Fixing The Healthcare System Cheaply!

This is a story about an ununited America, an America dictated to by those who chose profits over people. It is a story  about how those profiting are destroying our health and health care system It is also a story about how easily this can be rectified as suggested by a very creative lady named Phen who attended at a meetUp for intellectual conversation that I hosted.

The story:  People in America feel alone and in pain because they cannot feel part of something that they are told is their enemy by the news media, America. Media makes us think we live in a terrible country with lots of intolerable problems and dangerous leadership. In reality we are great country with lots of hope. Look around and notice that this is a great county because we are so much different and so much better than other countries whose people are refugees fleeing everywhere they can, like here. Remember people from all over the world still come to our shores for the opportunity of freedom. We’re still the place that everyone dreams of coming to when they are always looking for for a better place to go to; but, this is not to say that it cannot be better. This is the beauty of America, we are free to change it by peaceful process, if we take pride in the American Dream.  To restore America strength means to restore belief in America and the joy our people have in being here. What we need in a leader is someone who can restore our faith for way JFK did.

To do this we need a media that will stop fighting the president and destroying our image of America which is exactly what the Communists have hoped to do.  It’s time to give Americans hope again and a belief that what they working for is a future for their families and God’s dream of peace on Earth through love and respect. It’s time to give people back their pride in America.

Why am I writing this? Because I’m tired of feeling like I must go it alone and like I must make everything work on my own because America is not working for me.  Most Americans feel alone they don’t feel part of a team thanks to the media.  We need to establish the word team again.  Pride, love, happiness, satisfaction, dreams, a desire to work, a desire to achieve all comes from one thing,  believing you’re part of a team that makes a difference.  It’s about Not believing that it is all on your shoulders or hopeless.

How does this connect to healthcare?  The big corporations that are making America sick are using the media to make money by selling people on “fake foods”  that make Americans sick (high carb foods, food with bad fats, foods with fructose).  We all know that the “junk” food advertised night and day over media is killing America.  A few years back the carbohydrate food kings of American “fake food” met and agreed that they were killing Americans and that something had to be done. Then they decided not to do anything as it would affect their profits.  They don’t want to stop peddling their junk that causes, diabetes, strokes, cancer and heart attacks on TV or other media.  So the answer is simple. Ban it!

We banned tobacco advertising and everyone knows why, Cancer.  We can similarly ban ALL food advertising on TV.  Do you really need an add to tell you to buy a carrot or fish? No way, you know food when you see it. You only need an add to sell you on “Captain Crunchies Sugar Coated Fat Balls” for breakfast.

Ban Food Ads! How about saving lives, saving the health care system’s disastrous costs and saving our children’s health. It’s easy, ban all food ads from our media and while we’re at it, ban all drug ads just as they do in many other countries.  Just do it across the board so we treat all of them equally.

What would happen?  People would by foods that they can recognize.  People would buy foods that the hear about by word of mouth.  Quality would count, not brainwashing your kids to scream if they don’t get to Micky Dees 3x a week! While we’re add it tell the supermarket to stop playing the same game and get the candy aisle out of the checkout zone.  We don’t have to charge extra for sugary food.  All that does is help pay some money for the surgery that junk food necessitates.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of taxes.  Listen to Phen, ban junk food and drug advertising now!

- This message is brought to you by rational people who don't 
want to see their neighbors lose their legs and arms to diabetes.



Were Those Really the Best Vitamin Studies They Could Find?

Were Those Really the Best Vitamin Studies They Could Find?.Image

Reporters are not just substitutes for recording devices that playback sound bites.  They are supposed to be intelligent people who analyze data, with the help of experts and then REPORT what is the best possible truth to the American public.

NBC,  has totally failed to do this in their recent report on Vitamins and supplements.  I put NBC on their head, upside down, because that is about as silly as they look when you read what they ignored in creating this dangerously deceptive report!

In essence,  their reporters told us that if you took a Very Tiny dose of vitamins you would not benefit.  In reality, numerous studies point to huge benefits by taking dosages high enough to matter. Read the report linked above, by Joseph Mercola, that clearly dispels the inaccuracy of NBC’s reporting.  It’s worth your time as it could just save your life!

Dr Joseph A Ross ODBSVS

Watch “40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! Why? The Omega 3 and B12 Myth with Dr. Michael Greger” on YouTube

Dr. Michael Greger shares a humerours and informative talk about how to reduce your risk of strokes, heart disease and many other health issues.  Though the talk is aimed at the vegan lifestyle, which I do not believe is healthy, it will help many people understand the benefits of the eating a more natural diet. What I believe is most valuable here is understanding why you should change your diet as it will keep you from being brainwashed by TV, radio and the other media that “push” the standard American diet (SAD), for fun and profit. The talk is a bit old and you may note that some facts have changed but this is still one of the best and easiest to understand lectures I have heard in years.

Why Medical Doctors Are Becoming Drug Pushers

A few years ago I went skiing with a few traditional  medical doctors.  I am a holistic practitioner in a specialty field, eye care.  DrugPUshers freestockphotos When we were all unpacked at the Mt Snow ski lodge we had rented,  we sat down for a cup of hot cider before our first ski run.

To my surprise,  one of the doctors started handing out pills labeled Acetazolamide,  a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor.  It is linked to some cases of Liver Disease, aplastic anemia and other issues, though not frequently.  I mentioned this concern and they guy with the bottle in his hand laughed.  He said the odds were about  1 in 10,000 or less that you might get aplastic anemia taking it.

I happen to ride a motorcycle and I knew that the fatality rate driving a bike was  35  per 100 million miles of travel. It quickly occurred to me I was MUCH safer riding my motorcycle. Considering that most motorcycle fatalities are  due to young kids racing on their bikes in traffic, the odds were even better. They all took the pills and I did not.  I had pondered the difference in our perspective for years, whenever I shared the story.  A few weeks ago, an ex-drug addict came in to see me and helped clarify what had happened.

This gentleman, who was now in his late 50’s,  told me that when he was growing up his divorced mom would walk around the house with a tall glass of vodka clasped tightly to her chest.  Naturally, he drank and became an alcoholic at an early age; after all, this was modeled for him as normal behavior.  He grew up in a tough neighborhood and quickly switched to cocaine and then  other drugs.  He spent a lot of his life in rehabs and misery, finally he caught on and managed to get free of drugs.

What occurred to me after listening to his story was that the doctors I went skiing with were surrounded by the drug culture Take A Drink - free stockphotosthat doctors and nurses assume is normal.  Life revolves around taking risks with drugs, after all you are taught to think risk-benefits  but deluded to thinking that the serious risks are minimal.  Why?  Well what keeps a gambler gambling?  It is the lack of real understanding of what the odds mean.  The odds mean that the house will always win long term.

Doctors become drug pushers when they forget that people can make choices to live without drugs by changing their diets and lifestyles.  If not in a week  it may be over a year or more.  Small steps are worth taking if they minimize drug dependency risks and the life threatening scenarios that drugs offer.  I think all medial doctors need to have a yearly course in how not to fall for the drug culture and how to work with psychologists or psychotherapists to help patients get healthy rather than become medical drug addicts.

Janr Ssor

Flu Shot Doing Poor Job of Protecting Older People – ABC News

Flu Shot Doing Poor Job of Protecting Older People – ABC News.

The flu shot has a claimed 9% effetiveness, which is a claim that likely stretches the truth.  Still the CDC,  Center for disease control, recommends the flu shot.

Many authorities have recommended that you avoid the flu shot entirely.  There are apparently lots safer ways to avoid the flu considering that taking the flu shot carries many risks!

Conjsider Skipping the flu shot and take care of your health, this has many great side effects.  Here is how to do this.



A Natural Approach To Health: Low Carb Chocolate

Low Carb Chocolate

Have you ever had a craving for Dark Chocolate but wanted to stay on your diet?   Here is the answer to your dream of having both.   This recipe takes about 10 minutes to make and everyone will love it!  Dr J’s Low Carb Chocolate:
  1. 6 Squares of bakers chocolate – unsweetened
  2. 3/4  stick of organic butter
  3. Stevia (natural sweetener)
  4. Xylitol (natural sweetener)
  5. Vanilla Extract
Place the chocolate in a glass baking dish lining the bottom of the dish with the squares.  Put it over a very low fire to slowly melt the chocolate.  When it is 1/2 melted,  add the butter cut into small squares to melt quickly.  Stir in 1/2 teaspoon of Stevia pure white powder.   Add 4 tablespoons of Xylitol.  Finally mix in 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla.   Stir the mix and  then place it in the freezer for about 1/2 hour.    That’s all there is to it!
For fun,  you can add Almonds,  small amounts of raisins (high in carbs!),  and I like to substitute peanut butter for butter and make a peanut dark chocolate.   This will help you stay on a low carb diet and not miss the occasional chocolate fix!

80,000 Eyes Don’t Lie! – The Holistic Eye Doctor’s Diet

Click the link below to read this in progress book on diet and health…. it will be updated regularly, so stop back to read more as it becomes available. 

80,000 Eyes Don’t Lie –

The Holistic Eye Doctor’s Diet

Updated as of  7/18/2012

Janr Ssor

2012 Best Gluten Free Bread – Purity Gluten Free Bread

As a holistic doctor,  I recommend a Paleo like diet, and here is why:  Humans have lived in a primitive conditions, where they ate a Paleo diet,  for at least nearly 4 million years.  Four million years ago is believed to be when the first cavemen  appeared.   It is therefore very likely we evolved to eat basic whole foods such as meat, fish, chicken and vegetables.  Grains were not common as it took civilization to cultivate and grow enough grains to create bread and other grain products.   So why am I promoting a bread?  Well, I did say “Paleo Like” diet.   Having some grains in your diet, especially whole grains, low carb ones,  in small quantities, is probably tolerable for many people.  If you believe this and would like to have some bread in your diet,  this may be the best choice.  I love to have a hamburger now and then as part of  my diet and good healthier breads like the one below make it possible.  I use only grass fed beef and  pickles that are fermented, not vinegar pickles.  So lets talk about a bread that is good tasting and make by people who really care about quality and your health,  the Julian bakery.   I give them 5 Stars for ethics and quality!

Need a low carb,  gluten free,  dairy free,  yeast free,  sugar free bread?   How about one that tastes good, and has rave reviews?  Well here is a source for one and take the time to read the ingredients because it is some of the best you will find anywhere!

Check out these great ingredients!  Purity Bread is made with the highest quality ingredients on the market today that include freshly ground raw buckwheat, millet, freshly ground flax seed for maximum nutrition and short grain brown rice from the central delta of Ethiopia, combined with white and brown Teff to provide high fiber protein and good quality carbohydrates. It also has 13 sprouted, ground beans for even more protein, lentils, garbonzo beans, onion, sea salt and guar gum.