Why Not To Be A Doctor Or Spock –  A Prose Poem

When as a 36 year old doctor I had severe chronic back pain, Dr John Sarno took me on a journey of recalling all my childhood’s pain. The rain of old memory, cured my back pain by allowing my life’ new memory to peacefully reign. You’ll understand sooner or later, perhaps in this story.

baby-1178539_1920Remembering birth was tough, but time before it was easy. Life in the 1700’s was magnificent but that came from past life regression and this story is not about that journey, but the one after my current birth, not before. I never did manage to remember this more recent birth, perhaps because I really don’t care to or maybe can’t. I do recall however being about age one. It’s not that interesting other than for its wordless description. So I will save you a long recital by telling you it was about cycles. I recall the cycles of the sun behind my crib as day came and went through the window behind where I slept (I slept through most of it). The next interesting thing, perhaps from your viewpoint, was the periodic visitation of floating faces that made cooing noises. I knew they were “nice” as I could feel their happy thoughts. When I could stay awake, seeing them was entertaining.  By the next year, I now knew they were “people” and that with gifts of food or lack of care their visits seemed to bring joy or fear.

When I was about three sitting on the basement floor, I watched my sister assemble a puzzle and for the first time really knew disappointment. I insisted on trying but when I could not do it my mother laughed; it was the first time I ever felt abashed. I did not understand that my sister being nearly twice my age had an advantage. How I “viewed”my mother’s laugh shaped who I am forever – competitive, but mostly with myself. Mom was very creative and to this I was native. There was little TV, just building creative toys and dreams for me.

In kindergarten, the teacher told us to put on reindeer hats and parade in a circle to music and entertain our parents. I refused her, asking why I should do this?  She just got mad thinking that I dared need a reason! From then on I looked at her with derision for her very poor emotional decision. This event that day made me a father to Spock,  emotion free as a rock; though I suspect he was conceived in my mother’s laugh.  We were one and the same with just my name. 

In high school and college, sex I had to acknowledge; but joy for me was being so high on the curve that everyone else would fail. Calculus, Chemistry, Biology all the sciences, her laugh long ago determined how far I would go to leave them all in the dust. 

doctor-2337835_1920Fifty years later having joyfully invented a branch of Holistic Medicine, my patient’s pain had become dark rain. A body cooked long round the spit of the sun finally begins to fail, it ceases to run. My patients grew, old my joy grew cold, for even years after I could still hear her laughter.  It was time to leave!  After 45 years I’d earned that reprieve.

Here in Florida I met a lady who’d been my best friend 40 years ago when I had been painfully divorced.  Her eyes were failing and her surgeons flailing. I volunteered my services for a guided tour that the doctor, not Spock, should have known to abhor. Surgeons well selected, care well directed. But, years of life predicted age could not be interdicted.  Now I remember the reason to retire, watching life end inspires no great desire.


But being a friend before life’s end is a gift of value that laughter can’t devalue.  As I sit here this morning enjoying the sun, I’m glad that from other’s pain, I chose not to run.  I cannot stop the end of life but with love and caring there is great opportunity for preparing.  

For much of my life I’m again married to a wife, who had been to many daring to be selflessly caring. Now I’m inspired, to be so desired, life’s too short to stay retired. Care given to a friend does spiritually help them mend. Her laughter faded in the ever after. 




FaceBook made history connecting more people than perhaps anything beyond world war II,  and with less visible death as a consequence; but,  what is that electronic connection? Does communication really take place?  Would you raise your kids via FaceBook messages?

I had lunch with a beautiful lady last year,  who is a well respected retina surgeon I refer many of my patients to her for  miracles.  It was a business lunch to setup a program of testing for my patients in her office.  They need OCT testing (a special high tech expensive machine) done periodically and I thought it was better to share in their care than to add another high tech machine to my office’s already huge tech investment.

I had not seen this surgeon in about 15 years and when I approached the table at which she sat she greeted me with a hand shake and a bit of hesitancy.  As I sat down she smiled and said,  “you know I am a bit uncomfortable in social situations,  we are all nerds you know.” It took me aback for a moment and then it struck me how right she was and how many years it had taken me to learn to converse casually with almost anyone (for a short time). We are both over 50 years old and still she was a bit uncomfortable, when not in her surgical media.  After a while, she relaxed, we had a great lunch and months later lots of great patient care and efficiency in medicine came out of the fun meeting.  On top of that It became the favorite restaurant of my wife and I!

Lets get back to FakeBook.  Fake friends, fake important status communications like,  “I am sitting here on the door step with my dog Jake!”   Yes, all the world needs to know this. Well it does have its merits…. my friend (for real) Steve Ross, tells me that he keeps in touch with his kids Much Better since FakeBook and not to mention texting with his cell phone.  It is a “new level of intimacy.”

Does this mean FakeBook is good or bad?  Neither!  It means it is just an “echo” of human communications as are most media.  If you keep this in mind you will NOT assume anything (meaning make an Ass of yourself).

A few days ago I posted a story about two female doctors whose achievement I admire (Is calling them female like calling people of color Negroes? should I have used a different word to not offend women?).  It was written to honor them for their great achievement of starting their own business, excellent professional practice, teamwork, professional leadership and still managing to raise families!  I am in awe of this level of professional competency, social skills and confidence.  I posted this to a doctors FakeBook group page.

Then the shit hit the fan!   I was a bigot for talking about “women (females) in health care.”  I did not include everyone such as men, and possibly those of alternative sexual preference!  YIKES!  I was attacked for my non-politically correct communication!  Then it occurred to me, NERDS!   The Surgeon was right; doctors are nerds and to make it worse they were trying to communicate on FakeBook as if they were having a real conversation face to face with real people!   They did not know the difference until  Vinny Calderon wrote to them and reminded them “Its FaceBook you Nerds!”  Not to mention other intelligent doctors who came to my verbal rescue like my friend Avi Zlatin.

Next time your on FakeBook, lets avoid WW III,  remember you’r not there even though your mind might trick you into thinking you are!  Nerd!

Janr Ssor

A Health Care Fix – Outsource Labor For Free!

API News, Warsaw, Poland. October 8th 2014,  Cabinet for Reform, Organization and Open Cooperative Services meeting,  by Janr Ssor

The American health Care financial dilemma turns  a new corner as the results of a covert experiment to provide basic health care to unemployed Americans proves successful!  The meeting,  last Friday night, of the Obama supported Cabinet for Reform, Organization and Open Cooperative Services weekend was kicked off by keynote speaker, Bill McQuire. Bill is Bill-McGuirethe past CEO of United Health Care.  Bill reviewed how his leadership of  UHC turned the company around from lack luster performance to strong profitability.  Bill explained how his powerful managed care policy was so successful that he was allowed to receive a 2.5 Billion dollar bonus after just 5 years of work and still able leave UHC far more profitable than when he arrived.  Mr McQuire, who now lives on his own Island near Fiji, explained how restricting unlimited access to health care for those who are inevitably terminally ill can produce enormous profits while allowing for greater respect for the normal cycle of life and death. He reminded the group that one percent of the population accounts for 30 percent of the nation’s health care expenditures. Nearly half of those people are elderly. Bill assure us that, under the political and financial pressures of our era,  it was possible to push these “reform”  changes on the senior American population with out expectation of significant resistance.

Outsourcing At No Expenses!  Presentations at the gala event were mostly financial. A team of Wharton  MBA’s demonstrated the clearly repeatable profit growth of current health insurance companies achieved by outsourcing company data gathering, input and analysis to unpaid employees.  The chief speaker for the Bureau of Accountable Statistics on Health (BASH),  Weehl Getsworth, from South Carolina, graphically illustrated the value of outsourcing by demonstrating the significant growth in net insurance profits (before executive and CEO salaries) by showing 4 huge timeline surges in profits.  The profit peaks first occurred in Bill McQuire’s era as denial became a clear policy and subsequently when ICD 9 coding worried_physicianbegan,  EMR medical records were forcefully required of American health care practitioners and finally have again begun an upward trend with the inception of ICD 10 coding and ACOs.   Speaking on behalf of of the Bureau,  Mr. Getsworth explained that the industry had been able to move a huge volume of its employee paper work out to India at first where salaries, at the time, were viewed as slave labor. However with the rise in India’s salaries another source had to be found. Thanks to the research mostly catalyzed via  Obama’s cabinet, the work done by indian factory employees has now moved directly into the doctor’s offices via EMR.

As part of his program for health care reform, Mr. Getsworth  showcased the early research demonstrating that doctors were easily twice as qualified as the best staff trained employees for doing insurance data entry.  By forcing doctors into EMR,  the full work load of data entry, was moved from the insurance company Indian staff (now greatly reduced) to the doctors computers during their examination process. He reminded the audience how years earlier no one could conceive of busy doctors taking almost 30% of their patient time to do data entry.  He reiterated his 10 year earlier prediction that not only could legal pressure make this possible but forced health care “reform” would make doctors do it and even have them pay for this “opportunity!”  The verification of this earlier prediction brought down the house with applause as it was clear that health care providers all over America were indeed doing all the data entry for insurance companies and even paying out of their reduced fees for that opportunity.

The final presentation, by Dan Warbucks, described the vision for the rapidly growing number ACO’s in  America. Mr Warbucks described the plan to use regulation and the reform platforms momentum to make physicians of all types accountable to organized medicine.  Insurance companies, using the managed care model, would now not only be more profitable via appropriate denial of service and outsourcing but now could shift all the financial risk over the service providers, if they could be sold on the ACO model.  It was clear that the well paid leadership of ACOs and PCMHs could enthusiastically motivate providers to join in the common risk pool by rosy predictions for positive financial outcomes.  This development could be assured as long as the top ACO  executives could be paid on a guaranteed salaried basis and adequate yearly bonus,  which they could name for themselves, while the providers would have to rely on the capitated risk pool and denial of services as Bill McQuire has so well demonstrated.

In a closing statement, Bill McQuire, shared exciting motivational information!   Bill described a historical opportunity to purchase unique lavishly furnished homes, on your own private island, from a chain of islands available for purchase through his Fiji real estate company, B. Movement island realtyOpportunities.   He said, BM Opportunities is awaiting the next generation of Health Care CEOs whose good fortune, to profit from the new health care reform, would make his financial achievements pale by comparison.

Janr Ssor, reporter for API News.

API News is a subsidiary and product of research and development via TIC news (Tongue In Cheek). API is also a creative work of JanrSsor.com  on behalf of the medical community, whose doctors, as nerds, are unable to see outside the box they live in. 

Mind-Body –> Stroke-Heart Attack!

After viewing the images of over 80,000 retinas (the back layer of the eye where blood vessels can be seen non-invasively) , I started to write a book about how the diet of my patients had caused hardening of the arteries.  After all it was clear that the vast majority of those who had this arterial disease ate high carbohydrate diets.

One of my eternal rules however, is that nothing human’s know is true;  we are only capable of  approximate truths.  That is why Newton was followed by Einstein,  and inevitably Einstein will be followed by someone else who will doubt everythingdethrone Einstein.

Well, last night what happened for me at a meeting of my Optimal Health Care group, was I had to re-consider my own strongly held beliefs.  The Optimal Health Care group meets monthly and shares ideas on how to treat illness from a holistic viewpoint,  without drugs and their side effects.   We were discussing our current understanding of disease,  much of which does not rely on  Descartes’ mechanical theories of human illness, which current Western medicine embraces.  Most of us follow more the Hippocratic teaching through which he  taught his patients with Asthma to learn to avoid anger.  This was the beginning of the mind body connection.  Anyway, what occurred to me as I explained my photographic tests and the  observations of thousands of patients with hardening of the arteries, diabetes and hypertension, all related to eating carbs, was that it might only be partially correct!

It occurred to me that my patients were eating lots of carbs which we call “comfort foods.”   I was laughing at how sad it was when some of my Italian patients told me they would rather have a stroke then give up their traditional pasta.  I was commenting on what an addiction carbs were.  Then it occurred to me.  What if carbs were only part of the story?  What if the reason they could not give up the carbs was because it has the same effect as drinking wine; calming stress!   Of course it does!  That is why we call them “comfort foods”.  I would not even call them foods as they are often fake foods.   Western medicine would put you on drugs that lower your cholesterol but meanwhile damage other things in your body.  I must admit that there is enough evidence for me to doubt these statin drugs even do any good.  From my observations they do nothing I can detect and are just part of the runaway drug culture medical doctors are drowning in.

I now have a new perspective on these 3 vascular diseases.  It is clearly carb related but probably very much stress related too!  Ask these people what their lives are like and you instantly have sympathetic stomach pains.  There is no rest, no relaxation, no time for themselves.  They have no hobbies or interests that they can name, only their love of their family and  “self sacrifice”  so their children will have better lives…….. they think.  But I ask you,  when you teach your children by sacrificing your life,  don’t you know they will do as you do and not as you say?

I will leave that for another story.




This year has been an interesting learning experience for me because my alternative health care networking group  changed our meeting structure to one  producing more accountability.
I both like and dislike accountability just as we as humans love and hate intimacy.  After all accountability is another name for “limited intimacy.”  We all want intimacy because without it we are lonely on the other hand we want the other person to stand naked and exposed but not us.think ponder girl
This concern is not necessarily generated because we are deliberately hiding something evil. It is that we fear exposure may lead to a loss of pride or self esteem;  we want to look more perfect for our friends and acquaintances. With accountability, our meeting structure denies that wall of illusion. You must share what you have done or what others have done for you, in public, intimacy.  You do this by telling everyone who you referred to and who referred patients to you and your referrals must be valid, not self serving.
A positive outcome of this change is that is has revived in me, my original goals  for creating a Holistic Questionnaire.  The goal was that we would each hand our patients a paper or online questionnaire  as a tool for generating  value added patient referrals.  It was to be a simple tool to help us help them. I had forgotten why I tried to create this or perhaps I never knew verbally but just  intuitively.  Being accountable helped me refocus on this need. It was an attempt to make us all more accountable to each other and our patients by focusing on our patients more holistic needs.  We all know there is a strong mind body connection that almost all of  Allopathic (Western) medicine ignores.
I cannot speak for you, as healer,  but I can for me.  In paying more attention to what I need to do to refer patients, for needs outside my domain,  it has become apparent that it is much easier to refer to some of  my colleagues than others.  For example:  it is easier for me as an eye doctor, to refer to Chinese Medical Doctors, Naturopaths and Psychotherapists but more difficult to refer to  a Masseuse, Physical Therapist, Herbalist,  Hypnotist or Pain Specialist.  The difference, I believe,  being partially the linguistic domain, I use, that triggers such mental associations in a busy day.
 I suspect  each or our groups members have the same issues.   In my business network  “The Winners Circle,”  I found the same issue,  greater difficulty trying to refer to a Financial Planner and Realtor  but much less challenge referring to an Auto Repair or Body Shop. 
I believe that holistic practitioners should take the time to explore creating a tool to facilitate these goals. I don’t get a fraction of the referrals I could because I will bet that most of  my colleagues forget the special things  I  do.  These are very important things such as  our unique children’s vision status assessment   that diagnoses and prevents reading and learning issues , or  the prevention and monitoring of  systemic disease such as diabetes, strokes and heart attacks through the eye.
We are all creative people,  perhaps we can come up with a tool to enhance and achieve these goals  which I  have set for  my colleagues and which are now more apparent then ever, thanks to our meeting structure.
Please consider sharing your experience by Clicking Here  to share in our forum.
or by a comment below!

Heart disease prevention: statins vs. diet

Heart disease prevention: statins vs. diet.  <== Here is a great discussion of diet vs statins and some of its issues .   This was published on http://jennovafoodblog.com

———————  And This Is My Take On The Issue ———————–

This is a very important subject as in America we seem to prefer drugging people, and now even our children,   versus  helping them get healthy by feeding them real food.  After all,  this approach helps support the pharmaceutical industry and the manufacturers of junk food, whose financial power dictates what you read and hear in the media every day.

Today I heard on the radio that  “respected sources” are advocating for children in the US to be put on statins,  when their cholesterol is high.  I cannot tell you how angry this makes me feel. Over 8,000 retina images taken in our office at Holistic Vision care,  have shown clinically that diets Pasta free imagehigh carbohydrates clearly cause hardening of the arteries, at least in our office. I suspect is is quite similar elsewhere unless you live with Alice and the Queen of  Hearts. Many well respected authorities who are not involved with making money from pharmaceutical sources, like Dr Joseph Mercola, will tell you the same thing.  If you eat real food, rather than the processed junk that fills the center of supermarkets in America, you don’t need statin drugs or most other drugs.

To clarify this problem, I suggest that all foods that are modified by processing or genetically by drug companies such as Monstanto and the like, be required to go through the FDA research process to demonstrate their adverse affects or side FDA Badgeeffects and then have appropriate warning information in each package.  This could stimulate our economy by hiring lots more employees for the FDA.  You should also not be able to purchase them without a prescription that shows your doctor is willing to bet his license on the fact that it will not kill you over the next 10 – 20 years.  Attorneys could make some serious money by then prosecuting doctors who cannot understand that carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes are lots safer than a quart of Chocolate Ice cream or a sleeve of  Ritz crackers.

When you extract and create heroin from plants and inject it,  you can bet it is addictive.  When you extract starches, sugars, salts and oils and synthetic flavorings and mix them into what some call processed “food.”   This too is addictive.  From watching my diabetic patients go blind and lose limbs in order to eat  “just one more bowl of that lovely pasta,”  I am pretty sure that manufactured foods are drugs.

Why not start a campaign to label them as such?  Oh, I forgot, the pharmaceutical industry would lose money.  Drat!


Recommendations for Tamiflu Are Based on “Nothing”

A few years ago NY State tried to coerce doctors, nurses and other hospital workers to take the flu shot or lose their jobs.  They finally backed off; but not after many people were pressured to do something they did not want to do and risk their lives and health!Syringe injecting child

Now local health care facilities are again pressuring workers with loss of their jobs. Just before Thanks Giving many were fired for refusing flu shots.  I never take them and have NO belief in them (see Dr Mercola’s article below).  NO ONE owns your body or your life.  When a corporation can dictate this too you YOU ARE A SLAVE. If hospitals want to reduce the spread of disease,  have doctors and nurse wash their hands and wear masks if they are sick.  Contaminated clothing etc. is the biggest cause of the spread of infection in hospitals.   Despite the great things hospitals can do many still kill more people because they have still not learned the lessons .  Hand washing and masks are a good solution.  After all, even vaccinated workers can STILL spread flu!  Since we know this,  I wonder who profits from Tami Flu sales?

Dr Joseph Mercola’s Thoughs




NY State Gov Paterson backs off on forcing flu vaccine in 2009

Gov Paterson Backs Off