Religion Is What Keeps The Poor From Murdering The Rich

Napoleon Bonaparte said “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”  Is that so today? Why did Napoleon believe this? Perhaps it was because he was thinking that the church was wealthy and the people poor?  This was indeed so back then and is pretty much true now.  The creation of disproportionate wealth was also true for  kings and other dictators then and now. Was his statement based on his historical understanding of the tenuous position that ruthless, selfish rulers had historically often created for themselves?

He certainly knew that the poor vastly outnumbered the rich and if they truly became aware of  their potential power, they could  possibly  take from the rich whatever they wanted.

I wonder if Napoleon would be surprised at the events of today?   Would it surprise him to see that madmen,  blinded by religious fervor and the rhetoric of power hungry clerics, use the power of  our modern day and ancient weapons to slaughter the common and innocent (not the wealthy)  in the name of what they call try to call “god.”

Would it amaze him to hear empowered leaders of nation states deny the very history their fathers had experienced? Liars are a common lot in history. But revisionists, daring to deny the history of their very fathers generation, in an era of instant communications, takes the art of lying to a new height.

I wish it was only the words of  Ahmadinejad  that made fools of his country and his fellow citizens in denying the holocaust, in recent history.  The videos of the Nuremberg trials and the newsreels  they showed,  during testimony,  are still fresh in the minds of free men (perhaps not the Millennials who appear to have missed a lot in their history classes). Unfortunately lying to your people is not just an Iranian phenomena.  Clinton, of course,  did not “have sex” in the oval office.  Nixon had his view of the story.  Bush may have intentionally exaggerated the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Those average people who live in North Korea, believe they have the best quality of life in the world, I am told. The mind police make sure this is so.

Perhaps, today we must try to assess the size of the lie and seek comfort in this distinction, though I find this personally unsatisfactory.  Possibly,  this may  have meaning for some.  Man is not perfect and when confronted with the public evisceration of  his ego, it is likely politicians, whose self esteem are buoyed up on the seas of opinion, will seek to lie (and for lots less than ego disembowelment).

Clinton may have lied about his sex life,  for which we would not seek to have him executed. Ahmadinejad however lied about the history of the most brutal destruction of 12 million people, that the main perpetrators themselves do not deny!  Well…. the Japanese have trouble with admitting to their mass rape stations they happily called “comfort stations.”   The Iranian people don’t have it so bad economically and so don’t want to lose what they have!  They have the profits of oil.  To rise up and take back their nation which is now controlled  by liars and religious fanatics however requires need and belief in what you can achieve.  I think the need is lacking, from their perspective, and perhaps we have “fallen from grace” as a role model to follow.  Just look at the pathetic quality of the candidates we have to vote for in the upcoming election! There are some really good liars here too.

Perhaps it is Iranian religion or the fear of  others who they do not know at their mosque,  that terrorists-feeforuse-googlekeeps the people from removing  their dictatorial and  fanatical  leadership.  Communist Russians feared expression when they did not know who they were talking to, so they learned double speak or did not speak out at all.  On the other hand, what model would Iranians seek if they did rise up and remove their leadership?  When we vanquished the iron fisted terror and torture of Saddam Hussein did that lead to a better land? Did these vastly different religious groups decide to work together or did the power vacuum create chaos?

Is our current national evolution and today’s American leadership a model,  something that everyone worldwide should be striving for?  In my experience of 70 years, we have certainly lost much of what made America great!  Because of hope and greater freedom,  I for one would not choose to live anywhere else; however, for people unaccustomed to more free choices and dreams of success, it might lead to chaos as we have seen in Iraq and elsewhere. I recall going to college 50 years ago and seeing this first hand. The first year sorted out who would stay. Children from homes where parents ruled with an iron fist and a leather strap, went crazy without that discipline. They were out drunk,  having sex, without thought of consequences, and rarely studying with any regularity, many failed and dropped out quickly.  Those who came from liberal homes, where parents let them learn self discipline (learn from their own mistakes) were no different at college than at home, for the most part they did just fine.  They did not require an authoritarian parent watching over them!

So back to the original question. What keeps the poor from murdering the rich?  I don’t see that religion is the answer, though it may play a part in it.  I think a good part of  it is the belief  that the poor have that they don’t have it so bad,  the belief that it could be worse in the hands of other leaders and the belief in whatever history they choose to believe in to support their chosen stagnation.  A great example of this is what Al Capone said after his conviction:  When convicted of heinous crimes, Al Capone said,  “All I did was try to provide the lighter pleasures for my countrymen and for that I live the life of a hunted man!”  He believed this, because it supported his ego, his belief that he was the “good guy.”  I think we accept pathetic leadership because we don’t believe we can do better and neither do they.  We all deceive ourselves, at least today, because that is how we gratify our egos!

One of the biggest problems today is the same that existed in the past, despite the power of hank-paulson-labeledforreuseinstant communication.  People don’t believe they know the truth,  they just pick what truth they want to believe. With that kind of truth and little self belief in empowerment powerful people can do anything they wish and get away with it.  They can even make us think that this is as it has been and how it should be.  If we want to keep the little we have carefully hidden under our mattress we don’t want change!  After all If  AIG and Goldman Sachs are still the financial “hereos” on Wall St. any lie will do if well presented. Hank Paulson helped our country fall into hundreds of billions of dollars of debt and yet he is still a free man.  I don’t think religion is protecting the wealthy or the corporate cronyism of our corrupt congress and corporations,  it is more like disinformation (the quick version of revisionism) and a fear of losing the last grains of wheat in our grimy clutching hands.

Even more powerful than disinformation, there is the modern version of “Let them eat cake.”


This version is meant to be literally true as its power was early on recognized by Shakespeare, “Caesar: Let me have men about me that are fat, Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights. Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look, He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.”  There is nothing like a welfare check to keep the “masses” in control.  Religious conviction is the hope of reward but reward is the hope in today’s deceitful politicians.

……….. Janr Ssor






I Am God, Thou Shalt Hear Me! A Dream?

I am God!  I will prove it to you and you will listen.  When you are sure I am right, you will ignore what I am cI am godommanding of you even though you know I am God, speaking from the hand of meare writer.  Then what you will do is as you have always done, you will build a Golden Calf and ignore my words. If the majority of you do so, then you will reap the consequences as you have done before!

I am here to speak to you, America, you to whom I have given such grace and such opportunity!  You who have so disappointed me!  No nation on Earth has risen to such WWiiflagaisingheights and fallen to such abysmal depths!  You sanctified my name with the death of your Fathers, all that a God can ask of his children. They marched to sure death on the beaches of Normandy and hallowed my name! I cried as they died and I love you and in their name! I blessed you from sea to shining sea and you sang of it.  You rose to such heights because you knew the truth and  accepted it!  You made a convent with me that all men should be free. You made a covenant with me to recognized that all men are sovereign and you would have no kings or Gods above me! You wrote in on every wall, upon your money and even repeated it when your rose up and when you laid down.

Then you broke your promise as all nations before you;  you became greedy and pronosearchmaterialistic.  You sent your youth out to war not for your fellow man but for your newly anointed Idols; your corporations that you now name as living beings! In their name your soldier’s march down the path to hell!  Their cadent march shattering the foundations of your grace. Your blessings then began to tremor with the rhythm of your marching millions! America is falling with your march to hell as all mountains before you have done. The living Earth shakes off its infestations.  You know I am right for I am God.  You know you are wrong because it is clear to you that you fear what you have allowed grow in your presence! When you look upon your innocent children, You fear that your children will learn of your depravity from your media, your voice, your creation, your expectation!  You have no pride left yet you take no action. It’s too late when you see your son come home with a mind that will be forever twisted from the hell you have sent him to. It’s too late when your daughters pay their way with their flesh exposed for all to see.  Yet you lie on your couch drinking your wine and sleeping just fine…. as if it will not happen to you.

Forget the prayers, forget the priests and rabbis, I do not listen to any!  I listen only to the cadence of your marching as one nation, for that is truth. Words do not charm me!  Prayers cannot harm me!  I taught your ancestors to create  justice and I gave them life long enough for wisdom!  Was it not the mighty Romans who learned to break step with the devil on loveneighborcrossing a bridge or else fall from the heights to hell?  They are as dust beneath your feet, as the idolized their Emperor.  Do you not learn from their mistakes?  All my lessons stand before you and they endlessly fall on deaf ears.

You disgrace and dishonor the “the great generation,” your fathers, who rose to such heights!  The rose to defend the one thing that matters my Commandment, to love thy neighbor as they self.   They laid down their life to honor our covenant; but, you lay down at night to ignore your neighbor’s plight!

As I did for Nineva, I send forth my emissary to call you.  They call you to sit in sackcloth and ashes. Recall  that the material wealth and sensuality you strive for will bring down your temple as did my power in the hands of Sampson.  You still have a chance, the doors to  forgiveness are still open but they are closing fast!  Look around you, do you not see the signs of destruction? Look with your eyes and your heart and forget the technology, the media, you are so proud of!  You have a mind, you have a heart, look within! Don’t head the call of the kings you have enthroned! They enslave you and lead you down the path to destruction. Look inward and find me! Then march to the cadence of the drum beat of your heart and the shaking bridges you cross over stormy water will not fail you!  But, should you lie in comfort, eat the abundance of the Earth and pray for salvation, I will truly let you fall!

You will rest when you have left this life, but as long as you are physically alive, I will only treeoflibertyhear the prayers of those who help themselves!   If your fathers, the Great Generation, marched into bullets, how hard is it for you to rise up on your way home from a days work and with your neighbor fight, with your last ounce of strength,  for your sovereignty!

Recognizing that each and everyone one of you are Sovereign, turn off the media that has lead you down this path! Refuse to watch TV! You have no nation to go to war with as your enemy is already within your borders.  Your government should be you servant, not your master.  Any government that answers to the Gods of power, the Kings of corporations that dictate your future, must be recognized as a tyrant!

Now I will prove to you that I am God and many of you will still go and build your Golden Calf once more!  And if it be that your nation will do so, from sea to shining sea your mountains will tremble and fall to the sea and amber waves of grain be seen no more.

Know thee that there is but one God and I am as all prophets have said, within!  You hear godwithinmy voice as clear as sunshine when you close your eyes and ask, how can I love my neighbor?  I am within you, not without!  You absolutely know for sure. You need have NO faith because you know, there can be no other way. From without is the rule of man, from withing is the word of God.  I have spoken before to you from the lips of many wise men.  Those who were true prophets spoke my words,  “the Kingdom Of God Is Within” and added nothing more.

Why will so many of you build a Golden Calf?  Because it is easier to worship metal that reflects the light of my sun. Then you will lie on your couch and pray for what I will not give you.

What if you should you rise up and march to the beat of your heart in masses,  that justly guyfawkescause fear in the the new Kings who have taken command of your nation, then as I was with the Israelites in the face of Giants, so will I be with you!

I am God, you shall have no other God before me! In your heart you know me.  I do not ask you to kill others in my name! I ask you to love all in my name!  And on that day when your captains of industry fall and you rise up to love they brothers, then I will bring peace, prosperity and grace to your free nation of sovereign people. I will make you abundant as the grains of sand on the shore. You have my  power, when you turn within and ignore the call from without!  There is no name for the worship of God but the name of God!  I am within not in the temples, not in the churches and not in the mosques, not without, not in the great institutions of learning,  not in the great fires of Industry and its slave labor!  I am within, you know me but you  hide from me.

I am your God!  I promise you all you will need and abundant joy!  All you need do is rise up and toss away the chains of slavery that you wear each day and each night!  Do you not feel the Earth trembling beneath your feet?  It is I!  Go and tend to your crops in the Garden of Eden and feed your nation as your fathers did for if not you will vanish from the Earth by your own hands, while lying in your bed in imagined comfort!

How do you know I am God?  I am God because a true God does not want followers,  he want leaders!   It is when you are followers that you fall from Grace!  I asked that you be a light unto Nations!  Be one,  each and every one of you!  I do not want followers.  He who does is a false God!  God is within, Lead!  March into the hail of bullets, knowing you cannot die, for I am God and I am within! All I want for you is joy but it comes from within when you go out and lead from within where you find me.  I am God, I am within.

GodI have no name because you cannot call yourself when you find me within! You need know only one law from my 10 to find perfection, “love thy neighbor as thy self’ by standing up for their sovereignty.

……………………. a late night dream, you have known, a late night dream you choose to forget!