“Reality Sci-Fi Theater,” A Writer’s Diversion

obamacareReality science fiction (which I have just coined as a name),  is unimagined economic and social forces as devastating as our “Shock And Awe” campaign in Iraq, that are invisible to the naked eye. It is tornado like forces that others see as if they were late fall winds whisking leaves from trees.

As I live outside the box, I see the tornadoes before those inside and so decided to show others the evidence and offer them an opportunity to build and Arc with me and others like me.  So instead of writing Sci-Fi for the last 8 months I have been a  researcher, writer and director,  on stage,  creating  Sci-Fi  Reality Theater performance (one way too real but too sci-fi to be my America.).

As many of you know, I have not posted a lot lately or completed any new sci-fi publication as books.  As some of you know, I am also and eye doctor who has taken a unique challenge in dealing with the impact of ObamaCare on our health care system.

I have led the founding of the NYIPA, a group of doctors forming an Independent Practice Association, IPA.  An IPA could be defined as a  tool that allows doctors to organize as a single groups that provides medical services to buyers.  In my vision it is a tool to help doctors survive the premeditated destruction of all they have worked to achieve,  by the corruption in Washington that has turned America from a Republic into an Oligarchy.  In so doing, I have written miles of text that describes this Reality Sci-Fi Theater as it is being enacted on the streets of our nation.

Here is one of my favorite essays, Peering Over The Professional Precipice,  much of which I stole (with permission) from my colleagues in Ct.

What is the Sci-Fi like reality behind ObamaCare that makes it worth such a diversion from my favorite topic of traditional Sci-Fi?   It is the mass cultural hypnosis that Washington has been able to achieve to get our countrymen to allow a financial give away, much like TARP, to corporations that have underfunded health care and over-funded CEOs.  It is the ability of an Oligarchy to siphon the blood of its civilians while promising weigh loss with no need for dieting.

One of the key features of this charade is EMR  (electronic medical records). Emr is promised as the solution to health care’s inefficiency.  You know what it is as it has replaced your doctor’s attention at all your medical visits over the last few years. It is why you doctor does not know your face when you visit him or her,  but rather a screen full of data that is supposed to be you.  In Sci-Fi EMR will work and in reality it is a give away to insurance companies (who elect the president and congress)  used to turn a doctor’s patient time into free data entry and secretarial services for Insurance companies.


The devastating effect of EMR and its accompanying accountable care (ObamaCare)    has inspired my very short story about EMR Terrorism (posted here on a FaceBook group I started),  written for doctors and others,  to help them understand the impact of one missile, EMR, in the Shock and Awe campaign of OmbaCare’s reality show.

Emr Terrorism Book on Smashowrds

For those of you who are curious to read it and don’t love FaceBook here is a link to SmashWords for a free copy of ‘How To Kill Your Doctor For Fun And Profit.”    So you see I have been writing and I did publish a short story.

This short story is just the beginning of a series on how Bill And Hilary’s Great Adventure,  has been recast in the garbs of ObamaCare with the magical pixie dust of EMR to make it seem different.   Make no mistake about it, the tornado you take for a wind, is the rebirth of the failed HMO’s and Capitated health care that died a slow death while destroying the lives of many people back in the ’90s.

So…. this has been my diversion,  Sci-Fi Reality Theater.

Janr Ssor,  (aka Dr Joseph Ross)




A Case For An American Operating System Anti-Virus

Microsoft Windows in an Operating System (O.S.)   Android is an OS for your phone.  Some like Mac’s and  the apple operating system is an OS too!   An OS is a set of ruies that makes a computer run,  which means “know what do do.”  When you were born, you had no OS and acted like it.  You urinated on the floor,  could not speak or move much and basically you did not “Know what to do.”??????????????????????

IN 1776,  some well read people got together and decided to write why we needed an OS for America,  we called this defined need the “Declaration Of Independence.”  They soon followed it by creating the constitution of the united states of America. This was the OS, we would live by and modify as our survival required.

It is now over 200 years later,  2013,  and perhaps for some, that “13” is ominous as it may portend the end of America as caused by many viruses. Are you confused at this point?  Are you wondering what are the Viruses that have attacked America?  Let me help clarify that and keep in mind that our constitution, legislature, judiciary and executive office are just parts of the computer that the OS controls.  Oh yes, there are the many applications that run in this OS.  Some examples are:    Farms,  Homes,  Wall Street “firms”,  Doctors, Hospitals,  Supermarkets, The Military and much more.  It has worked pretty well for 200 years with some glitches as viruses and malware have invaded our system.  One big example was the leveraged buying in the Early 1900’s,  that helped precipitate the “Great Depression.”

A VIRUS is a complex set of rules that are “hidden” away from clear view and inserted into an operating system to create an effect its designer wanted.  This “effect”  is usually nefarious and at the cost of significant pain to its “host organism,” in this case our country.  The “Leveraged buying”  was such a device that helped create disaster in 1929.   In the year 2008,  Wall street’s  new virus,  known as “Derivatives”  became the new infamous catalyst for a second disaster one of Epic Proportions as it has almost bankrupted America.  Of course it is an over simplification to say that Derivatives caused the recession but it is not an over simplification to say that it helped catalyze the recession.  Other obvious things are,  congresses pressuring banks to make home ownership a “right” and not a privilege earned.  After all we have our “rights,”  which by re-definition can be almost anything we can take from someone else in the name of “equal rights”  when a Virus redefines what our constitution stood for.   The banks and financial institutions also created a virus as they pressured congress to eliminate the Glass-Steagall Act which protected American from the corruption that helped cause the Great Depression.

Instead of letting America slide down the tube of history into the role of a debtor nation, we need to restore our OS,  to protect and defend what our fathers fought for for over 200 years!  We need an Anti-Virus!  An anti-virus would not be a part of the OS,  as it has not been part of Microsoft’s Windows ever before.  There is too much risk of collusion in such a bond; we don’t need another governmental institution.   An American Anti-Virus should be an independent institution created by volunteers from the best America has to offer.  America still has the people, the will, the institutions and the resources to recover and lead the world into freedom (by example and not by warfare).   To create this new institution,  I suggest that the we need to create first a “constitutional convention”  in which the best minds share ideas as to what the Anti-virus should look like and how to go about writing its rules.  As a first thought, I would suggest creating it on the WORDPRESS Platform as a publication with many respected authors and a forum for discussion.  I have started several organizations for a purpose but without a plan and just let those with like minds help define the plan.  This works!  I suggest calling it “THE AMERICAN ANTI-VIRUS”  and forming a panel of national leaders whose ethics,  writings and actions are unquestionable.  Its goals should be to serve initially as a publication to attract creative minds and readership as it defines itself in service of our nation.  Picture this for one moment!  A publication with weekly articles by hundreds of respected authors describing their concerns for the issues that define America’s viability such as: Uncontrolled corporate greed,  Banking dangers,  Wall Street’s instabilities (such as the still viable derivative!),  congressional legislation serving those who bribe them rather than our country….etc.  It is quite possible to take a sea of knowledge and distill it into a simple publication that any busy harried citizen can read.  Hyperlinks are a marvelous tool for those who need more.  At least define the issues. When the issues are defined the solutions will be found.  After all the first step in a journey of 1,000 miles is just one foot forward.

Is this a “think tank?”  No, I hope not, as think tanks don’t necessarily create change, provide leadership and police the nation’s future security.  It will have to be something more, that creative minds define. Perhaps we can take a lesson from China in this regard and without assigning a new role to government assign a role to free people and honest leadership. If China can crawl out of poverty at a rate that makes America’s past ascension seem slow then there is much to learn.

Think of our “Constitutional Convention” as a Ted Talks  in written form with an audience soon to be acquired; but,  with an action plan to create the American Anti-virus, as an institution to watch over America as it grows once more to its potential prominence.

Janr Ssor

Why Monsanto Is Nearsighted And Dangerous!

We have long known that  there are 10 times more bacterial cells in our body than our own cells making up our bodies. This is because what we call “our” cells creates a healthy supportive environment for the “good” bacteria and these bacteria create nutrition by helping digest our food and protect our bodies form dangerous invaders.  The Very Faulted Model that uses antibiotics to kill off bacteria has long been known to be wrong!  For example:  using antibiotics to stop a minor infection destroys you gut bacteria and causes you to feel weak run down and even depressed.  Cleaning your bodies with too much anti-biohazardbacterial soap,  exposes you to dangerous infections!  We are just beginning to understand how important bacteria are to our bodies!  Recent findings show that the “right” bacteria in your body can help you think better and avoid serious depression and anxiety!  We know, for example, that naturally bacterial fermented vegetables (Natural Pickles such as Bubbies Pickles) can give you hundreds of times the bacteria you need compared to a single probiotic pill.  For centuries people have washed off veggies to remove lose dirt and then packed them in salt water, so that they would ferment and become pickled by the natural balance of bacteria that lives in the Earth!

Monsanto is out to create new plants and animals that last longer on the supermarket shelf, grow bigger faster and have build in chemicals that kill or repel insects, bacteria and other micro-organisms.  The obvious problem here is that the reason these “things”  they will create last longer is that they disrupt the harmony of life between micro-organisms and macro organisms, like us!

If you are concerned about the environment and the possibility that too much industrial pollution and water pollution can destroy our environment,  imagine what will happen to YOUR inner environment when the plants you consume cause the bacteria in you gut and the Earth to die out or mutate to new forms for their survival?  YOU MAY NOT SURVIVE!

Monsanto has envisioned good things that could come out of GMO plants and animals.  There is this possibility but if this is there real goal then the right way to achieve it is by proving it in testing labs on test animals in test environments.  Instead,  they have used political clout and PAC money from other big Agriculture factory farms to block the labeling of food as GMO,  as they are required to do in Europe!  Instead of research in labs that protect our environment they are getting mothers to feed their children untested potentially dangerous GMO foods by not allowing them to know what they are buying!  Yes, you mothers are unwittingly using your children as lab animals for Monsanto’s research!

This is both nearsighted and dangerous!  Monsanto is not the “Company Of The Year”  that FORBES magazine rated them a few years ago, but instead possibly the next environmental disaster to befall to all of humanity.  They have the potential to be worse than the Black Plague, unless they are stopped!

Monsanto has blocked you access to information labeling foods as GMO but for now you can find and avoid some.  Read this for a guideline. 

Janr Ssor.

When You Can Feel The Pain Of Others, Society Has A Chance

When You Can Feel The Pain Of Others, Society Has A Chance

….. a very short fiction by Janr Ssor

I turned my Yamaha Silverado, off the main road, where Florida dust was covering my helmet and pants and left the crowd of bikers now caught up in the growing traffic jam. My dog, Mitzsy, recognizing the neighborhood, had jumped out of my open saddle bag and run across the highway. I was concerned she might get hit by a car.2005-Yamaha-RoadStarSilveradoB

Shortly down the road I came to a small one level Florida home with a nearly flat roof. The lawn was badly kept and the shrubs around the small 800 foot home were growing askance. It was my daughter’s home and so my dog had headed there. It was a poor but serviceable residence. I thought I might hang out and take a rest from the long bike ride so I went around the back where she always left the door open. I noted that some of her laundry was sitting there awaiting her free time, which was too precious now for its attendance. So, I tossed it in the laundry machine and started the job for her.

I then realized how hungry I was and went to the kitchen to find a cookie. Before beginning my search, I realized it wasn’t my home and I should not look around when she was not there. Hearing a car drive up, I walked to the front door and discovered it was my ex-wife. We had been divorced now over 35 years but I still had good feelings for her.

I was surprised to discover that she was again more slender as she had been when I had fallen in love with her in high school. She had apparently overcome the years of being overweight and finally got control of her diet and lifestyle. Even in your 60’s it was not too late to care of yourself and I was pleased to see she loved herself enough to make the effort. I walked out the front door and greeted her but she was hesitant to turn and look at me. When she finally did, she fumbled with a pair of dark rimmed glasses that she place on her aging face. The right side of her simple black frame held a horribly thick magnifying lens, the left was normal. Her magnified right eye had no iris and looked like an empty glass marble had been used to replace her eye. I realized someone had botched her cataract surgery badly. The skin on her face was pale and it showed and pain of suffering of the sleepless nights I thought this disfiguration had caused her.

I tried to find some positive words of comfort to recognize how positively she had regained her figure but they seemed empty, next to the pain on her face. We went inside to escape the heat of the Florida noonday sun and sat on the small couch where more laundry lay, crowding us into too close a sitting position.

I felt her pain and suddenly remembered what it had been like long ago. I was a different person then, and blossoming sympathy in my heart resurrected the youth from his death during that divorce. I felt anger that this person, I had loved, could be so abused again after all the injustice I knew her childhood had wrought upon her. How could God let this happen! She took off her glasses so that she could face me with less misery and it did help hide her injury. It made me think how easy it was to be human and live in our daily intellect, forgetting the emotions that made us more special than computers. By taking off her glasses she could not see my face, if it reflected her pain, and it helped her detach from the closeness of our bodies on the crowded couch. Disregarding this attempt, I reached around and hugged her unresisting body, and she began to cry.

I felt again like the 21 year old who early on in his marriage had learned about her childhood. We had been so very ignorant and naive. I wondered if nearly 40 years had taught us anything. I recalled all I knew about her incredibly painful childhood experiences. She had been raped and tortured at the hands of heroin addicts. She had told me that her parents never knew about it or cared but I did not recall which. They were frequently drunk or fighting and that had made her life even more miserable, if that was possible, until they divorced and left her in poverty. She had finally regained memories of this tragedy, years later, during our marriage. By comparison, I had been happy to believe that my life as a child was pretty near perfect, until I recalled the truth 40 years later. Such is the miracle of repression that it sweeps pain under the rug like so much dust for a lazy housekeeper.

I wished I could help her but I had been a writer for many years, not an ocular surgeon. The guy who ruined her eye must have been as pathetic as they one who ended my mom’s sex life, destroying her marriage and my childhood. I had little respect for egotistic medical doctors. I felt that their brush with power, that they interpreted as godliness, cause more pain and suffering than they would ever choose to recognized. Then I thought of God again. From my fiction writer’s perspective, I had recently decided that he spoke in binary code. Computers knew of two bits, On and Off. God seemed to use two also, pain and pleasure. Having written code for a few years, I often saw us a subroutines in a program that God had written. Each of us had a part to play in the world’s ongoing creation and I envisioned us being steered towards that goal by the only two things that mattered to human beings and that was pain or pleasure. I knew there was no end to this, other than maybe death. I recalled in the bible how Abraham, God’s most perfect man, had lived through 10 trials supposedly culminating in the near sacrifice of Isaac. He had then pleaded with God to “test” him no more! However, when Abraham came home, he discovered that his beloved wife Sarah, worrying about what might happen to Isaac, had died of a heart attack while he had been away. There was no end to the trials in this life.

Traumatic experiences of childhood, were hard to recall. The pain of our experience was so conveniently buried by other memories in our middle age that they vanished like brown leaves under freshly fallen snow. If they were really traumatic, they were repressed to a place we could not recall without great difficulty and often age. So most of us went through life functioning on an ‘intellectual’ level, ignoring the rich past of our pain and pleasure as if it was someone elses history. What would it be like if we could always remember the feelings? How different would life be?

In the late 60’s when the Hippie’s dreamed of the Age Of Aquarius, it was prophesied to be the age of love, peace and harmony that we all dreamed of. Perhaps it was even the biblical prophecy of coming of the Messiah and world peace. However that dream had not come to be. The misery of the Viet Nam era had blossomed into the era of terrorism heralded by a pathetic attempt of the British to restore the Israeli homeland. In this “effort” greed had triumphed when England returned some of the lost Jewish homeland to the remnant of Hitler’s cannibalized Jewish nation, a land too small to be defensible and too barren to be desirable. It had only revived the Islamic hatred for the nation they and others had banished from its homeland, many years earlier.

The history of America then began its slow decline from the glory that earned our harbour the Statue of Liberty, to a nation of junk food, a poisoned environments and greed that transcends all the love our fathers gave in fighting the injustice of World war II. I had drifted off into the reverie that was my way of hiding from pain.

By this time my ex had stopped sobbing and went to her car to bring in some groceries she had brought to surprise our daughter. I helped her unpack the bags and put things away. She saw me eying the box of low carb healthier cookies and handed me one. I had almost forgotten my hunger. I sat down to enjoy my cookie and my mind drifted back to my day dream.

I began to wonder, If humans could bury their emotions and live in what they thought was logic, could corporations and governments be only reflections of this disease? There is a test for psychopathy. It is called the Hare PCLR, or psychopathy checklist revised. Simplistically defined, It is an interesting tool for understanding how human beings can be so divorced from all compassion (emotional memories) as to kill and torture others without remorse. It made me think, what if we applied this to corporations, their board of directors and empowering investors? In this era we have defined corporations as people. Why not test their sanity?

I flashed back for just a moment to Bill McGuire, the past CEO of United Health Care. During his “leadership” of 5 years, he managed to abscond with nearly 2 billion dollars in stock value and earnings. He did this, in my opinion, by denying healthcare to millions of men and women who were sick and dying. This is how “managed care companies” make profits in America. When Bill left, he gave himself a bonus by taking with him nearly 2 billion dollars. I believe he would have fit in just fine with the Nazi surgeons, like Josef Mengele, who tortured the children in the death camps of Germany. Mengele had no remorse and neither does Bill who claims he earned this money doing good. Oh yes, UHC became much larger and more profitable; but, not paying for the health care people thought they were purchasing is very profitable. Of course we all know how self delusion is self serving. Look at Al Capone, who when finally sentenced to jail, said, “I have spent the best years of my life giving people the lighter pleasures, helping them have a good time, and all I get is abuse, the existence of a hunted man.” Here is a man who would surely test positive for Psychopathy unless his delusional depth of heroism can fool the 20 questions.

So what about testing corporations and their leadership? I suspect we would find that the intellectuals who lead them are often divorced from their emotions. Killing others for profit means nothing to them. They are psychopathic and it is quite possible they should be imprisoned for the safety of mankind. In his best selling book ‘In Defense Of Food,” Michael Pollan tells us that “we should shake the hand of the man who feeds us.” Here is trying to create a connection between buyer and seller that in old times assured us of the safety of the produce we purchased. It is a good idea. However, the problems with corporate greed run deeper than lack of memories and connections with other human beings. The psychopathy of corporations who poison people and destroy the environment will not be solved by psychotherapy; indeed I believe it requires the imprisonment of the criminals who run them. In addition we would all benefit by the reconnection of people and corporations with a new tool, perhaps the internet, that can ruin or raise a corporation, much as a man’s reputation could do this to his business in our communities of early America. Online communities may one day serve us more than the banal entertainment of knowing what Suzy did on her date with Mike, that they foolishly published on Facebook.

For now I will dream of this community where corporations live and die not by Wall Street but by the communication of nation size communities that know what the corporations are doing, much as you read about Mike and Suzy.

Flu Shot Doing Poor Job of Protecting Older People – ABC News

Flu Shot Doing Poor Job of Protecting Older People – ABC News.

The flu shot has a claimed 9% effetiveness, which is a claim that likely stretches the truth.  Still the CDC,  Center for disease control, recommends the flu shot.

Many authorities have recommended that you avoid the flu shot entirely.  There are apparently lots safer ways to avoid the flu considering that taking the flu shot carries many risks!

Conjsider Skipping the flu shot and take care of your health, this has many great side effects.  Here is how to do this.



BBC News – Will South Africans ever be shocked by rape?

When it comes to rape, does African society need to get actively involved in the issue of rape, do Africans need stronger values and a fear of God, or is it something else?  This question is echoing endlessly and without reply in my mind.

From BBC News corespondent  Andrew Harding, come these chilling words:  ”  The 22 year old was still sitting inside the makeshift bar in Soweto, when the police came for him. It was a few days before new years. According to witnesses, the man had just attacked and raped a 17-year-old girl at his table, but apparently considered the incident so trivial that he had not even tried to flee. Nor had anyone else in the bar, besides the alleged victim, thought of contacting the police.”  The entire report is here.rape womein

I have always wondered if the stories of Sodom And Gomorrah could be real?  Could any place on Earth really be that perverted, callus and cruel.  After reading about the Delhi Gang Rape in India and now of the South African cruelty to women, I am sure Sodom And Gomorrah were real.  I am privileged and  blessed to be in America where my dad described American Democratic society as the best of the worst.  We do indeed have our problems but I am thankful this is not one of them as I have family that are very important to me.

The differences in our world’s societies and cultures is very clear to many cruel people in this world.  The Islamic radicals tell us they love death and we in America love life, and that is why they will wipe us from the Earth.  They are very wrong in thinking they will wipe us from the Earth,  but they do point out clear differences in values.  I have  always thought those values spring from God, religions that praise the love of God’s creations and mature cultures; I still believe this.  However, I know that one’s personal experience of life as being surrounded by life’s opportunities or the proximity of death certainly tempers those values.  For example, some people who have great  reputations for doing good, can become downright dangerous when all they have earned is threatened.

When I worked for many years in the ghettos of NYC, I heard a perspective I did not at first understand.  A black man told me that “religion was created by white folks to keep blacks down in the ghettos.”   It was an awakening for me.  He had grown up in a place that told him human life had little value.  I had the opposite experience, to some extent.

Does the South African daze in the light of public rape, represent a lack of  values, life experience that denies the value of human life  or something else?  The reporter did not address these issues. His report, to me,  was somewhat meaningless.  It should at least describe the context of the crime and from this perhaps raise the question that is baffling to me and others.

I would not forgive the rapist even if his life was that of my ghetto acquaintance.  Nor will I forgive the Nazis who were “sadly oppressed” by the economic depression and inflation in Germany.  However, I think that good reporting goes beyond reporting what you see and must include some thinking about why what you are reporting has happened!   Perhaps it should even include speculating about how to resolve what you have discovered.

Somewhere there are answers. I hope and believe that common people can come up with solutions that leadership is often too bureaucratic and  self serving to seek.  Another reason I admire the Zapatistas.  I am praying that their efforts at more recent non-violent change can succeed and prove a model for human society to follow.

Janr Ssor

Recommendations for Tamiflu Are Based on “Nothing”

A few years ago NY State tried to coerce doctors, nurses and other hospital workers to take the flu shot or lose their jobs.  They finally backed off; but not after many people were pressured to do something they did not want to do and risk their lives and health!Syringe injecting child

Now local health care facilities are again pressuring workers with loss of their jobs. Just before Thanks Giving many were fired for refusing flu shots.  I never take them and have NO belief in them (see Dr Mercola’s article below).  NO ONE owns your body or your life.  When a corporation can dictate this too you YOU ARE A SLAVE. If hospitals want to reduce the spread of disease,  have doctors and nurse wash their hands and wear masks if they are sick.  Contaminated clothing etc. is the biggest cause of the spread of infection in hospitals.   Despite the great things hospitals can do many still kill more people because they have still not learned the lessons .  Hand washing and masks are a good solution.  After all, even vaccinated workers can STILL spread flu!  Since we know this,  I wonder who profits from Tami Flu sales?

Dr Joseph Mercola’s Thoughs




NY State Gov Paterson backs off on forcing flu vaccine in 2009

Gov Paterson Backs Off

The Dali Lama’s rules to live by

1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

3. Follow the three Rs: 1. Respect for self 2. Respect for others 3. Responsibility for all your actions.

4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.

6. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

7. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

8. Spend some time alone every day.

9. Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.

10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.

11. Live a good, honourable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time.

12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life.

13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don’t bring up the past.

14. Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.

15. Be gentle with the earth.

16. Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.

17. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.

CAIR – Sharia In America

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, (CAIR),  is a name you will hear on National Public Radio,  they are a sponsor.  CAIR  funds a “more accepting” viewpoint of Sharia in America; but do you want that for America, as an American?  Is this, as some fear,  another way for terrorists to chip away at America’s foundations and slowly destroy America?

CAIR claims to represent Islam in North America and to protect “Muslim civil rights” yet their is  proof that CAIR is supporting Islamic terrorists, and that CAIR was established in America by those who wish to harm our country while using our constitution for their protection.

A little history of CAIR:   Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBi) recorded evidence places CAIR founders Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad at a Philadelphia meeting of the radical Muslim Brotherhood’s “Palestine Committee.” According to the FBI, “all attendees in the meeting are Hamas members and sympathizers.” An Investigative Project on Terrorism report on the HLF trial reveals that FBI agent Lara Burns testified that CAIR’s Omar Ahmad was “a leader of the Palestinian committee”.

Quotes from Ahmad and Nihad at the Philadelphia Meeting:   Omar Ahmad  talking with with Shukri Abu Baker:

  • Baker: “I swear by Allah that war is deception,”…“We are fighting our enemy with a kind heart … Deceive, camouflage, pretend that you’re leaving while you’re walking that way. Deceive your enemy …”
  • Ahmad: “I agree with you. Like they say, politics is a completion of war”

It should be noted that in a 2003 deposition, Omar Ahmad stated that he “can’t recall attending this meeting”. Nihad Awad, also in a 2003 deposition, said he couldn’t remember if he attended the Philadelphia Meeting either, even though he was an active and vocal participant at the event. The FBI revealed that HLF paid the airline tickets and hotel bills for Omar Ahmad’s attendance of the Philadelphia meeting. The Holy Land Foundation also provided CAIR with a “donation” check for $5000 in October of 1994.

FIGHTING FOR SHARIA AGAINST AMERICAN LEGAL VALUES:  When 70% of Oklahoma’s citizens voted for a constitutional amendment to prevent what they saw as the destruction of the American Legal system,  CAIR filed suit!  The enacted Oklahoma amendment in part reads: “The courts shall not look to the legal precepts of other nations or cultures. Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or sharia law.”

Muneer Awad, a Muslim who heads the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma, sued to block the law, saying it violated his First Amendment rights.

Muslim Civil Rights?   Is CAIR fighting for Muslim Civil Rights or is it an attempt to overthrow the system that has made America,  what it is and what we value?   I believe that Muslims have the right to worship in freedom as we all do in America today.  After all,  they came here for the freedom we offered. I would fight for their freedoms as I would fight for ours.  On the other hand,  what they came here for IS HERE.  What they ran from IS STILL THERE.  Why fight to change the system you came here to enjoy and try to make it more like the one you ran from?

When the Spanish come to America,  from Mexico,  Guatemala,  Ecuador, etc. I am at first glance, offended that they do not seek to learn English and seek to cling to newspapers, TV and Radio stations that broadcast in Spanish.   I know a little about history and it has been a pattern of  Italians, Jews and Germans who came here earlier.  It took the next generation to break “free”  of the  language barriers and the cultural fears.   On the other hand,  these “foreigners”  did not choose to remake the legal system of our country to suit their religious laws.  They came here and struggled with combining the best of what they believed with the best of what we had to offer so they could live here in peace and prosperity.   We all benefited.

I have no doubt that there is a cultural richness we would lose without the coming contributions from  those of Islamic faith who are making America their home.  Undoubtedly it will in some way be a contribution of their experience with the best of their cultural heritage and perhaps some of what Sharia has to offer.  American’s are open to richness,  cultural diversity and the blessings of a multicultural society.  American’s however resent having someone use the courts and legal systems to force their values on America.   The way to win American’s to your side is

to prove the value of what you have;  Americans will adopt it on their own.  Americans are sold on things that work, not beaten into submission by a dictatorial system.  Similarly,  going to court to defeat the will of the people of Oklahoma, because you have the money and the “mouth-pieces” will create the backlash it has and should.

Should we  judge CAIR by its founding fathers?   It is certainly a concern for most of us.  I would rather judge my Islamic neighbors by they contributions to America. I would rather see my countrymen adopting the richness that our new neighbors bring to America because we see its value. At this point in its history,  I believe that CAIR is hurting more American Islamic followers  than it is helping.  Can those of moderate Islamic faith contribute to and become part of America.  We shall see. I don’t think it will be because of CAIR when they succeed.

Janr Ssor

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