Swine Flu- Bird Flu – New Flu

It Could Kill One Out Of Every Three Americans.  In 1918, the Spanish Flu killed, by some estimates, 100 Million people worldwide cutter-man-1374898_640in its pandemic spread. For perspective consider that if it was in the US alone, one out of every 3 Americans would die!

Factory Farming Could Wipe Out A Nation!  We know that animal disease has the potential to cross species boundaries and so become a source of Human Misery and Death.  It is inevitable that we will have this on rare occasions because of farming. More recently because of Factory Farming the  threat has gone far worse! 38,000,000 chickens were slaughtered in American in 2015, to stop the spread of Avian Flu.

What Derivatives Did To Our Economy, Nearly Kill It – Unfettered Science Could To Do To Your Life, Kill You!  When you destroy the natural boundaries to the spread of deadly disease, it becomes rampant.  Normally a less healthy animal that gets a disease dies at a distance from others; but, not in factory farms. Distance between infected animals is essential To prevent mass infection. Do you want to sit in a room with dozens of people infected with flu coughing and sneezing around you?  Despite its long argued ban, scientists are at it again, breeding chimeras.  Chimeras are monstrosities made of part human and part animal cells. It is now possible to do this!  With chimeras the boundaries between animals  and humans that kept animal disease from infecting humanity is gone!  Viri that could only live in a dog’s body at a body temperature of 102 degrees can quickly adapt to human cells in that chimera’s body and now infect humans!

pandoras-box-google-images-for-reuseChimeras Art The Key To Pandora’s Box – once you open the door you will never be able to put the diseases back.  Population control might never be an issue again and humanity might cease to exists on most of the Earth.  Is it scientific curiosity of just greed that is funding chimera creation and the potential for Pandemics? I don’t know the answer; but, until we learn to control the dangers of unfettered greed, our destruction by  terrorism is far too small a concern to even think about. We have cimeras! Pandora’s box is open!  Read more about Chimeras on fox news Here!



Scientists Use Weather To Forecast Flu Season

It’s official, weather forecasts predict the flu.  As I write about it in sci-fi stories, it just sometimes seems to happen in reality, but with less drama.  It is now possible to predict flu season peaks and occurrences based on weather reports!  Why?

Well, science likes to think they know why and they say that it is because those hot dry days influence the bugs and other vectors that transmit disease to multiply and therefore speed up the disease migration process.  So that’s the scientist’s brilliant answer.  But, I have a question left unanswered….

My question is what caused the seasonal changes that started the expansion of the vector animal propagation?  ……. Now, looking back on the news and research, fractal treewe have recently noted that bacteria in the clouds can affect the weather.  So perhaps it is that these bugs change the weather so the flu vectors can multiply and transmit the bugs to us to make us sick.  Wow!  It almost sounds like a conspiracy.

The funny thing about conspiracy is that it implies intelligence and who would give the Earth an IQ test?  I mean,  from clouds, to weather,  to animals, to insects, to viruses all working in some kind of harmonious behavior to spread the flu almost begins to describe a pretty big chunk of the Earth.  We can easily connect more dots like,  the evaporation from the soil and plants that affects the clouds… and on and on.  So is the whole planet conspiring to reduce overpopulation from its surface and at the end point of this process use viruses to achieve this goal?

It’s something to think about.  I have,  and it is part of one of my publications in the making.  I write Sci-Fi because you won’t believe reality.  Here is the story about forecasting the flu (but not my reality).


Janr Ssor

Recommendations for Tamiflu Are Based on “Nothing”

A few years ago NY State tried to coerce doctors, nurses and other hospital workers to take the flu shot or lose their jobs.  They finally backed off; but not after many people were pressured to do something they did not want to do and risk their lives and health!Syringe injecting child

Now local health care facilities are again pressuring workers with loss of their jobs. Just before Thanks Giving many were fired for refusing flu shots.  I never take them and have NO belief in them (see Dr Mercola’s article below).  NO ONE owns your body or your life.  When a corporation can dictate this too you YOU ARE A SLAVE. If hospitals want to reduce the spread of disease,  have doctors and nurse wash their hands and wear masks if they are sick.  Contaminated clothing etc. is the biggest cause of the spread of infection in hospitals.   Despite the great things hospitals can do many still kill more people because they have still not learned the lessons .  Hand washing and masks are a good solution.  After all, even vaccinated workers can STILL spread flu!  Since we know this,  I wonder who profits from Tami Flu sales?

Dr Joseph Mercola’s Thoughs




NY State Gov Paterson backs off on forcing flu vaccine in 2009

Gov Paterson Backs Off