, is a naturopath and he recommended that I take small handfuls of probiotics every 15 minutes as a treatment.  I did this and it worked amazingly well!  The next day I asked how this worked? He said the probiotics competed with the “bad” bacteria for food and space in my gut. As a result of the huge quantities of probiotics I was taking,  the “bad” bacteria had no place to settle and little food to consume.  They were starved to death and pushed out my gut.  He said the problem with modern western medicine was that they used antibiotics to kill off “bad” bacteria and in the process created the frightening infections like MRSA infections that killed patients in hospitals. In essence antibiotics create super bugs! Real germ warfare.

It occurred to me that if this works so well for food poisoning,  why not use it for other conditions?  It is very likely that most “bad” bacteria have an anti-bacteria and many of these may be very tolerable by humans.  Why?  Well, there are some people who tolerate bad foods while other’s get very sick.  It seems possible that they have a gut helper like my friends probiotics. If we can identify them we can use them.

Here is an example: My friend Dr Pavel Mihok,  pickles his own vegetables.  He taught me how.  You basically take (un-sprayed organic) vegetables,  wash off the dirt with plain water (no soap) and pack them tightly in a big jar.  Then you add spices like garlic, black pepper etc for flavoring.  Finally you fill it with water and a fair amount of salt.  I use a jar called a pickle meister,  that has a valve to keep bacteria from getting in from the surrounding air.  Then you let it sit for about 5 days and it pickles itself.  What pickles the veggies is the Natural Multiple forms of bacteria that exist in earth that has not been poisoned by pesticide and synthetic fertilizers.  In essence, you will have a lot of bacteria that have evolved to be part of you as you evolved!  These bacteria will protect your body from infection and disease and even digest foods you cannot into vitamins and nutrients that make you healthy!   These are the original probiotics you can read about in the bible; it is the fermentation they used to preserve food thousands of years ago. We adapted to these bacteria and them to us!  They are the real safe germ warfare you want!

If you want to do this,  be sure you read all the details of how to do this safely.  It is easy but you need information.  So become a radical and break away from the toxic way of living that we call the American diet!   This is one step in the right direction and the best use of germ warfare.


Past Life Regression – A Case Study By Saundra Blum



In December of 2005, a client came to me presenting symptoms of severe migraine headaches. During a history intake she informed me that since her baby had been born, three months earlier, she had been getting 17 migraines a week. When asked when she first remembered getting the first migraine in this life, she recounted it happening at the onset of her first mensuration. However, she would only get them once a month and only one day of her period.

The client told me she had been to many doctors, especially neurologist, to seek their help. They found nothing organically wrong with her and only offered pain killers. She felt that they didn’t help and that she could not function with her new baby in this pain. When a headache would come on she would have to go to bed, with blinds shut and the room darkened. Often she would vomit due to the pain. She said these made her feel “trapped.”

I received additional history about her family, her husband and the child birth, none of which sounded suspicious regarding the headaches.


We agreed that I would put her under hypnosis and ask that she go to the root of the migraines, to see what was causing them.

When under, my client went into a past lifetime around the early 1800s. She saw herself living in a small house in the country, on a farm. When asked to look back over the first 10 years of her life to see if anything significant happened, she contracted, and started crying. She said her father had raped her after her mother past away. She became pregnant, feeling “trapped” and ashamed. She stayed at home most of the time doing chores and disassociating to cope. Through breath work and visualization I had her release the feeling of being “trapped” and the deep shame she carried. She was 13 years old when this happened.

As I progressed her further to 15 years old,  she saw herself walking in town with her baby. Feeling out of her body, she got hit by a horse and wagon, hitting her head on the street and dying. Death came so fast she had no time to think of anything before she died.

I took her to find a guide in the spiritual dimension so we could ask some questions. When she found her guide we asked how that life affected her mirgranes in this life .

We were told that the rape, pregnancy, and death were all tied together. The head trauma at death resulted as she carried the trauma of conception. this explained why she presented with headaches both at menstruation and after child birth.  The body ‘s cellular memory was triggered by her connection to age and the conception of her baby. conception and head trauma once again revisited.


My client called several months after our session to inform me that her migraines had disappeared but that she occasionally still gets headaches.

When we asked her guide how many lifetimes does she need to release from to clear the headaches, we were told 3 more.

My client can now function as a mother and wife, without feeling ‘trapped”, or in severe pain. she will be coming to me to do the other 3 lifetimes so we can clear all of her headaches.

My client’s doctors are amazed that she no longer suffers from her migraines.