What’s behind the ongoing violence in Gaza – And NPR Drug Pushers

Israeli’s take cover as Hamas Launches missiles into Israel. 

The differences between Hamas and Israel are so profound, it’s almost as though the two aren’t living in the same century.

The Hamas war against Israel pits cheap rockets — basically the 21st-century version of an exploding cannonball — against a high-tech military so sophisticated, it can send harmless “door-knocking” bombs to land on the roofs of buildings to warn its targets inside that the next live bomb will level the place.

One side is monstrous but hapless: Hamas is looking to create mass terror through the deliberate targeting of enemy civilians, has fired 500 rockets, and has killed exactly one Israeli.

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NPR DRUG PUSHERS – PUSH FOR HAMAS TERRORISM:  It blows my mind when I listen to National Public  Radio (NPR)  and hear descriptions of the war.  They focus visually on the injury’s to Palestinian Children over and over while being somewhat neutral otherwise.  This technique is used by Drug Companies to sell you on dangerous drugs while telling you how deadly theyHamas_Children_1594729i truly are!

It is used by National Public Radio,  in my opinion,  to make you feel empathy for the Palestinians with images that take your focus of  the fact that these injured children are PLACED IN HARMS WAY  by Palestinian parents  just for this purpose! Don’t fall for the game that drug pushers play.  Listen to the descriptions of the suffering and killing of Palestinian children (not that they are not being killed) and notice that they were put there by Palestinians who place their children in harms way for news fodder! Note that Israel even warns Palestinians of coming attacks on Hamas strongholds and missile launching sites so that the civilians who live there can leave and not be harmed.  What nation defending its citizens to to such an extreme to NOT injure children and civilians?  None other on Earth!  When you hear NPR whispering images into your head, nataional pathetic radiojust as the drug companies do with pictures on TV, don’t let them manipulate you.   Don’t buy the bullshit!


ADOBE corp proves how powerful greed is!

If You get a prompt to update your version of Adobe Flash for your browser, beware Adobe is NO LONGER TO BE TRUSTED!   Adobe corp will now install Mcafee scan without any permission.   I believe that they also LIE and try to deny it on their website where they show you a version that has an opt-out box for this Trojan Install; but,  they are lying because the browser update version does not offer this or warn you!  Read their complaints on line with the preceding link.

It seems like every corporation in America is getting on the bandwagon of “we can get away with screwing the average American”  after all most Americans  don’t get up and complain, instead they  lie in the dust and eat dirt, get fat and die of overeating!  Maybe the corporations that are cheating you are right?

It is getting nauseating to see the news.  Just this morning I read about Fracking poisoning drinking water and beginning to kill farm animals. Of course this is not a real concern for those who buy drinking water (which used to be free)  but now are willing to pay more for it than you pay for gasoline.   Oh, pardon me…. I forgot how difficult it is to fill a bottle at your sink and take it to work.

With this in mind I am going back to seeing who will buy the Brooklyn Bridge from me and I am working on a Zero Energy Ice Maker to be sold to Eskimos.  I will fill it with Pure Bottle Water shipped from my home for a bit more than Fiji Water, after all mine is from an underground aquifer and then filtered through charcoal!

Consider that A liter of gas costs about 80 cents. A liter of Fiji bottled water costs about $4.00.   So Fiji water is about 5x as expensive as gas!  Perhaps you will give this some thought and share the article with firends, In the mean time, at least don’t  let Adobe install McAfee, which is more viral than most viri.  You’l see what I mean when you try to uninstall it!




A close look at how Oracle installs deceptive software with Java updates | ZDNet.

free computer virus warning

Having spent 1/2 an hour to finally uninstal the McAfee Scanner that was installed illegally on my system by Java and McAfee,  I highly recommend you read this important article and BOYCOTT Java and McAfee as they are now both Virus Like Products!   In an era of greed and loss of ethics that seems to be sweeping America’s corporations, these scum are some of the leaders. BOYCOTT: JAVA, MCAFEE AND ASK.COM


Oracle’s Java – Attacks Your Computer!

Abuse Of Power – Why You Need To Fear Albany And Obama!

In the Judeo-Christian heritage, of the Old Testament, we are taught that No Nazisthere is a Crime Worse Than Murder.  This is the crime of idle gossip. This is so because if your gossip slanders another, they and their family may live for years in misery and suffering because your words can deny them employment and opportunity.  Gossiping can also come from dishonest media and government that use deceit and its publication to make those Americans, cognizant of the their 2nd Amendment rights, who seek to be able to defend themselves look dangerous and irresponsible.

It turns out that the gunman in Sandy Hook, Ct,  did NOT use an assault weapon; he used hand guns!  This must have been known to the media because his rifle was in his car, unused,  while 4 handguns were found around the school.  If the police and investigators were too incompetent to see this,  then they they need to be permanently relieved of duty.

When elected officials act, as Albany and Obama have done,  to “use” the death of innocent children to attain a  ban on weapons that can be used defensively, we have to fear those who rush to ban our freedoms.  We must keep in mind the excuses the Nazi Germans used to ban weapons before beginning to kill the  12,000,000 Jews and Christians who could not defend themselves.

For years democrats have decried what they declared the “dishonesty” of  the Bush Administration when it came to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq;  here is their chance to correct this dishonesty and rescind the new laws  passed in Albany.  But don’t hold your breath or wait for Obama to apologize. See the NBC video below and know that you NEED to fear your government.  Fear them because it just may be that they fear your rebellion and want to disarm you now while you are still dreaming of their innocence.   Here is a better option than gun control [Click Here]

How To Be A Drug Dealer

On the corner of the block, where the kids stream home, when leaving school, a “big kid” is waiting.  He may be wearingYoung drug dealer on the street pants with a crotch near his knees, a shirt with a bright logo of Hopsin rapping and and a Bubba cap at the angle for attitude or just a an orange sweatsuit and an attitude.  He has pills in his pants pocket and grass in his shirt,  cut with just a bit of dust for “fun.”

He smiles, talks the lingo mentions your friends who are in with the “stuff” and how you can be “bad” just like them!  Its a slam dunk man! Your friends are smiling cause he is smiling (and some are afraid not to smile). Its sweet, its in, its bad and with it you’ll be stoked man. Your part of the hood now and your life does’t suck anymore.

Now in the lower right corner is a drug commercial for Paradoxa (c). This ad won’t change or fade cause its free from me to the drug company.  You see its got a smiling man in the corner and he’s telling you that if your heart is banging around in your chest and your feeling left out of the group having fun,  he can help!  He’s got pills in his pocket  and an rx padin this shirt.  Now of course, you suspect that there is a price to pay other than money.  

The smaller print talks about bleeding and death.  But the guy in the top is smiling and he has that authoritative stethoscope around his neck, so you know he knows!  He’s in with the group and smiling.  He knows he joes-paradoxa-edited-2can make your misery end….uh, uh … I wonder what that means? Just remember, you can be in with the group!  Watch the TV version and see that old man now out dancing, drinking and partying with the lady that looks like his overly sexy daughter!  Your in with the happy crowd again!  It’s cool, it’s sexy, its with it man!  Whats a little risk of bleeding to death after all you take a risk crossing the street everyday. Besides, the guy in the Ad is smiling and well know that words don’t count when body language tells us … do it man!


Ethics – Gov By The People For The People?

This report speaks for itself.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a longtime advocate for reform of the Federal Reserve, is sharply criticizing the Federal Reserve today after Bloomberg news reported that the Federal Reserve secretly committed nearly $8 trillion in support to American and international financial institutions during the 2008 bailout. Kucinich recorded a video for his website before going to the floor of the House of Representatives to call upon Congress to reclaim its Constitution primacy over monetary policy.

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