Photography That Is As Magnificent As Dreams!

“In The Heat Of The Moment”
An Airplane’s View Of A Distant Storm
Open Water Roll Cloud
Creative Mirror Positioning
Light Show at the Grand Canyon
“UFO” Spotted In   Seattle
Waterspouts Over The   Adriatic
A Full Circle Rainbow
The Studley Tool Chest
Praising The Sun
San Francisco is Steep
Sunset In Santorini
The Sky Whale
When Art Meets Nature
Shelf Cloud Over Timisoara
Flyby Eclipse
Underwater Perfection
Beautiful Barn Conversion
Just Room Enough for One Island
Abandoned Parisian Railway
Forest on Shipwreck
Their First Flight
Time-Lapse Moonrise Over LA
World’s Coolest Duck .. . . Ever!
Down The Spiral Staircase
Whiskey On The Rocks . . . Ahhhh
Moon Jelly
Forces Of Nature
Coal Train At Sunset
The Eye Of The Moon
Dubai: Cloud City
Easter Island Sunrise
Olympic Moonrise
Tail-Pinching Buddha

Morality: Who Needs God?

Morality_Who_Needs_God_(medium)_(english)This question of where does Morality arise, has followed me around my life like a mosquito on a long walk in the forest.  It seems there is no end to the discussion and no way of getting away from it.

Here below is a great discussion of the question so well ignited by Dostoevsky’s comment, “Without God, everything is permitted.”

At first glance, this statement may not make sense. Everything is permitted? Can’t there be a morality without an infinite God?

If you are a person or analytical mind, you will likely enjoy this thought provoking though brief discussion as it begins below. ……………………

Perhaps some of the confusion is due to a murky definition of morality we owe tohannibal_cannibal moral relativism. Moral relativism maintains that there is no objective standard of right and wrong existing separate and independent from humanity. The creation of moral principles stems only from within a person, not as a distinct, detached reality. Each
person is the source and definer of his or her subjective ethical code, and each has equal power and authority to define morality the way he or she sees fit.   Read more below…………

Pawling Public Radio – creates “Janr Ssor” sci-fi story hour, dramatizing Janr Ssor’s writings

janrs-books-burning1Pawling Public Radio – creates “Janr Ssor” sci-fi story hour, dramatizing Dr Ross’ writings.


Soon to come……. stay tuned!  We will announce when the series begins.  Planned for mid August this year.


And for now, come to Summerfest and join us in the fun!




TED Talks Expanding The Range Of Human Senses!

In the adventures of Janet Ssor, TIMELESS SEARCH,  Janer’s experience allows him to transcend the sensory limits of our everyday world.  Here in this Ted Talk science is just beginning to see the opportunity!  Janer does much more!


Do we see reality as it is?

Almost all of the stories of the adventures of Janr Ssor are an exploration of what the nature of reality is really like!  Not to mention the consequences of understanding this reality and the new visions of opportunity it offers us. I’m this Ted Talk science is starting to catch on!  This is a must for any thinking person.


Might Alzheimer’s Disease Be “Foodborne”?


Why do so many people in America get Alzheimers disease?  Could it be related to factory farmed confined feed lot animals?   Could it be related to the “garbage” we feed these animals that they would never eat if free roaming?   The article below, by Joseph Mercola, explores such a possible cause and what you might do to protect your family and yourself from this horrible death, if this assumption is correct.  At least it is a case for grass fed, free roaming organic beef and chicken,  which is something that most of us can do.

Story at-a-glance (

  • Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s disease appear to be linked to the presence of a protein, TDP-43, which behaves like infectious proteins called prions, responsible for Mad Cow and Chronic Wasting Disease
  • TDP-43 pathology is detected in 25-50 percent of Alzheimer’s patients; autopsies show Alzheimer’s patients with TDP-43 were 10 times more likely to have been cognitively impaired at death than those without it
  • Alzheimer’s may be a slower moving version of Mad Cow disease, acquired by eating contaminated meats, and Mad Cow is created by a CAFO system that “cannibalizes” herbivores

Antibiotic Alternatives Rev Up Bacterial Arms Race – Scientific American
Finding good bacteria to combat bad bacteria may be lots smarter then antibiotics.……does this reminds you of probiotiçs? You can teach science new tricks!