Redux Dilenium Pasternium – There is nothing new under the sun

“There is nothing new under the sun” is both true and false!  It is true because of human experience and false because sunset_girl_sillhoette_369103_oof its implications to those of human experience. May I suggest that before you go on reading, you close your eyes and try to analyze, conceptualize or ponder how this statement can be both true and false? If you do this, for most of us “sane” humans,  it will generate heat from the friction and irritation in your brain much like the onset of the common cold does in your throat.  Having done this, which wrecked my sleep this morning, lets expand upon what is true and what is false so that this concept will melt into your mind like a throat lozenge and sooth the irritation to your mental tissues that this apparent conflict creates.  Lets look at these two factors, experience and implications.

Lets first talk about  Experience.  Experience is to say that because you are human you live within the “box” of what a human being can experience, a box created by your carefully crafted and limited sense organs and what you call a “mind” which processes your sensory experience.  What does it mean to live within a box and have a “human experience?” To understand this lets get outside the box and lets picture an anomalous birth.  This birth is that of a child no mother would wish for. When Dilen was born he (if it could be called such) had no eyes.  There were just darkened concavities at whose center lay a sparkling crystal that at odd angles appeared metallic. Dilen’s worldly experience, though he did not live very long, was different than yours or mine and it started much earlier than that which we frequently recall. It started much earlier, partially  because of his unique eyesight.  When he was young, he first noticed that he traveled around in his world without any volition.  He simply moved this way or that way in relation to other objects and at times he simply did not move for very long periods. This time of rest was preceded by the lessening of the sparkling light that seemed to pass through nearly everything he could see.   As he grew older however, he found that he could move on his own will, but only through small angles. If he tried to move much, something bigger than him would thrust him back in his corner and get angry with him. As a result he learned to move as little as possible. With experience he began to notice that he (as he began to perceive himself) observed the world from a discernible space.  If he looked down xraythere was a cloudy somewhat domed floor whose center was bright and constantly changing when he was in motion.  Behind him and a bit above was a long tube made of long bumpy cloud like disks. To either side there were windows to a changing panorama on either side.  In front of him was a similar panorama of depth and texture that either rotated around him or in which he somehow turned without an act of his will. This was one big view. Above him was this chamber ringed with cloudy bars all attached to the tube of disks and ending in an opaque white blob that blocked his view above.  He existed for a long time like this until one day his world shattered.  He awoke to discomfort he had never known.  He was being thrust forward and backward against his will and so violently was this force that he was now in contact with the cloudy floor which caused him head pain!  In fact he was upside down.  The central opening however was expanding and he began to fear that he might fall down and through it.  This thrusting went on and on for a very long time, well past his time to sleep.  Finally the floor opened wide and he did fall through!  Disorientation seazed him, spasms filled his body.  He looked around as he moved again without volition, and saw where he had come from now well below. He was outside his home not in it. Holding him above his now lost home was another home much like the one he came from.  In this new big space were several more of these moving homes.  His ears heard their shrill vibrations, something that he had noted in a muffled manner long before this event. His eyes, if you could call them that, saw through these homes as they had through his mother home.  However it ended there as he died shortly after this birth.  To the best of his doctors understanding, his anomalous eyes were really receptors for x-ray like energy.  Yes he was one of the results of genetic experimentation by the Moonsato corporation. He was one of the GMO humans they had created with viral vectors that escaped their supposedly secure lab before they were put out of business by millions of justified law suits.  He lived, breifly, outside our experience of the box. He did so because his view of reality was turned on to some things and off to others.

Implications. When we say that there is nothing new under the Sun, we imply that every experience has been duplicated by humans wearing different clothes at different times in history (and much the same for the rest of the world of animals and matter).  This is true for most of us but not true for those like Dilen!

It is also not true when we shift dimensions. In the land some call Pastern, an act of will creates a change in the universe without the need for a physical interaction of  bodies and matter.  It does so because there is no matter and there are no physical bodies! This does not mean that there are no sentient beings however. My friend Janr has, through the projection of his energy form,  visited Pastern and called it the D-dimension.  From his perspective it appears to be the energy equivalent of our universe and perhaps that which makes our material world exist by supporting all the “dust of matter” that covers the vast “empty” space of our world. In Pastern, time moves both forward and backward on choice as does dimensional space.  In Pastern, beings, who are timeless, experience the universe as a “seething foam of probability.”   There is no end, no beginning and no “now.” One of these entities had chosen to communicate with Janr.  For this to happen it took a singular form to represent its infinite existence. In its singular expression of its otherwise endless being, it chose the name “Hedron” so that it might communicate with Janr, in the D-dimension.  It simulated a single being, even though it existed in all time and all space.  It did so for human reference as it otherwise it was unknowable to singular beings like us.  But this is well documented in my book, “Timeless Search.”

infinityWhen we are told “There Is Nothing New Under The Sun,”  it implies that the drama of life is repetitive and ongoing.  It is true and false. True if we live in the box or human reality. False if we step outside the box and join the infinitely possible and very existent worlds of reality.  We did that in “Not Kid’s Games”  as Janr Ssor and his friend “Q”  experiment with mushrooms that turn off and on the filters of reality.  This is the journey of my books, The Adventures Of Janr Ssor.  The universe is endless in both time, dimension and probable form. We will not live long enough in one body to experience even a measurable fraction of it.  If my perception of reincarnation  is true, we will come back without our clear knowledge to experience it from another dimension again and again. This is touched upon in my short story, “The Touch.”

I was born an adult in a child’s body.  I saw children as confusing illogical beings and childhood  a very strange experience. These “children” were frightening to me in their illogical senseless action. I hung out with adults as soon as I could walk.  I chose not to learn to read, write or spell with any fluency, expecting thought transference,  until I realized you were mostly deaf to thoughts as forced upon you by your fearful parents!  God help those children who did not dispose of their “imaginary friends” as they matured.   Most of them, who did not live in India, ended up drugged by “modern medicine” until death came to them in the insane asylums they called their home.  Most American children quickly learned to ignore anything conveyed to their brains that did not come through their acceptable 5 senses.

Experience, Implications, what is reality?  There are things new under the Sun but only to those of expanded mind.  No wonder the Hippies sought this dream.  Sadly they did not know how to find it, though many came close. Experience does not have to be limited as Shamans of our world learned long ago.  In the book, “Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind”  a Book by Graham Hancock, you may journey down the path to his very personal research, research that proves my point.

Redux?  From  we find “Latin: returning (as from war or exile), noun derivative (with passive sense) of redūcere to bring back; see reduce

…………. Janr Ssor

Mind Expansion Without Drugs By Unplugging The TV!

The_matrix_ImageIf you are alive and in search of adventure, could you truly have missed the amazing story of The Matrix?  Did you recognize that it is a story about not watching a story? If so did you choose to follow its path?

For years I used its rain of twisting numbers as my screen saver to remind me of what I chose not to be.  I did not want to be a battery plugged into the sea of humanity that has no consciousness other than that painted by the new feudal kings of media Industry!

I did not however expect such a simple choice to have such an amazing outcome as to rival that of LSD!  What price would you pay of a safe “trip” that takes you to a destination,  your mind perhaps struggles to put into words, but yet springs from your heart with the force of “Old Faithful” at Yellow Stone Park?

Do you have “dreams” that are lurking at the edge of conscious expression but not clothed in words because you lack a writer’s pen or experience to incarnate them? Do your remember when you knew you could conquer the world before Vietnam,  before Iraq and before the Investment Bankers stole your inheritance?  If you do, and you must if you are breathing, then there is a way of finding them and the energy they gift to your arms, legs and spirit by growing in the soil of your fertile mind.  I did not know this when I unplugged the TV, years ago; but, it is the gift of empty space and the laws of thermodynamics!  What is apparently empty, will surely reach homeostasis, with its surroundings and YOU can choose the surroundings!  You can unplug from the matrix!

So here is my method for Mind Expansion without drugs, better than LSD,  better than Grass and better than million dollar movie production, your own excellent private trip.  Unplug your TV, disconnect your Radio,  don’t download that podcast!  Let your mind be empty and in the time you would have willingly plugged into the system of media persuasion,  take a bike ride, walk a leaf Woman's Eye and World Globesstrewn path, put a battery in your old walkman and listen to music without words or song.  As sure as you are alive, your mind will awaken and begin to paint pictures!  Pictures painted with the skill of Picaso, pictures painted that touch your heart because they spring from your heart.  Pictures with a depth of drama and color that no one else but you is privileged to see; your own private screening of years of art work painted by a master at the depth of your soul.

Is it worth the effort to find yourself again in the sea of countless faces that have clouded out the sunshine?  What price would you place on your life, the one they have taken in our Matrix of TV, Radio, Magazines and podcasts? The one that like an alcoholic in denial, you cannot yet recognize but suspect has been stolen from you?

Even more frightening and this is likely your deepest fear,  what if you find in your head a shallow pool of colorless water with none of the beauty of Michael Jacksons poetry?  What if you find you are empty like the apollo photos of the moon? Then fear not because you are not! It is just the withdrawal from the drugs of your Matrix experience.

You can easily catalyze your own sunrise by going deeper and deeper into your heart, which has been buried by the sludge of ashes from the opium of the masses.  Simply meditate each night before sleep, when awakening and if your sleep is disturbed (for God’s sake don’t take a sleeping pill if you can live without it!).  Emptiness cannot exist and is not tolerated by any crevice in our universe so the seas of your lost self will rush in,  the oceans will swell in your mind and you will sail a ship you have long ago forgotten on a journey you have dreamed about in your youth.  How long will it take? Each journey has its unique price but emptiness is not tolerated in our universe and as sure as you breath the seas will rush in!

It is worth it, unplug!


An Altered State Of Mind, With Out Drugs!

In my post, Last Words Before Drowning In A Sea Of Marriage,  I explored how we may lose ourselves in marriage and wonder who we were and what we might have been?  You could of course take a dose of LSD or smoke some homegrown (organic) marijuana and see if you can free yourself of who you have become. It might work but I don’t take drugs.  I have learned better, for now,  and perhaps you agree with this possibly healthier mental diet.  As an alternative to Ship_in-Stormdrugs I would recommend the opinions of a bright female friend,  if you are male,  or perhaps the opposite if you are female.  I got a good dose of some recently from my friend Marcy.

In my sleep, I was thinking about her observation regarding my essay.  I love her opinions because they are unusually deep and thoughtful and like some good hashish  in the 60’s, help me dream in depth and color 🙂
My friend, Marcy,  suggested that the essay was about a person unhappy with the outcome of years of marriage, I can see how it might be read that way; however, it is not about a person who is so unhappy with his marriage. It is about a man in late middle age, who is looking back at the major crossroads in his life and wondering what if?
I am aware that my life has been like an ancient creaking spanish galleon long tossed about in the tempest of  endless seas, with no clear destination, and too many storms under its keel.  What if I, the captain,  had taken the map proffered by the hand of the another princess?   A princess,  who but for a kiss and a promise, would have left her kingdom and its mighty castle in the dark of night, just for my left hand in hers and the brightly glowing oil lamp held in my right?
IF only I could see clearly beyond the drifting fog of 50 years of life!  What were the youthful hurricanes in my heart, its visions in my head, the tempest of forces around me that drove me to explore?  Looking back with the eyes of a master seaman what would the ship and the treasure map now look like? Could I,  like a prophet,  predict its journey?  As you wake from a deep sleep the feeling and impact of dream images begin to fade as the colors of the world dim with the falling blanket of night. So with years does do the thoughts and emotions of a young man’s body.  Recapturing the thoughts and feelings of the moment in time when you were twenty is impossible when you are 50,  because like a moving river whose waters can only be stepped in once your mind and heart move on in ways we cannot describe.  You die each night and are reborn each day and with each cycle of life and death you are reborn a different person, more different with each day. Can you recall another man’s dreams? I think not.
I am not unhappy with my marriage; I married a beautiful princess whose radiance grows from day to day and shines with such brightness that everything else becomes less important.   Perfection I do not expect but I like two performing musicians,  we keep the harmony moving forward.  I am unhappy with one life!  I am in need of a million more to explore! What would I find while in search of a dreamed of mighty sunshine that lifts the fogs of eternal time!  I  am beginning to expect I have had and will know my desire and may live and die to regret and enjoy it many times more.
Janr Ssor

10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh, India

2014-07-19 18_30_06-10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh -CHARAMA (Chhattisgarh): Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture plans to seek help from Nasa and Isro for research on 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs in Charama region in Kanker district in tribal Bastar region.

According to archaeologist JR Bhagat, these paintings have depicted aliens like those shown in Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. Located about 130km from Raipur, the caves come under village Chandeli and Gotitola.

“The paintings are done in natural colours that have hardly faded despite the years. The strangely carved figures are seen holding weapon-like objects and do not have clear features. Specially, the nose and mouth are missing. In few pictures, they are even shown wearing space suits. We can’t refute possibility of imagination by prehistoric men but humans usually fancy such things,” the archaeologist said.  Read more here……….

2014-07-19 18_33_16-10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh -One of my favorite books, ‘Supernatural Meetings With The Ancient Teachers Of Mankind” by Graham Hancock, gives an in depth research and analysis of this kind of finding with some really amazing conclusions.  I share his insights in my story, “Not Kids Games,  The Adventures Of Janr SSor.’

I highly recommend Grahams book.  It is exciting to see new findings

Janr Ssor


we opted against san loco (on 160 n 4th street) to get something more authentic at the taco truck on the side of n6th. – 28 (williamsburg, borough of lost boys)

Janr’s intro:   Frankie Leone’s words, like Rit dye, drip down in rainbows of darkness to tie dye your soul.  Like Dali’s paintings, their  surrealistic twists and turns add depth to your dream of reality.  Each charcoal shaded stroke takes you deeper into his soul, your soul and the pain and passion you thought you erased when you showered.  Read it on “Borough Of Lost Boys.”


we opted against san loco (on 160 n 4th street) to get something more authentic at the taco truck on the side of n6th. – 28 (williamsburg, borough of lost boys).

Mind-Body –> Stroke-Heart Attack!

After viewing the images of over 80,000 retinas (the back layer of the eye where blood vessels can be seen non-invasively) , I started to write a book about how the diet of my patients had caused hardening of the arteries.  After all it was clear that the vast majority of those who had this arterial disease ate high carbohydrate diets.

One of my eternal rules however, is that nothing human’s know is true;  we are only capable of  approximate truths.  That is why Newton was followed by Einstein,  and inevitably Einstein will be followed by someone else who will doubt everythingdethrone Einstein.

Well, last night what happened for me at a meeting of my Optimal Health Care group, was I had to re-consider my own strongly held beliefs.  The Optimal Health Care group meets monthly and shares ideas on how to treat illness from a holistic viewpoint,  without drugs and their side effects.   We were discussing our current understanding of disease,  much of which does not rely on  Descartes’ mechanical theories of human illness, which current Western medicine embraces.  Most of us follow more the Hippocratic teaching through which he  taught his patients with Asthma to learn to avoid anger.  This was the beginning of the mind body connection.  Anyway, what occurred to me as I explained my photographic tests and the  observations of thousands of patients with hardening of the arteries, diabetes and hypertension, all related to eating carbs, was that it might only be partially correct!

It occurred to me that my patients were eating lots of carbs which we call “comfort foods.”   I was laughing at how sad it was when some of my Italian patients told me they would rather have a stroke then give up their traditional pasta.  I was commenting on what an addiction carbs were.  Then it occurred to me.  What if carbs were only part of the story?  What if the reason they could not give up the carbs was because it has the same effect as drinking wine; calming stress!   Of course it does!  That is why we call them “comfort foods”.  I would not even call them foods as they are often fake foods.   Western medicine would put you on drugs that lower your cholesterol but meanwhile damage other things in your body.  I must admit that there is enough evidence for me to doubt these statin drugs even do any good.  From my observations they do nothing I can detect and are just part of the runaway drug culture medical doctors are drowning in.

I now have a new perspective on these 3 vascular diseases.  It is clearly carb related but probably very much stress related too!  Ask these people what their lives are like and you instantly have sympathetic stomach pains.  There is no rest, no relaxation, no time for themselves.  They have no hobbies or interests that they can name, only their love of their family and  “self sacrifice”  so their children will have better lives…….. they think.  But I ask you,  when you teach your children by sacrificing your life,  don’t you know they will do as you do and not as you say?

I will leave that for another story.


Why Medical Doctors Are Becoming Drug Pushers

A few years ago I went skiing with a few traditional  medical doctors.  I am a holistic practitioner in a specialty field, eye care.  DrugPUshers freestockphotos When we were all unpacked at the Mt Snow ski lodge we had rented,  we sat down for a cup of hot cider before our first ski run.

To my surprise,  one of the doctors started handing out pills labeled Acetazolamide,  a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.  It is linked to some cases of Liver Disease, aplastic anemia and other issues, though not frequently.  I mentioned this concern and they guy with the bottle in his hand laughed.  He said the odds were about  1 in 10,000 or less that you might get aplastic anemia taking it.

I happen to ride a motorcycle and I knew that the fatality rate driving a bike was  35  per 100 million miles of travel. It quickly occurred to me I was MUCH safer riding my motorcycle. Considering that most motorcycle fatalities are  due to young kids racing on their bikes in traffic, the odds were even better. They all took the pills and I did not.  I had pondered the difference in our perspective for years, whenever I shared the story.  A few weeks ago, an ex-drug addict came in to see me and helped clarify what had happened.

This gentleman, who was now in his late 50’s,  told me that when he was growing up his divorced mom would walk around the house with a tall glass of vodka clasped tightly to her chest.  Naturally, he drank and became an alcoholic at an early age; after all, this was modeled for him as normal behavior.  He grew up in a tough neighborhood and quickly switched to cocaine and then  other drugs.  He spent a lot of his life in rehabs and misery, finally he caught on and managed to get free of drugs.

What occurred to me after listening to his story was that the doctors I went skiing with were surrounded by the drug culture Take A Drink - free stockphotosthat doctors and nurses assume is normal.  Life revolves around taking risks with drugs, after all you are taught to think risk-benefits  but deluded to thinking that the serious risks are minimal.  Why?  Well what keeps a gambler gambling?  It is the lack of real understanding of what the odds mean.  The odds mean that the house will always win long term.

Doctors become drug pushers when they forget that people can make choices to live without drugs by changing their diets and lifestyles.  If not in a week  it may be over a year or more.  Small steps are worth taking if they minimize drug dependency risks and the life threatening scenarios that drugs offer.  I think all medial doctors need to have a yearly course in how not to fall for the drug culture and how to work with psychologists or psychotherapists to help patients get healthy rather than become medical drug addicts.

Janr Ssor

How To Be A Drug Dealer

On the corner of the block, where the kids stream home, when leaving school, a “big kid” is waiting.  He may be wearingYoung drug dealer on the street pants with a crotch near his knees, a shirt with a bright logo of Hopsin rapping and and a Bubba cap at the angle for attitude or just a an orange sweatsuit and an attitude.  He has pills in his pants pocket and grass in his shirt,  cut with just a bit of dust for “fun.”

He smiles, talks the lingo mentions your friends who are in with the “stuff” and how you can be “bad” just like them!  Its a slam dunk man! Your friends are smiling cause he is smiling (and some are afraid not to smile). Its sweet, its in, its bad and with it you’ll be stoked man. Your part of the hood now and your life does’t suck anymore.

Now in the lower right corner is a drug commercial for Paradoxa (c). This ad won’t change or fade cause its free from me to the drug company.  You see its got a smiling man in the corner and he’s telling you that if your heart is banging around in your chest and your feeling left out of the group having fun,  he can help!  He’s got pills in his pocket  and an rx padin this shirt.  Now of course, you suspect that there is a price to pay other than money.  

The smaller print talks about bleeding and death.  But the guy in the top is smiling and he has that authoritative stethoscope around his neck, so you know he knows!  He’s in with the group and smiling.  He knows he joes-paradoxa-edited-2can make your misery end….uh, uh … I wonder what that means? Just remember, you can be in with the group!  Watch the TV version and see that old man now out dancing, drinking and partying with the lady that looks like his overly sexy daughter!  Your in with the happy crowd again!  It’s cool, it’s sexy, its with it man!  Whats a little risk of bleeding to death after all you take a risk crossing the street everyday. Besides, the guy in the Ad is smiling and well know that words don’t count when body language tells us … do it man!