Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct And That Will Greatly Affect Your Health!

stegosaurusDinosaurs are not extinct! They just became so small that you can’t see them with the naked eye. Read this article from Scientific American and then give it some thought and you’ll see what I mean. At least if you think outside the box you’ll see what I mean!
Dinosaurs are made of many cells, just like you and I. However we define our bodies boundaries by what we choose rather than what is.  That is to say that we choose perceptions that are functionally useful but never really truthful. So to say that the boundary of our bodies is our skin is “useful” but not truthful.  In fact, we are beginning to morph our thinking to understand that more cells of our bodies are probiotic cells than cells that came from the blastula that started your bodies existence. That means that we have more soil bacteria in us than our own cells.

With this fact, clearly in mind, you can now see that defining your bodies boundaries as the edges of your skin is totally absurd!  You ARE very much part of the environment. Science  has, in the Scientific American Article, come to the conclusion that bacteria have several ways to communicate, just as we do. Well guess what they are also part of us! How blind do you have to be to not understand that we are not just connected to the environment by bacteria in and around us (as well as viri) but in communication with all that is Earth!  The Earth is not inert, it is a living part of you and I and by the way, we are all one multicellular organism.  Yes, that means you and I.

So how does this affect your health?  Huge!  When you let Monsanto poison the environment with glyphosates like Roundup, you are poisoning your body and your childrens!  When you alter living cellular organisms like fruits and vegetables as can now be done with GMO  “food”  you are changing things you and I have almost know knowledge of. You are turning all of our children into lab rats and worse yet, releasing Pandora’s box into the Earth for eternity.  If you think Fukishama sea swept radiation is scary,  just think what Monsanto is doing to your countries soil and that of others that have yet to ban their products.

However this story is not about Monsanto, it is about dinosaurs and your health.  If a large Tyrannosaurs Rex were standing in your room, you would run like crazy!  It huge multicellular body would be able to destroy you and you home in seconds.  These huge physically dense creatures have pretty much vanished from the Earth; however, they have been replaced by far larger multicellular creatures that are physically less dense and so harder to see or destroy!    These creatures are global bacterial and viral colonies with cellular communication and this is admittedly speculative but not without strong scientific evidence.  For example, there is strong evidence that bacteria control whether it rains or not!  There is very strong evidence that cells communicate by photons which travel cytoskeletonthrough the cytoskeletons of your body!   Plants in the Amazon communicate via an internet of fungi!    The bottom line is, you can keep your health and that of your familes by recognizing the truth about your bodies! The truth is that the Earth, the plants, the bacteria, the viri and all of us animals are ONE living thing.  We are all in communication and all involved in each others survival and health.  Poison one and poison all.  Take care of all and take care of your self.  You can easily affect your health by being more conscious of maintaining the environment and your neighbors health.  We are all one!  There is endless opportunity for great things to happen for all of our well being when we recognize the mystical truth of the bible telling us that when Cain slew Abel the consequences were not only global but infinitely temporal.

——  Janr

An interesting foot note here is the mystical interpretation of the story of Cain and Abel,  from Bible Odyssey. 

. Jewish and Christian interpreters across the centuries have seen in the Cain and Abel story a precursor to future murders of innocents up to the present day. For them, the plural of bloods in Gen 4:10-11 and the present tense of the verb, is crying out, in Gen 4:10 point to the blood of later generations still crying out to God in a desperate plea for a reckoning.

These ancient texts in Genesis stress how violence polluted the earth and caused the first major flood. Perhaps they contain wisdom about the impact of human behavior on the earth as humanity faces a potential new era of flooding and climate chaos. Some insist that human forces have played no role in the warming that threatens global disaster. The story of Cain and Abel, with its stress on the earthly consequences of human sin, suggests otherwise.