Your skin is not the boundary of your body, there is none!

Scientists have discovered that the bacteria in your gut is similar all across the world much like blood types – I have a different take on this!

Dr Peer Bork found what he calls 3 EnteroTypes by sequencing the gut bacterial DNA.  These  bacteria help with digestion, absorption of nutrition and even help manufacture vitamins we need to stay alive.  In essence, the types of bacteria that live in our gut vastly affect our naked-459711_640health.  It makes me wonder if our naked skin really defines the borders of our bodies as it does for many of us viewing the picture on the right.

Many of us who are focused on holistic health care,  have paid attention to this ill defined body boundary as we use probiotics to heal illness and damage done by Antibiotics.   In fact a holistic alternative approach to treating food poisoning is huge doses of probiotics (gut bacteria) to crowd out the “bad” ones in the spoiled food that are now in our gut. The “bad” ones then cannot grow and are eliminated.

Note too,  that there are an estimated  100 trillion microbes in our gut, and yet our body is made up of about 10 trillion cells.  In other words we have 10 times more microbes in our bodies than “our supposedly own body cells!”

Here is something I want you to think about!  If we have more “bacterial” cells in our body then “body cells,”  which is our real body?    Now don’t decide to quickly!  We tend to  define our body by what we view as our physically attached cells that work as organs and as a team with the rest of our bodies structures.  Guess what,  the gut bacteria are physically attached to us and they work as part of the team.  Yes, they can live outside our bodies if the environment is right but, So What!  Heart cells transplanted to a petri dish with the right nutrients can continue beating for years. It has been done.

The next time you take an antibiotic casually to “help” kill of a persistent cold,  keep in mind that you are destroying the cells of  your body that make up your gut!  The truth about reality is that it must constantly be re-defined based upon the growth of human knowledge and anatomy gut bacteriaunderstanding.  Never,  Never,  Never think of the boundaries of your body as the skin over your bones.  If you do,  you may carelessly poison your body and ruin your life and that of your loved ones.  We are one with the world in more than the mystical sense shared by the “Hippy Drama” of the 1960’s or the “Tree Huggers” of the 21st century.    Think Big,  Never Believe That Anything Is A Proven Fact, Always Question, Always Grow… just as you did when you were 6 years old.

Consider a new approach to staying healthy, consume more bacteria rather than less…..   Just make sure it is the right type!

Janr Ssor


Staying Healthy By Choosing “Germs!”

My mom always through out food that started to grow moldy.   But we all know that Penicillin is a mold that saved millions of lives. Grapes that are rotten with mold are bad to eat but when their cousins the yeasts get them, we get wine,which in moderation is healthy.  

Last year my friend  Dr. Pavel Mihok brought all sorts of food delicacies to a meeting of alternative health care doctors which gather monthly.  One of those foods was a variety of vegetables in salt water that he let sit so it could grow bacteria.  There were, carrots, onions, cucumbers, cauliflower and green tomatoes.  These were what our ancestors called pickles or pickled vegetables.  I tried them and was instantly hooked.  Would you have tried them?  Well,  if you know Pavel, he is a smart guy and you can trust his judgment, so it was not big decision.  One of my favorites was the pickled carrots!  The jar was filled with simply salt water, veggies and the natural bacteria that was on them . The secret is that the salt water kills off the “bad germs”  and promotes the growth of the “good germs”  which are what we call probiotics!  Probiotics are what yogurt manufacturers sell you as healthy for your digestion. You can buy pills that are made of probiotics too. These good bugs help you stay healthy.

Most probiotic pills  contain no more than 10 billion good bacteria.  One serving of fermented vegetables can contain 10 times as much! Fermented foods also give you a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria, especially the ones we have evolved with and are most compatible with.

The bottom line is make your own!  It takes about 6 days to make a gallon jug that you can keep in the fridge for months!  It will save you lots of MONEY and keep you healthy,  which you can put no price tag on.  Here is a link to the Pickle Meister, a turnkey system for making your homemade pickles quickly and safely.

Janr Ssor