In Hope Of Real Change!

One Egyptian man on Facebook started the Arab Spring in Egypt.  It looked good but went terribly wrong.  This short Ted Talk, by the man who started the revolution, explains how it started,  why it failed and how there is hope for the modem democracy H Ross Perot dreamed of.



FaceBook made history connecting more people than perhaps anything beyond world war II,  and with less visible death as a consequence; but,  what is that electronic connection? Does communication really take place?  Would you raise your kids via FaceBook messages?

I had lunch with a beautiful lady last year,  who is a well respected retina surgeon I refer many of my patients to her for  miracles.  It was a business lunch to setup a program of testing for my patients in her office.  They need OCT testing (a special high tech expensive machine) done periodically and I thought it was better to share in their care than to add another high tech machine to my office’s already huge tech investment.

I had not seen this surgeon in about 15 years and when I approached the table at which she sat she greeted me with a hand shake and a bit of hesitancy.  As I sat down she smiled and said,  “you know I am a bit uncomfortable in social situations,  we are all nerds you know.” It took me aback for a moment and then it struck me how right she was and how many years it had taken me to learn to converse casually with almost anyone (for a short time). We are both over 50 years old and still she was a bit uncomfortable, when not in her surgical media.  After a while, she relaxed, we had a great lunch and months later lots of great patient care and efficiency in medicine came out of the fun meeting.  On top of that It became the favorite restaurant of my wife and I!

Lets get back to FakeBook.  Fake friends, fake important status communications like,  “I am sitting here on the door step with my dog Jake!”   Yes, all the world needs to know this. Well it does have its merits…. my friend (for real) Steve Ross, tells me that he keeps in touch with his kids Much Better since FakeBook and not to mention texting with his cell phone.  It is a “new level of intimacy.”

Does this mean FakeBook is good or bad?  Neither!  It means it is just an “echo” of human communications as are most media.  If you keep this in mind you will NOT assume anything (meaning make an Ass of yourself).

A few days ago I posted a story about two female doctors whose achievement I admire (Is calling them female like calling people of color Negroes? should I have used a different word to not offend women?).  It was written to honor them for their great achievement of starting their own business, excellent professional practice, teamwork, professional leadership and still managing to raise families!  I am in awe of this level of professional competency, social skills and confidence.  I posted this to a doctors FakeBook group page.

Then the shit hit the fan!   I was a bigot for talking about “women (females) in health care.”  I did not include everyone such as men, and possibly those of alternative sexual preference!  YIKES!  I was attacked for my non-politically correct communication!  Then it occurred to me, NERDS!   The Surgeon was right; doctors are nerds and to make it worse they were trying to communicate on FakeBook as if they were having a real conversation face to face with real people!   They did not know the difference until  Vinny Calderon wrote to them and reminded them “Its FaceBook you Nerds!”  Not to mention other intelligent doctors who came to my verbal rescue like my friend Avi Zlatin.

Next time your on FakeBook, lets avoid WW III,  remember you’r not there even though your mind might trick you into thinking you are!  Nerd!

Janr Ssor