Sonoluminesence again!

Rusi Taleyarkhan – one of my favorite researchers was attacked years ago for proving that cold fusion occurred naturally in something as simple as water!  In 2002, while a senior rusi_taleyarkhanscientist at ORNL, Taleyarkhan published a paper on fusion achieved by bombarding a container of liquid solvent with strong ultrasonic vibrations, a process known as sonofusion or bubble fusion. Scientists and others made a huge effort to make Dr Taleyarkhan’s work look invalid yet,  they still cannot explain the 20,000 degree temperature that occurs (well proven) when a bubble collapses in a fluid media.  Here we are again, 14 years later, still talking about this “mystery.”  If Rusi had been supported instead of being attacked 14 years ago, we would probably be living on Mars, and have almost no lack or food or peace in this world we live in!   Read the latest here…..


Bubble Fusion Bubbles Up Again – IEEE Spectrum

Rusi Taleyarkhan,

via Bubble Fusion Bubbles Up Again – IEEE Spectrum.

 Rusi Taleyarkhan demonstrated bubble fusion or cold fusion over  a decade ago; but his research was criticized and discredited by a group of researchers who may have had an other agenda. Bubble fusion is back in the news again as evidence surfaces for its validation. Continue reading