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Millisecond Insider trading

“Computer augmented trading,  why you should serve the new master well!”  This is my alternative title as we slowlly become slaves to the technology that we created, one computer at a time.  It is a glance at the near future Feudal Kingdoms where the peasants serve the king who has the power to own the land,  the castle and a small well equipped  elite army.

Below is this interesting article you may choose to read, on  It reveals a new assault on, what some may see as the value of goods and services, and in so doing our economic system and freedoms.  As  the author Michael Wellman says, “Trading on price disparities across markets is called arbitrage, and if the latency edge of a high-frequency trader is large enough, the trader can in some cases obtain a risk-free profit.”   In other words power without risk!

In this well written article by Michael Wellman, you learn about the computer generated virtual reality that is shaping our economy;  much like the power Janr Ssor and Q found in my novel, “Timeless Search.”  Keep in mind that just because it is virtual does not in any way mean it is not REAL!



A close look at how Oracle installs deceptive software with Java updates | ZDNet.

free computer virus warning

Having spent 1/2 an hour to finally uninstal the McAfee Scanner that was installed illegally on my system by Java and McAfee,  I highly recommend you read this important article and BOYCOTT Java and McAfee as they are now both Virus Like Products!   In an era of greed and loss of ethics that seems to be sweeping America’s corporations, these scum are some of the leaders. BOYCOTT: JAVA, MCAFEE AND ASK.COM


Oracle’s Java – Attacks Your Computer!