THIS CAN WIPE OUT ALL OF HUMANITY WITHOUT FALLING A SINGLE BUILDING AS A WAR MIGHT DO! – Chimeras – An animal made of mixed animal or human bodies. Only an idiot (defined as high I.Q. scientist) would believe that you will not create new deadly diseases by doing this! In 1997 it was banned for obvious concern but now the smell of Money $$, may be far more destructive than any Atom Bomb! A pig with human organs (for transplant) will surely pass pig (porcine) diseases to all of us as the pathogens learn to adapt to the human organs in the pigs. Look at the list of lunatic surgeons, who tortured dying people in “surgical experiments” in this article. Don’t ever imagine that surgeons, scientists, and researchers are idealists! They are as greedy as anyone else!Xenotransplantation

Would you like your A.I. with or without consciousness?

Google “geniuses” are telling us that we are 12 years away from an A.I. that is more “intelligent” than human beings. What does this mean?  Are they right?  In common use, people define the word intelligence with many different expectations despite how dictionaries try to expound upon its classical definition.  Intelligence is a word invented by academics to explain a predictable phenomena that can be graduated like a fever thermometer. Its most succinct definition reads as follows “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”  I like that  definition as it is easy to utilize.  However, defining I.Q. in this way fails our unconscious expectations of its application being performed judiciously. So it fails  us seriously when that it does not encompass creativity and other facets of applying knowledge such as doing so in a way that does not create collateral damage. Consider as an example the hand-1571851_640wonders of pharmaceuticals that stop one disease and create two or three new issues…. you know what I mean, you see the commercials. We all wonder if this is intelligence.  At least some times it seems to be so when an antibiotic works and saves your life.  Of course if a fluoroquinolone and your tendons tear from its use crippling you, you are not quite as pleased.

People born with higher I.Q.s do learn faster, in some cases much faster.  They can often apply what they learn quickly and even effectively.  If we create and A.I. that can learn and apply what it has learned quickly and effectively will that mean in is smarter than a human?  Of course we now have to define “smart.” I chose smart, for fun, and because that grasps the popular meaning of intelligence that is more generalized.

Actually I am skeptical that we will have a “true” A.I. anytime soon, at least the type that Isaac Asimov wrote about and endeared his readers to. Isaac’s robots were “smart” and very humanoid.  Isaac’s A.I.s duplicated humanity and is some ways outshined us. They were not only Artificial Intelligences but they were conscious and supremely ethical as required by Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law. 

But lets get back to consciousness and try to define it. What is consciousness? We see it often defined as “the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.” I prefer to think of it as being aware that I am regardless of whatever surroundings I may find myself in. This harkens back to the famously debated statement, “I think, therefore I am.”  Here, thought is used as a proof of one’s existence and perhaps mindfulness. Proving to oneself that you exist is also consciousness as I see it.  Can we create consciousness or is that “God given” only via a soul as some think?

We already have the ability to create sensory apparatus and motorized limbs that can closely duplicate many human physical endowments. What is appears to be lacking is the intellectual gifts that make a physical being animate itself. When we have the possibly soon to come capacity of creating nearly infinite memory with a holographic compression tool and a possible subatomic substrate, we will be one hand-697264_640step in the direction of creating the Asimov like A.I.  However, nearly endless memory is not enough. Human memory is prodigious and likely soon matched but it will not create self cognizance.

Perhaps what we now need is to add problem solving. As we grow from childhood to maturity our ability to solve problems grows with our experience. We come into this world programmed with the rudimentary skills to do this and we add to it with age and experience.  This can be programmed. What is left now to create a Asimov like A.I. may be consciousness?

When I say “I think therefore I am” it implies that I have a reason to think and this may be consciousness.  However if you mix memory with problem solving skills (a definition of intelligence) it is not likely to get up and fix your car without commands to do so.  It is not self commanding, so to speak.  What makes us self motivating?  At first blush this is quite simple, human need. A piece of metal and crystal with computer form has no clear needs; humans do. But what if it had? Would it become conscious?  We frail humans have many needs. Some of the more obvious are: food (fuel), shelter (pain avoidance), companionship and emotional gratification.  Would giving this to a computer create consciousness?  We could do this!

A computer could have pain sensors helping it avoid damage. Our cars already do in the form of crash detectors. Our cars also know when they are low on fuel, their food. Our A.I. with these skills might now avoid rain, walking into deep water and running out of fuel. It will to some extent be self activating but not conscious. What if we programmed it with a need to have companionship and to see the benefits of working in teams with beings like itself? It could be programmed to “instinctively” form robot tribes to protect itself from the pain of destruction by competitive A.I.s eagle-1245681_640who might take its fuel and shelter if these needs were in short supply.  It would likely now be more self activated but still not conscious. What now if we add emotional needs? It is quite possible to program an inner pain when other A.I.s out perform it in group activities such as searching for fuel etc.  We could even program in some “boasting” into
A.I.s that would create “jealousy” in other A.I.s.  We could in fact, create “pride feelings” in those who achieve more. We could program in competitiveness too, perhaps as a desire to soar with the eagles.  However it is not likely to lead to self awareness.  What is still missing?  How about death?

We could design in an inevitable death in which the CPU-Mind simply degrades and stops functioning as a process of memory overloading or randomness inherently created by the repetitive use of its subatomic substrate. In other words it wears out at the subatomic level by being overwhelmed from its self created complexity.  If you don’t like this cause, we can come up with another one more suitable however the bottom line is it dies.  How will this affect possible consciousness?  The A.I. might begin to seek solutions to this issue, it could be self activating all the time.  Is that consciousness?  How about if we make it possible for the A.I. to have sex with an opposite sex A.I. to reproduce itself. Could we also create in its mind a sense of woman-1339124_640family and the special value of family?  Consider that we know trees do this!  Why not A.I.s?  We could even make it possible that each A.I. inherit certain A.I. characteristics from a parent A.I., like genetics. Successful A.I. lives could modify genes so that those inheriting them would be more likely to succeed at survival and reproduction. Would this now endow the A.I. with human consciousness like behavior?   I suspect we are getting close. The sexual behavior could also be sensually and emotionally rewarding so as to be a positive motivating experience as it can be for humans. It could also be only occasionally productive by programming.  The desire for sex would also end with the climax so that the A.I. would not be stuck in a pleasure seeking loop.  We could put this all under the control of a chemical charging system that creates urgency as charge builds in a system much like hormones. It might even be connected to the cycles of the moon and the timing created by the rhythm of the Schumann Resonance.  In this way the “need” to attempt reproduction (sex) would not be a constant.  The A.I. could be programmed to recognize its “child” as its link to immortality and a strength added to its tribe, since death is inevitable.

crucifix-1802224_640We should also create an intellectual skill allowing an A.I. the ability to “put itself in another A.I.’s shoes.” This could be the beginning of compassion and sensitivity. This ability to feel another’s pain, especially at death would add an appreciation for life and perhaps an urgency to live it well. With this programmed, an A.I. might one day say, “let he who has not sinned cast the first water!”

Would we now have consciousness?  It is beginning to me to look like the A.I. will behave in a conscious fashion. Would it now begin to wonder if it will have an existence after “death?” We could of course program an electromagnetic transport for an archive of its experience to a cosmic archive. From this archive we might even pass its experience to a subsequent generation of its family, though placing it at a lower subconscious level of mental access to increase its likelihood of survival after “birth”  or to create new born prodigies.

I think at this point the A.I. will be like Asimov’s.  Will it be conscious?  I am not sure but it makes me wonder if we are too!



Redux Dilenium Pasternium – There is nothing new under the sun

“There is nothing new under the sun” is both true and false!  It is true because of human experience and false because sunset_girl_sillhoette_369103_oof its implications to those of human experience. May I suggest that before you go on reading, you close your eyes and try to analyze, conceptualize or ponder how this statement can be both true and false? If you do this, for most of us “sane” humans,  it will generate heat from the friction and irritation in your brain much like the onset of the common cold does in your throat.  Having done this, which wrecked my sleep this morning, lets expand upon what is true and what is false so that this concept will melt into your mind like a throat lozenge and sooth the irritation to your mental tissues that this apparent conflict creates.  Lets look at these two factors, experience and implications.

Lets first talk about  Experience.  Experience is to say that because you are human you live within the “box” of what a human being can experience, a box created by your carefully crafted and limited sense organs and what you call a “mind” which processes your sensory experience.  What does it mean to live within a box and have a “human experience?” To understand this lets get outside the box and lets picture an anomalous birth.  This birth is that of a child no mother would wish for. When Dilen was born he (if it could be called such) had no eyes.  There were just darkened concavities at whose center lay a sparkling crystal that at odd angles appeared metallic. Dilen’s worldly experience, though he did not live very long, was different than yours or mine and it started much earlier than that which we frequently recall. It started much earlier, partially  because of his unique eyesight.  When he was young, he first noticed that he traveled around in his world without any volition.  He simply moved this way or that way in relation to other objects and at times he simply did not move for very long periods. This time of rest was preceded by the lessening of the sparkling light that seemed to pass through nearly everything he could see.   As he grew older however, he found that he could move on his own will, but only through small angles. If he tried to move much, something bigger than him would thrust him back in his corner and get angry with him. As a result he learned to move as little as possible. With experience he began to notice that he (as he began to perceive himself) observed the world from a discernible space.  If he looked down xraythere was a cloudy somewhat domed floor whose center was bright and constantly changing when he was in motion.  Behind him and a bit above was a long tube made of long bumpy cloud like disks. To either side there were windows to a changing panorama on either side.  In front of him was a similar panorama of depth and texture that either rotated around him or in which he somehow turned without an act of his will. This was one big view. Above him was this chamber ringed with cloudy bars all attached to the tube of disks and ending in an opaque white blob that blocked his view above.  He existed for a long time like this until one day his world shattered.  He awoke to discomfort he had never known.  He was being thrust forward and backward against his will and so violently was this force that he was now in contact with the cloudy floor which caused him head pain!  In fact he was upside down.  The central opening however was expanding and he began to fear that he might fall down and through it.  This thrusting went on and on for a very long time, well past his time to sleep.  Finally the floor opened wide and he did fall through!  Disorientation seazed him, spasms filled his body.  He looked around as he moved again without volition, and saw where he had come from now well below. He was outside his home not in it. Holding him above his now lost home was another home much like the one he came from.  In this new big space were several more of these moving homes.  His ears heard their shrill vibrations, something that he had noted in a muffled manner long before this event. His eyes, if you could call them that, saw through these homes as they had through his mother home.  However it ended there as he died shortly after this birth.  To the best of his doctors understanding, his anomalous eyes were really receptors for x-ray like energy.  Yes he was one of the results of genetic experimentation by the Moonsato corporation. He was one of the GMO humans they had created with viral vectors that escaped their supposedly secure lab before they were put out of business by millions of justified law suits.  He lived, breifly, outside our experience of the box. He did so because his view of reality was turned on to some things and off to others.

Implications. When we say that there is nothing new under the Sun, we imply that every experience has been duplicated by humans wearing different clothes at different times in history (and much the same for the rest of the world of animals and matter).  This is true for most of us but not true for those like Dilen!

It is also not true when we shift dimensions. In the land some call Pastern, an act of will creates a change in the universe without the need for a physical interaction of  bodies and matter.  It does so because there is no matter and there are no physical bodies! This does not mean that there are no sentient beings however. My friend Janr has, through the projection of his energy form,  visited Pastern and called it the D-dimension.  From his perspective it appears to be the energy equivalent of our universe and perhaps that which makes our material world exist by supporting all the “dust of matter” that covers the vast “empty” space of our world. In Pastern, time moves both forward and backward on choice as does dimensional space.  In Pastern, beings, who are timeless, experience the universe as a “seething foam of probability.”   There is no end, no beginning and no “now.” One of these entities had chosen to communicate with Janr.  For this to happen it took a singular form to represent its infinite existence. In its singular expression of its otherwise endless being, it chose the name “Hedron” so that it might communicate with Janr, in the D-dimension.  It simulated a single being, even though it existed in all time and all space.  It did so for human reference as it otherwise it was unknowable to singular beings like us.  But this is well documented in my book, “Timeless Search.”

infinityWhen we are told “There Is Nothing New Under The Sun,”  it implies that the drama of life is repetitive and ongoing.  It is true and false. True if we live in the box or human reality. False if we step outside the box and join the infinitely possible and very existent worlds of reality.  We did that in “Not Kid’s Games”  as Janr Ssor and his friend “Q”  experiment with mushrooms that turn off and on the filters of reality.  This is the journey of my books, The Adventures Of Janr Ssor.  The universe is endless in both time, dimension and probable form. We will not live long enough in one body to experience even a measurable fraction of it.  If my perception of reincarnation  is true, we will come back without our clear knowledge to experience it from another dimension again and again. This is touched upon in my short story, “The Touch.”

I was born an adult in a child’s body.  I saw children as confusing illogical beings and childhood  a very strange experience. These “children” were frightening to me in their illogical senseless action. I hung out with adults as soon as I could walk.  I chose not to learn to read, write or spell with any fluency, expecting thought transference,  until I realized you were mostly deaf to thoughts as forced upon you by your fearful parents!  God help those children who did not dispose of their “imaginary friends” as they matured.   Most of them, who did not live in India, ended up drugged by “modern medicine” until death came to them in the insane asylums they called their home.  Most American children quickly learned to ignore anything conveyed to their brains that did not come through their acceptable 5 senses.

Experience, Implications, what is reality?  There are things new under the Sun but only to those of expanded mind.  No wonder the Hippies sought this dream.  Sadly they did not know how to find it, though many came close. Experience does not have to be limited as Shamans of our world learned long ago.  In the book, “Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind”  a Book by Graham Hancock, you may journey down the path to his very personal research, research that proves my point.

Redux?  From  we find “Latin: returning (as from war or exile), noun derivative (with passive sense) of redūcere to bring back; see reduce

…………. Janr Ssor

Who Is Poisoning Your Children With “Food!”

If you don’t know what is killing your family and causing cancer, you as a parent can say you were just ignorant as they bury your child and so you can try to avoid blame.  But, were you ignorant or just to busy to be responsible?

Feelings, Friends, Fancy And Love

deathofafriend I wonder if as you reach your late 60’s you start to think more about “feelings” and less from your head?  My second optician, who was a friend for 35 years, and 10 years younger than me, just died of cancer tonight.  I knew it was coming but it is still surrealistic. I am pondering lots more, as I become more conscious of my age and the loss of friends, if I made good decisions? I did in being his friend and am thankful he was mine.
     We all make decisions where our head overrules our heart and I wonder if that is the best we can do?  I have always believed it but began to doubt it 20 or 30 years later. Not that I know that the alternative was better. I just wondered,  what if?
I am experimenting with communicating, in writing, more from my heart and less from my head.  It has made me think a lot more about the touching emails, I have received over the years from friends,  both men and women.  I wrote an essay on feelings,  as experienced by a long married man, seeing his wife leaving for a 5 day trip to Fla  to do some work at their vacation home. It was an attempt at more feelings and less intellectualism but it ended up being both.  I thought it was an honest projection of what it might be like and what the implications are.  I have been divorced once and married now twice so I have learned something, I hope.
A week after writing the essay,  I was thinking about an email from an old college girl friend (45 years ago) who said dating in the 60'sshe was trying to share more of her feelings with old friends but not ready to do so yet.  Then thinking about her email comment,  I looked at the one picture I have of her, at that age, and tried to recall if she looked like that.  On my computer,  I tried to enhance it to look more like what my memory struggled to recall.  It took about 20 minutes and then I went to sleep, unsatisfied with my foggy memory and the still somewhat unfamiliar photo.
I had a lot of interesting dreams that night. I saw, symbolically,  the relationship I had with this pretty red haired lady, and an  “old girl friend” that I had dated a bit before meeting my wife.  There was a third one too but, I cannot recall who the third one was as it was a dream state. As a result of these symbolic images, I now better understand my feelings for all of them, in the past and now in the present.
Despite what some people claim,  I find that it is hard to believe that, years later,  you don’t still love the people you have truly loved.  I suspect that deep in my heart I still love them as much as I did then.  What is interesting is that I can be truly be happy for them being with the partners they chose,  which I could not have felt for them years ago.  It is now like being their brother rather than a lover.  Would you not be happy for your sister if she married someone perfect for her? Well, that is my experience or so I think it is.
There is also the lady I left a year before I met my wife.  It is fascinating to me that I made the right intellectual decision leaving her.  But like my college girl friend, she was my best friend in a time when I needed a special friend.  I talked to her by phone a few times months ago and I tried to learn why she looks at life so differently than I do. That was of course why I left her. I mention her in my previous essay above as she was the lady who was in real estate. She did not believe in marriage commitments and I did and still do.
I think I have always been a bit of a “boring” intellectual, who finds work, books, and time alone to learn, great fun while people were more of a  challenge, as few shared my  interests. I have gotten better however from a diversion in life spent selling products almost door to door, for 5 years. I learned to “be” more relatable and even enjoy almost anyone I meet, at least for short time spans.
  memoriesIt is an interesting time in my life, a time to try to understand “relationships.”  I am sure I will not ever understand relationships but I will understand more about them. I have never valued money greatly. I did not know until recently what I really valued.  You cannot take money with you,  but I believe you can take memories you are proud of and happy with.  I will joyously celebrate that wealth which I have acquired.

we opted against san loco (on 160 n 4th street) to get something more authentic at the taco truck on the side of n6th. – 28 (williamsburg, borough of lost boys)

Janr’s intro:   Frankie Leone’s words, like Rit dye, drip down in rainbows of darkness to tie dye your soul.  Like Dali’s paintings, their  surrealistic twists and turns add depth to your dream of reality.  Each charcoal shaded stroke takes you deeper into his soul, your soul and the pain and passion you thought you erased when you showered.  Read it on “Borough Of Lost Boys.”


we opted against san loco (on 160 n 4th street) to get something more authentic at the taco truck on the side of n6th. – 28 (williamsburg, borough of lost boys).