Ubuntu 12.04 Beautiful but still a few small bugs!

I just upgraded an old computer with a new power supply, etc.  I wiped windows xp and installed   Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) and added a 15″  LCD monitor, speakers and printer/scanner.   I have installed 12.04 on two computers now.  I install Ubuntu to Upgrade older computers that are no longer fast enough for my doctor’s office.  With Ubuntu they work better, faster and have access to literally Thousands Of Dollars worth of free programs.  Then I donate them through a 2nd party to a needy family.Image

I am a Big Fan of Ubuntu for many reasons and you can find other posts I have written on my Janr Ssor authors page  to tell you why.   However, there are issues with 12.04 and Nvidia graphics cards (I believe).  My computer with Nvidia,  would not display the start up,  3D, Unity Menu System.  However,  it works fine in 2D,  which is just not as pretty.  Nevertheless there are many many reasons to wipe windows and install Ubuntu on Your Computer.  If you are very conservative,  you can even install Ubuntu as a windows App and when you realize how much better it is than windows,  wipe windows and regain your hard disk space… if you wish.