THIS CAN WIPE OUT ALL OF HUMANITY WITHOUT FALLING A SINGLE BUILDING AS A WAR MIGHT DO! – Chimeras – An animal made of mixed animal or human bodies. Only an idiot (defined as high I.Q. scientist) would believe that you will not create new deadly diseases by doing this! In 1997 it was banned for obvious concern but now the smell of Money $$, may be far more destructive than any Atom Bomb! A pig with human organs (for transplant) will surely pass pig (porcine) diseases to all of us as the pathogens learn to adapt to the human organs in the pigs. Look at the list of lunatic surgeons, who tortured dying people in “surgical experiments” in this article. Don’t ever imagine that surgeons, scientists, and researchers are idealists! They are as greedy as anyone else!Xenotransplantation


Why Coughing Into Your Elbow Is Wrong

flu-1679104_640THE CDC apparently does poor research! Learn how coughing into your elbow spreads disease! Doubt this?  Just watch someone next to you do this, especially if they have bare arms!  Most of the cough will end up in the air or on you!

Bill Allin: Turning It Around

Why Coughing Into Your Elbow Is Wrong

You likely grew up, as I did, being told to cover your mouth and nose with your hand when you cough or sneeze. That has changed. We are now told to cough or sneeze into the elbow of a sleeve. One commercial currently on television shows a woman carrying a laundry basket and coughing into her shoulder. All in the aid of avoiding the spread of “germs.” Here’s the problem. Rather, a combination of them. Let’s begin with the objective, confining germs that would normally be spread into the air by coughing or sneezing. When you cover your mouth and nose with your hand, you prevent most of what comes out of them from reaching anyone else. Witness the fact that sometimes your hand got a bit wet. (I know, the subject is unpleasant, but the title should have warned you.) When you…

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Dutch Researcher Created A Super-Influenza Virus With The Potential To Kill Millions

Virus research and the new tools of science allow the creation of the equivalent of Pandora’s Box. Once we release new life forms into the environment it is forever! Is this good or bad?


  • We put up fences and got rustlers.
  • We created banks and got bank robbers.
  • We created computers networks and got computer viruses.
  • We created genetic manipulation and we could  get new killer bugs.

The question is should we as a world full of people allow any corporation or nation to modify living organisms that can never be removed from our environment, as in Pandora’s Box?  Can we even stop this if we wanted to?  One argument for genetic manipulation is that  knowing what can be done by allowing it,  we can be prepared.  Another argument to consider  the question “do the people who make the anti-virus for out computers help make the virus?”  Surely evil people will realized that if they create the disaster they can sell you disaster insurance,  the Mafia is living proof.


Janr Ssor

Swine Flu- Bird Flu – New Flu

It Could Kill One Out Of Every Three Americans.  In 1918, the Spanish Flu killed, by some estimates, 100 Million people worldwide cutter-man-1374898_640in its pandemic spread. For perspective consider that if it was in the US alone, one out of every 3 Americans would die!

Factory Farming Could Wipe Out A Nation!  We know that animal disease has the potential to cross species boundaries and so become a source of Human Misery and Death.  It is inevitable that we will have this on rare occasions because of farming. More recently because of Factory Farming the  threat has gone far worse! 38,000,000 chickens were slaughtered in American in 2015, to stop the spread of Avian Flu.

What Derivatives Did To Our Economy, Nearly Kill It – Unfettered Science Could To Do To Your Life, Kill You!  When you destroy the natural boundaries to the spread of deadly disease, it becomes rampant.  Normally a less healthy animal that gets a disease dies at a distance from others; but, not in factory farms. Distance between infected animals is essential To prevent mass infection. Do you want to sit in a room with dozens of people infected with flu coughing and sneezing around you?  Despite its long argued ban, scientists are at it again, breeding chimeras.  Chimeras are monstrosities made of part human and part animal cells. It is now possible to do this!  With chimeras the boundaries between animals  and humans that kept animal disease from infecting humanity is gone!  Viri that could only live in a dog’s body at a body temperature of 102 degrees can quickly adapt to human cells in that chimera’s body and now infect humans!

pandoras-box-google-images-for-reuseChimeras Art The Key To Pandora’s Box – once you open the door you will never be able to put the diseases back.  Population control might never be an issue again and humanity might cease to exists on most of the Earth.  Is it scientific curiosity of just greed that is funding chimera creation and the potential for Pandemics? I don’t know the answer; but, until we learn to control the dangers of unfettered greed, our destruction by  terrorism is far too small a concern to even think about. We have cimeras! Pandora’s box is open!  Read more about Chimeras on fox news Here!


Your Connection To The Universe Means…

There are at least two energy connections between every creature that lives and its world.  One it the connection to the cosmic consciousness that helps the creature solve problems in everyday existence.  This is to help in its unique survival challenges and to allow for creative dreams.  The other, second one,  is it grounding consciousness that helps it serve the the needs of world it is part of and receive nourishment from that world.
The cosmic consciousness connection  is achieved by the 10% of its cells that are created by a creature’s own genetics. This structure, which is mostly neural tissue interacts with the
cosmic via photons sent and received by the cytoskeleton.  In contrast, the  grounding or Earth Consciousness  is achieved by the 90% of our cells that is made of bacteria that line our bodies inside, the gut. These are not our genetic inheritance but rather a contribution from our home worlds consciousness (Earth) that we are part of but not consciously aware of in most cases. Its communication media  is also photons via cytoskeletal photons. Despite our almost non-awareness of this communication animals are very conscious of this connection. This is why they can eat herbs and heal themselves from illness, which we choose to minimize by calling it innate intelcytoskeletonligence (as if it were coded in their genes). The potential to exterminate a species or a planet’s biosphere is therefore possible when genetic manipulation of organism  becomes commonplace and chemical toxins produced by these new species or propagated via farming pesticide and herbicide kills off the environmental life forms that create the cosmically connected biosphere (the living Earth).  As the Earth’s biology is poisoned it loses its cosmic connection with the living universe and we lose what we call our “grounding” and life becomes chaotic and destructive (wars, terrorism and mental illness become commonplace). The planet Earth is a life form just as we are. It is connected to the living universe by energy. It reacts to damage to its “cells” much as our body does. When you maltreat its lifeforms by creating factory farms where chickens are treated like prisoners in a Nazi death camp,  the Earth reacts. When you poison its ground with toxins such as “Roundup,” its energy reacts transforming its cells.
The biggest factory farm of all is China’s “farms.”  We have recently learned of the appearance of a new gene that makes bacteria immune to our best antibiotics (Researchers recently discovered a new gene, called mcr-1, in pigs and people in


DNA molecules

China — a gene mutation that makes bacteria resistant to our last-resort class of antibiotics).   If you buy the random genetic chance modification theory,  then this should not happen so quickly.  However, an intelligent response by a living organism, The Earth, can guide a process to reduce the population of creatures that endanger its existence, our biosphere. Something to think about.

Antibiotic Alternatives Rev Up Bacterial Arms Race – Scientific American
Finding good bacteria to combat bad bacteria may be lots smarter then antibiotics.……does this reminds you of probiotiçs? You can teach science new tricks!


“Reality Sci-Fi Theater,” A Writer’s Diversion

obamacareReality science fiction (which I have just coined as a name),  is unimagined economic and social forces as devastating as our “Shock And Awe” campaign in Iraq, that are invisible to the naked eye. It is tornado like forces that others see as if they were late fall winds whisking leaves from trees.

As I live outside the box, I see the tornadoes before those inside and so decided to show others the evidence and offer them an opportunity to build and Arc with me and others like me.  So instead of writing Sci-Fi for the last 8 months I have been a  researcher, writer and director,  on stage,  creating  Sci-Fi  Reality Theater performance (one way too real but too sci-fi to be my America.).

As many of you know, I have not posted a lot lately or completed any new sci-fi publication as books.  As some of you know, I am also and eye doctor who has taken a unique challenge in dealing with the impact of ObamaCare on our health care system.

I have led the founding of the NYIPA, a group of doctors forming an Independent Practice Association, IPA.  An IPA could be defined as a  tool that allows doctors to organize as a single groups that provides medical services to buyers.  In my vision it is a tool to help doctors survive the premeditated destruction of all they have worked to achieve,  by the corruption in Washington that has turned America from a Republic into an Oligarchy.  In so doing, I have written miles of text that describes this Reality Sci-Fi Theater as it is being enacted on the streets of our nation.

Here is one of my favorite essays, Peering Over The Professional Precipice,  much of which I stole (with permission) from my colleagues in Ct.

What is the Sci-Fi like reality behind ObamaCare that makes it worth such a diversion from my favorite topic of traditional Sci-Fi?   It is the mass cultural hypnosis that Washington has been able to achieve to get our countrymen to allow a financial give away, much like TARP, to corporations that have underfunded health care and over-funded CEOs.  It is the ability of an Oligarchy to siphon the blood of its civilians while promising weigh loss with no need for dieting.

One of the key features of this charade is EMR  (electronic medical records). Emr is promised as the solution to health care’s inefficiency.  You know what it is as it has replaced your doctor’s attention at all your medical visits over the last few years. It is why you doctor does not know your face when you visit him or her,  but rather a screen full of data that is supposed to be you.  In Sci-Fi EMR will work and in reality it is a give away to insurance companies (who elect the president and congress)  used to turn a doctor’s patient time into free data entry and secretarial services for Insurance companies.


The devastating effect of EMR and its accompanying accountable care (ObamaCare)    has inspired my very short story about EMR Terrorism (posted here on a FaceBook group I started),  written for doctors and others,  to help them understand the impact of one missile, EMR, in the Shock and Awe campaign of OmbaCare’s reality show.

Emr Terrorism Book on Smashowrds

For those of you who are curious to read it and don’t love FaceBook here is a link to SmashWords for a free copy of ‘How To Kill Your Doctor For Fun And Profit.”    So you see I have been writing and I did publish a short story.

This short story is just the beginning of a series on how Bill And Hilary’s Great Adventure,  has been recast in the garbs of ObamaCare with the magical pixie dust of EMR to make it seem different.   Make no mistake about it, the tornado you take for a wind, is the rebirth of the failed HMO’s and Capitated health care that died a slow death while destroying the lives of many people back in the ’90s.

So…. this has been my diversion,  Sci-Fi Reality Theater.

Janr Ssor,  (aka Dr Joseph Ross)



Watch “40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega 3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger” on YouTube

Dr. Michael Greger shares a humerours and informative talk about how to reduce your risk of strokes, heart disease and many other health issues.  Though the talk is aimed at the vegan lifestyle, which I do not believe is healthy, it will help many people understand the benefits of the eating a more natural diet. What I believe is most valuable here is understanding why you should change your diet as it will keep you from being brainwashed by TV, radio and the other media that “push” the standard American diet (SAD), for fun and profit. The talk is a bit old and you may note that some facts have changed but this is still one of the best and easiest to understand lectures I have heard in years.

Mind-Body –> Stroke-Heart Attack!

After viewing the images of over 80,000 retinas (the back layer of the eye where blood vessels can be seen non-invasively) , I started to write a book about how the diet of my patients had caused hardening of the arteries.  After all it was clear that the vast majority of those who had this arterial disease ate high carbohydrate diets.

One of my eternal rules however, is that nothing human’s know is true;  we are only capable of  approximate truths.  That is why Newton was followed by Einstein,  and inevitably Einstein will be followed by someone else who will doubt everythingdethrone Einstein.

Well, last night what happened for me at a meeting of my Optimal Health Care group, was I had to re-consider my own strongly held beliefs.  The Optimal Health Care group meets monthly and shares ideas on how to treat illness from a holistic viewpoint,  without drugs and their side effects.   We were discussing our current understanding of disease,  much of which does not rely on  Descartes’ mechanical theories of human illness, which current Western medicine embraces.  Most of us follow more the Hippocratic teaching through which he  taught his patients with Asthma to learn to avoid anger.  This was the beginning of the mind body connection.  Anyway, what occurred to me as I explained my photographic tests and the  observations of thousands of patients with hardening of the arteries, diabetes and hypertension, all related to eating carbs, was that it might only be partially correct!

It occurred to me that my patients were eating lots of carbs which we call “comfort foods.”   I was laughing at how sad it was when some of my Italian patients told me they would rather have a stroke then give up their traditional pasta.  I was commenting on what an addiction carbs were.  Then it occurred to me.  What if carbs were only part of the story?  What if the reason they could not give up the carbs was because it has the same effect as drinking wine; calming stress!   Of course it does!  That is why we call them “comfort foods”.  I would not even call them foods as they are often fake foods.   Western medicine would put you on drugs that lower your cholesterol but meanwhile damage other things in your body.  I must admit that there is enough evidence for me to doubt these statin drugs even do any good.  From my observations they do nothing I can detect and are just part of the runaway drug culture medical doctors are drowning in.

I now have a new perspective on these 3 vascular diseases.  It is clearly carb related but probably very much stress related too!  Ask these people what their lives are like and you instantly have sympathetic stomach pains.  There is no rest, no relaxation, no time for themselves.  They have no hobbies or interests that they can name, only their love of their family and  “self sacrifice”  so their children will have better lives…….. they think.  But I ask you,  when you teach your children by sacrificing your life,  don’t you know they will do as you do and not as you say?

I will leave that for another story.


Scientists Use Weather To Forecast Flu Season

It’s official, weather forecasts predict the flu.  As I write about it in sci-fi stories, it just sometimes seems to happen in reality, but with less drama.  It is now possible to predict flu season peaks and occurrences based on weather reports!  Why?

Well, science likes to think they know why and they say that it is because those hot dry days influence the bugs and other vectors that transmit disease to multiply and therefore speed up the disease migration process.  So that’s the scientist’s brilliant answer.  But, I have a question left unanswered….

My question is what caused the seasonal changes that started the expansion of the vector animal propagation?  ……. Now, looking back on the news and research, fractal treewe have recently noted that bacteria in the clouds can affect the weather.  So perhaps it is that these bugs change the weather so the flu vectors can multiply and transmit the bugs to us to make us sick.  Wow!  It almost sounds like a conspiracy.

The funny thing about conspiracy is that it implies intelligence and who would give the Earth an IQ test?  I mean,  from clouds, to weather,  to animals, to insects, to viruses all working in some kind of harmonious behavior to spread the flu almost begins to describe a pretty big chunk of the Earth.  We can easily connect more dots like,  the evaporation from the soil and plants that affects the clouds… and on and on.  So is the whole planet conspiring to reduce overpopulation from its surface and at the end point of this process use viruses to achieve this goal?

It’s something to think about.  I have,  and it is part of one of my publications in the making.  I write Sci-Fi because you won’t believe reality.  Here is the story about forecasting the flu (but not my reality).

Janr Ssor