Missing The Aliens Among Us

If you met an alien on the street would you recognize them?   I am going to bet your dog might but you might not!  It is not that your dog’s sense of smell or sight is better; it is really about what you have preconceived in your mind that is blinding your eyes.  But, before we get into that lets just see if you can recognize the living from the inanimate.

Until recently, the oldest documented seed that has grown into a viable plant was a Judean date palm seed about 2,000 years old, recovered from excavations at Herod the Great’s palace on Masada in Israel. It was germinated in 2005.  Would you have believed that a seed  2,000 years old, buried in the soil could still be alive?

Recently a team of Russian researchers found ancient  squirrel burrows exposed on the bank of the lower Kolyma River, an area that had been full of life before the last ice age.  Soon after the squirrels dug the burrows,  they were sealed with windblown earth, buried under 125 feet of sediment and permanently frozen at minus 7 degrees Celsius.

Though plant seeds found there failed to germinate,  cells taken  from the placenta, the organ in the fruit that produces the seeds,  were cultured  in dishes  into growing into  whole plants!  The plant has been dated to over 32,000 years of age.

When you think about it,  how long can something stay “alive.”   And,  what is life anyway?   When I was in elementary school they tried to define life for us in a simple way.   They said, life was characterized by capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction.   Since then the definition has grown,  at least in some people’s minds!   You cannot usually change a definition  but you can intuitively understand what was meant in defining it and then know that it needs to be broadened.    For many people,  Viruses are small forms of life but not to all.   Many in virology would say,  “Viruses are not living things.   The say, viruses are complicated assemblies of molecules, including proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates, but on their own they can do nothing until they enter a living cell. Without cells, viruses would not be able to multiply. Therefore, viruses are not living things.”   Is this correct?  Is it what you intuitively believe?   Another viewpoint  is that there are many ways that viruses show active life.  For example, some work by injecting themselves into a cell and then hijacking the cells  internal factories to produce their products.  Now think about this. “Injecting themselves into a cell!”  This is an Active Process…. which to me denotes life.   Now you can argue that the virus is “active” only once it is in the human body,  which is the living thing.  However lets look at the human body.   If we are put in a sealed vault with out air, food and water,  we are not active and not living…for long.   However, when a human is kept in adequate atmospheric pressure,  provided with moisture,  water and other living organisms to consume,  it may stay viable and remain living.   So humans cannot live outside a carefully selected and balanced environment any more than a virus can.   Viruses however can remain alive even when in a hostile environment (not surrounded by adequate atmosphere and nutrition),  however we cannot.   Is that a stretch for you?  You say the virus has no digestive,  respiratory organs?     Well think again.  We have more cells in our body that are NOT our body then are “our body.”   The human body has 10x more microorganisms in our gut then our whole body is made of!   Without these cells we could not live for long.   So we digest food and protect ourselves from “bad”  microorganisms (germs) by the use of living organisms we live in,  like a virus does.   Maybe you say that is not true,  they live in us,  not we in them!   Is that true?   I think not.  When you look at what you call “outside”  our body you discover that the skin is encased in bacteria that keep you from infection.  In fact,  if you use too much of these “stupid”  anti-bacterial soaps we sell on your body you will be prone to illness and infection because you lack the bacteria that keep you healthy!   What is the border of our bodies?  I find it hard to define.

Now lets get back to finding aliens.    To find an alien we must first recognize them as life forms.   If you have followed my thoughts above, you will see that this definition process when taken back to the original intent of the author is not so easy to define.   Sure you can stick rigidly with the words that were first used but this is to just hide in a corner and ignore the “intent” of the definition.   So, if we have trouble defining life how will we recognize an alien one?    What if this alien one does need living intelligent beings to “host” its survival in our world?   What if this alien is  made of energy patterns and not physical material?   Perhaps as it visits our world it  does so by being part of your body just as your gut bacterial do.   So, it may be part of you and you do not even know it!   Perhaps it provides you with benefits such as intuition that keeps you alive.   It may be your sixth sense that warns you of danger.   Can you see this alien life  and can you define it as life?   I suspect not.    Now I am not saying this is where your intuition comes from but it could be.

Now lets take a quick look at a bigger picture.   Scientists recently found that bacteria in clouds help determine whether we get rain or not!   So part of our life support,  moisture and water,  come from the help of bacteria that are part of the living Earth.    Did I say “living Earth?”   Yes I did because,  I believe the Earth is alive;  this is part of the underlying theme of my book,  TIMELESS SEARCH.    Just as bacteria live in our gut and keep us alive,  we live in the Earth and depending upon our actions we strengthen or damage its life,  just as “good and bad”  bacteria affect us!

Could you identify and alien if it lived among us?   Would you recognize it?   Or, would your dog see it first in your aura?

I’d enjoy reading your thoughts on this, so please do comment!

Janr Ssor