Dutch Researcher Created A Super-Influenza Virus With The Potential To Kill Millions

Virus research and the new tools of science allow the creation of the equivalent of Pandora’s Box. Once we release new life forms into the environment it is forever! Is this good or bad?


  • We put up fences and got rustlers.
  • We created banks and got bank robbers.
  • We created computers networks and got computer viruses.
  • We created genetic manipulation and we could  get new killer bugs.

The question is should we as a world full of people allow any corporation or nation to modify living organisms that can never be removed from our environment, as in Pandora’s Box?  Can we even stop this if we wanted to?  One argument for genetic manipulation is that  knowing what can be done by allowing it,  we can be prepared.  Another argument to consider  the question “do the people who make the anti-virus for out computers help make the virus?”  Surely evil people will realized that if they create the disaster they can sell you disaster insurance,  the Mafia is living proof.

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Janr Ssor

Who Is Poisoning Your Children With “Food!”

If you don’t know what is killing your family and causing cancer, you as a parent can say you were just ignorant as they bury your child and so you can try to avoid blame.  But, were you ignorant or just to busy to be responsible?

Monsanto NO! GMO YES?



While Monsanto and others, such as  collaborating factory food farmers,  have banded together to financially support an agenda of using you and your children as experimental lab mice for their GMO “food,” this does not make GMO a bad word or a bad idea.

The value of GMO organisms to humanity might just be proven in the coming years if transparency,  honesty and the Nations of  Earth as a consensus are part of the process.  All of humanity on Earth deserve a voice in what if ANYTHING  GMO is released into our environment and even more so if it is into our food supply!

However, Monstanto and its financial partners need you to experiment on and so they work to deny you access  to information that will let you chose between GMO and NATURAL food. The spend millions to fight your right’s to GMO labeling of food in the marketplace.

They in essence treat you like the humans caged for experimental purposes in Planet Of  The Apes;  they make you into experimental lab rats planet of apes cages 01for their experimental GMO foods!  This is far from transparency.

I am NOT for GMO food, I do not believe it is safe for humans or the environment!  The Monsanto products are especially horrific as the are bred to produce toxins and tolerate toxins (pesticide) that Monsanto manufactures and evidence clearly shows are dangerous to humans and the environment.

On the other hand there can be benefits from GMO organisms that the Earth’s people can agree upon if produced with transparency and careful research and development controls. What kind of products might be of benefit?

Well considering that an estimated 3/4 of a million people die each year from mosquito bites,  wiping oxitecout mosquitoes without poisoning the environment with toxic chemicals might be a good plan!  Or even better, creating GMO mosquitoes that are revolted by the scent of human bodies (less impact on an environment whose complexity we cannot hope to understand, currently. Is anyone working in this direction?  One company is and that is Oxitec however their approach is not without concerns and conflict.

Director of GeneWatch UK, Dr Helen Wallace, said: ‘Local people should be aware that releasing large numbers of GM mosquitoes can pose risks to their health and the environment. ‘They also need to know who will be liable if anything goes wrong. Will Oxitec take responsibility for any problems, or GeneWatch UKjust walk away?’ GeneWatch said changes could be introduced into the wild population which means the Dengue Fever they spread might become more dangerous to humans.  It claims that if the numbers of one type of mosquito – Aedes aegypti – is reduced as result of the release of GM versions, others, such as the Asian Tiger mosquito, which also carry the virus, could come in and thrive. Gene Watch also claims that there is no evidence from experiments conducted to date that human cases of Dengue Fever fall as a result of releasing the GM insects.

The future benefits or tragedies of GMO organisms remains shrouded in mystery.  The complexity involved in predicting the benefits or dangers of releasing GMO organisms into something as complex as our environment is currently beyond the comprehension of humanity.  At first glance Oxitec’s plans to sterilize dangerous mosquitoes seems sensible; however, GeneWatch’s  Helen Wallace’s comments also have merits! Destabilizing one species might enable an even more dangerous species!

This is why transparency is so needed. It will promote open debate and discussion that may provide enough of an answer to make the risks worth the benefits.  This would  especially be true  if unexpected damages an be reversed and those seeking to profit from this technology are willing to take Personal Liability as well as insurance to repay those harmed against unforeseen consequences. Look no further than the environmental damage of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Genetic Literacy Project  is supposed to be such an enlightened institution for GMO education and transparency.  However when you MotherJones Magdig deeper it certainly appears that the huge monetary clout of the big  GMO industry may have its tentacles in the door of integrity and the Genetic Literacy Project may not be transparent at all.  Mother Jones magazine has an interesting story in this regard so here in the story “The Making of an Agribusiness Apologist.

In the recent Superman sci-fi movie,  survivors of Krypton come to Earth intending to terraform Earth into a planet for Krypton’s beings to live on.  In the process, humanity would be obliterated. Releasing a truly dangerous GMO organism into the Earth’s environment has potentially similar dangers and one that we might not be able combat.  There is  a great deal of need for debate and world wide cooperation in the establishment of transparent multinational institution, like the UN was supposed to become, whose sole purpose is to protect our fragile world from the financial greed that lurks behind the potentially great technologies that science has served up.











“Reality Sci-Fi Theater,” A Writer’s Diversion

obamacareReality science fiction (which I have just coined as a name),  is unimagined economic and social forces as devastating as our “Shock And Awe” campaign in Iraq, that are invisible to the naked eye. It is tornado like forces that others see as if they were late fall winds whisking leaves from trees.

As I live outside the box, I see the tornadoes before those inside and so decided to show others the evidence and offer them an opportunity to build and Arc with me and others like me.  So instead of writing Sci-Fi for the last 8 months I have been a  researcher, writer and director,  on stage,  creating  Sci-Fi  Reality Theater performance (one way too real but too sci-fi to be my America.).

As many of you know, I have not posted a lot lately or completed any new sci-fi publication as books.  As some of you know, I am also and eye doctor who has taken a unique challenge in dealing with the impact of ObamaCare on our health care system.

I have led the founding of the NYIPA, a group of doctors forming an Independent Practice Association, IPA.  An IPA could be defined as a  tool that allows doctors to organize as a single groups that provides medical services to buyers.  In my vision it is a tool to help doctors survive the premeditated destruction of all they have worked to achieve,  by the corruption in Washington that has turned America from a Republic into an Oligarchy.  In so doing, I have written miles of text that describes this Reality Sci-Fi Theater as it is being enacted on the streets of our nation.

Here is one of my favorite essays, Peering Over The Professional Precipice,  much of which I stole (with permission) from my colleagues in Ct.

What is the Sci-Fi like reality behind ObamaCare that makes it worth such a diversion from my favorite topic of traditional Sci-Fi?   It is the mass cultural hypnosis that Washington has been able to achieve to get our countrymen to allow a financial give away, much like TARP, to corporations that have underfunded health care and over-funded CEOs.  It is the ability of an Oligarchy to siphon the blood of its civilians while promising weigh loss with no need for dieting.

One of the key features of this charade is EMR  (electronic medical records). Emr is promised as the solution to health care’s inefficiency.  You know what it is as it has replaced your doctor’s attention at all your medical visits over the last few years. It is why you doctor does not know your face when you visit him or her,  but rather a screen full of data that is supposed to be you.  In Sci-Fi EMR will work and in reality it is a give away to insurance companies (who elect the president and congress)  used to turn a doctor’s patient time into free data entry and secretarial services for Insurance companies.


The devastating effect of EMR and its accompanying accountable care (ObamaCare)    has inspired my very short story about EMR Terrorism (posted here on a FaceBook group I started),  written for doctors and others,  to help them understand the impact of one missile, EMR, in the Shock and Awe campaign of OmbaCare’s reality show.

Emr Terrorism Book on Smashowrds

For those of you who are curious to read it and don’t love FaceBook here is a link to SmashWords for a free copy of ‘How To Kill Your Doctor For Fun And Profit.”    So you see I have been writing and I did publish a short story.

This short story is just the beginning of a series on how Bill And Hilary’s Great Adventure,  has been recast in the garbs of ObamaCare with the magical pixie dust of EMR to make it seem different.   Make no mistake about it, the tornado you take for a wind, is the rebirth of the failed HMO’s and Capitated health care that died a slow death while destroying the lives of many people back in the ’90s.

So…. this has been my diversion,  Sci-Fi Reality Theater.

Janr Ssor,  (aka Dr Joseph Ross)



Why Monsanto Is Nearsighted And Dangerous!

We have long known that  there are 10 times more bacterial cells in our body than our own cells making up our bodies. This is because what we call “our” cells creates a healthy supportive environment for the “good” bacteria and these bacteria create nutrition by helping digest our food and protect our bodies form dangerous invaders.  The Very Faulted Model that uses antibiotics to kill off bacteria has long been known to be wrong!  For example:  using antibiotics to stop a minor infection destroys you gut bacteria and causes you to feel weak run down and even depressed.  Cleaning your bodies with too much anti-biohazardbacterial soap,  exposes you to dangerous infections!  We are just beginning to understand how important bacteria are to our bodies!  Recent findings show that the “right” bacteria in your body can help you think better and avoid serious depression and anxiety!  We know, for example, that naturally bacterial fermented vegetables (Natural Pickles such as Bubbies Pickles) can give you hundreds of times the bacteria you need compared to a single probiotic pill.  For centuries people have washed off veggies to remove lose dirt and then packed them in salt water, so that they would ferment and become pickled by the natural balance of bacteria that lives in the Earth!

Monsanto is out to create new plants and animals that last longer on the supermarket shelf, grow bigger faster and have build in chemicals that kill or repel insects, bacteria and other micro-organisms.  The obvious problem here is that the reason these “things”  they will create last longer is that they disrupt the harmony of life between micro-organisms and macro organisms, like us!

If you are concerned about the environment and the possibility that too much industrial pollution and water pollution can destroy our environment,  imagine what will happen to YOUR inner environment when the plants you consume cause the bacteria in you gut and the Earth to die out or mutate to new forms for their survival?  YOU MAY NOT SURVIVE!

Monsanto has envisioned good things that could come out of GMO plants and animals.  There is this possibility but if this is there real goal then the right way to achieve it is by proving it in testing labs on test animals in test environments.  Instead,  they have used political clout and PAC money from other big Agriculture factory farms to block the labeling of food as GMO,  as they are required to do in Europe!  Instead of research in labs that protect our environment they are getting mothers to feed their children untested potentially dangerous GMO foods by not allowing them to know what they are buying!  Yes, you mothers are unwittingly using your children as lab animals for Monsanto’s research!

This is both nearsighted and dangerous!  Monsanto is not the “Company Of The Year”  that FORBES magazine rated them a few years ago, but instead possibly the next environmental disaster to befall to all of humanity.  They have the potential to be worse than the Black Plague, unless they are stopped!

Monsanto has blocked you access to information labeling foods as GMO but for now you can find and avoid some.  Read this for a guideline. 

Janr Ssor.

Car Toreador

Cars can behave like bulls charging at or by a toreador, depending upon who is driving them.  I have become a car

Toreador matador-and-bull_sizeXS

toreador, so I know.   Being a car toreador  requires that you be able to psychoanalyze drivers, if you want to survive.  There are some definite dangers much as those faced by the men who challenge bulls but perhaps not as severe, I hope.

I did not set out to be a car toreador; rather I set out to get some exercise in a quick and easy fashion each morning. To accomplish this goal, I bought a good pair of Nike running shoes (Pegasus) and made sure I got up early enough to watch the sunrise as I walked down the mountain road I live on.

I live out in the country where sidewalks are non-existent.  Instead we have “shoulders” to the road which also require a bit of imagination to actually find.  Sometimes there is a hill of rock ledge rising up at a tight corner,  so no amount of imagination will help you find a shoulder.   Until the last second, cars charging around those corners don’t see you, you don’t see them and the yellow line is to be trampled on.  On occasion there is grass and that will do fine. You learn quickly to change sides of the road before those  hairpin turns or else you become roadkill.  It’s kind of like riding a motorcycle,  you learn to avoid oncoming vehicles by a planned pattern of evasive maneuvers.

In any event the first survival lesson  I learned  was while walking down my dead end street, early in the morning.  Quite a few drivers are up early, as I was, on their way to work (which I do later as I work near my home).  It is busy enough to imagine it is not a dead end street.   I often have ear-buds in my ears and a smartphone playing music while monitoring my walking distance and speed.  I keep the volume down so that I can hear a car or truck coming and avoid getting gored by a charging Chevy or Hyundai .  One secret I learned is that drivers have an attitude even before they meet others drivers and acquire road rage.Angry Motorists

Each car has its own and distinctive attitude and though the type of car is often related it is not the main cause.  I say cars because you usually cannot see the drivers.  They are hidden by the early morning glare of sunrise on their windshields or shadows from the many trees that line the side of the road.  The trees are everywhere with long branches hugging the side of the road as if it were a sleeping child cradled  in its mothers extended arms. It is very rural up here. We even have some dirt roads that are well used and accepted.

The car’s attitude was easy enough to see since I had begun to learn to walk towards traffic so as to give me some opportunity to side step a charging vehicle. Matadors must make quick decisions if they wish to continue in the sport.  Some cars charged down the quiet country roads like mad bulls hoping to gore a matador; others, glided gracefully by and frequently moved completely into the opposing lane with far more care than need to avoid the matador.   Some, by the way, actually came closer in a very confrontational manner.  I began to wonder what caused this difference? 

Many days of being a car matador, has taught me something about these differences.  Big SUV’s with petite women driving them are frequently the most dangerous but this happens around 3:00 pm and not that commonly in the morning. On the occasion that I might get a glance at the driver, I will see a female face that is somewhat twisted with stress and suppressed rage.  They are late to pick up their children and anyone in their way on the road will be gored to death!  When on my motorcycle,  I always avoid SUV’s for this reason. They will literally run you off the road.

Other cars are less bullish then SUV’s. However, as you might suspect the sporty ones like to make a mad rush at you as that is their thrill or perhaps how they burn off the 3 cups of coffee that got them awake and now running on adrenalin.  They want to play with you and regret having past you; but, they know there is another day coming.

The more nondescript cars have their attitude too and after a while you get to know which ones have which attitude.   There are exceptions however as I can tell that the black and white  Hyundais that come one after another each morning have attitudes depending upon how the two drivers where communicating over breakfast. I am predicting that without a lot of marriage counseling the black and white cars will be living separately in the near future.

Then there are the cars you know are driven by older drivers.  The will come around the corner see you and cross to the opposite lane, hopefully when there is no oncoming traffic.  Moving over 3 or 4 feet would be fine but they want to show you how much you matter.  I do not think they are bulls,  I think these are out to pasture cows.  I do prefer to have a road full of cows, by the way.

Finally there are those bulls that want to literally gore you and end your miserable existence.  They know you are messing up their trip by being on the road!  They know you have no reason to be there trying to walk and stay fit while they have to go to work, drink more high test coffee and possibly have a heart attack running with the rest of the bulls on the expressway at 90 mph.  They are pissed!  Most of them however shrink from the final act at the last moment, simply satisfied that they have terrorized you and will get to do it again tomorrow.  I wish it were not true but most of these drivers,  when I get to see them, are the petite women who probably drive the SUV’s on weekends.   This is why I am seriously considering selling my Yamaha Silverado.   I have discovered that iron ponies are no match for a charging bull SUVs.

I would like to think that females are the gentler sex, but I am no longer so sure.  I think they are gentler face to face because God made them physically weaker, in most cases.   However, give them control over a 400 bull power engine and they act out their Napoleonic dreams.

If you decide to get up early and walk,  take a walk after lunch, walk before the sun sets or do all 3 as I do, keep in mind that you should develop the art of being a car toreador and knowing when to dodge the charging bull.   Especially if you want to stay alive.  You may also get to know the neighbors, you never meet.

Preventing Armageddon Would Cost Only $100 Million … But Congress Is Too Thick to Approve the Fix | ZeroHedge

In my story,  Not Kid’s Games,  this very real issue below is examined!  Read this very valuable story from a factual viewpoint below published on ZeroHedge.

The government has thrown tens of trillions of dollars at the big banks, even though bailing out the big banks hurts – rather than helps – the American economy. See this, this and this. (And it doesn’t take a PhD economist to guess that using bailout funds to buy gold toilet seats and prostitutes is probably not the best way to stimulate the economy as a whole)..

Nobel prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz says that the $3-5 trillion spent on the Iraq waralone has been very bad for the American economy. See thisthis and this. Security experts – including both hawks and doves – agree that waging war against Iraq and in other Middle Eastern countries weakens national security and increases terrorism. Seethisthisthisthisthisthisthis and this. Read more at this link below….

via Preventing Armageddon Would Cost Only $100 Million … But Congress Is Too Thick to Approve the Fix | ZeroHedge.

Who Is Ibrahim?

In my story,  TIMELESS SEARCH,  Ibrahim is a major character who is  of  Arabic descent.   Ibrahim is a brilliant mathematician and student of Islamic Law.  He is very tall, powerful,  ethical and influential.  He is also part of the team that will determine the future of all life in out universe.

Ibrahim faces a challenge which many of us in America have to deal with when relating to Muslims,  he has to deal with what he has learned from Islamic Law, Sharia,  vs what is backbone of our American law and society,  the Judeo-Christian Heritage.

For those of you who have written to me and asked why I created Ibrahim;  I believe this  story could not exist without him.  Just as the story of the evolution of our world today will not be told without reference to Islam, so my story could not have existed,  without Ibrahim and Islam.

Many years ago,  I had the opportunity to know two brothers who were students of Islam,  much like my character, Ibrahim.   They had both memorized the Quaran and would frequently review it between them to keep in memory.  I asked them questions about the roots of the Islamic system of ethics (how it might compare to our 10 commandments)  but I was disappointed with the lack of a clear answer.   I have yet to receive one but hope to in the future.  In the meantime,  Ibrahim is my closest answer as he struggles with the challenge it has caused in my mind.   As an example of the dilemma  that Ibrahim had to face here is one question that arises:

Consider the law “Thou Shalt Not Murder!”  

  • The 10 Commandments states:    Thou Shalt Not Murder
  • In the Quaran you may find:  “And do not kill anybody that Allah has prohibited except when you have a right to kill” (6:151)
Now I am not claiming any expertise in the Quaran so this is taken from Islamic sites that do claim to be authoritative.  The Judeo-Christian version also is careful not to say “thou shalt not kill”  but rather thou shalt not murder.  This is because to murder is premeditated and to kill may be defensive or accidental.   How we interpret this commandment is of great importance to how we survive as a civilized and spiritual people.

In my story,  TIMELESS SEARCH,  I take this question of  great importance one step further.   But I will leave that for you to discover in  TIMELESS SEARCH.
Janr Ssor