Holistic Vision Care Photos

CAM00232 CAM00233 CAM00234 CAM00236 CAM00237 CAM00238 CAM00239 CAM00240 CAM00243 CAM00244 CAM00245 CAM00246 CAM00247 CAM00249 CAM00250Waiting Room seen from reception area.












Reception Station seen from waiting Room.











Dispensing Station and finishing Lab










Screening Room 1, with backup exam station.











Contact Lens dispensing area with large contact lens storage cabinets to the right side.










Exam Room #2, with computer workstation for EMR.










Exam Room #1, With EMR workstation and view of landscape and trees beyond.










Main technology screening room (note autorefractor is in first screening room shown earlier).









Bookkeepers office note all work stations are EHR linked.










Partial view of  Optical Boutique (it extends left and right but is too big for the camera lens)










Entry doors and windows to waiting area.











View of building from parking lot entry.  Note: large parking lot, off major highway with street lights for easy patient access.








Contact lens cabinetry seen from doctors offices.












Exam room two exam  equipment and chair.






















Exam room one, exam equipment and chair.
















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